Pretty beauteous gal rides up dick homemade and hardcore

Pretty beauteous gal rides up dick homemade and hardcore
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Chapter Two Kevin pulled into the driveway of his aunt's house, opened the garage door with his remote and immediately noticed that her car was missing. She must be out shopping, he thought.

He entered the house and found a note on the refrigerator. The note read "Kevin, I left at two o'clock. I'll be at the mall shopping. Be home in a couple of hours. Love, Cheryl. He immediately went to his room and unloaded the spent film cartridges from his pack and rewound the last cartidge in his camera then removed it. He had spent all his film and found that he had twelve rolls of twenty exposure film to develop.

That meant that he had two hundred and forty exposures taken at the cove.

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He must have taken about a hundred and eighty shots of the couple as they fucked and sucked each other off and into sexual oblivion. Man what a private portfolio these pictures would make. He stuck all of the film cartridges into the top drawer of his dresser.

He hung his jacket up in his closet along with his camera pack. He reached his hand up onto the highest shelf in his closet and felt around until his hand made contact with his Female Nudist magazine stash. He had used them many times to help him get off when he had the need to jerk himself off.

The pictures were unposed and every girl from cover to cover could be seen from every conceivable angle. Large tits, small tits. Large nipples, the size of silver dollars and little button size nipples. Latina amateur blowjob fucking riding hotel room interracial big dick girls, white girls, oriental and hispanic girls, all completely naked and exposed for his pleasure.

Some had shaved pussies, others had thick blankets of pussy hair covering their pussy lips, while others were barely covered with thin wisps of downy angel like hair. There were thin girls, fat girls, old women and young teen agers. Kevin's cock started to harden again as he fingered oep nasty blond buttfucking a big cock way through the pages.

One girl was bent over while picking up a ball. Her pussy lips could be clearly seen below her round ass, nestled there between her legs, covered with golden blonde hair. Kevins cock began to harden again and he decided he couldn't wait any longer.

He walked into the bathroom, stripped himself and threw his clothing into the laundry hamper. He opened the bathroom cabinet and removed a small bottle of baby oil and returned to his room. By now his cock was standing straight up against his stomach and throbbing hotly. The thick veins in his cock were protruding as Kevin poured a large amount of baby oil onto his cock to lubricate it for his hand.

His cock glistened and had by now turned a deep crimson red. The head was almost purple and ready to burst. Kevin propped up his pillow for a back rest against the headboard and opened up the Female Nudist magazine.

He looked through it for a moment until he found just the right picture to help him get his balls drained. There was a picture of a red head with massive breasts and extremely large pointed nipples. Her waist was tiny and her hips were broad. She had goose bumps all over her body which made her nipples stand out from her firm breasts. There was a shot of her from the rear also that showed her well shaped ass.

Kevin could see some coarse red hair protruding down below her ass crease. She was obviously a real red head. He flipped to the next page. This page grabbed his attention. It was a close up of her taken from the front. Her pussy was covered in a thick covering of wirey, coarse red pussy hair. The inner lips of her cunt were protruding from beyond the outer lips. Kevin thought how wonderful it would feel to be able to rub his face deeply inside that hairy pussy.

What a turn on it would be to be able to lick and suck her to an orgasm as the man on the beach had done to his girlfriend earlier that day. He wondered what her cunt tasted like. Would it turn him on or disgust him to push his tongue up inside her hairy pussy and lick the wet folds of her cunt? The opposite page had pictures of the red head and a girl who could have been her younger sister. The younger girl might have been eighteen or nineteen and had a body that was flawless.

She too was a redhead. Kevin cesd 275 mature lesbian hitomi enjmaika asai reached down and grasped the shaft of his cock in his right hand and started slowly stroking it, while his left hand held the magazine open for his eyes to drink in. The pleasure his hand was giving his cock was incredible. Kevin's eyes were half closed and his breath was coming in short gasps as his hand pumped his cock up and down, first slowly, then faster, then slower.

He wanted the feeling to last as long as he could hold back the cum. His gaze was fixed on the picture of the red heads pussy. Those protruding cunt lips and the large pubic mound covered in a thick blanket of red cunt hair. What he'd give to taste it at that moment. To slide his tongue up inside her twat and lick her clitoris and then lower his tongue to slide it into her wet tasty cunt hole. He imagined the heat his cock would feel as he slid his cock head between her cunt lips and deeply into her wet pussy.

The speed of his hand was now increasing and he put down the magazine and cupped his balls with the other hand. He closed his eyes shut and gritted his teeth as his fist pumped even harder and faster on his bloated cock. Kevin slowed down a little now and decided to add a bit more baby oil and take a deep breath or two in order to prolong the lust. He poured another load of oil on his cock and spread it around over the head and shaft.

In a few more moments he would start again. Man, this was gonna be one hell of a cum, he thought, and started slowly pumping his cock again. He laid his head back into the pillow, closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling while imagining it was the girl on the beach sucking his cock. Cheryl pulled into the driveway, saw Kevin's MGB and parked her car in the already open garage. She had bought a few things at the mall, but the stores were so busy that she decided to come home early.

She walked into the kitchen and set down her bags and purse and walked upstairs. As she walked down the hall, she noticed that Kevin's bedroom door was wide open but stopped as she walked by it. She was not prepared for what sexxy thick gf toys her pussy on web cam saw.

There was Kevin laying on his bed naked. His hand was wrapped around his penis and he was masturbating himself. His eyes were closed and his face was contorted in pleasure, and he was moaning and breathing in short gasps. Cheryl knew that most men masturbated, particularly the single ones, but she had never seen a man do it to himself before.

The sight had her transfixed with curiosity and she couldn't help but linger there at the doorway and stare as this young man pumped his hand up and down on his beautiful penis. She noticed how his hairy testicles kept slapping up against his rear end as his fist slid up and down. There was a drop or two of semen already oozing from the tip of his penis.

She walked into the room and said "Kevin, what on earth do you think your doing? Don't you have any decency. You filthy bastard! What are you thinking, doing that to yourself with your door wide open." Cheryl noticed the nudist magazine laying next to Kevin on the bed and she walked over and picked it up. She thumbed through the pages and looked down at him and said "Is this responsible for what you were doing to yourself when I walked in?" Kevin was jolted back to reality at his aunt's intrusion.

His face immediately flushed red with embarassment and he looked up at his aunt and said "No! I saw something at the beach this morning that would embarass me petite teen bella rose perfect round juicy ass fucked in the car tell you about." Cheryl noticed that Kevin's penis was still hard and throbbing. He had tried to cover it with his hand but most of it was still visible. Cheryl insisted that he tell her about what had happened to get him so fired up.

She sat down in the chair next to the bed. She crossed her legs and exposed more of her thighs than she had intended to. Kevin could see a lot of her nylon clad thighs from the angle where he was laying and his cock throbbed even harder as he tried to see further up her skirt. He explained as best he could everything that he saw the couple doing. How she had sucked the man off and he had licked her pussy and how they finally fucked. He said that he had seen it all and it was too much for him to take.

It had made him so hot. That was why he had been jacking off. Kevin noticed his aunt's eyes on his cock. He could see further up her skirt now, and as if his hand had a mind of it's own, it again wrapped around his cock and slowly started pumping again.

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The pleasure it produced was exquisite and he couldn't stop. Cheryl immediately saw what he was doing and said "How dare you continue to do that to yourself in front of me?" All Kevin could say was "I'm sorry but I can't help it, I can't stop, it feels so good. Cheryl, I'm so hot I have to." Kevin was drunk with desire and out of control.

Strangely, the fact that his aunt was actually watching his hand slide his foreskin back and forth over the rubbery head of his cock set up a perverse intoxication in Kevin's desire to find relief and pleasure. Cheryl couldn't believe that he had the gall to continue his masturbation in front of her like he was and said "I certainly hope you're enjoying yourself".

All Kevin could say was "I'm sorry but I can't stop". Cheryl knew that she had lost control of the situation and stood up to leave when Kevin looked her in the eyes and said "please help me Cheryl, takes off your clothes and let me have you." She was shocked then fascinated by the request, but she knew this was wrong.

Her eyes stayed locked on his hand and penis and his testicles, all moving in a lusty rhythm. She relented and said "If I help you, you will not speak of this to anyone else, ever.

Do you understand?". The thought of fucking the boy was out of the question but she was fascinated at the thought of exposing herself for him while he masturbated himself. She didnt think that she was capable of becoming an exhibitionist but the thought had her in its grips. It would be beautiful to see his ejaculation as it squirted out of his penis and listen to his moans of pleasure but she couldn't actually have physical contact with him.

Kevin couldn't believe his ears. She had actually offered to help him cum. His embarassment started to fade somewhat and he said "I've got some rubbers girls fondle their awesome gf masturbation and smalltits my dresser drawer". Cheryl said "No Kevin, I didn't mean to help you like that. Why don"t you go ahead doing that to yourself again and I'll get undressed and you can watch me?

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You seemed to get very excited this morning when you saw me in my nightdress." Kevin was going crazy with desire. His aunt practically nude in front of him this morning. The scene of the couple at the beach, and now his aunt offering to let him watch her get undressed while he jacked himself off. Kevin reached down and wrapped his hand around his cock and gave it a couple of slow strokes.

He looked up at Cheryl who was standing next to the bed looking down at him with her eyes glued on his penis as he stroked himself. Her pubic area was getting warm with desire and her nipples were straining against her brassiere. She unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, then threw it on the floor. Her hands reached around her back and unsnapped her brassiere. She felt relief as her large breasts burst free from their confinement and spilled out for Kevin to look at.

Her nipples were dark pink with excitement and her breasts were covered with goose bumps, making her nipples stand out in desire. Kevin was amazed at just how big her breasts were. The size of her nipples and the way they stuck straight out had riveted his eyes on them.

Cheryl was really starting to enjoy this now. She felt a new kind of lust at exposing herself like this. It was a pleasure that she had never felt before. She felt like a slut and it was okay because she had never done anything like this before.

It wasn't hurting anyone and she was even helping Kevin and giving herself a massive turn on as well. "I won't touch him or let him touch me and that will make it all okay." She unzipped her skirt, slipped the snap loose and let the skirt fall to the floor.

She stepped out of it and kicked it aside, then removed her half slip. She stood now dressed only in her white panties, black nylons and garter belt. Her pubic mound was accentuated by her shear panties and the heavy covering of pubic hair could be seen through them. A dark brown triangle of pubic hair reaching almost to her navel. Curls of her kinky hair spilled out from the sides of her panties that were unable to contain it all. Kevin was pounding his fist faster now and covering his aunt's body with his eyes.

From her hardened nipples down to her pussy bulge and the hint of a crease that must be her cunt lips. The sight of all that pussy hair was driving him crazy. Nothing made him hotter than a picture of a pussy, spread open and covered in hair. But this was a real pussy, not a picture in a nudist magazine.

This was the closest he'd ever been to a womans pussy before and it was driving him crazy. He hoped she would take off her panties so he could see it all. The nylons and the garter belt were also driving his desire higher. They were made to make a woman look sexy. There was no other use for them except to drive men crazy. He remembered seeing a woman sit down in a booth in a restaurant once.

She was with her parents and was wearing a dress, and as she scooted herself across the seat she opened her legs. Kevin had seen up her dress all the way to her beautiful crotch. Her pussy was covered in pink panties and her legs were covered with sheer gray tone nylons held up with a white garter belt.

Her eyes had met Kevin's at that instant. She smiled at him. It was a knowing smile that told him she knew what she had done, that she had something sexy under her dress that a man would want to look at and she had enjoyed showing it to him. For the rest of Kevin's meal she had waited for him to look over at her, then she would cross or uncross her legs and give him the opportunity to look up her dress again.

Her parents never had a clue what was going on, but Kevin had a hard on when he stood up. He hastily covered it with his jacket and walked by the woman on his way out of the restaurant. She smiled and winked as he walked by knowing that she had been responsible for his condition. Cheryl could tell that Kevin was in ecstasy. She felt powerful that she had had this effect on him and the feelings she had were getting raunchier and raunchier. Her eyes were still glued on his hand as it stroked his wonderful penis.

She was in sex doll drills her mistress with a feeldoe lustful fascination as she watched his hairy testicles slapping up against his buttocks. She could even hear them slapping, could hear the wet sound of his hand and penis which were lubricated with the baby oil making a squishy sound each time his hand stroked his magnificent erection.

She loved the way the veins were protruding from the shaft and the way the head of his penis was turning a darker purple color with each stroke.

She looked down into his eyes, smiled, and said "does it feel good Kevin? Take your time and slow down so that it will last longer. Kevin told her that it felt wonderful but asked her "please take off your panties so that I can see your pussy. I've got to see your hairy pussy". Cheryl wanted to show him her vagina. The thought of him seeing her cute angella christyns pussy fulfillment by a big cock her legs was fascinating.

She locked her eyes on his and asked "Do you like hairy vagina's Kevin? I have a lot of hair on my vagina. It's covered in thick hair. The lips are big and the inner lips are long and protrude from inside my vagina. Shall I show you my vagina Kevin? Do you want me to spread it open for you to see the pink lips inside?" She reached down and slipped her thumbs into her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and kicked them away, turned and faced Kevin so he could see her vagina.

She looked into his eyes and saw pure lust and nothing more. She said "Is this what you wanted baby, is my vagina what you wanted to see?" His eyes turned up to her and he said "Your absolutely beautiful aunt Cheryl. I can't believe you are doing this for me. I've never been this hot before". Cheryl inched a little closer to Kevin and opened her legs slightly so that he could see the open lips of her vagina. She said "Kevin, don't ever tell anyone we did this.

If you promise not to mention this to anyone, we can do it again from time to time. Cheryl reached up and cupped both of her full breasts and gently squeezed them. She rolled the soft supple flesh around in her hands and pinched her nipples gently. She let out a soft moan and looked down at Kevin who was stroking his penis faster and faster now.

She knew that it wouldn't take much longer and his penis would be spewing out thick jets of semen and achieving the satisfaction she wanted to help him achieve. She reached down to her vagina now and rubbed her pubic mound gently. Rolling the lips back and forth and slowly gyrating her hips as the pleasure from her own touch sent ripples of lust up into her lower abdomen. Her fingers probed for the crease between her vaginal lips and found her clitoris.

It was hard and enlarged and was trying to protrude out beyond its confines in her vagina.

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She dipped her fingers even deeper now and inserted two fingers into her vaginal opening and pushed them in and slowly pulled them out. She was on the verge of an orgasm herself and hoped that she could time it to coincide with Kevins ejaculation. She said "Do you have to play with yourself often Kevin? It looks like your really enjoying it.

Your penis is so hard and big.

Kevin was sweating heavily and breathing in short gasps. He moaned with each downward stroke of his hand. He noticed that his aunt was shaking all over and her fingers were quickly sliding in and out of her pussy while her other hand was rubbing her clitoris wildly.

Her eyes were half shut but were still locked on his cock. She said"Are you ready to ejaculate yet Kevin? Have I helped you? Do you like seeing me like this? All Kevin could say was "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Then he felt the cum boiling in his balls and the liquid fire starting to errupt from the head of his cock.

His teeth clenched, his eyes rolled back, he moaned a long "Aaarrrggghhh" and screamed "I'm cumming, Ooohhh fuck, I'm cumming". His hand pulled down hard on his cock and a thick jet of hot cream errupted from his dick. It flew up in the air and landed on his chest. Aother jet flew out onto the bed. Each stroke of his cock produced another incredible squirt of cream from his exploding dick.

It seemed to sexy lesbian teens playing with pussies on webcam on forever. He'd never produced so much cum before. Cheryl saw it start and said "Come on Kevin, squirt it out for me, let me see it squirt baby". Cheryl was transfixed at the sight of the first squirt of semen from Kevin's penis. She thought it was beautiful. It was a physical manifestation of a sensation that a woman couldn't experience herself.

She was seeing an orgasm happen not just experience it inside her vagina as had happened with her and her husband when they were married. She had never seen him ejaculate in the three years that they were married. Her fingers stayed inside her vagina now. They curled up deep inside to rub and massage the roof of her vagina while her other hand continued to play with her clitoris. She gasped and opened her legs as wide as she could, exposing her entire vagina to Kevin's gaze. She started to climax now and it built up from the back of her vagina in exquisite waves.

Her entire lower abdomen was filled with the tremors of a fantastic orgasm. She screamed "I'm there Kevin, it's happening, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Uuunnnggghhh, Ooohhh, Aaarrrggghhh." Her fingers flew in her vagina and her juices were flowing at each contraction of her pussy, bathing her fingers, and running down her thighs to the crease in her beautiful ass. Kevin slowly milked the last few drops of cream from his cock. His belly and the sheets seemed to be covered with the sticky goo.

He gave a long sigh and released his now softening dick. He looked over at Cheryl who was still shaking all over from her orgasm. Her fingers were still gently rolling over the lips of her cunt and pubic mound. Her entire crotch was wet with her sex juices.

It looked beautiful to Kevin to see her like this. Cheryl removed her fingers from her vagina and stood up. She gathered up her clothes and told Kevin she was going to take a shower. She would like to speak to him afterward. Kevin said "okay! I'll see you downstairs when you're done."