Odia new xxx sexy story 2019

Odia new xxx sexy story 2019
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We were back in school girl s sex marathi story wife's hometown for a short vacation and she decided she would like to catch up with a few old friends she hasn't talked to since high school. The plan was for kira thorn her cock sucking and getting stuffed to meet up at a bar in town and have a few drinks then I was going to take off and let her have girl's night out.

She wanted to show me off to her friends but I was really in no mood to spend all night hearing high school stories and catching up on gossip about people I didn't even know. We got to the bar around nine and it was just getting crowed as we walked down the stairs to the lower level the sound of country music being played in the upstairs bar was replaced by rap coming from the basement dance floor.

My wife spotted Sheila, one of her friends, across the room and I followed her across the bar. They hugged and she introduced me, we were lucky enough to get a booth in the corner of the bar across from the dance floor just far enough from the speakers so the music didn't drown out their conversation. We ordered drinks and they started talking about the old days. I listened and nodded, answered a few questions politely, but for the most part tried to stay out of the way.

My eyes were drawn to the dance floor as I looked over a few hot pieces of ass that were bumping and grinding to the hip-hop music. There were at least four young hot girls in short skirts spinning and shaking their butts to the music on the crowded dance floor.

I particularly couldn't take my eyes off one Hispanic girl in a white t-shirt and tight black skirt; she had a dark brown skin deep brown eyes, and big wet lips. She was obviously a little wasted she was barefoot and kept her eyes on the floor as she tosses her shoulder length black hair around her head and went through about four or five salsa moves adapted to the rap beat. My eyes were glued to her bare these girls bang each other with the vibrator, small legs, and firm ass as she stepped to the beat I felt my cock getting hard as she trust and bent to the music dropping her fine round ass to the floor I caught a shot at her tiny red panties whenever she was in just the right position.

I finished nursing my second beer when my wife's other two friends joined us, we crowed into the booth, my wife on my right with two of her friends beside her and Sheila on my left. My wife had her hand on my right leg the whole time she was talking even though she hardly looked in my direction. My salsa dancing hottie had left the floor by now and I was checking out two young blonds' in short tight jean skirts dancing with each other, I felt my dick shift in my pants then I felt something move against it.

I was startled to see it was Sheila's hand that my hard dick had brushed against. She had placed her hand on my leg so she could lean over and get closer to the conversation, our eyes met and she moved her hand we exchanged a slight embarrassed smile and she leaned closer to the girls conversation this gave me a even better look down her blouse I could see her full bosoms they must have been at least a DD I could see she had on a white bra that pushed her tits up like they were on a platter for me.

A stared wondering if she was doing it on purpose but dared not look to long. After about another hour all four girls were getting pretty drunk, eventually they made it out on the dance floor. They held on to their bottles and shook it up trying to make each other laugh or trying to embarrass one another. They would grab each other's asses, grind into each other's crotches, and laugh about it; Sheila even lifted my wife's skirt giving everyone a split second glimpse of her white jeweled thong.

The guys in the bar were getting a pretty good show and my wife and her friends were having a great time. It was just a matter of time until they started to get some advances from other men. A few of the girls took them up on the offer and were dancing with guys.

I saw where this was headed and decide my wife might be able to have a better time without me. I told her I was going to take off, that had been our plan anyway so she said ok and I gave her a kiss. I left her on the dance floor and when I was out of sight I slipped into the bathroom. I have every intention of leaving but I wanted to make sure she was in good hands before I did.

I took a little longer than usual then slipped out the door of the men's room, I stayed out of sight and once at the bottom of the stairs I peeked back at the dance floor. Just as I suspected my wife was already dancing with a guy she wasted no time once she thought I was gone, I smiled as she grinded and rubbed her ass in his crotch and tossed her hair around teasing him.

His hands were all over her ass as I walked up the stairs. I was out the door and walking down the alley to get back to where we parked.

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I was thinking about my wife she would probably be grabbing the guys dick through his jeans by now and if he was half interested, and how could he not be, he would be feeling up those huge tits of hers with one hand and sliding a hand down her stomach and up into her crotch, my dick was still getting hard just thinking about it. The DJ had probably moved on to a slow jam by now giving them an even better chance to press against each other. I knew his hot breath on my wife's neck was enough to get her wet and her skirt was just loose enough for him to get his hand in the waist, slide a finger around her panties, and into her hot moist pussy.

I know she would love it as much as I was. Before I could get to the corner I heard a voice calling to me I turned to see Sheila just a step behind "I thought Amazing pregnant doll taking a proper pussy pounding lost you." "Sorry I didn't say good bye you guys look like you could get along without me." "Well I was ready to go, can I get a ride?" She looked down the street and I peeked at her soft tits budging out of her top and the smooth legs running down to her split toe heals, I wondered if she intended the double meaning I was taking from her request.

"Sure" I lead her in the direction of the van and she grabbed my hand to keep up as we ran across the busy street. As I opened the door and helped her in the passenger side of my mini-van I could tell she was a bit drunker than I thought. I know she still knew what she was doing and if anything she was just a little loosened up, feeling sexy, and missing the old days as a teenager hell raiser. As she climbed up in the seat she spread her legs and her skirt rose up exposing her white panties and creamy soft inner thighs.

Her hand that was on my arm as I helper her slid across my chest and over my hip as she groaned. A second later I was in and driving, she immediately said it was too hot and started undoing her blouse down to her waist, she rolled down the window and the wind blew her hair as she leaned back with her eyes closed.

She knew I was looking, she must have, and was giving me a chance to get a good look as she lay back with her eyes closed. She had on a white bra that cupped her size DD breast, beads of sweat formed on her neck and rolled down her chest, she had a belly ring that caught the light of passing street lamps at the end of every block.

The skin of her creamy thighs called me as her skirt rose up and around her crotch as she shifted in the seat. I struggled to keep a cautious eye on the road as I drove, the lighting of the small downtown gave was to darker houses and closed stores.

She let out a moan as she got more comfortable reclining the seat. The last straw was when she gently kicked off her sandals and put her bare feet on my dash board. She rubbed her feet against each other and arched her heals pointing her toes to rub her toes along the bottom of her opposite heel.

I pulled off the street and into a small vacant parking lot behind an empty store. I came to a stop and as soon as I slid it into park I slid my hand off the wheel and onto her inner thigh.

"mmm, finally." She moaned without opening her eyes as she reached for my head and guided my lips to hers.

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I pushed aside her panties and massaged her clit while we kissed, then I sunk two fingers into her wet warm slit. Our tongues felt out each other's mouth as she undid my pants and released my hard cock.

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She jerked me off rubbing my meat with her hands against her sweaty body. I felt like I was already about to explode when she shifted in the seat and initiated a move us to the back of the van.

We crawled over the seats into the back, the seats were stowed so we had plenty of room, I leaned back on my knees my cock still in her hands as she pushed me back and took my cock in her mouth. She licked the head and rubbed it on the top of her tongue, every few seconds she would guide the whole shaft into her throat a little deeper every time. I knew I mother gets unwanted dp from son stand much more but she kept going.

I felt her other hand pulling down on my balls, she was squeezing my sack just above them to keep me from cuming. She drove my rod in her mouth deeper than my wife ever had I could hear her take a deep breath every time before she slid it in then feel the head of my cock pass into her throat, she held it there for a few seconds longer every time, massaging it with her esophagus before letting out a little gagging noise and gasped for breath as she pulled it back out.

My hands were sliding all over her body, over her blouse, and under her bra cupping her marvelous tits and running my fingers over her hard nipples.

This went on until she was totally out of breath and we were both covered in sweat, the van was hot and steamy the windows fogged over her huge tits heaved as she removed my dick and said "I want you to fuck me now." We removed the rest of our cloths and threw them in the corner she was on all fours and I was on my knees, she slunk like a cat and turned around sticking her ass up in my face.

"mmm fuck me," she moaned. I could smell her cum and sweat and ass just inches from my face. I placed my hands on her ass and spread her cheeks licking her pussy and ass my tongue slipped right between her lips and into her hungry cunt.

My mouth was full of her juices as I got up on my knees and guided my dick into her pussy. I pounded her slow and hard my entire cock driving into her.

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Her thick ass was in my crotch, I looked down her naked glistening back, at the mess of blond hair pushed against the floor. She shuttered through an orgasm in a matter of minutes "ah yeah, fuck me" she cried as her face ground against the upholstery on the floor of my van.

I hammered her harder and faster her tits bouncing as I pounded her, as she clenched her pussy muscles romantic sex invitation in the tub by sexy wife my cock and cummed again I slid my thumb into her asshole. I lost track of how many times she cummed and orgasimed as we fucked in the hot sweaty van. She must have known I was close to cumming, "Ahh yeah, I want it in my face, fucking cum in my face." With a last few strokes I popped my thumb out of her ass and she took the signal that I was about to cum.

I rose up on my knees as high as I could and she pun around like a animal, she looked up at me, her mouth open, her eyes wide as I pumped my cock in her face and exploded. I cummed more than I ever have, covering her face and filling her mouth, I let out a long groan as stream after stream of white creamy cum splattered her face.

After I stopped shooting semen at her face she put my dick in her mouth and milked the last few drops. Moaning, face covered in cum my member thick and limp in her mouth I sat back on my heals and she collapsed her face in my lap and her arms around me.

We heaved both totally out of breath and covered in sweat, the smell of our wet bodies and my fresh cum filled the back of the van. She wiped the cum off her face and into her mouth with one hand, licking her fingers as she finished.

"God it's hot in here," I reached back towards the cab and pushed the button that opened the back of the van. The parking lot was deserted and dark so no one could see as the back hatch swung up and exposing our naked bodies to the cool night air outside.

As I leaned back into a comfortable position to enjoy the breeze she curled up into my arms and lowered her head back to my thick limp cock.

She took it in her mouth and massaged it with her tongue swallowing all the sweat, cum, and her pussy juice. After a moment of nursing my dick she let it slip out of her lips. She slid her face up my chest and our mouths met in a hot sticky kiss. She nestled her head into my chest as we let the fresh night air cool us.

"I wonder what my wife is up to" I said. "Let's go see," she replied.