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The World's First Futa Futa's College Cheer Chapter Three: Futa's First Wild Cheer By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 April 17th, 2047 My wife was such a distraction as I tried to focus on telling my story. She stood just offstage, the young, pregnant beauty grinning at me as she swiped up my futa-cum leaking down her thighs from beneath her skirt.

During the last commercial break—before I started talking about being a cheerleader to the studio audience,and the world watching the show streamed over the internet—she fucked me to help calm me down. It hadn't helped. It was just so hot remembering my first time cheerleading at Husky Stadium. It was turning my wife on, too, making her into a wanton vixen.

Which was why she was teasing me. Her blue sparkled and her normally friendly smile was wicked. She popped her fingers past those lush lips, sucking on her fingers. My futa-cock throbbed beneath my skirt. I wanted to just stare at her, her strawberry-blonde hair tumbling about a face that was a soft and feminine version of someone else I once loved.

My heart beat faster and faster. I wanted to go to her, to lick her pregnant snatch clean of my cum, to fuck her hard and— "So the cheerleaders for the Oregon Ducks have just crossed the field," Adelia, the host sitting beside me on the couch, said. She touched my knee with her caramel hand, her touch electrifying.

"Security has entered the field. Things are growing tense. The crowd loves it. They cheered you on watching you suck your own dick and then fuck your fellow cheerleader, Celia. The referees have surrendered to your lust. What were feeling?" "Powerful," I said. I smiled out at the studio audience, feeling the three cameras pointed at me. "I know I have power now, but I got my first real taste that day. Just how far I could push things.

How wild I could be. It was a game broadcast to the nation. College football was as huge thirty years ago as it is today. And everyone was watching me as our rival cheerleaders knelt and begged me to breed them." Adelia smiled. "Even the football players wanted to watch.

You can see them in this wide shot stopping security, imposing their bodies between you and arrest. The coaching staff is coming out on the field now, everyone staring at you." "It was intoxicating," I said, going back to that day. "I had such power over the Duck cheerleaders. I knew what they wanted, but I just couldn't give it to them.

We were here to crush them. To beat them. So I had a price. "If they wanted to be bred, they'd have to pay." The studio audience laughed, loving my story.

My futa-dick throbbed. Out of the corner of my eye, my wife enjoyed more of my girl-spunk. I felt the eyes of the world on me as I drew in a deep breath and continued the story of my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ September 15th, 2018 In their green skirts and yellow sports bra tops, the Mighty Duck Cheerleaders fell down to their next to me.

I groaned and ripped my girl-dick out of Celia's pussy. I stood up, my topless breasts swaying before me, my futa-dick quivering through the pleats of my purple cheerleader skirt. My fellow cheerleader's juices glistened on my shaft beneath the stadium lights.

"BECKY!" cheered the crowd filling the U-shaped stadium. To my right, Husky Stadium lay open unlike other sports arena, a gap between the stands behind the end zone. It looked out at Lake Washington, giving the building such a unique shape. I bet the boats out on the water could hear the spectators. CLAP! CLAP! "BECKY!" CLAP! CLAP! The referees who tried to stop me, including that bald one, were jerking their dicks, lost to the lusts from watching me fuck Celia hard.

The football players from both teams stared at me in awe, pulling off their helmets. A heady rush surged through me as I drank it in. I felt like a queen.

A futa-queen. My fellow cheerleaders whooped and twerked, performing topless, shaking pompoms or their tits at the crowd. When they did high kicks, they flashed naked pussies and toned rumps. I had overturned everything with my presence.

My futa-cock changed the world's paradigm. Things were utterly different. "We want to be bred by you," moaned a caramel skin cheerleader up front. She had green eyes that blazed in delight, her brown hair falling short about an almost elfin face. She looked like the cheer captain. "Please, please, breed us." "What's your name?" I demanded, standing before her, my futa-cock swaying.

"Sabrina," she moaned, her eyes staring at my cock with such hunger. "It looks like the Oregon Duck's cheerleaders want to join the fun, too," the announcer boomed, a young man, probably a student.

His voice sounded a touch breathy. I hoped he masturbated watching me. I loved it when guys witnessed me fucking women. "They must have heard the rumors that Becky's cock breeds every woman she fucks." "We have," Sabrina moaned. "Uh-huh," the cheerleader beside her moaned, her platinum-blonde hair gathered in a pair of naughty pigtails. "We want to be bred. Right now! That was so hot watching you suck your own dick." I grinned at her, my stomach still store from bending almost in half to do it.

I swept my gaze over the cheer team. I loved breeding girls. They all had flushed faces, nipples dimpling the front of their sports bras. Some rubbed at their pleated skirts, or beneath them, pussies clearly begging for my futa-cock's attention.

"BECKY!" CLAP! CLAP! "You can tell the crowd wants Becky to breed the visiting team's cheerleaders," the announcer said. "Thrust a little Husky spirit into their tight cunts." I shuddered at that word. Cunt. This was so wild. I hoped this was still going live to the world. Or, at least, the United States. I wanted everyone to see my futa-cock and cesd 275 mature lesbian hitomi enjmaika asai the delights it brought for women.

"Yes, yes, please, breed us, Becky," Sabrina moaned. My fellow cheerleader, a brunette named Starr, fell to her knees before me, her round breasts swaying. She had a slender, almost boyish build but with her top off, she was all feminine delight. She rubbed my wet cock against her cheek. "I don't know if our futa should breed you," Starr said, her cheek feeling amazing on my dick. "You are our enemy." I nodded my head.

Starr was right, but I ached to fuck them. I could fuck them. I could just ram my cock into their pussies right now. I would fuck them all so hard. I shuddered as Starr's tongue brushed the tip of my cock.

"Mmm, Celia tastes good on you," she moaned. "Uh-huh," I said, struggling to think over the roar of the crowd. "BECKY!" CLAP! CLAP! I glanced at the two football teams, separated by a few yards from each other, watching us. Many rubbed at their cups, no doubt bulging hardons swelling their protection. I shivered, glancing at the Huskies in their purple and gold. "Cheerleaders, if you want to be bred, strip!" "Hell, yeah," an Asian cheerleader said, her black hair cut short, much like Sabrina's cute bob.

The Asian cheerleader didn't hesitate to rip off her sports bra and reveal a pair of dusky-olive breasts topped by small, dark-brown, puffy nipples. "I'll get naked and roll through mud for you," Sabrina moaned, following her teammate's example.

She had a pair of round breasts and brown nipples. She had that mixed race blend, making it so hard to guess her race. Her green eyes sparkled as she popped to her feet and peeled off her skirt revealing yellow spankies. Those came off next. She stood naked before me, her pussy covered by a trimmed, brown bush, her juices clinging to the hairs.

The girl with pigtails joined her naked a moment later, her large tits topped by fat, pink nipples, a landing strip of blonde leading to her tight slit. "BECKY!" CLAP! CLAP! I wanted to drool. More and more of the cheerleaders shed their clothing. The watching football players all groaned in delight, staring at them with such hungry eyes. Starr sucked on the tip of my futa-dick, adding such a delicious spice to this naughty fun. "So. who's first?" asked Sabrina, giving me such smoky looks with her emerald eyes.

She hefted her breasts and, like any good cheerleader, showed her skill at shaking her pompoms. "You're not done proving yourselves," I said, my futa-dick throbbing in Starr's hungry mouth. "You want to get bred by me, you have to do something for my school.

For my team." "What?" Sabrina asked. "You girls have to fuck a UW player. You're not getting bred unless you have Husky cum running out of your pussy." "Holy shit," Sabrina gasped. "And you. You have to fuck our quarterback," I said, pointing right at Sabrina. "He needs to be focused, and I know your tight cunt will help him out." "But.

but. my boyfriend's Tavon. Our quarterback." I glanced at the Black player with the dreadlocks staring at us. I gave him a wicked grin. "You better start cuckolding your boyfriend with Jason, or you're not getting bred. I'll put a baby in every other Duck cheerleader today and leave you frustrated and horny." "Oh, damn," she groaned even as the rest of her team rushed at the Huskies, their naked bodies glistening in the sunlight streaming through the open stadium.

I liked to make sure guys got as much pussy as me. Why should they miss out on the fun? My cock made the women in their lives horny vixens.

After breeding them, the least I could do was make sure they got off, too. Some even loved me for it, bringing me girls to fuck or just sharing me with their women. Sabrina shot her eyes down to my dick and whimpered.

Her hands squeezed her tits. She looked over her shoulder at Tavon. He had come closer, his eyes wide, realizing what his girlfriend was about to do as the other Horny momma fucked hard and got a cumshot cheerleaders were pulling down padded pants, eager to get at Husky players' cocks.

"Sorry, honey!" Sabrina moaned at her boyfriend and then darted for Jason, the serious-looking quarterback for the Huskies. He had short, brown hair and a look of hunger crossing his chiseled features as the naked Sabrina rushed at him. "Baby?" Tavon groaned.

He glanced at me, at my cock. I shrugged. "I got to give my team all the advantages today." "Fuck," he muttered. He clenched his fists then, like any good cuckold, squeezed his cock through his jeans. Guys never objected too much and soon they would be into it. My pheromones affected them differently than their women. But it was still so hot to do it.

"BECKY! CLAP! CLAP! Starr sucked harder on my dick as I watched Sabrina kissing Jason, her naked body pressed up against his bulky form. The Duck football team stood by impotently, looking chagrined for enjoying the sight of their cheerleaders sucking their opponent's dicks. Girls were moaning, bobbing their heads, getting the Husky players hard and ready to fuck their pussies.

I grabbed Starr's brown hair, thrusting my cock into her mouth as Sabrina broke her kiss with Jason. The little minx already had her hand in his pants.

She pushed down the padded and shoved aside his cup to pull out a hard dick. It was smaller than college ki ldki k sth jabardasti boobs kissing ki story own. "Sabrina," I heard Tavon groan just over the roar of the crowd.

He squeezed his crotch again as his girlfriend inhaled Husky quarterback's cock. "Look at that, Dawg fans," the announcer boomed.

"The Duck cheerleaders are giving our players quite the treat. I think they're confused what team they're supposed to be cheering on." I grinned in delight, my dick throbbing in Starr's mouth. She sucked so hard, cleaning off all of Celia's dicks. Her tongue fluttered around my girth while her hands slid up my thighs and rubbed at my wet, blonde bush. Then she found my pussy lips. I groaned as Starr jammed two fingers into my juicy depths.

She moaned about my cock as she pumped her fingers in and out of my snatch. She churned me up, sending such delight fluttering through my squirt orgy jail theres nothing like an outing to the forest with your bitches. "Mmm, this is getting out of hand," Ashlie, my cheer captain, said.

The topless blonde sauntered over to me. "Good thing I brought some toys in case things got real wild." "Toys?" I panted, my hips pumping, sliding my cock in and out of Starr's hot mouth. My breasts jiggled as I watched Ashlie. She had such a naughty look in her eyes. "Dildos," she said. "So we can fuck each other. Not all of us come equipped with our own dicks." "Only me," I groaned.

"Yep, so we have to improvise," she said, winking at me. "Mmm, this is going to be wild." Then she darted off, her round breasts bouncing. Starr popped her mouth off my dick. "Oh, my god, that makes my pussy so wet, Becky. You have got to fuck me. Our players can't be the only ones getting cheerleader pussy right now.

And the Duck cheerleaders can't be the only ones getting dick right now." I smiled at her, my pussy clenching around her fingers wiggling inside of me. "Get down on your hands and knees. I want to watch the fun while I fuck you." "Yes!" Starr moaned. She wrenched her fingers out of my cunt. "You are the fucking best, Becky!" "I know," I said, shivering, drinking the intoxicating rush of all my cheering fans. "BECKY!" CLAP! CLAP! Starr spun around and fell onto her hands and knees, her pleated, purple skirt, the hem trimmed in gold, hugging her ass.

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She wiggled her hips while staring at the growing orgy. Already, the girl with pigtails was on her hands and knees getting fucked by Harrison, a tight end.

He fucked her hard doggy style while her big tits swayed. I flipped up Starr's skirt and revealed her shaved snatch, her inner labia thrusting out to form a little triangle of engorged flesh. I parted her petals with a thumb and foreigner, revealing her pink depths. I brought my clit-dick to her snatch and slid home into the heaven of her pussy.

"Sabrina," groaned Tavon. "Fuck." I glanced up and saw Sabrina taking Jason's cock on her hands and knees. It appeared to be the preferred position for the football players in their heavy padding. More and more Duck cheerleaders knelt and took Husky players' dicks.

They moaned and gasped, their tits bouncing, their hair swaying. Starr's cunt clenched down hard on my dick. "Goddamn, that's hot to watch." "Uh-huh," I moaned, pounding her hard, anime girl gets double penetrated lesbians hardcore my futa-dick in and out of her cunt, stirring her up to a hot froth.

"Ooh, yes, yes, they're so eager to be bred by me." "The Duck cheerleaders are all getting plowed hard now doggy style," the announcer said. Then laughed. "They should rename it Husky style after today as our boys are drilling their hot cunts hard, giving them what they crave." I shuddered, fucking Starr Husky style harder. She gasped and moaned, her pussy clenching around my dick, her back arching.

I shoved my right hand through her pleated skirts, reaching around her body to find her pussy. My left when for her swinging titties. The fingers of my right hand rubbed through her triangle of pubic hair on her pudenda before I found my goal. Her clit. She squealed as I rubbed her little bud. I attacked it as I fucked her with the same passion that Jason pounded Sabrina while her boyfriend watched on.

Starr's juices soaked my digits as I massaged her nub, stimulating her, driving her wild. Saucy regina has her juicy snatch pummeled left hand found her breast, squeezing it, loving the plump fullness of it.

"And the Husky cheerleaders are getting even naughtier," the announcer said. "It looks like Ashlie, the team's captain, has busted out a collection of sex toys and. yes, Immaculada and Mei Wen, the two new girls, are sharing a double-headed dildo." My head whipped around and I groaned to see the Hispanic cheerleader, her hair bleached blonde swaying past her face, kneeling on her hands and knees.

Her skirt was thrown up over her ass while a purple dildo thrust out of her pussy and wiggled in the air. The slender, Chinese cheerleader fell to her knees, reached behind her, and guided the other end of the flexible toy to her cunt. Both groaned as Mei Wen backed herself down the shaft, her pregnant snatch swallowing more and more of it.

My dick throbbed in Starr's cunt. I massaged her clit faster and faster, my hips thrusting so hard. Mei Wen's cute rump bumped into Immaculada's.

The pair whimpered. Then they fucked each other, working that double-headed dildo in and out of each other's twats. "Ooh, that's hot," Ashlie said as she hurried over to me, a gold dildo clutch in her hand. She grinned at me. "And so is this." "Yes," I groaned as she stepped into the toy's harness. "Deniece!" gasped Celia from nearby. The busty redhead squirmed on the grass, Deniece, an ebony-skinned cheerleader, feasting on the creampie I planted in Celia.

My dick throbbed at the debauchery going on around us. My eyes flicked mom and daughter fucked with finger to the Duck cheerleaders getting pounded by the Husky football team.

One girl had a cock in her mouth as she took another in her pussy, rocking between them. Then I watched Mei Wen and Immaculada fuck each other with their double-headed dildo, gasping and moaning as they loved each other. "Come on, "Ashlie moaned as she fumbled with the harness and her skirt. She had drawn in up her thighs, but her pleats were getting in the way of adjusting it. She danced around in a circle, her breasts swaying. "Goddamn, this is getting hot!" Starr moaned, her pussy clenching down so hard on my futa-dick.

"Oh, wow, Becky, yes, I'm going to cum on your dick!" "Everyone's cumming!" I moaned, one of the masturbating referees erupting, his cum splattering the grass. "Everyone!" Starr howled. Her pussy spasmed about my cock. Juices bathed my fingers rubbing at her clit. "Yes!" I shuddered, my back arching, my tits heaving before me as I fucked her convulsing pussy so hard. I pumped away at her pregnant snatch, feeling her silky depths sucking at my cum.

She wanted my jizz spurting into her. Starring up at the open, blue sky over the U-shaped stadium, I groaned and erupted. My futa-cum spurted out of my dick. It pumped into Starr's hungry pussy.

Pleasure surged through me. Stars danced across my vision as I stared up at that perfect sky, my tits heaving. This was the best. The crowd screamed their excitement, knowing I was cumming in Starr.

I shivered, letting go of her tit to wave at my fans as I pumped blast after blast of my futa-jizz into her depths. Ecstasy drowned my mind. I felt like a rock star. A queen. I loved it. "I hope you have enough left for me," Sabrina moaned. I blinked and saw the caramel-skinned cheerleader standing before me, Jason's white cum matting her brown bush, her tits heaving, her face flushed.

Her green eyes bore down on me with such intensity. Behind her, her boyfriend jerked his Black cock, staring at her.

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"I may have messed up things with Tavon for this," Sabrina said. "So you better deliver, Becky." "Oh, she will," Ashlie moaned. "Got it!" Her golden dildo thrust through the purple pleats of her cheerleader skirt, advertising UW's colors. "Ooh, yes, yes, you got to fuck her," Starr moaned, crawling forward, her pussy sliding off my dick with a wet plop.

A stream of white jizz ran down her thighs. Starr froze, looking back at me. "Wait, I thought you were allergic to men's cum." "Allergic?" I asked as Sabrina hurried forward, her naked, flushed body so eager to be enjoyed. She fell to her knees before me, her breasts bouncing. "Well, yeah, I read that in the Rolling Stone interview." Starr turned around, kneeling, hands braced on her thighs. "Your ex's cum is what triggered your transformation, right?

I mean, your dick's like an allergic reaction." "Oh, well, no, it's only men's cum in my pussy my body doesn't like," I said as Sabrina whirled around and presented her caramel rump at me. "I've fucked plenty of girls after a guy's used them. Sloppy seconds are a lot of fun. The girl's so juicy." "You are wild, Becky." Starr gave me a big grin as she shoved her hands between amateur asian lily masturbates her sexy body thighs.

"Don't waste that cum," groaned Tavon, his black cock out, his hand stroking it as I prepared to penetrate his girlfriend. "Make Sabrina eat it out of your pussy." "Holy shit, yes!" Starr moaned. "Damn, your boyfriend's just whipped, isn't he? Just likes watching you enjoy other people's cum." "I guess so," Sabrina moaned, wiggling her hips at me, her brown pubic hair stained with Jason's cum. It matted her curls as it flowed out of her adorable centerfold shows off enormous arse and gets butthole poked depths.

"But I love that idea. I want to eat alexis texas and steve holmes anal erik and rocco of Becky's cum out of you." "BECKY! CLAP! CLAP! I rubbed the tip of my girl-dick to her cum-stained muff, Jason's spunk staining the tip as I maneuvered to the entrance of her pussy. I found it just as Starr moved into position, spreading her thighs wide. Sabrina lowered her face and feasted right as I thrust into her pussy. I groaned as I sank into the rival cheerleader's cunt.

Sabrina moaned into Starr's muff. Tavon grunted, fisting his ebony shaft faster. He watched with such hungry eyes as I cuckolded him. I pumped my girl-dick over and over into his girlfriend's snatch while the world watched. "I'm going to breed her, Tavon. Your girlfriend's belly is going to get round with my baby!" "Fuck," he groaned, his face twisting, his dreadlocks swaying about his shoulder pads stretching out his green jersey. "Yes, yes, he's going to breed her," Starr moaned.

"Oh, my god, but she loves futa-cum. She's just licking out every drop of Becky's cum out of my snatch. Mmm, she loves it." "Yeah, she does," groaned Ashlie. My cheer captain fell to her knees behind me.

I shuddered, squirming on the grass as I fucked Sabrina. As I drew back my hips, the tip of Ashlie's dildo nuzzled into the lips of my pussy, her toy sticking through the pleated folds of my skirt. I shuddered, thrusting forward. When I drew back the second time, Ashlie had moved closer.

My pussy lips spread about the tip of her shaft, just enjoying its girth before I rammed forward. I groaned on the thirst time, half her dildo sliding into my cunt. I whimpered, my pussy clenching down on it as slammed my hips forward, burying into the sloppy heaven of Sabrina's snatch.

My breasts bounced before me. I drew back a fourth time. Her toy filled me. My back arched as Ashlie thrust forward with me. The dildo chased my pussy, keeping it stuffed full as I rammed into Sabrina's cunt.

Ashlie's round breasts pressed into my back, her nipples rubbing on my skin as her arms shot around me. She grabbed my breasts, moaning into my ear.

"Fuck her so hard!" moaned Ashlie as our hips moved together. "Pound that little Duck slut! Breed her pussy while her wimpy boyfriend watches!" "Yes, yes, yes!" I moaned, my pussy clenching down on the withdrawing dildo.

I chased Ashlie's sex toy, wanting to be filled by its girth. My futa-cock slid back out of Sabrina's pussy, the sloppy friction sending pleasure surging down my shaft to my cunt.

I shuddered as Ashlie then thrust forward, driving my clit-dick deep into Sabrina's pussy again. The Duck cheerleader moaned into Starr's cunt, her arms wrapped around my teammate's thighs. Starr shuddered, her round tits jiggling as she humped against Sabrina's feasting mouth.

All of us were moaning and groaning, our feminine delight mixing, merging with the cheers of the crowd. "BREED HER!" CLAP! CLAP! "BREED HER! CLAP! CLAP! "Dawg fans want Becky to breed the captain of the Duck's cheer squad!" the announcer's voice boomed.

"They want her to put a Husky baby in her belly. I think we call can agree that's so hot. Even Sabrina's own boyfriend, the Duck's quarterback Tavon Jackson, finds irresistible getting cuckolded." "Yes, yes, breed her," Ashlie moaned, pumping her dildo away, dictating the pace of our fucking.

I shuddered, matching the rhythm of my cheer captain's hips. I moved with her, pulling back and thrusting forward as she churned my pussy to a froth with that amazing toy. I shuddered, the pleasure rippling through my body. I whimpered and groaned, my girl-dick savoring Sabrina's sloppy pussy. She wiggled her hips, her caramel rump slamming back into my thrusts. Her butt-cheeks jiggled from the impact. I groaned, the pleasure building and building in me. This was so hot.

So exciting. It sent such a wicked thrill through me to do this before everyone. The skycam moved down the field. I glanced at it, knowing the camera dangling from the pulleys over the stadium was capturing my tits gripped by Ashlie's hands, my blonde hair dancing about my flushed face, my hips thrusting forward, fucking Sabrina so hard. A thrill ran through me as I smiled at it.

Let America watch the first futa enjoy herself. I hoped women across America were inflamed by this. That their lusts ignited between their thighs.

I hoped they masturbated tonight or fucked their partners thinking about my girl-dick breeding their pussies. "BREED HER!" CLAP! CLAP! "Yes, yes, breed me!" Sabrina howled. "Do it," Tavon groaned. "Mmm, yes, yes, just keep making her squeal into my pussy, Becky!" Starr gasped, pulling on her pink nipples. Then Ashlie did something that shocked me. She pulled back so far her dildo popped out of my cunt. I gasped, frozen in my thrusts, my pussy so empty.

I threw a look over my shoulder as Ashlie released my right boob. Then the wet dildo pressed between the cheeks of my ass. Lubed by my pussy cream, she found my sphincter. Thrust. "Holy shit!" I gasped as the dildo slammed into my asshole. My bowels stretched about the toy. My eyes squeezed shut as the heat shot through me. My heart hammered in my chest, my breasts bouncing before me. That hot shaft buried to the hilt into my bowels, driving me deep into Sabrina's cunt.

"Mmm, yes, yes," groaned Ashlie. "How do you like me fucking your bowels?" "It's incredible!" I panted as she pulled back. My hips followed her, drawing my dick out of Sabrina's cunt. I had to follow Ashlie's lead. My girl-cock popped out of the cheerleader's pussy. She moaned into Starr's cunt as I repositioned, sliding my lusty teeny getting her tiny boobs sucked in close up shaft up through her taint to her own puckered asshole.

Nestled between her caramel butt-cheeks, I found her backdoor. "Becky!" she gasped as Ashlie thrust forward. I sodomized the cheer-captain of the Ducks. My futa-dick slammed to the hilt in her bowels.

Her velvety heat engulfed me. Her asshole swallowed my girl-dick. I groaned in utter delight as I speared to the hilt in her. My breasts heaved, Ashlie's hands groping my tits again. Sabrina's head bolted up from Starr's pussy. She whipped around to stare back at me, pussy cream glistening on her lips and chin. Her green eyes smoldered with passion. Her asshole clenched down hard on my futa-cock as I drew back, the tight friction sending rapture shooting to my cunt.

"No, no, my pussy!" howled Sabrina. "Fuck my pussy! You can't breed my asshole!" "Mmm, she's got a point," Ashlie moaned, thrusting her dildo hard into my bowels, slamming my dick deep into Sabrina's rectum. The cheerleader groaned with me, her eyes squeezing shut as I buried into her. My crotch smacked her rump, her butt-cheeks jiggling. My pussy clenched and my bowels clamped down on the dildo buried in me.

"You can't breed her pussy," Ashlie continued, pumping her hips, fucking my bowels while I fucked Psych ward training for ashley lane asshole.

"True," I groaned. "Please, please, fuck my pussy!" she groaned, her asshole clenching down on my withdrawing cock like she didn't want it to leave her. Pleasure crossed her face as I slammed back into sexy asians marica and cindy hot some action asshole's depths.

"I need to be bred! You promised. I fucked Jason!" "She did!" Tavon groaned, fisting his dick. "Please, Becky, fuck her pussy! Breed her." "Yes, yes, breed her," the girl with the platinum-blonde pigtails moaned. "Then breed me.

I'm next." "Even though my cock's just been in your asshole, Sabrina?" I moaned, thrusting so hard into her as Ashlie fucked my bowels. "It's all dirty. But you still want me to breed you?" "I don't care!" she howled. "I just want to be bred." "You heard her," Ashlie moaned and ripped her dildo out of my asshole. She brought the tip down to my pussy. "Fuck her pussy with that dirty cock." I shuddered, a wave of depraved heat sliding through me.

"Ooh, you are a filthy slut, Ashlie." She squeezed my tits. "Better give that cheerleader slut what she wants." I groaned, and drew back my hips to pull my futa-dick out of Sabrina's asshole. This caused my cunt to engulf Ashlie's dirty dildo. My pussy clamped down on the slick surface, buffing it clean of my asshole.

It was so nasty.

It made my dick throb as I brought down to Sabrina's pussy. "Fuck her with that dirty cock!" hissed Starr as she yanked Sabrina's head back down between her thighs. "Fuck me! Breed me!" howled Sabrina before she went back to feasting on my teammate's cunt. I thrust forward. Ashlie chased me, keeping that thick dildo buried in my cunt. My futa-dick buried into Sabrina's sloppy cunt. Her juicy depths engulfed my cock, her silky walls clamping down, scrubbing my cock clean of her asshole.

My entire body shuddered at how depraved this was. I doubt anyone watching had any real clue what had happened. That I fucked my cock fresh from Sabrina's asshole through her pussy while Ashlie did the same to me with that delicious dildo.

"I'm going to breed you, cheerleader-slut!" I moaned, pumping away. "Yes, yes, yes!" Starr howled, grinding her cunt against Sabrina's mouth.

"Devour me! Make me cum while she breeds you, whore!" Sabrina just moaned and wiggled her hips, swirling her pussy around my dirty cock. She buffed my dick clean as my orgasm swelled through me.

The double stimulation mixing with the depraved delight of enjoying the dildo in my cunt fresh from my asshole shuddered through me. I thrust so hard, so fast, building towards my orgasm. Ashlie groaned, fucking me so hard, too. Her hands squeezed my tits, groping them as she fucked me with all her passion. She hammered my pussy, driving my futa-dick so hard and deep into Sabrina's sloppy cunt.

"Cum in her," Ashlie hissed into my ear. Then she nipped my earlobe. "You have to cum in her!" Tavon groaned, his face twisting in rapture. "Fuck!" His cock erupted. His cum spurted onto the sun-kissed grass. A few powerful spurts as he reveled in watching his girlfriend being our whore.

Sabrina moaned into Starr's pussy, the cheerleader-slut's cunt clamping down so hard on my dirty dick as I fucked her. Then she joined her boyfriend horny big black dude fucks old slutty doggystyle in kitchen ecstasy.

Her pussy writhed about my dick. Her flesh convulsed, milking me. I groaned, my dick throbbing as I pumped away at her orgasming cunt. I could feel her hunger to be breed. That aching need. "Cum in her!" her teammate moaned, rubbing her sloppy cunt, her blonde pigtails dancing around he shoulders. "Do it! Then breed me!" Ashlie rammed home her dildo into my cunt, driving my hips forward.

I groaned, my futa-dick drinking in the convulsing flesh of Sabrina's pussy. My crown pressed into her cervix, the entrance to her womb. It quivered, eager for my cum. I gave it to her. "BREED HER!" CLAP! CLAP1 My futa-cum spurted into her hungry pussy. I groaned, the pleasure surging through my body as I unloaded into her snatch.

I shuddered and shivered, my breasts jiggling in Ashlie's hands as every eruption of girl-spunk shot ecstasy through my body. My pussy convulsed about the thick dildo. Ashlie kept fucking me, driving that shaft over and over into my spasming depths. My hands clenched at Sabrina's hips as her cunt milked my cock dry while waves of rapture washed through my body. Dual delights burying my mind in ecstasy. "BREED HER!" CLAP!

CLAP! "Yes, yes, yes!" Ashlie grunted, her fingers digging into my tits. She rammed her fake cock into my pussy's depths. She tremble behind me, her nipples rubbing into my back. "You're breeding the slut.

You're breeding our rival." "Go, Becky!" Mei Wen moaned, the Chinese cheerleader trembling, her ass pressed into Immaculada's brown rump, both flushed-face and panting. "You slut!" Starr moaned, bathing the cheerleader-slut in pussy cream. She spasmed on the grass, squeezing her round tits.

Deniece and Celia appeared around us, holding their purple-and-gold pompoms. They shook them up in the air, their faces stained with each other's pussy juices.

They did a high-kick, crying out, preparing for a cheer. Ashlie ripped her dildo out of me and hopped to her feet, facing the crowd with a sex toy dripping in my pussy cream.

Starr staggered to her feet and joined them, followed by Immaculada and Mei Wen, the double-headed dildo remaining in the Hispanic cheerleader's cunt. It swayed between her thighs as she took position. I pulled my cock cock out of Sabrina's pussy as Ashlie led the cheer: Huskies Stand UP!

Stand up and Scream The best school yellin' for the number one futa Let's hear it for the Huskies The purple and gold Cheering the Number one futa The best futa is hard Go purple and gold Let's go Dawgs Go big purple The futa's gonna fuck!

As my squad chanted, Sabrina fell to onto her belly, her thighs apart, my cum leaking. The Vietnamese-looking cheerleader with the short hair, scurried forward and buried her face between her cheer captain's thighs, licking up my cream. At the same moment, the cheerleader with the blonde pigtails wiggled her ass at me, her shaved pussy gaping open, a UW football player's cum running out of her twat.

"You heard your squad's cheer! You got to fuck me!" she moaned. "Breed me." I moved up to her, grabbing one blonde pigtail. "What's your name, slut?" "Isadora!" she howled as I rammed my futa-dick into her sloppy cunt, so eager to breed her like I had Sabrina. Other Duck cheerleaders appeared, bodies flushed, cum staining their thighs, their eyes smoldering. They all wanted to be bred. "BREED HER!" CLAP! CLAP! I listened to my fans. I pounded her so hard. I rammed my girl-dick into her silky pussy like I'd never enjoyed a cunt before.

I gripped both her pigtails, pulling on them as I used her pussy. My dick ached and throbbed in her cunt while she moaned and gasped her pleasure. She shuddered back into me, bucking her hips, crying out her rapture. And the rest of the girls cued up, eager to be bred. I would have so many new daughters in nine months. In nineteen years, the University of Oregon could field an entire cheer squad made up of my daughters, a second generation of cheerleaders.

What an exhilarating rush. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 17th, 2047 "Isadora was a great fuck," I purred, staring at the audience, watching my past self fucking her hard, holding onto one of her pigtails. "I pounded her hard. Her tight cunt brought me off so fast. I filled her to the hilt with my cum." "You are just jackhammering her," groaned Adelia, her caramel cheeks flushed. "It's so stunning to watch you fucking.

The cameras captured it in so many different angles." On the screen by the couch, I smiled as I watched the recording of the broadcast. The cameras kept cutting to from close up of my tits, to my face flushed and burning with passion, to wider shots showing off my breasts bouncing, my hands pulling on Isadora's platinum-blonde pigtails.

My futa-cock throbbed like I could still feel her pussy wrapped around my dick. "Look at those tits bouncing," groaned Adelia. "Are they still as perky?" "They've got a little sag and are a little softer, but my wife loves them." The audience laughed.

Adelia nodded her head. "I bet." "The game got underway after I bred Isadora," I said. "I kept my fucking to the sideline. The first quarter was just coming to an end when I finally finished breeding the last of the cheerleaders. Both teams kept having penalties that stopped the game clock." "Distracted by you." I wild play with sex dolls lesbian amateur at her.

"Wouldn't you be if you were watching me fucking a naked cheerleader and pumping her full of my baby-making spunk?" "I would!" a woman cried. "You can breed me right now, Madam President!" My futa-dick throbbed. I shuddered and then said, "But the teams had regained their focus after that.

Mostly. The Huskies were really driven to win. A lot more relaxed than the ducks. But big boobed blonde mature jerks big dick they did get to enjoy all that cheerleader pussy." "In the end, the Ducks lost the game badly," Adelia said, a big smile on her lips. "57 to 3.

Their quarterback just couldn't focus. He threw seven interceptions and more incomplete passes than I can count." "Couldn't stop thinking about the president breeding his girlfriend," someone shouted from the audience. A great uproar went through them, clapping and applauding. I shivered, that rush of a crowd cheering for me never got old. It was the sweetest narcotic in the world.

My back straightened, my nipples poking at my dress, my pussy so wet and juicy, and my futa-cock thrusting hard against my skirt. I breathed it in, beaming at them. When they died down, I added, "Or maybe he was thinking about watching Sabrina with another guy. When she appeared on the beauty contest, she claimed he was always finding other guys to fuck her pregnant body. She worked her way through the entire Duck's football team through her two years at college and I believe every rival team's quarterback got to enjoy her before the game." "Some men just love being cuckolded," Adelia said.

"So it's not surprising that Tavon married Sabrina. Though he never went pro, he found some success as politics, serving for the last eight years as one of Oregon's Representatives in Congress." I blinked at that.

I had met a Tavon Jackson during my time as presidency and never realized he was the same person. What a small world it could be some times. I shifted in my seat. "Well, the fall out from this game was interesting. It led to my first live interview, and that's a story all in of itself that I'll tell next. And then there's the beauty pageant that sparked off of it, one I still judge every year." "Well, you do provide the contestants to Miss Bred Universe," Adelia said and gave a wicked laugh.

"I'm sure many of those virgins you deflower are hoping to make it through their state and countries' pageant circuit to win that crown." "Probably," I said, leaning back. "I guess we should talk about that interview with Amelia McCreery." "We will, but first we have to have a break and hear a word from our wondrous sponsors." My futa-dick quivered as I noticed the hot look in Adelia's eyes, her thighs pressed so tight together.

She parted them, her skirt sliding up her caramel thighs, showing off the glistening delight of her pussy-stained thighs. "Oh, yes, that's very important," I moaned, my futa-dick pretty babe banged in ice cream rolling store in public pornstars hardcore. I glanced at my wife, still enjoying my futa-cum. She winked her brilliant, blue eye at me. God, I loved her so much. She knew just what I needed. "When we come back, we'll continue our retrospective on the life of President Becky Woodward, the world's first futa," Adelia husked.

"And, we're clear," the slender, spiky-haired producer said. Adelia pounced on me, her lusts finally driven out of control. The END of This Tale of the World's First Futa