Brunette old guy and braces facial daddy going south of the border

Brunette old guy and braces facial daddy going south of the border
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Rachael stared at her own reflection.To say she was amazed would be an understatement.She looked exactly like the woman in the picture on the wall behind her.Exact dirty blonde hairs,blue eyes and long slender legs.The only difference she could devise of was that the woman in the picture had bigger boobs compared to her.Rachael filled up a C cup bra quite nicely so she guessed the woman must be a D cup or perhaps a DD.Rachael moved towards the wardrobe and picked one of the bras to check.It was a black strapless Victoria's Secret bra and it said '36 DD'.

Japanese mom sleeping best king download porn sex fairy tales movies was a 17yr old teenager who lived with her father.Her mother had died in a car crash when she was 10.Daniel(Rachael's father) loved his wife way too much to ever remarry again.He had never actually recovered from the loss of his beloved wife.Daniel drowned himself in work for most part of the day and returned home only at the wee hours.

Usually,he would be too drunk to even remove his shoes before falling asleep on the couch.Rachael had always been a daddy's girl and the state of her father after the sudden demise of her mum felt like salt being rub on her wounds.There was hardly any exchange of words between them nowadays.

She felt lonely and sad. Today was her 17th b'day and her dad hadn't wished her yet.Only if her mom was alive,things would have been a whole lot different.Rachael had never entered their parent's bedroom after her mother's death but she missed her terribly today and thus sneaked into their bedroom.Knowing, her father won't be home for another couple of hours atleast,she knew she had ample time on her side.Rachael sat on their bed and scrolled through photographs of her parent's, looking really happy together.Rachael tried her best but she couldn't stop her tears.Rachael weeped for some time until her eyes were red.Composing herself after sometime,she decided to fiddle through her mother's stuff when she found a black and red dress.There was picture of her mother wearing the very same dress with her father.Growing up Rachael had always heard her family members say "You look exactly like your mother" so she thought it would be nice to wear that dress and check for herself.She found the exact jewellery too which she gladly adorned herself with.

When done, Rachael checked herself in front of the full length mirror.All her life Rachael had thought all those "you look like your mother"comments were just said out of compassion and sympathy cause she had always thought her mother was way more beautiful than her.But now that she was wearing one of her mum's dress she was having second thoughts about it.Rachael had to admit she looked exactly like her mother,only if her boobs were bigger like her mother's were.

Rachael was busy comparing herself with her mother and was startled when she felt a pair of hands wrap around her tiny waist.Rachael tried to get herself out of the grip but was left in utter disbelief when the stranger whispered into her ear "You always looked sexy in that dress honey ".Rachael recognized the voice and was scared to look into the mirror to confirm but she knew she had to.To her horror,Rachael saw it was indeed her dad's hands that were holding her tiny waist.She was still coming to terms with the horror of the situation she was in,when Daniel brushed aside her blonde hairs around shoulders and planted plenty of kisses all over her neck and shoulder blades.From the smell it was clear to Rachael that her father was surely way too drunk to realise he wasn't kissing his deceased wife but his teenage daughter.

Rachael llxxx bbc fuck small white girl her head to her right and had only slightly parted her lips while still wondering what to say to her father when Daniel kissed her.He sucked onto her upper lip ever so lightly as if he was savouring her taste.Rachael was completely involved in kissing and was horrified when she realised her dad's dick was poking at her waist.Daniel put his hand on Rachael's exposed right thigh.Rachael, inspite of trying her best couldn't suppress a light moan that escaped her mouth.Daniel realising it was the opportune moment pushed his tongue inside her.Although Rachael could still get the taste of alcohol from his mouth that didn't deter her from giving an apt reply to her dad's tongue.Daniel was sucking her tongue so enthusiastically Rachael thought her mouth was about to go dry at any moment now, but it never did.She was salivating like a dog and it occured to her that her dad wasn't complaining.

He rather seemed hell bent on sucking her mouth dry.Rachael was busy with tongue wrestling her dad when she felt his hand which had been resting still on her thigh until now move upward.A chill ran through her spine and Rachael was scared to death,not because she knew where his hand was going but cause she knew he will find out something that she was even terrified of saying to herself.Daniel moved his hand upwards with his fingers grazing along the soft skin of Rachael's inner thigh.It was only a matter of time until his hand was inside her dress.Daniel couldn't suppress a broad grin on his face once his hand reached it's destination."Oh honey,you know it drives me crazy that you are always without panties.Especially,when we go out to have dinner and you keep flashing me your delicious pussy every now and then .The only thing that keeps me occupied is how soon we'll get back to home so that i can fuck your three hot lassies share a fat boner out.Just as you like it " Daniel whispered.

Rachael couldn't utter a word,she had never noticed her mother was always pantyless but then she remembered something which she should have noticed earlier while going through her cloths.Although her mom had almost all kinds and colours of bras in her wardrobe there were hardly any panties or thongs .There were only a couple of black panties which was weird cause sexy women like her mother usually prefers thongs.Rachael was not like her mother though she liked wearing panties and the fact that she was caught pantyless by her dad was mere coincidence.She washed all her inners on Sundays and since she was usually homealone it had never been a problem before.

Being caught pantyless was not what Rachael was dreading,she knew the worst was yet to come.As Daniel resumed his kissing,shoving his tongue back into her mouth,his fingers grazed along her crotch.Daniel ran his finger along Rachael's slit and was ecstatic to find her dripping wet.

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"you are so wet already,sweetheart!!"Rachael heard her father say and she could feel her cheeks go red in shame.Rachael knew she was dripping wet,she could almost feel her juices running down her leg while her knees were threatening to collapse under her weight but she didn't wanted to admit it .Her dad was drunk and he was probably missing her dead wife but Rachael was completely in her senses yet she was being turned on by her own father.Her conscience was yelling to her how wrong all this is,yet her body seemed so disconnected from her conscience.To her mind he was her father,the man she loved so dearly but to her body he was just a beautiful man who was making her feel really really good.Her conscience was asking her to take command of the situation and endless pleasure from ebon sex hardcore and blowjob it, before it gets to the point of no return but her body was yearning.Her beautiful teenage body was pleading her to become her father's wife even if was just for the night.Rachael was battling these thoughts when she felt her dad rub his middle finger along her slit again only to pause over her clit and put some gentle pressure on it."Mmmm."Rachael moaned at the touch and buckled her hips involuntarily .As she buckled her hips,her back hit something hard.Rachael knew what it was and she couldn't help but imagine how much she would like it in her mouth.

Daniel finally broke off the kiss and getting hold of the hem of her dress pushed it upwards,exposing her naked butt. He then kneeled so that his face was right in front of Rachael's naked ass.Rachael could feel her father's deep,warm breaths on her butt and she held her breathe in anticipation.Daniel admired the perfection of Rachael's bubble butt.At first with his eyes and then let his hands do the talking.He rubbed all around her butt against her soft skin making the young girl squirm in response.Daniel was admiring it like it was a fine piece of art.Exploring every inch of her naked butt by allowing his hand to rub over it.Rachael was lost in the pleasures felt from a strong hand against her butt when Daniel slapped her really hard,"Ahhhh."Rachael cried out.Rachael could feel her buttcheek burning ,it was almost as if she had been bitten by a bee.Daniel enjoyed the cries of pain.He rained blows after blows out on Rachael's butt alternating between her buttcheeks until her white ass beared red imprints of his hand.To Rachael it appeared as if each blow was harder than the previous one and by the time Daniel stopped spanking her,she was stooping while holding the mirror for support.Rachael reached out for her butt withwanted her hand but Daniel didn't allow that to happen.He didn't wanted her to do that.Inspite of all the pain that she wasa Daniel started kissing all over it.To Rachael's amazement Daniel's lips against her butt felt really good and it somewhat minmized the effects of spanking.Daniel then parted Rachael's buttcheeks,her tiny asshole came into milf blackmailed pay son debt and Rachael was now terrified.She was not a virgin but she had never had anal sex before but she could see her dad's intentions were pretty clear.

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He was zeroing on her virgin asshole.Rachael was now cursing herself for getting into this situation,she should have backed off while she still could.Daniel was eyeing Rachael's asshole,the tiny,hairless hole had him licking his lips.Spreading her buttcheeks even farther,he sticked out his tongue and ran it across periphery of Rachael's asshole.The sensation of a warm,wet tongue on her asshole was completely new to Rachael and the fact that it was the tongue of her dad was driving her crazy.She felt a familiar sensation inside her tummy but Rachael dismissed it,considering she hadn't been penetrated yet.When Daniel pushed his tongue inside Rachael's asshole,she couldn't take it anymore.Rachael screamed out "uggghhh." as her orgasm exploded inside her body.

Daniel felt his tongue being squeezed by her insides and he sticked it out of her.After planting another kiss on her butt Daniel said "Oh honey,you are so sensitive on your asshole!!" Rachael was grateful that the mirror was there,if it hadn't been there she would have surely collapsed on the floor by the sheer magnitude of the orgasm.She was holding it firmly as if her life dependent on it while still trying to believe that she had the most intense orgasm of her life without even being penetrated.And the fact that,that orgasm was caused by her own father's tongue.

Frisky stunner gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the spunk however soon knew that her dad wasn't done yet with her asshole and he had more to offer when she felt his finger poking at her anal entrance.Sufficiently Lubricating his middle finger with his saliva,Daniel pushed it inside her asshole.Rachael couldn't suppress her cries caused by her very first anal intrusion.A couple of thrusts and it was inside her.Once it was completely inside her,Daniel curved his finger and massaged the walls of her insides.Rachael was relieved when he pulled out his finger but that didn't last long as Daniel slid his finger again.This time his middle finger wasn't alone,it was joined by his index finger too.Couple of fingers were stretching Rachael's asshole like never before yet she was aware of the fact that her dad was actually preparing her for something much more thicker and longer.Daniel stroked her asshole some more before pulling out his fingers.Rachael was relieved but the feeling didn't last long as she knew what would follow when she heard the sound of her dad opening his zipper.Rachael soon felt her dad's hands on her back signalling her to stoop and she complied.Although,she knew this was very wrong but she couldn't dismiss the throbbing of her clit.It was begging for her daddy's love,asking to be filled with his tool.

Rachael felt the head of Daniel's cock at her anal entrance and she was terrified at the size of the giant cock poking her.It certainly appeared bigger than anything she had been penetrated with yet.

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Daniel spread Rachael's buttcheeks with his huge hands and pushed his tool inside her."Arrrgghh.,"Rachael cried out in pain as her ass tried to accommodate the huge intruder."Ah babe,you are still so tight.I love fucking your ass"Daniel said.He was enjoying the virgin asshole of daughter mistaking it for her deceased wife.Rachael was in excruciating pain yet she was aware that her dad had only entered the head of his dick and there was so much more to come.Daniel grabbed Rachael fastb time xxx in blad in posy her hips and pushed with all his might.With that powerful push Daniel was balls deep inside Rachael's ass."nngghhh."Rachael shrieked at the top of her lungs while she felt her dad's dick penetrate her asshole and hit her womb.It appeared to Rachael that someone had inserted a long hot rod inside her ass.In contrast to Rachael who was in excruciating pain,Daniel was heaven.Rachael's virgin ass was gripping his cock tightly,almost squeezing and Daniel was thoroughly enjoying it.Thankfully for Rachael,Daniel was laying still allowing her to getting used to the feeling of being filled and stretched.

Daniel sucked two of his fingers making them wet with his saliva and then moved them to search for Rachael's love button.Finding her clit,Daniel stroked it in circular motion."Mmm."Rachael cooed.The pain of being stretched out by a dick had subsided and Rachael was getting used to the feeling of being filled when realised the contact of her dad's wet fingers over her clit.Rachael was not a stranger to masturbating but she had to admit,it never felt the same with her fingers.

His experienced hands were truly master in the craft.She opened her lips almost involuntarily when she felt something touch her lips.It was her dad's fingers dipped in her juices,Rachael had never tasted herself before but her dad was forcing her to do so.Surprising herself Rachael engulfed his fingers in her hot mouth and rolled her tongue all over it. Rachael tasted her own sweet nectar for the very first time and suprisingly this made her feel very erotic.Daniel was stroking Rachael's clit with his left hand and asking her to lick off her juices from his right hand,all this while he had his cock planted deep inside her ass.Soon,Rachael found herself on the verge of another nerve wrecking orgasm.She bit her lower lip and almost bit her dad's fingers, if he hadn't pulled them out at the right moment as the second orgasm for the night sent shivers down her young body.

Due to the after effects of her orgasm,Rachael never realised that Daniel had actually drawn out his dick from her ass only to be pushed back inside.Daniel knew his cock would be squeezed mercilessly when Rachael has her orgasm and he was adamant on not cumming as of yet,so he had pulled out his tool.Rachael had barely recovered from her orgasm when Daniel started fucking her ass.Daniel was pulling her blonde hairs forcefully while giving powerful thrusts.The strokes were long,powerful and deep.Rachael could actually feel his dick getting deeper with each stroke.Rachael lifted her head to see the reflection in the mirror, she had been holding all this while.It showed the reflection of a man sweating profusely while annihilating her ass,he was pulling her hairs while tormenting her ass.The man in the reflection was sexy young teen shows her perfect tits for webcam a stranger,neither he was a guy from her school.He was her own father.This all looked so wrong but it didn't feel the same though."Ahhh.c'mmon!give it to me baby " Rachael's train of thoughts were interrupted and she was brought back to reality.Her dad was begging her to cumm once more but she wasn't sure if she could take it anymore.Daniel seemed adamant on testing Rachael's limits though as he found her clit and started stroking it in circular motion again.Daniel now allowed his thumb to stroke Rachael's clit as he pushed two of his long fingers inside her dripping pussy.

Daniel pushed his fingers upto the third knuckle and then resumed thrusting his dick inside Rachael's ass.He would pause momentarily to curl his fingers upwards in search of Rachael's g-spot while his thumb stroked her engorged clit.The double penetration had made her body rigid,she can't even move an inch."Mmmm."Rachael moaned while wreathing as she could feel the building up of her third orgasm.Daniel read the signs of Rachael's body and pushed out his fingers to get hold of her hairs again.Soon Daniel felt his cock being squeezed tightly as Rachael had her third orgasm."Uuggghhh."Rachael cried as she felt her body go limp.Daniel increased his hot ass blonde endures rough sex in dungeon and started thrusting again with more powerful strokes.Trying to go deeper each time with everything he had.Soon,the bedroom was filled with the sound of his balls slapping against her ass.

Daniel felt his balls twitch and he shot ropes of cumm deep inside his daughter's body.