Sexy teen babes using strapon in this hot threeway

Sexy teen babes using strapon in this hot threeway
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Solomon A black cat, obviously well fed and cared for, guarded the back porch of a house. He picked his head up as he heard the sound of a car pull into the driveway. Within a few moments, two humans, an inferior race, had exited the car. One of them was older, perhaps middle aged, with a quiet voice and a happy moustache. The other was a tired looking kid, with hair several sizes too big and a rough-shaven face. The humans didn't even bother to ask as they invaded the cat's territory.

Ethan, for the cat had a name, thought that he could perhaps forgive them for their transgression, but the two humans were definitely in his debt.

The two humans, probably at least partially unaware of Ethan's train of thought, tromped into the house, defiling it with their stench. The house, who didn't mind the stench nearly as much as the cat, was fairly cozy inside. The younger of the humans dropped off his pack in a room with a very loud air-conditioner and headed towards the bed in the back bedroom. When he got there, he turned on the TV, and the house quickly lost interest in his activities.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ethan was dozing by the time that Casey got home, but she quickly brought him to consciousness. "Come on, silly head" she said, after pouncing on Ethan and shaking him back and forth, "I just got off work sexy ladies get nailed in the nightclub I'm brimming with energy.

What's your excuse for being so tired?" Ethan groggily opened his eyes, but didn't seem able to think of an intelligent reply. "I'm just tired," he moaned.

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"I had to wake up from a short 12 hour sleep to ride an air-conditioned bus for 4 full hours. Of course I'm gorgeous harlot rides on a long cock be tired. " Casey just looked at him as though he were stupid and left the room, looking for something to eat. Ethan followed, after somewhat shaking himself awake. After he found Casey looking in the fridge, he approached and hugged her from behind, whispering in her ear "I've missed you." Casey blushed and turned to kiss him, before resuming her rummaging through the fridge.

"I've missed you also," she replied, while rubbing her back against his stomach. They quickly broke apart as Casey's father, the older man from before, entered the kitchen. He just looked around a little, apparently also hungry, before he exited.

A few tomato sandwiches were thrown together before Casey and Ethan also left the kitchen. They went to the room of Ethan's earlier napping, and began cuddling on the bed while watching some random sci-fi flick.

"Well, what have you been up to?" Casey eventually inquired. "Heh, not a lot, really," Ethan replied, "I've been mainly just bumming around the house." "You lazy bastard!" was Casey's fair response. Ethan then began tickling Casey, as her cries of protest echoed around the room.

After the short tickling bout, they settled into a comfortable spooning position, Casey wrapping her legs aroung Ethan from the back. They stayed in that position for at least an hour, making only small movements, mainly just enjoying the others presence. Ethan felt Casey gradually grow more and more relaxed, and as he rolled over to speak with her, it turned out that she was completely asleep.

"Apparently you weren't so full of energy," Ethan jokingly whispered in her direction. He lay there for a while more, just thinking random thoughts, before he lovingly disentangled Casey's legs from his and left the room.

Ethan headed to the heavily air conditioned room, where he had previously deposited his possessions, and pulled a mattress out of the one couch in there. It wasn't long until he, also, was fast asleep. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ethan woke with a start, gasping for air. He must have had a nightmear of some sort, but he couldn't remember what. He just remembered a suffocating sensation.

It took a little before he noticed Casey beside him, awake and looking concerned. "Are you ok?" she whispered. "Yeah," he responded shakily, "it was just asian pink vagina lips spread lingerie japanese bad dream.

What are you doing here?" "I came to cuddle with you, silly, " she said. "I'm sorry for dozing off on you there." "It's ok," Ethan said, as he wrapped his arm around Casey, giving her a squeeze. This apparently prompted her to roll on top of him.

She kissed him and then began playing with the sides of his stomach. "Don't think I"m going to let you fall asleep on me, now that we're both awake," Casey said, a mischevious twinkle in her eye. She reached under Ethan's shirt, which he hadn't taken off to sleep, and gently fondled his nipples.

"Hrm, feels like you're getting pretty excited," She exclamed with a devilish grin. She ground against him a little to prove her point.

"Uh huh," Ethan managed to grunt. "It's all your fault, though" He halfheartedly tried to squirm out of Casey's legs' hold on him, before he bent up and passionately entered her mouth.

His tongue invited hers, flicking at her lips. She was more than glad to comply with his request, and she invaded him fully as they sank back down to the bed. They were now roughly beside each other, but entangled. Ethan roughly rubbed Casey's back with his hands, making her arch it with each pressure point that he hit. They continued the kiss for almost a minute before he broke it off, saying "I still owe you one from last time." Casey giggled, and didn't make an attempt to challenge that claim, so Ethan made his way down her body kissing frequently, after turning her on her back.

When he got to her chest, he reached under her and unsnapped her bra. He pulled up her shirt and pushed her bra up a little, enough for him to give adequate attention to her nipples. He first lightly pinched the left nipple, before attempting to swallow it. Then he flicked his tongue across it, as Casey moaned softly.

Ethan moved to her right breast, while continuing her left's stimulation with his hand. He bit down lightly on her right nipple, causing it be almost immediately as erect as her left.

He then vigorously attacked it with his tongue. After he was satisfied with his results on Casey's chest, he moved down to her stomach. She fully removed her shirt and bra after he had moved. He nibbled lightly on the area of skin near where her left pelvic bone was, while sensuously digging his hands into the small of her back, causing her to push into him. Ethan peppered Casey's stomach with kisses, and then unbuttoned her jeans. He quickly, with her help, dragged them off of her, revealing the black panties that she was wearing.

Ethan lightly stroked her inner thighs, causing her to shake slightly. "Please," Casey moaned as she moved her legs apart suggestively, and that was all that was needed for him to begin his work on her slightly more sensitive regions. He brushed his hand across her vagina, through her panties, and her reaction was more than enough to encourage him to continue.

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He teased a finger under them and rubbed it up and down the right side of her outer labia. Casey couldn't keep in a few more moans. "mmmrrmm" would be the closest possible interpretation of what was said. Ethan pulled her panties down a few inches, enough for him to see her beautiful sex within her matted dark curls. He then leaned down and sniffed, breathing her scent in deeply. He lightly nuzzed his nose against Casey's twat, causing her to wrap her legs around his upper back and pull him towards her.

Ethan couldn't hold back any longer, and started eating her out with a fervor. He'd continually lick, sometimes within the outer labia, sometimes within the inner, sometimes even dipping his tongue into her cunt for a few seconds. Casey would jerk occasionally, and moved her hands onto Ethan's head to hold him there. As he went from licking her sex in general to focusing on her clit, her occasional jerks turned into outright flailing.

He kept his focus there for a few minutes, until the heavy shudders and eventual relax told him that he had met his short time goal. He had a raging boner by this time. Ethan slowly lifted his head and moved up Casey until he could again make out with her. He allowed his tongue to occasionally dart into her mouth, sharing her taste with her. It was a glorious taste, and deserved sharing. With surprising force, Casey knocked him off of her and onto his back, effectively swapping positions with him.

"Don't think that you can do that without being punished," she said with burning eyes, while roughly grabbing his cock through his shorts.

"I didn't expect that you'd allow me to be unpunished." was Ethan's reply. Casey simply smiled at him before kicking her panties off and climbing on top of him again. She practically tears off his shirt in her haste to get at his tender flesh. As said flesh is soon bared, Casey almost mutilates it in her vengeance. She bites his nipples, his ribs, everywhere that she can, while her wetness somewhat permeates Ethan's shorts. He can do nothing but moan for a minute or so, as he attempts to her by both of her hips.

He caresses them and moves his fingers inward, applying pressure to her pelvic bones, as they stick out. "Naughty Ethan," Casey scolded, "This is your punishment, you shouldn't be playing with me." At the same time, though, she begins grinding her pelvis against his, almost impaling herself on his penis through his shorts.

"These shorts seem as if they should go," she remarked, before skillfully sitting on his stomach while she unbuttons and pulls them down. His boxer's are soon to follow.

"Mmm, you really are hard," Casey says, turning to look at Ethan with a look of pretended innocent surprise on her face. "We'll have to do something about that, ne?" She doesn't give Ethan a chance to respond before she brings her mouth down to his, consuming him, as she inches her cunt down his body. She starts grinding again as it's pressed against his dick, which lies almost rigid against his belly.

She reaches down with one hand and brings it to a semi-vertical position. Ethan then bucks up against her with his hips, slightly penetrating Casey with the head of his cock. He uses his right hand to again find her clit, and rubs it in a clockwise motion. Casey has to small titted amateur mom playing with herself hq mp4 xxx vid for a moment and gather herself before she impales herself fully on Ethan's penis.

She takes a deep breath, then lets it out as she slides down it, until it's been completely swallowed. Ethan also rests for a moment, enjoying the feeling of his cock in this warm wetness.

He then takes Casey by the hips and slowly lifts her off of it, until the head is barely still contained in her.

This prompts her to start riding him. As he times his thrusts with her motion, they begin to fuck faster and faster. Casey places her hands on either side of Ethan for support as jav taytli sekreter pornosu turkce altyazili rides him even faster.

Her hips are moving a mile a minute, and the same can be said for his. The rhythm keeps up for only a few minutes before he comes, hard into her bowels.

Casey slows down for his sake, and soon lifts off of him with a squishy sound. "Give me a minute," Ethan pants, "I'll be back up soon." Casey lies next to him and strokes his stomach, and soon enough, his penis is ready again.

He starts another passionate kiss, while using it as an excuse to roll on top of her. As their lips part, he sits between her legs, with his folded under his butt.

He strokes Casey's cunt a little to make sure that it's ready for him, before he slowly pushes into her. He lifts up her hips a little, so that he begins fucking her at an angle, allowing his cock to slide across some of her most sensitive spots with each thrust.

Casey managed to look at him from her position, and their eyes met. Their eyes stayed locked as he pounded into her again and again. "You're beautiful," Ethan mouthed. Casey blushed a little and squeezed his dick with her pussy walls, encouraging him. She then started a rhythmic squeezing, which felt awesome to Ethan, and he was soon banging her faster than he thought could be possible.

With his hands still on her hips, he squeezes her ass cheeks fairly hard, making sure that Casey wouldn't have just one source of pleasure. After a while of this pounding, Casey eventually begins to go into the signs of her second orgasm; her breathing becomes erratic and her hips begin to uncontrollably shudder.

The walls of her cunt become tighter than they've been all night, which pushes Ethan over the edge, as he comes with her. A few more strokes to cool down and he withdraws with another "schlooomp." He bends down and kisses Casey's exhausted pussy before he crawls up the bed to lie next to her.

"I love you," Ethan whispers, as he pulled the sheets over the two of them. "I love you too," Casey replies, as she gives him a tight hug. They both fall asleep within minutes, comfortably spooned, this time with Ethan in the back.