Sunny leon xnxx su with man

Sunny leon xnxx su with man
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The night had fallen over the sky and I was young. Home alone with a craving.

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I normally looked through my dad's dresser to find some of his porn. But I was now bored with the videos. I whent to the den and sat down on the love seat, then reached into my pants. I was rock hard. I started to dream of all types of woman. And precum started to ooze from my cock. The door bell sounded, I jumped up and pushed my dick between my legs and eased over to the door.

It was my friend Alexis from across the street. Alexis was 16, the same as myselft. She was thick and had the most beautiful pair of titties. She stood there, hair blowing toward the wind, she batted her eyes and placed her hands onto her full and sexy hips. a few seconds had passed by since I opened the door but all was adjusted to slow motion as a result of her presence. Keyston, you going to let me in.

Oh, yeah yeah. Alexis walked in to the house. I followed her while closing the dakota gets punished and fucked by couple facial threesome pornstars behind me. She sat down on the love seat where I had sat earlier and crossed her legs. She was wearing a jean skirt with a shirt that stopped just above her navle.

I was still trying to hold my erection between my legs when she told me the reason she came by.

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Her boyfriend had broke up with her. She wanted someone to talk to. I told her I would listen teen anal party hd i neva let a cockslut go whatever she had to say and she started crying. I known Alexis for about 4 years now and we were relaxed around each other. I moved closer and placed my hand on her leg and she looked up and threw he arms around me.

Time passed very quickly. She was hugging and the next thing I remember is that she kissed me on the cheek and stood up, asked me permition to use the bathroom and I agreed. A moment passed and I noticed how quiet it had gotten. I always had feelings for Alexis but she was always with Romey for as long as my memory would allow me to remember. I got up and walked down the hall.

The bathroom door was open and she was just standing there. Sobbing but still beautiful. I tapped on the door with the tips of my fingers a couple times and she said for me to come in, but never looking away from the mirrior. I walked in and stepped up be hind her. She had this submissive look on her face like she needed to be touched. I put both my hands on her hips and they were so firm inside her jean skirt.

I looked into her eyes through the mirror and her tears had stopped falling. Alexis reached back and held my arms. I was pulled closer to her body.

I had release my erection from between my legs and she jumped when she felt it against he butt. Her skirt was short and I could see the bottom portion of her butt. I lifted up her skirt and she didn't say a word.

I slipped off her red lace underwear and had to tug the g-string from between her cheeks.

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I lowered my self down to my knees and she turned around. "Want to taste my pussy?" She said. I nodded and she sat up on the sink counter. She opened her legs and there it was. The pussy that I had been dreaming about for the past few years.

I always pictured that it was smooth, and it was. Kayla kleevage has some very big jugs one pube fested on her young vagina. I moved my face into her and took a small discrete wiff of her natural aroma.

It turned me on wilder than I had ever been. When my warm breath brushed against her clit she threw her head back. I licked her slit from top to bottom and she was in an exotic world of moans. I looked up at her biting her lip. Her pussy tasted good. It was almost sweet. But not like sugar. It had a sweetness like mellon. My tongue flicked quickly inside her slit and we were both enjoying it. While I started to suck on her clit I reached into my pants and started stroking my loaded cock.

It was getting soar from the containment of my pants. I slipped out of my basket ball shorts and I noticed that precum was spilling out. Alexis put her hands on the back of my head and pulled my face into her hot wet pussy.

My tongue fell into her hole and it was sweeter. The wet ooze all over my face was making me wild. I was stroking myself faster. She asked me if I ever had sex. I told her no. She told me to stop and I stood up.

She took my shirt off and I took off hers. I looked at her with nervousness as she removed her B sized bra. She then wrapped her legs around my waist and threw her arms around my neck.

My dick was rubbing the crack of her ass and it was wet with the head of my dick dripping precum. She swung her head to get the hair out of her face. Then she kissed my lips. I kissed her back.

I reached down between us and lifted my dick into her. It was hot and wet. She was so tight. I felt her nails stab my neck and she pressed her breast against me. I couldn't believe I was loosing my Virgin hood to the girl next door. I thrusted my dick into here harder and harder each time. She stopped kissing me and moved her mouth around to my ear. I was fucking the hell out of her standing in the middle of the bathroom floor.

When she stuck her tongue in my ear I jolted.

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My knees shook and I just lost control of my selft. She dropped her legs and. Fell to her knees. Could it be? I thought. Was she really going to do it? Yes, Alexis held my cock in her hand and jerked it. I loved the way her hand squeezed my dick and slipped up and down my shaft. With my eyes closed I jumped when she closed her mouth around my dick. She whent down deep like she was used to it. Romey must have been real lucky, I thought. She sucked hard and fucked my dick with her face.

I was holding onto her head and forcing my dick deep into her mouth. It was so slimey and hot. I was just about to launch my load of jizz into her mouth when she stopped. She got to horny alexa nova getting her pussy fucked hard feet and bent over the couter.

"STICK IT IN MY ASS", she yelled. I put my wet dick into her smooth ass and felt how tight it was. I watched as my shaft vannished into her hole and she was pounding on the counter top with her fist.

She kept yelling for me to cum in her ass. I was fucking her as wild as I cold. My ass cheeks were flapping open and closed. I was fucking her so crazy. She said she liked the way my balls kept smacking her pussy and she lifted up on her toes and screamed out loud. Then I felt something hot rolling down my nuts. She had came. This excited me even more and I felt my dick grow more inside her. Alexis reached back and held her butt wide open and I watched my dick ram her ass hole.

I was ready to explode. She was pushing her ass towards my pelvis and I grabbed her hips and thrusted my cock into her. Then my legs shook, my eyes rolled back. My dick throbbed and knocked against the walls of her ass and I came. Oh I came hard. I kept fucking her ass. my cum foamed up and lathered the sides of my dick. Her hole started farting and I liked the vibration of it. I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her up.

She was standing with her back to my stomach, dick still freak monster cocks gay anal her ass. I looked into her eyes once again through the mirror and I could feel it. I knew what she was thinking.

I was her new Romey. But my name was Keyston John.