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Mom french bombshell anissa kate motorboats stud with massive natural tits
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Ten years ago I lost my wife.

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No, she didn't die. I came home early from a fishing club meeting one evening only to find her in our bed with a very big, very black dude with a cock that matched.

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She was on her knees and elbows while he held onto her hips and pounded his huge man meat in and out of her very white and very stretched cunt. She cried out in a combination of intense pleasure and pain, "Oh, fuck yes.

Yes. Fuck. Fuck me with that wonderful big black cock. Yes." He saw me come anal threesome with blondes in fishnet stockings and looked straight into my eyes, "If you try to do anything, you are going to be one very sorry little white guy." He just kept pounding away at her pussy. I stood there frozen in place as I watched her C-cup tits violently swinging back and forth and listened to her screams of lust.

After several minutes he announced that he was going to come and told her to turn around and suck his load out of his cock.

In all the years that we had been married, Donna had never sucked my cock, but she spun around and took half of his rod, which must have been at least nine inches long and almost as big around as my wrist, into her mouth.

He grabbed her hair and held her as he poured his load of spunk into her mouth. "Swallow it, Bitch. Swallow my black man's fuck juice." I could see Donna swallowing as fast as she could but she could not keep up and large globs of it ran out of her mouth and hung from her chin like icicles.

I felt like I was going to throw-up but I also realized that my seven inches was standing tall and hard in my pants. He pulled out and stood in front of me. He must have been almost six inches taller and a hundred pounds heavier than me. His still big cock hung down in front of him, dripping thick yellowish cum onto the carpet of our bedroom floor. "What are you going to do, Shitface?

Nothing, I thought so. Maybe I should have you suck me clean. Would you like that?" He and Donna put on their clothes and Donna put some extra clothes into a suitcase but she never looked me in the eyes. He pushed me out of the way and they went to the front door.

"Jan is at her friend, Julie's for the night" was all that Donna said before she went out the door with the black guy that I had just watched fuck her senseless. I watched her walk behind him to his car with her head hung. I went to lie down on the bed but there was so much cum on it that I went to the living room. I sat in a chair all night and never got any sleep. As far as I had known, we had a good marriage and she had never had sex with anyone other than me.

I cried and thought about what was going to happen. Would she come back? Did I want her to come back? The morning came.

It was Saturday and I did not have to go to work. About ten, I did doze off till I heard the front door open. It was our beautiful, blond little six year old daughter coming home from her friend's house. She almost skipped in. "Hi, Daddy." "Hi Honey. Hope you had fun", was my reply. A while later she asked, "Where's Mommy?" I had her come sit next to me and told her that Mommy had left, that she did not want to be with us and that I did not know if she would ever come back.

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Donna never did come back. A couple months later I learned that her new black master was whoring her out for gangbangs with his friends and others that would pay him to do anything they could think of with his snow white sex slave. I just shook my head and thought that she was getting just what she deserved.

For the next ten years I did my best to be both father and mother to Jan. She grew up wonderfully. She was very pretty and smart and had a lot of friends at school and got good grades.

She was on the soccer and soft ball teams at school and starting to think about which college she wanted to go to. Every once in a while she did ask if I had heard anything about Mom but I always told her no. I dated once in a while and even had a sex life but never met anyone that I wanted to be with steadily.

Maybe it was because of what I remembered happening the first time. I always insisted that I get to face fuck the woman that I was with along with anything else that we did. It was a couple of months after Jan's eighteenth birthday and I was passing her room when I heard noises from inside that made me peek in to see if she was OK. She was on her bed, on her back naked with her eyes closed and her legs spread and she was rubbing her clit like a mad woman and thrusting her hips up and down.

I only looked for a few seconds before I pulled away and went back to the living room. Those few seconds became hours of my remembering the picture I had seen. Jan had a beautiful firm young teenaged body with flawless milk white skin and tits like her mother. I hadn't seen her naked from before her mother had left us and had never thought about her sexually, but now I would get a hard-on each time I pictured her on her bed masturbating.

I even started jerking sunny leone best xxx porn story in bed thinking about her pleasuring herself. Finally I admitted to myself that as bad as it was, I wanted my daughter. Mostly I dreamed of her sucking my cock the way her mother had sucked the big black cock of the guy that was now her master and pimp. Several more times I heard Jan in her room pleasuring herself but I always kept myself from looking in on her for fear that she might catch me.

One day I was looking on-line and I found a DVD titled "Daddy, please come in my mouth". It was a compilation of 10 scenes of different young girls sucking off older men that were supposed to be their fathers. I ordered it. I watched it almost every night and always imagined that the people in the scene were Jan and myself as I sprayed my load all over my stomach. The girls always begged their fathers to let them suck them off.

They told the daddies how much the loved them, what wonderful cocks they had and how great the taste of their cum was. They would show the father her mouth full of cum before swallowing it or if the father had come on his stomach, she would make sure that she licked him clean. They all said that they wanted to do it over and over again. I had to find a way to get Jan to let me put my cock in her mouth or I was going to go crazy. Finally I came up with a plan. I "accidentally" left the DVD next to the living room TV.

I remembered exactly the position it was in. Jan gets home from school a couple hours before I get home from work. When I got home, the DVD had been moved just a little. Jan was unusually quiet that night. I took the DVD back to my room and left it on my dresser. Over the next week I could tell that it had been moved almost every day.

One night Jan came into the living room. She was dressed unusually sexy in a short skirt and a halter top. "Daddy, can we talk?" "Sure Honey. What's on your mind?", I replied.

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She looked me straight in the eyes, "I found and watched your video of daughters giving blowjobs to their fathers.

Do you want me to do that for you?" I lied, "I'm so sorry you found it. Please forgive me." She kept looking at me, "You didn't answer my question. Would you like me to do that to you? I love you and I want to do it if you want me to." It was all I could do to keep from yelling YES, YES, YES and pulling my hard cock out, but I had to play it cool.

Jan came over and sat on the couch next to me. She put her hand on my thigh and looked me in the eyes. After a minute, she leaned over and gave me a kiss.

It wasn't a father/daughter kiss and it was easy to tell that it also was not her first man/woman kiss. Her lips were soft and moist. They parted slowly and she worked her tongue into my mouth as one of her hands found its way exploring a juicy and hairy asian pussy my crotch. My mouth opened and my tongue sister and mom full move against hers.

It was the longest and best kiss I had ever shared with anyone. Eventually she pulled away, reached out and unbuttoned my shirt while with the other hand unzipping my pants. Her lips went to my nipples and my hard cock was pulled out into the night air.

It took her seven kisses to work her way down across my stomach till she was positioned right at the end of my manhood. There was already a drop of pre-cum on the tip of my pecker. Jan licked it off and let out a moan that you could tell was from pleasure. My cock jumped. My eyes were closed and my head was back. I had not said a word. My daughter's mouth opened and slid down over my cockhead and half way down my shaft.

Her lips gripped tightly around my pole but her teeth never touched my man meat. Jan ran her tongue in a circle around my cock head and then she started bobbing up and down my length, making the loose outer skin rub up and down on the hard inner shaft till it made me feel like I was already ready to explode.

I opened my eyes and looked down and watched my sweet, beautiful eighteen year old daughter give her father and expert blowjob. I managed to last maybe four or five minutes before my balls tightened and I moaned. Jan stopped for just a minute to repeat the line from each scene in the DVD movie.

"Daddy, please come in my mouth." Then her lips went back over the head of my rock hard erection and she sucked. I groaned and exploded. Three then a fourth blast of thick, hot salty cum blasted into my daughter's mouth.

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She swallowed as fast as she could and never spilled a drop. When I stopped coming, she went down and gently sucked each of my balls into her mouth. Then she gave the tip of my softening erection one more kiss and sat up.

"I love you, Daddy." Jan lay her head on my shoulder, lifted her halter top and moved my hand to one of her C-cup breasts.

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I rubbed and squeezed and tweaked her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I still had not said a word. "Daddy, can you do it more than once a night?" I quietly answered yes asian lubes clients penis and then jerks she replied, "Then I think we should go to bed now." I stood up and took her hand and led her to my bed.

Standing next to the bed, we worked at undressing each other. Naked, I stepped back and looked at her body. "You're so beautiful, Jan." "Thank you Daddy" she replied and then wiggling her shoulders, she shook her tits back and forth right in front of my face. I lifted Jan up onto the bed, leaned over and nursed on one of her nipples while massaging the breast with my hand. "Oh, that feels so good, Daddy." Her hand reached out and wrapped around my hard again cock and started stroking it.

"You've got a very nice cock, Daddy. I want it in me. I want you to fuck me." Jan spread her legs and pulled her knees up. I looked at Jan's pussy with its neatly trimmed pubic hair.

There was a small colorful butterfly tattoo gust above and to the right of it. She was soaking wet and her cunt lips were slightly parted. I climbed between her legs and placed myself at the opening of her fuck hole. "Push it in, Daddy.

Hard and fast." I slammed forward and my whole seven inches disappeared into my daughter. Jan almost screamed, "Ahhh. Yes. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me hard." I pounded into her tight teenaged pussy. Our pubic areas slammed together. Her vaginal muscles squeezed my prick and she pushed back each time I thrust deeply into her.

Over and over my balls bounced off her ass. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck, Oh fuck yesssss, just like that. Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me good. Oh yes, I love it. I love you." As I had already come once, I was able to last for quite a while and I brought Jan to a strong orgasm well before I was ready to come again.

Then I slowed and just slid in and out of her with long gentle strokes while alternating between kissing her lips and nursing on one of her high firm young tits. Soon Jan started to built to another orgasm and I started fucking harder again. Her hand went down between her legs and she attacker her clit.

Almost breathless she managed to say, "Don't pull out Daddy. I'm on the pill and I want you to fill me with your wonderful cum, the same cum that made me. Come in me Daddy. Do it now. Come!" She screamed as she had another hard orgasm. After the last drop of my man seed poured into my daughter's womb, I collapsed on top of her. After a minute, I rolled off and we lay together, holding each other as we came down from out sexual highs. We kissed and rested. Jan smiled at me, "I don't think I will be needing my own bed and more, will I Daddy?" I smiled back at her, "This is your bed now Jan." Then we fell asleep in each others arms.

The website rules now say that everyone in the angel gets fucked in her ass the first time must be at least 18 even though it is pure fiction and is only written words not a video so everyone is 18 or more.