Teen and stepmom feast on big throbbing cock young old and pornstars

Teen and stepmom feast on big throbbing cock young old and pornstars
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They sit and eat the dinner, Steve says that the dinner is real good, rose says "thank you master" Hanna also says it is very good and that she used to cook before she went into the palace, there was a complete kitchen and cooking staff so she was not allowed to do anything.

Rose says that we will cook together so you can learn again.

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Then rose says "master can I ask you a question" Steve says sure! Rose starts. Hanna and you are married! Will you marry me too. Steve thinks for a minute then says that he would love to but in the USA you can only have one wife so you will be my number 2 wife but only between us.

I love you both! Rose says that venus gets all holes shagged on desk good.

Rose says after they eat if she can go into the office to do some work, Steve says yes you can while Hanna cleans the table. Hanna takes all the dishes to the sink, starts to wash them, Steve goes over and shows her how to wash off the dishes then put them in the dish washer.

She says thank you master, leans over and kisses him. Steve says what was that for? Hanna says "I love my new husband" Steve says he loves her too.

Steve want to show her the rest of the house so he takes her out to the pool, down to the spa, then the other bedrooms and office area. Rose is there downloading her clip board into a computer and making invoices out of the work she did today. Hanna asks what she is doing, rose start to tell her, then asks if she can read English? Hanna says that she know 4 languages, speaking and writing. But will be slow until she does it for awhile.

Rose start showing her how she is doing the billing, Steve goes upstairs. In a few minutes Hanna leans over to roses, give her a big long lasting kiss.

Rose kisses back. Hanna then says "I ove you and Steve" rose says that we are going to be a happy family! Later on the girls go upstairs holding hands, go over to Steve and sit on each side of him. He looks at the girls and say what is going on! Hanna says "master I love you so much, I love rose so much and I know you love both of us, we want to have a little marriage between us, where you marry us then we marry each other.

It does not have to be legal in the USA just legal with us. Steve says "let me think about it" they both start kissing him, one at his mouth, one at his ear, then they start to take his clothes off, one is kissing his mouth the other one is down kissing and sucking his cock. (he has never had 2 woman at one time but does it feel great) he does not know where to put his attention, kissing or the blow job. A few minutes later the girls switch, rose comes up from his cock and Hanna goes down.

He is trying to kiss rose but again Hanna takes all of his cock in, down her throat and stats to swallow, Again, again, again and again he can not think or do anything it feels so good, then he starts to come, come and come down her throat. Rose looks at Steve then looks down at Hanna and thinks she is going to have to learn that!

Hanna comes up kisses rose, kisses Steve and say "I love you master" rose looks down and sees Steve's cock is still big so she turns around moves her pussy down so his cock goes in.

she pushes down, down and down until his cock hits the back of her pussy. She says master your cock is getting bigger each day! It must be from all the work we are giving it. Steve and Hanna look at each other and say no it is the pills! The next day rose is out cooking breakfast, Steve puts the tea out for each of his girls, they sit and eat.

Steve tells them busty jesse jane sucks and fucks closeup much he loves them, how great it was last night, how beautiful they are and that he is going to love having 2 wives! The girl look at each otherjump up start kissing, then say "master we will be the best wives you could even want" they go over and start kissing Steve all over.

Rose goes out to her car to go to work, she is so happy she is walking on a cloud! All day she is going from customer gorgeous legal age teenager sucks a ramrod girlfriend homemade customer they all see how happy she is and ask her what is going on but she dare not say because they know Steve is married to Hanna. Rose walks out of one customer and almost walks into this girl, she looks up, it is an old friend from college.

The girl looks at rose and says you look great, you look so happy, you look as if you are on cloud nine. Rose says yes I am! The girl says can we get lunch? Rose says a short one she has another customer waiting. They go to this little diner,sit down and order. The girlfriend asks what is going on with her? Roses says she has a great job, a great boyfriend and a great life.

Her friend says how lucking you are! Rose was not paying attention before but now looks at her friend and she is a pretty red head just like Steve is looking for. Rose says to Anna "if I tell you this can it be our secret" Anna says yes sure! Rose leans over and tell Anna that she is a slave! Anna says come on there is no things in the USA as a slave. Rose says we may not be slave and master on paper but he is my master! Anna looks at her and says why are you so happy then! Rose tells her that she has everything she even dream of, a great man, a great job and a great life!

Anna I would like to invite you over to my house some night to meet my family? Anna is thinking that she has got to see this! She says yes, how about Saturday night, here is my number! Rose says great see you Saturday. Steve and Hanna are going out to do some shopping, Hanna goes in and put on her burka, Steve comes in and says that she can wear western style clothes.

She says that the burka not only being part of her religion she would feel naked without it. Steve says ok but we will work on that! First it is to a computer store, Steve sees everyone looking at Hanna.

He thinks that if they only knew the beautiful woman that was under that burka they would still be blonde slut screams from a hard fucking. Next they go to a mall, Steve wanted to buy Hanna some western clothes but now he is thinking she will not wear them. They go into a store, Steve takes to the back dressing room area, talks to one of the sales girls, tells her that his wife is from Dubai and does not know how to wear western clothes and asks her if she would help and there would be a big tip for her.

She say that you came in on the right day since it is slow. They all go into one of the larger dressing room, Steve tell Hanna to take all of her clothes off, this she does no question asked. The sale girl looks her over, walks horny black girls play with their wet pussies fingering hardcore with Steve, they start with bras, panties, hose.

They go back have Hanna put the under garments on. They go back to look for dresses, skirts, blouses and shoes. Back to Hanna, they dress her in a very pretty dress, Hanna looks in the mirror, says I can not wear this it show everything.

Steve gives the sale girl his credit card to hold and tells her he is going to take Hanna for a walk. Steve says to Hanna to step out of the dressing room. She says master I can not everyone will see me.

Steve says Hanna I am your master you will do as I say! She puts her head down, steps out. The sales girl says she look so beautiful, please turn around! Hanna does but she is really embarrassed. Steve says Hanna hold my hand we are going for a walk! She holds Steve's hand, walks out of the store and down into the mall. She says master please I do not like this! Everyone is looking at me. Steve saysHanna when you are in your burka people look at you! Hanna says no they are looking at my burka not at me.

we walk, walk and walk. She looks a deer caught in the head lights. We go back to the store, I tell the sale girl to wrap everything up, Hanna goes in the back. I pay for the clothes, go in back to get Hanna, she is back in her burka. Well I guess it will take some time. Later on rose is finished with her days work, comes home and can not wait until Steve and Hanna get home.

A half hour goes by, rose hears Steve's car pull into the garage, then Steve and Hanna comes into the house. Hanna opens the top of her burka goes over hugs and kisses rose.

Rose sees that something is wrong. Hanna then tells her about her time at the mall, she is shaking while she tells her. She says she does not like wearing western clothes and the way people look at you.

Steve say Hanna I am sorry! I did not know your burka meant that much to you. Hanna says that most of her life was wearing a burka so I am sorry too but I need time. Rose then tell Steve that she has a surprise for him on Saturday. The week goes by slow but then Saturday night comes.

There is a knock on the door, rose goes over to let Anna in. Steve can not believe his eyes, Anna is this very pretty red head. Rose says this is Anna we went to college together.

Steve says rose never told him she had such a pretty friend. Anna says that they have not seen each other since college and it was an accident that they met the other day. Steve invites her into the living room to sit and talk while Rose finishes cooking dinner. Of course Steve gets some tea for Anna, she tastes it and says it tastes so good. Hanna comes in and sits next to Steve while Anna sits on the other couch.

Steve introduces Hanna to Anna, they make fun out of how close their names are. Anna say to Hanna that Hanna can not be your real name is it? You are a very beautiful Arab girl with a European name. Hanna says you are right! My old master gave me that name! Anna eyes open up wide then she says your old master? What do you mean? Hanna tells her that my old master was a man named Omar, he was very nice to me but now Steve is my master.

Anna says that people can not be owned in America! Hanna says that in her old country it is the normal, everyone dose it and I have been a slave for so long I do not know what it would be like not to be a slave. `Anna says that rose told her that she is a slave too is that true? Yes but she is new to being a slave but she loves it! Anna says that she can not believe this! Steve says Anna you have to have an open mind and know what being a slave is.

It is not like the old days when the slaves were whipped, abused and sometimes killed. Slaves today enjoy being a slave, have a great life and are very happy.

Rose comes in and says dinner is ready! They all go out to the dinning room, sit, Steve comes around with more tea then the food is served. The conversation goes back to talking about being a slave. Rose tell Anna she loves being sieves slave and would not have it any other way!

Anna says she just doesn't see it! Rose then says that before she went from guy to guy trying to find happiness but never did, then her job sucked and her life really sucked.

Now everything is great! I have a great job, a great boyfriend/master, a great friend in Hanna and I just have a great life! Anna says do you have to be a slave to have this? Rose says it is hard to understand, years ago I would not believe that I could be a slave today but Bisexual guys nailing hot black girl tube porn love it. They eat, eat, eat, talk, talk, talk and drink, drink ,drink the tea. They finish dinner, Steve suggest they go down to the spa to relax.

They go to the spa, Steve brings more tea, Hanna takes her clothes off and gets in the hot tub, rose is next then Anna says she did not bring a bikini. Rose says back in college you were never shy! She starts taking her clothes off, she is now nude, Steve says you have a very beautiful body! She gets in the hot tub, then Steve takes his clothes off, Anna looks over sees how big Steve is and she is thinking now she know way rose is happy.

Steve gets in the hot tub, sits next to Anna. Again she says she just does not understand the slave thing! Rose says lets stop talking about it for now ok! Anna says ok!

Steve moves over next to Anna and says let me show you something! I will not touch you, I will just talk to you1 now close your eyes, I want you to think of me touching your clit with my finger. She feels something then opens her eyes, no one is touching her. Steve says close your eyes again! She closes her eyes, Steve continues to talk to her saying his finger is moving up and down faster and faster.

Anna is getting turned on, breathing faster and faster, moaning and moaning. Steve says I now want you to come! Anna starts to shake, shake and shake. This is the biggest orgasm she has ever had. She opens her eyes, she can not believe what just happened to her. Hanna and rose move to each side of her, they are now feeling her breasts, playing with her nipples. Anna opens her eyes, rose goes over and kisses her, she responds back, then Hanna leans over and kisses her. What has happened to her?

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Rose whispers in her ear this is what her life is like now. Steve could go farther with Anna tonight but he thinks he is going to do it night after night so she doesn't feel over whelmed. They get out of the hot tub, dry off with each person drying another. Rose then invites Anna back tomorrow night for dinner again, Anna says yes she will be back.

Anna goes home, Steve and the girls go into the bedroom, Steve tells rose she did a good job bring Anna home. Omar's brother is going to love her! Night after night Anna comes back to the house, more and more tea. Anna is being reprogrammed, she dose not know it, she is just felling better and better about herself and life. She now loves rose, Hanna and Steve.

Steve has not had sex with her yet but tonight is the night. Anna comes into the house says hi to everyone, kisses rose, Hanna and Steve. Steve says that he would like to take some picture of her, she says ok. They go down to the family room Steve has his camera, starts taking some pictures, Anna is acting like a model moving around, sticking her ass out. Steve then says to take her clothes off, this she dose with no question asked.

Again she start posing, showing her tits, ass and pussy. Steve puts down his camera goes over and kisses her, she melts in his hands. His hand goes down to her pussy, starts to move it up and down her slit. He moves up to her clit, faster and faster he rubs hotter and hotter Anna is getting.

Steve whisper in her ear that he wants her to come! She starts shaking, shaking and shaking, she can not believe how big her college attractive teen loves to engulf hardcore and blowjob is. Steve moves Anna over to the couch and lays her down.

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He takes his clothes off, says he want her to suck his cock, she takes it in her mouth. She has never had one this big in her mouth but she is going to give him a good bj. She is sucking and sucking, moving more and more of his cock into her mouth. She is loving this, she has never enjoyed doing this for any of her other boyfriends.

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Steve's cock in pulsing, ready to come. She sucks harder and Steve start to shoot down her throat, she swallows every bit. She takes his cock out of her mouth and licks the end. Looks up at Steve and smiles. His cock is still hard so he moves over her, starts putting it in her pussy. She is in pain, she has never had one this big! Steve keeps pushing, pushing and pushing until it hit bottom. She gives out a little yell! She now is enjoying this big cock going in and out.

Steve speeds up, faster, faster and faster, she is going into another orgasm. Now Steve is coming, pushes farther into her, back into her cervix causing her to yell out again.

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He just holds his cock in her until he is done, then pulls out and has her clean off his cock. They hug each other, she says she has never been fucked like that before. They dress, then go upstairs but Anna feels a little embarrassed because she just fuck roses boyfriend. Rose goes over, kisses Anna, says she tastes like Steve, did you have fun? Oh god yes! Steve sends Omar the pictures of Anna, Omar says his brother will love her!