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Laceystarr leather clad granny gets interracial spitroast tube porn
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Things have been getting really weird since my parents got divorced and my mom married this guy from her job two years ago. His name's Tyler even at the wedding he's been giving me this strange look and licking his lips, but it's subtle so no one else notices but the person he's looking at which is me. My name's Heather and i just turned 18 like tomorrow i'm so excited i can't wait.

But back to Tyler he's average height like i'd say 6'2, he was dark medium length hair, kinda muscular and he's 25. Hehe that makes my mom a cougar because she's 51.

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At the wedding i remember going to the bathroom, i was 17 at the time. i came out the stall after doing what i had to do and I saw him leaning at the sink. " know this is the ladies room right?' i said washing my hands. He came behind me helping me wash owari nseraph 2 sub ita hands.

"Umm.i'm 17 i can do this without assistance…" i said then suddenly i felt something hard poke my lower back. "Can you do this without assistance?" He chuckled. i blushed, "you just got super hot outdoor erotica hardcore and amateur to my mom what are you doing?". His hand went up my dress slowly pulling down my panties. "Stop it!

someone is going to come in!" i protested trying to push him away, but i'm only 5'1 it's like air blowing against him. "I locked the door and used a out of order sign, besides everyone is out dancing in the main hall. That's the only thing you're worried about?" He chuckled pulling me into the handicap stall as he sat on the toilet then placing me in his lap spreading my legs.

"But you're with my mom and you're like my dad now…" i gasped as i felt his tongue go up and down my neck. "mmm.then call me daddy." He moaned as he pressed that hard thing against me.

"w.what's poking me?" i stuttered. "My dick,have you ever seen one?" He whispered in my ear pulling my dress down in the front exposing my breast. "mmm they're as big as your mother's but heavier." He moaned grabbing my breast playing with them. "please stop." i whimpered as started realizing what was happening. "Relax.Heather i'll be gentle." He laughed in my ear. I started crying softly, "I won't tell anyone but please stop." Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, "Heather are you ok in there?" it was my mom.

"Shit" Tyler whispered as he fixed my dress and cleaned up my face. "Go tell her you're fine." He said kissing my cheek. i walked to the door opening it, i saw my mom in her white dress. "I'm fine mom the food just got to me is all." i said looking down finding the fact my makeup was runny from crying. "oh ok dear. if you see Tyler tell him i'm looking for him." she smiled as she walked away. i closed the door, then felt something behind me.

"Don't tell anyone what happened here and i won't do this again. Got it?" he growled. i nodded. He suddenly picked me up and sat me on the sink.

"Good" he said placing my hand on the bulge in his pants, "Rub it a little." He said as he kissed me roughly sliding my tongue in my mouth i felt his tongue hit the back of my throat. "ooo.that's so good. I can't wait for later." He laughed walking away from my leaving me in the bathroom.

Then everything went fuzzy. I heard a loud ringing in my ear then i jumped up, it was dark in my room.

i checked my phone and saw a bunch of messages saying, "Happy birthday!". i smiled scrolling through the messages then i saw a text from Tyler. I opened it and i saw him naked with the caption "Happy Birthday sexy.can't wait to give you your birthday present. ;)" i felt kinda weird reading it and i just kept staring at the photo. i felt my nippes get hard. "Please no…" i said to myself as i rubbed my breast as i moaned. "He's my step father…" i said.

I heard my phone ring, the name displayed Birth Giver. "Hello?" i said. "Hi dear. Happy Birthday." My mom congratulated. "Thanks mom but why are you calling me aren't you home?" i Questioned sounding concerned. No, i'm at work. i won't be able to celebrate with you i'm sorry." she sighed. "Oh we can celebrate later when you come home." i said hopeful.

"No i can't dear i'm snowed in there's a blizzard outside. But Tyler said he'd make your birthday the best one you've ever had." she said. I felt a chill run up my spine, that would explain the picture."Oh ok mom be safe." I sighed hanging up the phone.

I laid but down sighing then i realized, "wait i'm home alone with Tyler." i quickly jumped up to lock the door but then Tyler opened the door. "Hi Princess, Happy Birthday!" He smiled holding something behind his back. His hair was wet he must've just came out the shower, he was wearing a white T-shirt and sweat pants. "Thank you." i replied. tried to look behind his back. He pulled his arm from behind him and pulled out a cupcake with the number 18 on it.

"Oh thank you." I said taking it and biting into it. "OMG this is amazing my favorite vanilla!" i smiled eating the rest of it. "Glad you liked it i put a secret ingredient in just for you." He smiled. "What?" i said i looked at him.

He pulled my body close to his and whispered, "My cum." i felt sick to my stomach and tried to pull away. "Let go of me!" i said struggling to break away. "I'm joking. I'm joking." He chuckled. I still wasn't sure but he let me go. I suddenly got really dizzy and i fell to the floor. I woke up tied with my hands tied and my legs tied to my bed laying on my stomach.

"What the fuck?" i said trying to struggle against the rope. "oh good you're awake." i heard Tyler say as i felt a cold piece of japanese son fucking sleeping mom run up my thigh.

"What are you doing let me go!" i Yelled. "I'm fulfilling my promise." He chuckled. "What are you talking about?" i said looking up at him. "i can't wait for later." He chuckled as i started to remember the incident at the wedding. "You said you wouldn't do it again!" I started crying as i knew what was going to happen. "till later.and what do you know it's later on you're 18th birthday." He sat me up and climbed on the bed, placing a knife on my night stand. "Please not again…" i whimpered as i felt his hands squeeze and massage my breast through my shirt.

"They're so much bigger than before i wonder how they taste princess." he said reaching over grabbing the knife and cutting my shirt straight down the middle. He put the knife back and started licking and sucking my nipples as they quickly got hard.

I moaned through my tears as i arched my back forcing my breast deeper into his mouth. He pulled off my nipple looking at me, "You're a horny princess i see." He whispered kissing me roughly sliding his tongue in my mouth it was so hot i couldn't help but moan louder. He reached over and untied my hands and grabbed the knife cutting my legs loose.

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"You're being a good girl." He said laying on top of me licking and sucking my breast. I couldn't deny it anymore i wanted him so bad.

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He moved down to my shorts slowly pulling them off leaving my panties. He licked my covered pussy while grabbing my breast i couldn't stop moaning. "Mmmm.i've waited so long for this princess." he moaned as he pulled down his pants exposed his thick and long cock.

"come here" He said. I scooted over towards him getting on all fours his dick was at full attention. "Stick out your tongue." He said holding his dick. I stuck out my tongue as far as i could for him; he started slapping his cock on my cheeks then rubbed and smacked the head on my tongue. Pre-cum started dripping on my tongue it tasted salty and sweet it make me moan for more.

"mmm.that's right princess taste daddy's pre-cum." he laughed as he started rubbing and squeezing my ass. "You wanna suck daddy off like a good little slut?" He smiled digging his nails into my enchanting brunette dolls want their gentle pussies nailed more.

I nodded as i licked the tip of his dick making it drip more pre-cum. "'re such a fucking tease." He groaned grabbing my hair in his fist holding me still and shoving his cock deep in my mouth.

He pushed deeper and deeper till i felt his cock his the back of my throat. "ooo yes that's it baby girl" He moaned loud as he said thrusting in my mouth letting his cock enter my throat deeper. I was struggling to breathe but all i did was moan around his dick letting him fuck my mouth all he wanted. His other hand was on my tits twisting and squeezing my nipples as they got as hard as erasers.

I felt myself starting to lose consciousness when suddenly i felt his cock jerk in my mouth and he pulled out.

"mmm.that was so good princess but i don't want to cum yet we're just getting started." He whispered as i was trying to catch my breath. He layed me on my back and pulled my lace thong off with his teeth.

I quickly kicked them when they reached my knees. "My slutty princess is eager.good." He chuckled as his face disappeared between my thighs. He started licked all round my clit making my cry in my pleasure. He shoved two fingers in my pussy and one in my ass sliding them in and out slowly teasing my holes. "'re still so tight princess. Daddy's gonna enjoy popping both of these cherries." He pulled his fingers out and replaced it with swety female tennis player gets pussy sucked tongue.

He shoved his tongue in my slit licking and swirling it around my hole. "oh daddy!" i moaned loud as i came on his tongue. He kept licking up my juices moaning intensing my orgasm more i lifted my hips getting more of his tongue inside as he started rubbing my clit not letting me calm down from my orgasm. "Daddy! Daddy!" I kept moaning as i kept coming he finally came up.

He entire lower face dripping from my cum his tongue tracing over his lips tasting and moaning my cum. "mmm.your cum tastes amazing princess. Come have a taste." He said leaning on top of me sliding his tongue in my mouth moving it deeper and deeper till it hit the back of my throat. "mmm" i moaned as his tongue swirled with mine and his hand squeezing and massaging my tits.

He broke the kiss and moved down to my tits, rubbing them and squeezing them together. "Your tits are so big and juicy princess." He said as he nibbled and licked my nipples. "Daddy…" I moaned as i wrapped my hand around his cock it could hardly fit in my hand i started jerking him off slowly loving the way his cock pulsed in my hand.

"mmm.does my princess want daddy's 7 inch cock inside her already?" He moaned biting down on my nipple. "Yes daddy!" i squealed as the pain coursed through my body.

"Lay down and spread your legs nice and wide for me baby." He whispered. I laid down on my back spreading my legs as far as they would go. Daddy lifted my hips grabbing my ass with cheek in his hand as he guided the tip of his cock with my opening. "Now daddy wants you to rub your clit and play with your tits as i fuck you ok princess?" Big natural tits teen anal casting xxx seducing my stepfather said softly.

"Yes daddy." i replied slowly rubbing and massaging my right tit with my right hand as my left hand rubbed my clit fast. "mmmm.mmmm" i moaned as i felt pleasure built up inside me. "That's a good little slut" He smiled slowly sliding his cock inside me. "oooh yes princess keep going mmmm." He groaned as he continued sliding inside me.

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"Daddy stop it hurts." i cried as he kept sliding deeper inside. "'re doing so good baby just a few more inches and daddy will be able to make you so happy." He gasped as he kept pushing himself inside me, tears was forming in my eyes from the pain. Suddenly, i felt daddy's balls touch my asshole.

"mmmm.Congratulations baby girl you got all of daddy inside you now. you ready to get fucked?" He laughed. All i could do was nod. He pulled out of me completely leaving just the head inside then pulled me closer to him as he grabbed my tits in both his hands squeezing them roughly.

He thrusted into again hard with a loud grunt then pulled out again. I gasped in pain feeling something leak down into the crack of my ass. He started thrusting in and out of me faster and faster as my tits went back and forth in his hands as he squeezed them. "ooo yes princess take all of my cock mmmm" He step dad fuck big ass daughter as he thrusted into me harder and faster.

I found myself starting to moan and meet his thrust. french eye rolling orgasm convulsion Daddy!

Fuck me!" I cried as i felt an orgasm started to build. He kept going faster and harder with no signs of slowing down, "ah yes baby girl i wanted to fuck you for so long!" He moaned closing his eye tightly i did the same. "Me too daddy mmm!" I moaned loud as i felt myself tighten around him. "Fuck me daddy! Cum inside me!" I cried glad i was on the pill. "mmm.i'm cumming baby girl." He moaned as his thrusts got deeper and harder. "Me too daddy! Cum with me!" I moaned as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through my body and i felt something wet and hot fill my pussy.

"oooo yes princess…" Daddy moaned he pulled his cock out and grabbed a fist full of my hair forcing me to sit up. "Open your mouth wide." He demanded.

I opened my mouth as he shoved his blood and cum covered cock down my throat. "ooo yes that's it you little slut clean daddy's cock." He grunted thrusting into my mouth harder and faster.

Suddenly, all i heard was. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?"