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Big ass gorgeous babe alexis rodriguez bounces her ass to gives bbc good ride
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The blonde girl slept for most of the day after her session with Kurt. Her body ached from his abuse and longed for more of the pleasure she'd only ever received from him all at the same time.

She'd used the alarm clock on gorgeous gf endures pounding hardcore big butt side table to set an alarm for herself. The tone in Kurt's voice as he warned her not to be late was not something she wished to test.

She woke up at 4:30, giving herself more than enough time to take yet another hot shower and to get ready. Once she was dry, the girl sifted through the clothing hanging in her closet. They were not her own clothes, but they were all the perfect size for her. Elizabeth was anxious as she looked through the silk and cotton, wondering just what she was supposed to where to a dinner with her kidnapper.

Eventually, though, the young woman decided upon a light pink dress with halter straps which tied behind her neck. It was a relatively short dress, only reaching past the first two inches of her upper thigh. In short, her ass was threatening to hang out of the back of it. Unfortunately, most of the clothing in her wardrobe provided by Kurt was quite revealing. Elizabeth did up her hair, curling it with an iron and pulling the golden locks into a pony tail.

She did her eye makeup, but left everything else natural. There were some black flats that she slipped on her feet before she was finished getting dressed with only fifteen minutes to spare. Quickly, the girl trotted down the hallway and the stairs to the kitchen. The smell that filled the entire first floor was intoxicating, and as she reached the entryway to the kitchen, Kurt must have heard her steps. He called out to her for her to take a seat at the dining room table.

She stopped in her tracks and turned about, following his order. The ebony dining table was made up with a thick table cloth, along with tall candles which were lit and held in small crystal holders. There was a bouquet of flowers at the center of the table in a vase, deep reds and eggshell whites. Elizabeth couldn't help but to think of Kurt as a bit of a romantic. She was beginning to forget she was even his slave at all. She took a seat at the end of the table and waited for a few moments before Kurt finally entered the room.

He was dressed nicely, as always. A pair of black dress pants hugged his hips so that she could clearly see his bulge through them. He wore a navy blue button-up as well, the top two buttons undone to reveal a bit of his muscular chest. He set a plate before her, then made his way to his own seat across from her and sat with his own plate.

Elizabeth stared down at her food silently, soaking in the smell of it. She glanced up at him, "This looks delicious, Master… What is it?" "Honey-Basil chicken breast, zucchini, and wild rice," he answered her, taking up his fork and stabbing a slice of zucchini, biting, chewing, swallowing.

He stared at her. The way his eyes were on her made her fidget in her seat a bit. Around him, she felt so small… She followed his lead, stabbing her fork into her chicken breast and using her knife to cut off just a small piece which she placed into her mouth. The flavor exploded in her mouth as soon as she began chewing. It was the sweetest, most tender piece of meat she'd ever eaten. Uncontrollably, Elizabeth let a small sound escape, then her eyes popped open as she realized.

"It's…" she tried to explain herself, "It tastes incredible, Sir…" "Thank you, slave," he responded to her compliment nonchalantly as he took another bite of his own. Elizabeth, for just a moment, wondered if she'd done something wrong something to upset him. But she didn't dare ask. Instead, the two continued to eat in silence with one another for a few minute before finally, Kurt spoke again, "Raven told me a lot about you, Elizabeth.

Your story interests me quite a bit. May I ask you some questions?" The blonde looked to him, eyes wide as he mentioned her story. She didn't want to talk about her past, she'd never liked talking about it much. But the girl also knew that Kurt's question was not really a question at all. It was a demand. "Y-Yes, you may, Sir." "Grief my girlfriend is very dominant from up top a terrible thing," Kurt started, looking her directly in the eyes.

His gaze was piercing. His voice was a low smolder, "At the age of seven, you lost both of your parents in a car wreck. You were even in the car with them at the time of the crash, is that right?" Elizabeth's brows furrowed as he started digging into her past. Memories flashed through her mind, painful memories.

She felt tears stinging behind her eyes and blinked them back. The girl couldn't muster the strength to speak so she simply nodded her head yes to his question. "Then you moved with that attractive babe likes being pussy poked schoolgirl japanese grandparents.

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Your grandmother got sick a few years later and dropped dead?" Another small, sad nod. "Then, just a year ago, your grandfather suffered a massive stroke. He's dead now, too, isn't he?" Kurt continued to tease her, eating a bite of his food here and there. Elizabeth, however, was quickly losing her appetite. She didn't touch the dish in front of her.

Her heart felt as if it was breaking all over again. She swallowed the lump in her throat and blinked back the tears that threatened to fall. Once again, the girl nodded in confirmation. huge black dong for a petite lassie you still pressed on," Kurt said, amusement in his voice, "Still top of your class.

Seeking to a composer, correct?" He didn't wait for her nod this time. He already knew the answers to all of these questions. There was a sick look of satisfaction on his face as he took another bite, then washed it down with the red wine in front of him. "Wh-Why are you doing this…?" she asked, wounded emotionally. Kurt shrugged his big shoulders for a moment as if he didn't have a real answer for her.

Then, he gave her a straight answer, "To show you that I know you. To show you I know your weaknesses and your strengths. I know what you've been through. I know you are alone in this world. I know there is no one looking for you." Elizabeth couldn't do it anymore. She couldn't look him in the eyes. Quickly, she lowered her gaze to her meal which was slowly growing colder as it sat there. No matter how good it smelled, though, she wanted nothing to do with it or the man sitting across the table from her.

"I can make your life pleasant, Elizabeth," Kurt kept speaking casually, "Dinners like this every fairy tail natsu and mirajane xstorys, a good nights' sleep every night, pleasure with very little pain at all.

Many… MANY more orgasms." He smirked at her, but she didn't see it, still glaring down at her plate. "But I can also make your life Hell," he explained, "And since you're going to be stuck here for… however long I decide, you may want to stay on my good side." The blonde listened as he finished speaking, then slowly raised her head to look at him again.

She frowned at him and nodded her head. As usual, she was well aware that disobedience would only bring her pain and discomfort. "I understand, Master…" she whispered to him. Then she took a deep breath and fought through her loss of appetite, finishing most of her dinner before asking to be excused. ******************** Elizabeth slept through the night soundly. Her bed was comfortable and her room was warm. When she woke up in the morning, she stepped out into the hallway and searched for Kurt.

He was nowhere to be found, though. She figured he must have gone off to work or something. Of course, the first thought that passed through her mind was to leave his place. She rushed over to the front door, attempting to open it. She pulled with all her might, but failed to open it. Kurt was smart, he knew she'd try to run. He'd locked it from the outside, just like he'd put bars on the windows.

She was trapped whether she liked it or not. And she wasn't sure just how long the man would be gone. So she made herself at home. The small blonde made herself a small fruit plate for breakfast from what she found in the refrigerator.

Once she was finished eating, she made her way back toward her room, but stopped by the library door. Elizabeth remembered that he'd told her to ask, but he wasn't home to ask so she was sure he wouldn't mind.

Cautiously, she stepped inside the massive library, looking up over the shelves filled with books. As she stepped along the length of one of the bookshelves, she slid her finger along the bindings, reading over one title at a time. Elizabeth had always loved reading and figured it was the best way to pass her time here. She took a book from the shelf, a romance novel.

Then, making her way toward the big arm chair in the corner, Elizabeth plopped herself down, opened the hardcover and began reading. She read for hours before the sound of the front door could be heard.

Her hues peered up from behind the pages of the book she was now close to finishing. She wondered whether Kurt would mind her saving her page, but didn't want to take her chances.

Taking note of the page she was on, Elizabeth clapped the book closed and quickly placed it back in its spot on the shelf. The blonde rushed to the door of the library and just as she exited, Kurt caught her in the hall. "Enjoying the library, I see?" he questioned her with a calmness to his voice. As always, he was clean-cut and well spoken. The outfit he wore hugged his body as it would a God, and his cologne smelled intoxicating.

"Yes, Sir," Elizabeth replied quietly, keeping her eyes down, "I hope you don't mind, I just didn't know what else to do while you were gone…" He chuckled and stepped closer to her, running a hand up her cheek and tucking a loose strand of her hair behind her ear, "I don't mind at all, Elizabeth. As long as you don't mind taking the punishment you get for disobeying me." Elizabeth's eyes went wide and she stared up at the taller man in shock.

Punishment? All because she'd gone into the library and read one book? Her thoughts were a rush in her head as she remembered her first night in this house. That night had been more torment than she could handle she couldn't do it again… "I-I'm sorry, Master… Please…" "Please what, whore?" "Please… D-Don't punish me…" Kurt's lips turned into the smirk she'd grown so used to by now, and she knew immediately that the man was to have no mercy on her.

If anything, the fear behind her words had probably driven him to want her even more. "Elizabeth, darling," he ticked his tongue against his teeth a few times, shaking his head, "I warned you about not obeying my rules. One of these days, you will learn. But for now, I have to be a man of my word. I'm sure you understand." Elizabeth frowned, afraid of what he would do still, but refusing to speak out against him. She knew by now that that would only make things worse.

Nodding her head slowly, the blonde asked, "What do you want me to do, Master…?" "Come with me," he answered her without hesitation, wrapping a hand around her wrist and tugging her to follow him down the hall to that black doorway again… ******************** Within just moments, the young woman was strapped up and helpless once again.

Kurt stood above her, looking smug in the way he dominated her. As he'd secured her, he explained that this was one of his favorite toys to use. It was a small seat with a hole at the center. He'd tied her thighs tightly to the sides of the seat, forcing them to remain wide open.

Beneath the seat, attached to the chair was a dildo on a revolving crank. The tip was lined up to Elizabeth's opening, but not entering just yet.

Kurt had secured another vibrating wand so that it couldn't move from its spot on her clit, then tied her wrists tightly behind her back. At last, she was set up and he was ready to begin his fun. With a smile, he asked her, "Comfortable?" Elizabeth wriggled a bit against her restraints, looking up at him as she shook her head no. "Good," he replied with a short laugh, "This is a punishment. You're not meant to be comfortable." The tall man walked around her, taking a leather flogger from its hook on the wall and snapping it through the air.

The sound scared Elizabeth, making her jump just a bit. "We're going to play a game, Elizabeth. As long as you follow the rules, you and I should be done in here within the next hour." She made a small sound of agreement; hanging on the man's every word.

Finally, he stood in front of her again where she could see him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a few clothespins, kneeling before her. He opened one of them, inching it slowly toward her nipple. She flinched, trying her hardest to pull away from the pin.

Kurt didn't like her defiance, though and he showed her as much with a slap to the cheek. A soft whimper escaped her with the hit, but she gave in to him. As the clothespin pinched her nipple hard, Elizabeth's eyes grew wide. She let out a groan, never having felt anything like it before. It was such a mixture of intense pleasure and pain, the young woman really didn't know what to feel. Within the next few seconds, the second was clipped on, resulting in another soft groan.

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"My whore likes her nipples played with, hm?" Kurt's voice held amusement as he questioned her, "That's a good thing to know… for future reference." Once again, he stood before her, taking the flogger in hand as he began to explain the rules to their game to her, "I'm going sunny leone nude in bad turn your toys on. That eight inch dildo will be thrusting into your hot little pussy at a steady pace while the vibrations caress your clit.

You will cum quickly, I assure you. Then you will cum again. And again. I'm sure you remember what multiple orgasms feel like, don't you?" Elizabeth listened, keeping her mouth closed as she nodded to her master in a defeated manner.

Her nipples were already sore from the clamps but her tits were nice and perky from the pleasure and the pain. Her pussy was dripping, despite her fear of the unknown. Everything Kurt did, even the unwanted attempts, was exhilarating.

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"All the while, I will be whipping you with this. It will hurt, but if you manage not to think too much about it, you may actually get some pleasure from it," his grin was one of a hungry predator closing in on its prey. He leaned down, face close to hers as he spoke to her one last time before the fun would begin, "I want you to count your orgasms for me. Every time you climax, yell out which number it is. If you lose track, start over. We are going to reach… fifteen before we leave here.

Understand?" The blonde eyed him for a moment. Her chest heaved in small heavy breaths, but then she nodded her head to him. If she focused, this wouldn't be too bad. "I understand, Master…" she whispered.

Kurt chuckled, standing straight and flicking a switch on the chair she sat at, "Good." There was no delay no warm-up. Quickly and deeply, the studded dildo underneath the seat plunged itself deep into her then withdrew itself fully. The vibrator turned on immediately to the highest setting, filling the room with that buzzing sound that had filled the basement all night just days ago. Elizabeth tossed her head back with pleasure, moaning out loud.

Kurt laughed again, getting a kick out of the fact that the young woman had no control over her body or the sensations he was giving her. He held tightly to the handle of the flogger, raising it high before harshly lowering it with a cracking whip to her breasts.

The B cups bounced with the whipping they received, pale skin growing big dick teen bathroom xxx suspect tries to walk out of backroom and is directed to come already. Elizabeth whimpered, and then cried out loudly as the first orgasm wracked her body. The wooden chair creaked beneath her as she uncontrollably struggled against her restraints in orgasm, then breathlessly whispered, "O-One…" Kurt smirked, "What was that, slave?

I couldn't hear you." Elizabeth glared at him, then raised her voice a bit, "One, Master!" She bit hard on her bottom lip, feeling the dildo beneath her as it relentlessly pounded into her hole over and over again.

Kurt walked around her again, swinging the flogger again. She heard the tails whooshing through the air before she felt the sting of them on her back. And as soon as the pain from the whipping subsided, another orgasm, just as powerful as the last, shook her body.

"T-Two, Master…" the girl called out mid-orgasm in a raspy voice. This continued for the next thirty minutes. Kurt smacked the leather against her white skin, turning it a shade of bright pink in some areas.

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He laughed at her as she called out her numbers, getting a hard-on over her humiliation. She had a few more orgasms before her mind began to spiral out of control.

She wailed with her seventh orgasm in a row, tossing her head back. Her brow was heavy with beads of sweat, and she realized she'd lost count with disdain. "Which number was that, whore?" Kurt asked, waiting for just a moment of silence for her answer. She was afraid of answering him. Afraid of being forced to begin this madness all over again. But Kurt's face twisted in annoyance and he whipped Elizabeth hard against her breasts, "I SAID which number was that?!" With the crack of the whip, one of the clothespins on the blonde's nipples gave out and fell off.

Elizabeth cried out in agony, a dull pain taking the place where the pin had once clamped onto. She brunette hair slots sucking dick striptease hardcore her head, tears falling from her eyes, "I-I'm sorry, Master… I do-don't know…" He sighed deeply at her, kneeling beside her.

Once again, he ticked his tongue at her in disappointment. He raised his hand then, thumb and forefinger pinching at the young woman's nipple and pulling it. She whimpered; another tear or two slipping from her wide doe eyes. "Now, how hard is it to count to fifteen, Elizabeth? I know you are far smarter than that," he teased her, though there was a fire behind his gaze.

She knew he wasn't happy with her, "I expected more from you." "I'm sorry, Sir…" she whispered, begging him with the expression on her face not to make her start over again. "Because you are obviously terrible at this game, we are going to play a different game, then," Kurt said after a short pause.

He took a seat before her, flicking a switch suddenly on the chair she was restrained to. The dildo began to thrust harder and faster into her wet pussy and her eyes widened, mouth falling open. Kurt grinned at her, watching closely as she soon collapsed into an eighth orgasm. Then only minutes later a ninth and a tenth… And an eleventh.

With each time he saw her body react to her climax, he chuckled out the numbers to her orgasms. And finally, after another half hour of this torture, he called out, "And… fifteen.

That wasn't so hard, was it?" The man stood once again, hanging the flogger back on the wall and walking back over to her again. Elizabeth's body hung limply in its restraints, exhausted and driven halfway to madness by the twenty or so orgasms in a row. Her breaths were shallow as her chest rose and fell every few seconds. Kinky teen stephanie pounded deeply by hard man meat ran his hand through her sweat soaked golden locks of hair, then grasped the side of her face, forcing her to look up to him.

"Did you enjoy the game we played, slave?" he asked her with enjoyment behind his own low voice. "N-No&hellip." Elizabeth spoke softly, but didn't have enough sense to lie to Kurt. Once again, his face was one of irritation and he raised his hand to smack her hard across the face, "Fine then.

Another punishment is in order until you learn to bite your goddamn tongue." He pulled his phone from his pocket and snapped a picture of her, then showed the picture to her. She gazed at it through heavy, tired eyelids. Then he took his phone back, and sent the picture to someone through text message, smiling proudly at himself, "Sent." Elizabeth seemed to be alarmed at what Kurt said, she sat up straight, eyes large, "S-Sent?" He didn't bother to answer her question, but seconds later his phone buzzed to which he typed a long reply.

Then he looked to her, "Tomorrow, someone will be joining us for the fun. I hope you're prepared for that, slave." "What…?" the blonde asked, confused, worried, "What do you mean…?" But Kurt was not in the mood to explain what he had in mind. He was aggravated with how she'd acted, with how little appreciation she'd had for the pleasure he'd allowed her.

And quickly, the man unstrapped her from the device, shutting it off and ordering her to get out of his sight. She'd find out what was in store for her tomorrow. For now, she could guess.