Real teen fingerfucked deeply at sexaudition fingering

Real teen fingerfucked deeply at sexaudition fingering
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A SPECIAL BOND Long Weekend at the Lake ___________________________________ This is a work of fiction. Of fantasy. It's called 'My Right of Free Speech.' If you do not approve of youngsters engaged in various sexual acts. . or if you live in one of the God-forsaken States that bans possessing/reading such material. . then please, PLEASE, go someplace else. This is not some 4 page fuck/suck story. This story consists of almost 30 chapters! It has the main story, the back story, lots of detail, enough sex family unit and tv phone sex what a mess you made satisfy almost everyone and some humor.

It will be posted in multiple segments. Lastly, 'A Special Bond' is a Trilogy. 'Long Weekend at the Lake' is the second part and will be followed by the Prequel and finally by The Later Years.

I've spell-checked and re-read the chapters multiple times. Yet I am amazing chicks play with cunts indoors hardcore blowjob there are spelling errors, grammatical problems and incorrect words. I don't have an editor! Just read and enjoy. Characters: Kathy Evans Age 31 Rob Evans Age 36 RJ Evans Age 16 Kayla Evans Age 15 Aunt Karla Peters Age 36 Uncle Tom Peters Age 37 Ken Peters Age 17 Candace Peters Age 14   Chapter 25 Both boys nodded and grabbed onto a piece of fabric raising their prizes out of the bag.

The boys looked at the prize in their hands and then at each other. They grinned as each had a different pair of panties in their hands. Then they realized they had no idea which pair belonged to which girl! The boys looked at the girls and said "Aaaahhha, you wanna tell us who got who here?" "I don't know, shall we tell them Candy?" Candy looked at Kayla in the eyes and she swore she saw the girl nod her head ever so slightly.

"OK, I guess we better, before they die of curiosity on us" Candy said. "Kenny, the pair of panties you are holding belongs to. . " and she paused for effect. . "Kenny those are Kayla's! RJ, I'm afraid you're stuck with me until we get home tomorrow evening." "OK boys, time to switch places then" Kayla said.

While pal takes off clothing homemade and hardcore boys got up and changed sides of the booth, Kayla locked eyes with Candy and grinned approvingly. Only the two girls knew that Candy had just lied through her teeth!

The white French cut panties RJ held in fact were his sister's and the white frilly boy-cut panties Kenny held were in fact Candy's own.

But Candy had made a 'management decision' on the fly, and noted that Kayla was obviously in agreement with the outcome. As the two guys sat down next to their new partner for the next day, the two girls leaned in to give their new respective guy a deep kiss. As it was getting late, and as the Band was again playing slow songs, the teens decided to have one last dance with their new mate for the evening.

Kayla and Kenny snuggled on the dance floor, and RJ and Candy assumed their now familiar position with Candy's arms around his neck, and RJ's hands draped around her waist and over her curvaceous ass.

As they danced Candy decided to ask him a question. "RJ, are you playing with my Garter Bbw fucking her black bull on webcam again?" "You bet I am" was his quick response. Candy thrust her crotch against his and ground it slightly, feeling the swell of his manhood. "RJ, is that erection because of me?" "You can bet it is, young lady" he smiled.

"RJ, would you like to see me in my bra and Garter Belt when we get to the boat?" Oh boy would I" was his response. "RJ, would you be upset if I wanted to leave now, and you took me to bed?" Kayla and Kenny saw the other two heading toward the table to get their things, and joined them.

As the four teens exited through the bar, carrying a half full bottle of $100 wine, the two lawyer-hunks were still sitting alone at the bar and looked perplexed seeing Candy now glued to RJ and Kayla arm-in-arm with Kenny opposite the way they had arrived.

The four walked down to the courtesy dock to the boat. To everyone's surprise, RJ asked them to cast off the lines, which they did, and RJ very cautiously moved the boat down to the very far end of the tee-dock and asked them to retie the boat. Answering the question on everyone's mind RJ explained "I thought it might be good to get the boat down where people are not walking by it all night, and any 'noises' won't be heard!" Once everything settled down RJ zipped up the forward wrap-around enclosure and Kayla poured each of them a half-glass of wine from the bottle.

"Our last toast of the trip she said who wants to say?" Candy stood glued at the hip next to RJ with her arm around his waist. Kenny extended his glass out and said "to exciting changes, with some pretty wonderful people." The four clinked their glasses together and drank.

Shortly RJ said "Candy and I are going to take the Sun deck in back. You guys can take the forward longue." The four started saying goodnight to each other one at a time and Kenny burst into laughter, "this sounds like the end of a Walton's episode!" "Goodnight ALL' Kayla concluded, taking Kenny's hand in her own and walking forward.

  Chapter 26 At the forward longue Kayla looked into Kenny's eyes as she stood in front of him. Kenny moved forward tentatively and started to kiss Kayla, but pulled back. "Kayla, if you're not totally OK with this, I would. " "Shut the fuck up" was her brash reply. She pulled his mouth into her own and the two started kissing like the world was going to end at any second.

Tongues were thrust into each other's mouths and there was much pawing amid a tight embrace. Kayla thrust her pelvis forward and could already feel the strain of Kenny's huge erection against the front of his trousers.

Kenny fumbled with the buttons on Kayla's blouse which was complicated by the fact that Kayla had all the buttons on his shirt undone already and was trying to pull it off his shoulders and down his arms at the same time.

Kenny stopped what he was doing and allowed Kayla to strip him of his shirt and then held his arms over his head, so she could get his tee shirt off. Having accomplished her goal, Kayla held still while Kenny carefully undid the last of the pearl buttons and let the blouse slide from her shoulders. Kayla quickly folded her blouse and laid it aside, facing Kenny again in her bra.

The two started kissing again madly and Kenny was cupping her bra-clad breast with his hands. "Take it off. . my bra. . .take it off Kenny." Kenny's hands shook so badly he was fumbling with the three-hook clasp of Kayla white sheer bra. Kayla reached behind herself and in one quick motion unclasped the fastener letting the bra slip down her arms.

Her firm breasts stood out like two sentinels and her nipples were hard as rock from the sexual excitement. Kayla stepped back, released the fastener on the side of her wrap-around skirt and let it drop to the floor.

Kayla stood in front of her cousin in her white garter-belt and stockings having never put her panties back on after their little 'panty game' with the boys back at the restaurant. Finally she said to Kenny who was just standing there, "WELL?" "OH WOW" the boy exclaimed. 'I've never seen anything like it. . so hot. . so beautiful. Kayla knelt and undid the snap on the front of Kenny's trousers. As she peeled them down his hips, his erection sprung through the fly in his boxers and actually hit Kayla on the side of the head.

Quickly she shucked his shorts down his legs and Kenny stepped out of the pile of clothes about his feet. Kayla gripped the massive penis about the base with two hands. Without hesitation she started fellating Kenny. As she worked the massive head of his 9" cock into her mouth, Kenny let out a long groan.

Kayla jacked the length of his penis with both hands and each time she arched up with her hands she would suck on his glans as hard as she could. Predictably Kenny started to get way over-excited. Kayla stopped what she was doing and had Kenny sit on the edge of the lounge.

Kayla took one of the rubbers she had picked up and started to carefully roll it onto Kenny's penis, being careful not to put her fingernail through it.

"Look Kenny, I really want your horse-cock in me. I know you won't last too long. . the first time. Just fuck me for all you are worth and let-er-rip. Once you've cum, we'll take off your rubber and put on a second one. Don't worry I'll have you hard again in no time. Then we can take more time. and you can get me off about a dozen times" Kayla grinned at the boy. Kayla crawled up on the longue and spread her thighs in an inviting vee. Girl lube ran from the lips of her vagina in anticipation of what was to come.

Kenny stared at the beautiful site before him. Bending down he started to suck as hard as he could on the blood-filled erect nipples above Kayla's large tits. While Kayla groaned as he pulled upwards on her nippes with his lips, she stopped him after just a minute. "You can do that during the second round lover, right now I need your cock in me!" Kenny positioned himself between her thighs and Kayla grabbed his cock-base from underneath.

She swiped the head of the rubber clad dick up and down her slit, forcing her outer petals open. Kenny was fighting the urge to just ram his cock into the girl to the hilt.

Kayla fed the tip harder against her opening and her hole slowly started to yield to the pressure. Feeling his cock making progress, Kenny started inching his penis back, and then pushing forward again, little by little. After a minute or two of this Kayla let go of the base of his cock and pushed her pelvis upwards onto the cock trying to invade her vaginal special place. All of a sudden the head of the monster seemed to get past the elastic outer ring and he was suddenly in the girls pussy about two or 3 inches.

Kenny froze, as did Kayla momentarily. "Hold Still Kenny" Kayla asked while waiting for her pussy to adjust to the pressure within it. After a minute or so, Kayla started humping up and down to ingest more of his horse-cock. It only took a half dozen thrust and Kayla had about 6 inches in her womanhood. Suddenly Kenny quit fighting the urge and as Kayla moved her hips upward Kenny thrust downwards as hard as he could. The ram hard meat sank until their public bones meshed and Kayla let out a startled yelp.

Kayla felt the force of his cock-head mashing into her cervix and she literally started to see stars from the sensation. Kenny was going to try and hold off his ejaculation as long as he could. This would prove to be a losing battle.

However, he backed his cock out of Kayla's wanton hole about half way and suddenly plunged back into the girl's womb as fast and hard as he could.

As he hit bottom, Kayla cried out "Oh my God!" At the back of the boat Candy had walked back with RJ, holding hands. Each time she looked into his eyes she smiled. There was just something about this guy that made her happy. As they reached the sun deck, Candy turned to face him, took both of his hands in her own and they stared into each other's eyes. RJ could not help but wonder what caused the constant sparkle in her green eyes.

As the two stood facing each other, Candy said "Well. . are you going to kiss me. . or what?" RJ leaned in to kiss his young cousin and as he tenderly kissed the girl, she felt his hands trembling in her own. "RJ, relax.

I'm not going to bite you. . Well, I might bite you a little. . but you'll like it: She said with a wide grin. When she laughed, RJ could not help but chuckle too. "Candy, I'm sorry" RJ said, "it's just that I've never been with another girl beside Kayla and I'm just a little nervous." "I understand" Candy said. "I've never been with anybody but Kenny. . obviously. But look at it this way, you and I have known each other all of our lives.

. so it's not like we're going to do the deed with somebody we hardly know! Let's just enjoy being with each other?" Feeling more at ease with the situation, RJ made the move to kiss Candy passionately. It was like electricity flew between their lips.

They could not get enough of each other and each time RJ kissed her again, it was like there was a direct jolt to her pussy. Actually, Candy had the sensation of her vaginal muscles contracting each time he pressed his lips to hers. RJ leaned into her and pushed her back onto the cushion on the sun deck. As he did so he fell on top of the girl and started not only mashing his lips to hers, but running his hands over the front of her dress feeling her petite breasts.

Both of them were rolling around pretty actively and thrusting their pelvises against the other. "Hold on RJ" Candy said as she gently pushed the boy off the top of her. He obliged not knowing what the matter was. Candy smiled at him and explained "this was a really expensive dress.

If I damage it, my mom will kill me. Give me a minute." Candy ducked into the Galley area, took off the dress and hung it up. As she walked back to the sundeck area she exaggerated the sway of her hips. RJ could not take his eyes off of the vision before him.

He saw the white garter belt with its small pink flowers. The garter was affixed to white stockings with a pattern up the sides. His cousin wore an abbreviated Camisole top. The Camisole did little to hide the erect nipples poking through the restraining bra below. As she walked up in front of him she stood with her legs slightly parted and her hand on one hip.

"Like what you see RJ?" RJ's mind raced a million miles an hour. He inhaled the light scent of her Jasmine body spray and there was something else. He inhaled the scent of her arousal. His penis was instantly ram-rod stiff. Something was wrong, and he could not bring it to the front of his mind.

Then he saw it. Candy stood before him in all her beauty wearing white ruffled panties under which passed the garter straps holding fast to her nylons. The straps caused the panties to tent slightly where they exited the leg hole causing his vision to be drawn to the hint of her mons veneris. RJ pointed to the multi-tiered ruffled panties as he said "Why are you wearing Kayla's panties?" 'OH SHIT' Candy though. Back at the restaurant, when Kenny had pulled the ruffled panties, and RJ had pulled the small bikini panties out of the bag, they had told the boys that the ruffled panties were Kayla's.

Ravishing model is displaying her gaped narrow vagina in close up girls had started a web of lies, and now Candy was caught in it. She hated lying, it went against her grain. But she was not going to mess up this opportunity now!

"Kayla and I both bought the same panties and garter-belts RJ" she lied. "Don't you like them?" The teen boy just stared at the vision before him. "Well, DO you like what you see RJ" she asked again with emphasis. "No! I LOVE what I see. Two lusty babes share a bbc interracial brunette you are beautiful" RJ said.

Candy stepped forward and RJ wrapped his arms around her while he remained seated. He laid his head against her midriff feeling the silk of the camisole on his cheek. His right hand cupped Candy's sex through the fabric of the ruffled panties and Candy let out two babes and their first time lesbian audible moan as he pushed the panty fabric into her moist slit. RJ kissed the girl's midriff through the fabric of her Camisole while his finger continued to rub her overheated crotch, causing Candy to buck each time he did.

RJ looked up into her eyes. Her long blond hair was flowing over her shoulders and spilling down huge tits blonde alena croft auditions and gets fucked hard by lex front of her tits.

As Candy locked eyes with RJ, she grasped the hem of the Camisole and in one motion pulled it over her head. She tossed her head, again causing her mane to fall down in front of her small breasts. Eyes locked, she reached up behind her, and unfastened the clasp of her bra, allowing it to fall off her shoulders and tossed it to the ground.

"RJ" Candy said in a whisper, "I wish my boobies were bigger for you." "Candy. . I love your boobs just the way they are. Even if you ever grow bigger tits, I want you to promise me that you'll keep these awesome nipples of yours!" As RJ said that, he drew one of her nipples between his lips and started to suckle like a baby.

Candy's knees almost buckled from the sensation. RJ pulled aside the gusset of her now sodden panties, and thrust his middle finger into her wet and wanton confines. His cousin produced a lot of lube so his finger slid easily to the hilt. As RJ made a 'come hither' motion with his finger impaled in his young cousin's pussy, Candy's knees did buckle and she fell on top of him.

RJ attempted to continue to finger-fuck his beautiful cousin but she was frantically wrestling with his belt and trousers, trying to free her prize from its confines.

Finally RJ kicked his pants free of his ankles and Candy immediately grabbed his erection, which was prominent through the fly in his boxers. The two started making out, each trying to masturbate the other, which was futile with all the thrashing about and kissing.

Candy had a death grip on RJ's magnificent manhood and was stroking him furiously. The two finally came up for air, while Candy slowed down her ministrations on his cock. "RJ. . I want to ask you a big favor" Candy whispered softly.

"Sure, what is it?" "RJ, I want to feel you in me, without that damn condom. I want to know what your cock feels like in me. . please." "Candy, you know that is dangerous. . and you know the rule, until you get on birth control." "RJ, Kayla said you had excellent control about when you cum, and that you can go for a long time before you ejaculate.

So just put it in me for a little while. Please" she pleaded. "Candy, even that is dangerous. The pre-cum, which is a sort of lubricant, contains sperm all by itself. So a girl can still get pregnant, even without the guy cumming in her!" "OK, but I just finished my period four days ago. So I am not ovulating and if you don't cum in me.

we should be fine. Please RJ, I really need to feel you, to feel what it's like, without a rubber" she pleaded her case. "Just for a little while" RJ relented, "but when I pull out, that's it. . I'll be careful" he said, but thinking this was a terrible idea. Candy lay on her back and lifting her hips, took off the ruffled panties. Her thighs formed an inviting vee to her now hairless womanhood and RJ carefully positioned himself above the girl, while she smiled and her green eyes twinkled.

The anticipation was killing her. RJ leaned down and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and meeting hers. As he did so, the tip of his penis touched the delicate outer lips of her vagina, causing electricity to surge through the aroused girl. RJ gripped the base of his rock-hard cock and ran the head up and down her slit. Her sex-lube flowed so freely she was soaked. The slickness of her slit, allowed RJ to move his cock-head all about and bump into her erect clit. RJ hadn't noticed, but as she became more and more sexually aroused, her clit became quite distended.

He continued to tease while Candy tried in vain to buck the monster into her hole. RJ slapped the head of his cock hard against her clit, and she went off like a fireworks. He'd not yet penetrated her, and Candy started to orgasm, crying out, convulsing and desperately trying to get him to stuff his enormous cock in her. He nails dug into the flesh of his back as she shuddered again and again from sexual release.

RJ swore that as she orgasmed, she became even wetter, discharging more liquid over the head of his penis. RJ held still, the large head of his cock poised pressing her outer petals open. In one slow, continuous motion he slid his entire 9" cock into her cunt.

As he did so, Candy again cried out in orgasm, strictly from the invasion going on in her pussy. She bucked upwards as hard as possible and felt his cockhead bottom out inside her. Once all the way in, RJ remained still, but Candy made humping motions and was breathing so fast he feared she would hyperventilate. Finally still, RJ looked down in her eyes and she smiled saying "Fucking-hell RJ, you feel so good in me. I can't believe what it feels like to have a cock in there without a condom on it.

I love it!" RJ remained still for a long time. Candy, for her own self, was savoring the feeling of fullness. RJ was having a different problem. Although he normally had excellent control, and would provide Kayla with multiple orgasms before he allowed himself to ejaculate, Candy was a different matter.

Candy was tight as a velvet glove around his penis, and the urge to pump in her for all he was worth, and shower her insides with his seed, was overpowering! RJ finally overcame his urge to cum in the young girl, and slowly started sawing in and out of her young cunt. Each time he would withdraw he brought his cock out until the large purple head, was barely contained by Candy's inner lips.

Each time he would drive all the way forward, Candy would let out an audible 'oommmph' as he hit bottom. "RJ, what is that you are hitting in there.

It hurts when you do it, but at the same time it feels so good!" "It's your cervix. If I am hurting you, we can stop" RJ offered. "NO. Don't stop. I like it." "Let's try something different" RJ said. Without withdrawing from Candy's soppy cunt, he lifted her legs up so they were draped over his shoulder. This had the effect of turning her cunt hole, and her cervix, upward in a more direct line with his cock head. He started his descent back to her depths and as he neared his entire length, felt the soft asian slit and anal fuck japanese and hardcore membrane of her womb.

He felt the resistance and Candy yelped slightly. "If it feels good, and doesn't hurt you too much, push up hard" RJ encouraged her. The hurt didn't matter.

The urge to impale even more of this wonderful cock in her was overpowering. Candy pushed up with all her might, and sensing her desire, RJ pushed down hard. Both teens felt the sensation as Candy pushed up even harder and the massive head of the penis within her pushed through the entrance of the young girl's womb.

Her mind exploded like a thousand rockets. She screamed out in pleasure and her nails raked RJ's back from the top of his shoulders to the small of his back, causing large welts.

Candy's orgasm seemed to go on forever, and she could not fathom that RJ had just brought her off for the third time in hot sunny xn storys fuck a brief period. RJ suddenly withdrew with an audible plop and Candy whined for him not to take it out.

"RJ was trying to catch his breath, and whispered "Sorry, but you don't know how close you came to getting a sperm-bath in there!" Candy looked up at her male cousin and was crying. "Oh RJ, thank you" she blubbered. "You make me feel so wonderful." The two cuddled. Each was lost in their own thoughts.

Candy loved her brother sure enough, but the feeling she had for RJ were undeniable. Being with RJ was so different, she could not explain it. "RJ, I haven't been fair to you. . .you haven't cum yet. I could give you a blow job" the girl said hopefully.

"Let's just rest for a minute" RJ said. "You really took a lot out of me, Candy." The two just cuddled and RJ spooned to Candy's back for a long time. RJ eventually started kissing on Candy's neck, which was a real erogenous zone to her. Candy reached behind her and started to fondle RJ's flaccid penis. Even though it had only been 10 or 15 minutes, RJ's manhood answered the call and Candy felt him become erect in her hand. Candy rolled over to face him. Her eyes filled with tears. "What's wrong?

What are you crying" he wanted to know. "RJ, we go home tomorrow and then I don't know when we'll see each other again" she cried softly. "Don't worry, we'll be seeing a lot more of each other. Promise" RJ said. All this time Candy had been stroking his erection, which was now like steel.

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"RJ. . .I know you can't put your cock in my pussy any more without a rubber on it. But. "she let the thought pause. . "I have one more virgin hole. . and I want you to be the one to take that cherry. . .that is if you don't think it's too gross!" RJ caught her drift wet crack endures hard hammering hardcore and blowjob. "Candy, ass fucking isn't for everyone. Some girls find it very uncomfortable" RJ said matter-of-factly.

"I know" Candy said, "Kayla told me all about it. I know it will hurt, but I know you will be gentle also" She smiled at him in such a way that it melted his soul. "Are you sure Candy?" "Never more sure of anything" Candy again smiled. RJ went to the Galley and found the bottle of KY. Candy said it was too cold as he first applied it to her anus. Candy had excreted so much sex lube previously; RJ was able to smear that around also and stuck a finger in her nether region.

Candy winced and, and then he put in two fingers. Candy was overcome by the excitement of her cousin fingering her ass. Kayla had said it could hurt, but with two fingers in her bowel, all she felt was excitement!

Candy knew that RJ and Kayla had ass-fucked. Kayla had told her about it and that it caused an orgasm that was indescribable. RJ was now sawing his two fingers in and out of Candy's backdoor and was purposely spreading his fingers in an attempt to 'loosen her up.' RJ got between her legs once more and positioned his rock-hard cock-head at the pucker of her anus.

His cock was smeared with KY and Candy's back door was ever so slightly open from RJ's recent fingering. RJ knew she would be very tight for one thing she was built pretty petite. He little son his old mom beeg the head of his cock against her sphincter and said simply "try to relax, Candy." Candy felt the pressure and she willed herself to relax.

RJ was making little 'nudging' motions and if his penis was entering her, Candy could not feel anything except the resistance. At one point RJ stopped, and put two fingers in her anus again. As quickly as he withdrew, he pushed at her pucker in earnest with his erect penis. Candy felt pressure and it DID hurt, causing her to groan.

RJ sensing her discomfort immediately stopped pushing. "NO don't stop RJ. I'm trying to relax, but your cock is so damn big" the girl lamented. RJ again applied pressure and felt the ring start to admit him slightly. With all of his will power he fought the urge to just ram his cock as far into Candy as it would go! Candy felt the slight sensation of her anal ring loosing and said out loud "Oh, fuck it!" As she said this she thrust her ass upwards and with a searing pain, the head of RJ's penis popped through her elastic ring and about 2 inches more went in her ass.

"Oww. . oww. . Hurts. . HURTS " Candy cried out at the new invasion. RJ started to back out, but Candy held his butt with both hands and said "RJ. . be STILL. . DON'T move!." After a couple of minutes, Candy went from hurting like hell, to horny as hell. She started the humping motion and RJ quickly responded, with each effort edging more of his KY coated dick up her rear entrance.

Candy quickly lost control and was thrusting as hard as possible each time he moved his tool back and forth in her. RJ too was panting like a stallion breeding his mare. Motion was a blur and suddenly RJ cried 'Oh Christ Candy.

. can't hold back much longer. you're so fucking tight. .

. " And at that instant, despite his wanting this to last forever, RJ blew a huge load in his young cousin's ass. Candy felt the flare of his cock head raking her bowels as she heard his warning. When the first pulse of cum seared into her, it sent her over the edge.

She cried. She flailed. She screamed out. Her whole body went rigid and once again she raked RJ's back with her fingernails. There were now a total of 16 bright red streaks across his back some of which were bleeding slightly.

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RJ pounded her for all he was worth and neither teen realized that august taylor the real workout had ejaculated 6 different times into her receptive ass, or how much fluid he had pumped into her. Both teens collapsed in a heap. As RJ lay on top of her heaving for air, and his erection softening, Candy realized she had a new problem.

She pushed him off her and made a dash for the Head. Candy returned to the sun deck where RJ remained and was walking very gingerly. As she lay down beside RJ she said "God Baby, I don't know how you can make so much cum." Both were silent for a long time. RJ got up and went to the Head to get cleaned up. As the two teens snuggled together, Candy said "RJ, I'm happy you got one of my cherries." "Yea, I did didn't I?" "And RJ, I guess anal sex with you is pretty messy sex.

. but I want you to know that you can fuck my ass any time you want. God, that was awesome RJ. Thank you, baby." As she concluded she lightly kissed him and snuggled, both still nude.

As they lay there savoring these new feelings felt for each other, they heard Kayla cry out in ecstasy from the front of the boat