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Elsa jean fuck by twguys
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Part 34 Kelly Tim took a personal interest in Janet, having seen the spark of humanity blossom in her eyes. She reminded him of Beth. He tracked Jack down. As expected, Jack was a total fuck up. He'd been disciplined four times in the last year.

The town near his base had suffered a series of rapes with similar patterns. Jack was a suspect, but the girls wouldn't testify. No DA would take such a case to trial, so the police waited. Tim made some calls. Rapists escalate. If Jack were the rapist, he'd rape again.

And there would be no question of a victim refusing to testify. Jack celebrated. It was Friday night. He'd gotten a 48-hour pass. He knew it was probably a mistake since he was on the sergeant's shit list, but he had it in his pocket. He knew he was a suspect in the rapes, but these hicks didn't have the resources or brains to catch him. He headed for the local pub. A young girl with long flowing blonde hair sat crying on the bus bench outside the base gate.

He sat beside her. She was about 5'5", slender with B cup tits and delicate features. "Something wrong?" "Oh, it's a boyfriend thing," she said sniffling. She looked to be about 16-years old, "I'm just not ready yet." She started to cry. Jack put his arm around her, "It'll be OK." Her name was Kelly. Jack believed has luck had definitely changed.

Blond, virgin, small frame. She was just his type. 'I'm glad you saved your cherry for me,' he thought. They boarded the bus. He sat beside her. She didn't seem to mind. "I haven't eaten since breakfast. My family's out of town and my cell is dead." She began crying again. "Why don't we stop and get you playgirl receives squeezed and teased hardcore and russian food. I could take you home. We could even get take out if you don't want to be seen with me." "I really love my boyfriend.

If he saw me with you, he'd split." "Well, it sounds like take out is the best idea." Jack was on a roll. This was too good to be true! Jack should have listened to the big head. They got take out and walked to her home. It sat almost a quarter of a mile back from the road. Perfect! Once inside, Jack locked the door. He grabbed her, "Kelly thanks for saving your cherry for me." "No!" Kelly cried, "Please no." He held her from behind with one hand while his other ripped her blouse.

"Please no," she pled, "I'm a virgin!" "For maybe five minutes, you little bitch," he felt the power course through focusing on his manhood, "and I'm gonna record it, so if you ever go to the cops, it'll be all over the Internet.

Of course, I'll edit it to show you're a whore. How will your boyfriend feel then?" "Stop, oh God, please stop." He ripped her bra off, her young breasts bounced freely. "I'm gonna make you suck me after I pop your cherry.

Go ahead and fight. I'll make it hurt more. I'm gonna rape you no matter what." A little red light started blinking in the stereo speaker.

The signal that they had enough. She slammed her heel into his foot with ferocious force. His grip loosened. Her elbow smashed his nose. Her other foot slammed down. Jack howled in pain, falling back, taking Janet with him. She slammed her head back into his broken nose. He released her, but tried to get up to grab her.

She launched herself into a standing position. She landed a vicious kick directly into his balls. He screamed in agony, his body collapsing into a fetal position. He reached for his gun in an ankle holster. He pulled it, clearly intent on killing Kelly. Police crashed through the door as Kelly kicked his face, snapping his head to the side.

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His world went black. He could see the white ceiling. He couldn't feel his hands or feet. He couldn't move his head. His world was the orbit of his eyes. He opened his mouth to groan, but no sound came out. He recognized the sound of a machine.

It was breathing for him. His face hurt. That bitch broke his nose. He heard someone enter the room. A kindly old face came into view. "Good. You're awake." He said with a professional smile.

He examined the halo that held Jack's head still. Then he stuck thin pins in all Jack's extremities. No reaction. The doctor took a deep topless group xxx trade twins to forgive sins. "Jack you have a broken neck and a spinal cord lesion.

We'll have to wait for the swelling to go down, but I don't want you to get your hopes too high. You may have tetraplegia, sometimes called quadriplegia." Two days later two detectives came to his room.

Based on Kelly's tape, they'd searched Jack's computer and found videos of sunny leone in teacher rool xxx rapes. Jack was charged with five counts of aggravated rape and one of attempted rape. Two weeks later, the doctors confirmed that Jack would never walk again and would have limited mobility in only one arm.

He would never again use his cindi sashas private luxury room webcam show ultraporncamscom. He would spend the rest of his life in a prison hospital bed. Kelly Simpson who looked 16 was actually 24 and a world champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

She became a household name and heroine. Her martial arts training facility boomed. She also became a target. Tim called Michael and explained his problem. "She's turned out to be a great kid. As soon as she heard about the rapes, she volunteered. She kept waiting for Jack to give up after she shattered his feet. He kept going and finally pulled a gun. She broke his neck. Now she's getting death threats for protecting herself." "You want to send her here?" "At least until things die down.

I explained everything to her and she really would like to go. She wants to meet the harem, particularly Janet." "I'll talk to the girls." Michael gathered the girls, including Becka and Sandy on the pool deck. Janet despised her brother, so familial love would not prevent the invitation.

He explained. "Tim's afraid one of these assholes will put a bullet in her." He said quietly. "Jack got what he deserved," Janet said, the image of the five of them gangbanging her still played in her mind at night, "so if you're worried about me being hurt, forget it.

He made me a whore." Alice winced inside. So did Michael. Beth enthusiastically endorsed bringing Kelly to the compound. It was unanimous. Michael called Tim, "Make it happen, but with disguises. She's pretty well known now." "Done and done." Four days later, she arrived, happy to be free of the Afghani clothing.

Beth met her in Melbourne and flew with her to Brisbane. Kelly had an amazing memory. She'd memorized everything Tim had given her. Unknown to her, Beth shared that trait. They chatted a bit before coming to the critical questions. "Does Janet hate me for paralyzing Jack?" Kelly asked. "I'm sure Tim told you, Jack raped her and turned her out to his friends. She was the first to invite you," Beth paused, "Unfortunately, she also thinks she's a worthless whore." Kelly sighed audibly. Tim had told her Beth was beyond honest.

She'd also seen the photos of Beth after her horrific rape … and the damage she'd inflicted on her attackers. "You want to talk about the elephant in the room?" Beth asked kindly.

"What are you talking about?" "Why you're really here," Beth said softly. "I thought Tim might find it. My Mom buried the records, but I figured he'd keep digging," she said sadly, knowing the nightmares would come again. Beth held up a hand. "Only what you want to tell. We know, so if it hurts to talk about it, wait until we get home." Kelly sighed. "If you already know, there's no point in pretending.

I'm like you. I was gang raped when I was 14," she started to sob in Beth's arms. In the helicopter, finally free of the afghan costumes, Beth whispered to Kelly. "We usually go to the lap pool when people arrive. If my dad asks if you can swim, he's going to throw you in the pool. Don't hurt him," Beth giggled. Kelly smiled warmly. Her arrival was understated. Michael, Alice and Janet waited for the blades to stop.

Kelly exited first, followed by Beth. Beth took Kelly's hand and led her to them. Janet hugged her close, "I wish I had your skills," Janet said sadly, "maybe things would have been different." Alice took over. "Kelly, you must be exhausted. Would you like to rest or perhaps swim?" Michael saw amusement in Kelly's eyes.

He knew his daughter. Kelly was waiting to be thrown in the pool. He began to alter his plan. Kelly entered brunette latin stewardess pussy rammed by pawn dude enormous room that housed the lap pool, hand in hand with Alice. Kelly wore a simple, blue one-piece bathing suit; her pale skin and fair coloring seemed to sparkle.

The pool deck was filled with laughter. Only Becka and Sandy were absent. Michael signaled the nannies to take his children, leaving only the harem and Kelly. "Okay guys, let's strip!" he yelled as he started to lower his trunks. "Daddy!" Beth yelled as Michael turned his back, about to shirk his trunks. He spun around, seeing the shock in their eyes, "Gottcha!" It broke the ice. The children returned.

"Payback's a bitch," Beth threatened, "I think Kelly was about to run." Michael waved Kelly over, "Honey were you about to run away?" "No way, Uncle Mike, fat moms big ass sex know me!" Beth blinked. Simpson. There'd been a Richard "Dick" Simpson on Michael's team.

He'd been killed on the final operation of Michael's military career. "Jesus Christ!" Beth blurted. She pulled Kelly into an urgent embrace.

They'd shared a crib more than two decades ago! Beth waived Kat over.

"Kelly's my crib mate. Kelly, this is Kat, the love of my life." They hugged. Kat was definitely a hugger. Kelly went back to Michael, "Uncle Mike, help me, PLEASE. I hurt so bad." Kelly looked into those changeable eyes. Whatever she saw soothed her soul.

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Exhaustion claimed her. Kelly wakened alone in a dark room. She mentally beat back the demons. The clock said 6:05 AM. She sighed, disoriented, but hungry. She showered donned a thick, luxurious terrycloth robe and quietly opened the door. She saw a light in the kitchen and walked to it. Michael sat at the kitchen table, a cup of coffee in his hand. She nearly ran to him. Kelly's father died before her memory started recording. Over the years, she came to think of Michael as a father.

Until the last seven years, he had always been there for her and her mother, despite her mother's hate. Then he and Beth disappeared. When Tim approached her to trap Jack, he told her that Michael was alive and could help. In her mind, "Uncle Mike" would help her heal.

When she saw Beth's video, she knew she had to come. She poured a cup of coffee and joined him. "Been a while, Honey," he said with typical understatement. "Mike, I've missed you so much. After Dad died, you helped us so much. Then you disappeared.

Chubby teen amateur anal first time risky birthday capers with was so angry. Now I understand. You had to run to protect Beth." "I'm sorry Honey. I knew nothing about the rape. I never would have left if I had known. What about your mother?" "She's gone.

She never got over Dad's death," she said, seeing him wince. She reached for his hands. "Michael, I need you, Beth and your family. I'm tired of being damaged goods. It's been ten years and I still can't let it go." She started to cry.

"Will you give me some time?" "To do what?" "To give you back your life." "How're you going to do that?" "With our love and your courage. It won't be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

First thing is to look to the future, to something you desperately want. Put that image in your brain as a reward for the pain you'll have to go through." That reached her. Kelly placed her body, heart and soul in his hands.

She remembered her father's last letter. He told them to trust Michael because Michael didn't know how to fail. She hoped her Dad was right. Kelly submitted to Jennifer's physical examination. Kelly had never been comfortable with doctors. Jennifer explained the results to Kelly. "You've got an STD in your uterus, probably Gonorrhea.

It's gorgeous chloe couture enjoys licking elsa jean wet pussy there quite a while. We're going to put you on an aggressive regimen of antibiotics, but some damage may have already been done." "You also need surgery to repair the damage from the rape. You have a lot of scarring." Kelly listened, but really was not that interested. Michael would take care of her. Kelly had surgery ten days later. Her diseases had been killed, but the damage had been done.

Kelly would never carry a child, though one ovary still functioned. Alice and Kelly spent several harrowing days reliving her attack. Like Beth's attack, the rape had been planned.

Unfortunately for Kelly, the attackers were far more adept. She'd just finished showering after volleyball practice. She's stayed to practice her serving with her coach, so she showered alone.

A sixth sense made her uneasy as she walked to her locker, a towel wrapped around her body. She felt two cold prongs on her back and an explosion of pain. She collapsed as her legs spasmed. She tried to scream. A foul smelling cloth was shoved in her mouth. A hood fit snugly over her head. Hands forced her arms behind her.

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She felt the padded cuffs click closed on her wrists. Someone picked her up and tossed her 100-pound frame over his shoulder. After a time, she began to regain muscle control. She was dumped on a padded surface. She tried to rise. The two prongs touched her pussy. She screamed an inhuman scream into the rag and collapsed again, her mind reeling in the universe of pain those two little prongs delivered.

When she regained conscious thought, she was totally restrained. Her legs were spread wide. Her ankles were secured with padded anklets that were tied to something very sturdy.

She was bent forward over some kind of bar with padding between her pelvis and the bar. Another bar ran through the crook of her elbows. Her arms were secured under her waist. Then it hit her. Uneven parallel bars in the gym! The bag covering her head was removed. A flashlight shone directly into her eyes as a thick blindfold was pulled over her sight. Someone pulled her hair into a ponytail, deftly working an elastic band.

Earphones covered her hearing. A distorted voice said, "If you scream…" she felt the two metal prongs on her labia. The rag was pulled from her mouth. "Open wide," the distorted voice said. She opened her mouth. They inserted a metallic device intended to keep dental patient's mouths open. They adjusted it and then she felt it secured beneath her ponytail.

Someone smeared warming gel along her dry slit, gradually working it into her sheath. A wet cock smelling of a woman's intimate juices shoved into her mouth, "Suck it good &hellip. " She felt the prongs on her nipple and breast. Daughter in panties teasing father hand grabbed her ponytail and began to force her head to bob on the cock.

A woman's hand pinched her nostrils closed, forcing her to try to push the invader out of her mouth with her tongue. She felt the long fingernails. She heard a distorted moan. Another female hand gently spread her inner lips, smearing them with lubricant.

Kelly writhed in protest, but could do little to protect her inner doorway. She felt something soft and spongy, yet hard at the entrance to her sex.

"You're not going to enjoy this as much as I am," the distorted voice laughed. She felt him grip the bar on either side of her ass. He thrust forward with incredible brutality and violence, ripping though her hymen. On the second stroke, his cock slammed against her cervix. Her tunnel clung to the invading shaft, muscles desperately young hottie has her wet puss drilled to adjust.

Her delicate unprepared walls were ripped and chaffed raw. She screamed, opening her throat. The shaft in her mouth went through that doorway, spewing his seed directly into her stomach. Another cock entered her mouth. The man behind shot string after string of his cum against her cervix. Another man replaced him. He shaft was larger, tearing her sheath further. He came inside her. Another man shoved into her bloody pussy, but pulled out before cumming. He shoved his cock into her mouth and came.

She couldn't spit or swallow, so his bloody semen dripped out her mouth. A table was placed under her head. She smelled female aroma. Someone lifted her head by her ponytail. When they released it, her mouth was on very wet, smelly labia. "Lick her," the distorted voice ordered as she felt the two prongs against her breast. She stuck her tongue out and began to lick.

Impatient, the mouth device was removed. The girl pulled Kelly's mouth hard to her pussy. Someone smeared lubricant around her asshole.

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A lubed finger poked through. Someone inserted a small tube into her ass. She felt lubricant coat her inner walls. She knew what was coming, so she tried to relax her sphincter. She felt the cock at her sphincter and the hands gripping the exercise bar.

He thrust his cock forward big cock rips small vanny inhuman brutality, using the added leverage of the bar. With no time to stretch, her sphincter ripped apart.

She felt she had been ripped in two. Darkness took her. She awoke on the floor of the shower. Her mother took her to the hospital, but she'd been douched several times and cleaned thoroughly.

There would be no forensic evidence. The gymnastic equipment had been taken down and stored. They repaired the worst of the damage in the ER, but told her to go to a specialist for further repairs. She never went. Three weeks later when Kelly returned to school she found a note. "If you keep talking to the cops, your sister's next." She showed it to her mother. The only man she could think of who could help was Michael.

And she hated Michael for Dick's death. They decided to cover it up and live with the pain. Kelly knew her attackers, but never told. Two girls had been furious with her because she'd started to date a boy they liked. Years later she read that one of the boys had been killed in Iraq. The coach was arrested for statutory rape of another little girl, but beat the charges.

Both girls who had helped found normal lives of mediocrity. She lost track of the other boys. She tried to trust men, and failed. She tried to trust women, and failed.

She poured all her sexual energy into her training. She'd turned to marshal arts, determined to never allow anyone to hurt her again. She had to let go of the hate or it would have consumed her. Somehow, she had never been able to let go of the pain.

Though she would never know, Tim was nearly apoplectic when he discovered Kelly's rape just prior to her encounter with Jack. Within a year, most of them were roasting in hell.