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Sexy stunner gets cumshot on her face gulping all the load
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D-Day Sexual Invasion - Part 2 The old joke is that no sane person would jump out of a perfectly good airplane. But I did on June the 5th. Less than 12 hours later I wondered how sane it was to be lowering myself to the ground by rope from Charlotte's bedroom window. Yet that's how my war started.

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I didn't have the chance to say goodbye to Charlotte and my gut was churning. I had to reach the woods undetected by the two women in the house who were sympathetic to the Germans. Fear of reprisals, more gut churning. Here is a brief synopsis of my combat experience. I felt terrible guilt about what I had done with Charlotte and I was spoiling for a fight. I fell into a group of 8 stragglers, all privates.

We encountered a platoon of Germans on the 7th and vanquished them forthwith. I became the unofficial leader of our group during this action. On the 9th we were fifteen strong including a captain. I convinced him to take our small force to attack Mrs. M's farm where a group of high ranking officers could be taken off guard. In doing so we chanced upon a German artillery battery in transit and set up an ambush.

They had an armored car and roughly forty infantry with four machine guns. In one hour of fierce combat we damaged one of the guns, knocked out the armored car and dispatched 26 enemy soldiers. My heroics were entirely false. I had had a death wish and foolishly led our boys into a dangerous situation.

We got pinned down by the machine guns and lost five good young men. In desperation I charged the last machine gun with our last hand grenade, fully expecting to be cut to pieces.

The gun jammed, I was a hero. While recuperating I received the bronze star and a purple heart for the slug in my left shoulder and shrapnel in my forehead. On 10 July orders came through promoting me to sergeant. While in the hospital I got an education in military politics by talking and listening to the wounded officers in my ward. Then I got a real break and it was because of sex.

The hospital was an old hotel complete with dumb waiters, a servants elevator and small linen closets in the hallways. The walls were all dark polished wood. In it's day it must have been a cozy place to stay. Early one morning on the way to the bathroom I saw a private step out of a hallway closet sporting a noticeable bulge in his p.j.'s. I knew him but he turned and quickly went around a corner. I smiled wondering which nurse he had 'stuffed' in the closet. I waited a minute but no one else came out.

I looked in but the closet was empty, not even a shelf or a broom. There were better places to whack off weren't there? I looked but there didn't seem to be any semen anywhere.

I was mystified. Out of boredom my pet project became spying on Sal to see what he was up to. As one of the walking wounded Sal helped out in the dispensary in the basement. One night I followed him, ducking sonya plays with toys pussy toying and masturbation closets here and there, hiding behind stretchers, it was great fun.

He entered the dispensary and closed the door, the lock snapped shut. That was strange indeed. What the fuck was a patient doing locking the dispensary door? The room was large and there were other doors, but they were blocked by boxes or furniture inside.

I walked around and saw no way in. Then I tried a closet at the end of agility helps chap to fuck adorable hottie hardcore blowjob darkened hall. The back of the closet had another door and light passed through the cracks.

I started to opened it when I heard moaning. It was very faint, the action seemed to be coming from the far end of the dispensary. I didn't hear the sweet cooing of a nurse getting plugged, I heard Sal and another male voice. "Oh, ugghh, ugghh, mmm" it was Sal.

"I'm gonna cum" he moaned. "Yeah come in me" said a deep but softer voice. "Fuck my ass…oh I love it, yes, yeah, come in me now!

Oh please come" I opened the back door of ryan ryans and eva lovia closet. It was partially blocked but I stuck my head in and looked through a wire mesh screen. Sal moaned. "Nuuhh ugh, ugghh, ugghh, oh shit, ugghh, oh fuck, oh fuck, I love it, oh shit, mmm." Then there was silence. I couldn't see them anywhere. There was some giggling and some loose change fell on the floor somewhere above my head.

The dispensary had a second floor and that's where they were. The next morning I wandered into the dispensary for a look- see.

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I noticed a spiral staircase going up to a loft area. Major B.M. was just coming off the night shift so it must have been him with Sal.

He asked what I was doing there and told me to leave. It was the same voice. Sal was having homosexual sex with a major in the U.S. Army. The implications were mind boggling. I was determined to use what I knew for my own betterment. A major who was a doctor could do a lot for someone if he wanted to. I had him dead to rights, but I didn't know how to use it just yet. In the mean time I decided to document what I'd seen, and I'd catch them again if I could. One problem was that I hadn't actually seen anything.

All I had was circumstantial evidence. I needed more. I would have to hide in the dispensary to witness anything. But that could mean hours or days of fruitless waiting, and I might get caught. Then I remembered the empty hall closet on the second floor, the one Sal had come out of. That afternoon I looked and indeed there was an inner door. I opened it and peeked inside. There were lots of filing cabinets, a desk, and in plain view was a long table near the rail looking down into the room below.

I would wait for Sal to enter the dispensary and lock the door. Then I'd go upstairs and use the hidden door. I could witness all I needed to without ever being in the room. I took notes on what I'd seen and heard and then converted it into a simple code for obvious reasons. Two nights later Sal snapped the lock on the dispensary door.

I went back upstairs and cautiously entered the two way closet. The inner door opened a crack, the only light came from the basement. One side of Sal's body was lit as he face away, he was naked except for his savannah fox double stuffed by black men. He stood with Major B.M seated at the desk and he was slowly massaging the private's private. I gulped, my mouth was going dry from the excitement. I had what I wanted.

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I took mental notes on everything they did. The scene was surreal, the slow steady movements mesmerizing. Then I realized I'd never watched any two people have sex before.

Sal moved closer to the major and turned a little. I could see his full blown busty babe takes it in the butt telsev. He was really huge. It had to be at least eight or nine inches with a large mushroom head.

His dick was pink and hairless as were his balls. I couldn't take my eyes away. The major lowered his head between Sal's legs. Sal put his hands around the major's head. They kept at it and were in no particular hurry. I thought of Charlotte and I wondered if men felt the same pleasure. Sal was ready to come, he started moaning. The major said something and stroked the cock, then he returned to sucking again.

This time he went full bore, his head bobbed up and down like a machine. Sal rose up on his toes as he climaxed, he grunted "ugghh, umm, drink my cum". My cock had gotten hard without me realizing it.

I shifted my pants to get more room. The major sucked and swallowed Sal's sperm, then he licked up and down the shaft and finished by sucking that huge mushroom again. Sal collapsed on the long table as the Major removed his underwear. His cock was shorted than Sal's, probably a six-incher but quite thick.

Thicker even than Sal's enormous pink cock. The major's prick had black hair and it's head was a bulbous purple mass of shining flesh. The minute Sal went to his knees I started to rub my cock. Sal started liking and sucking alternately at the purple headed cock. He was talking quietly and I had a hard time hearing the words. I'd unzipped my fly and was now stroking myself in wide eyed amazement. My senses were heightened, my ears juicy playgirl is a perfect fuckmate hardcore blowjob up, someone walked by in the hall, Sal was kissing the majors cock as he held it in his hand.

Then he licked it, kissed it, sucked it, over and over. "I love your sweet cock, mmm, I love sucking you, I want you to cum in my mouth, you have the nicest cock I've ever seen". More sucking, licking, kissing it. "Bob I want you to cum in my mouth." It was so erotic I was ready to shoot, I was going to sperm on the walls of the closet. The major was moaning. "Oh, oh, God I love you Sal, don't stop, oh, ugghh".

He came into the young man's mouth but Sal couldn't hold it all, he choked a little and pulled away. The huge purple head spurt two long white ropes of cum in my direction, then he oozed more thick white cum and Sal dutifully went back onto his cock to finished him off. I was jerking hard wondering what it was like for them, it felt so good watching them.

I was tempted to burst in and cum all over them. Then I shot my load, some got on my fingers and I lapped it up. I doubled over as I came again and again. I was almost in tears it was so good. I touched myself and licked the cum again. The next night Sal snapped the lock on the dispensary door and I went upstairs. A lieutenant I knew stopped me in the hall to talk for a few minutes. I was careful not to rush the conversation or act suspiciously in any way.

As we talked I imagined what part of the scene I was missing. Finally I got to the closet but I had to wait again as an orderly was sweeping the hall. My intense anal session with a blonde looker was stiff. When I opened the outer door I almost had a heart attack. The hallway light fell on a figure with his pants down at his ankles and a nice erection in his hand.

He drew in a sharp breath and looked as if he'd have a heart attack himself. I went in and shut the door.

His name was Mark, a young sergeant like myself. He said "I like to watch, it's nothing!" "Well I'm watching for another reason, it's being reported." "You won't, it'd ruin me, you won't turn me in?" His trembling whisper trailed off. I waited a second or two for effect. "No, you're not the target". I pushed the inner door open and the light fell on Mark's cock again.

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He was quite handsome, blonde athletic, and a little shorter than me. I could look over his head at what was going on in the dispensary or look at his hard cock without him knowing. I whispered. "Does it make you cum? He nodded. "How long have you been doing this? "I…never, it's the first time". I knew he was lying. "I need to know sergeant, for my report on them, not you, how many times have you done this?" He hesitated a moment then turned and whispered.

"Six or seven times, the last two weeks." Inside Sal was giving it to the major in his ass. Their motions were accelerated and Sal was slapping into his ass pretty hard.

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I reached around to Mark's cock and heard him gasp again. He moved backwards and up against the erection in my pants.

I slowly stroked him just to get the feel of another man's cock skin in my hand. I would go no further. I had to keep the upper hand on him. When I let him go he said. "I'll do it for you if you want." I said nothing, I just stared. Sal came into the majors ass so hard, the long table moved and squeaked on the wood floor. Mark turned to me and looked down to my cock. He knew what I wanted. Mark put his hand on me and rubbed gently. My breathing became heavier. He undid my pants and put his hand in my shorts.

"Hurry" I stammered. In no time he was on his knees with his hand stroking me lovingly.

Then he swallowed my entire cock. He licked me and sucked alternately just as Sal was now doing to the major. I loved it so much, it was amazing, I came in his mouth in 30 seconds.

It was as erotic a moment as I'd shared with Charlotte but without the emotional attachment. I shot five times in his mouth and I stayed in there for a while, just enjoying the sensation as long as he'd let me. There was never going to be any report. I simply confronted the major with what I knew. It was blackmail and it worked. A reporter from the states had lost his driver and needed a replacement, it was me. I also got Mark in the deal. He became the driver and I rode shotgun with the newsman.

In the next few months we criss-crossed France, met just about every General in the ETO and were privy to fresh intelligence. In numerous cases we provided the brass with first hand accounts of battles and on the physical condition of our troops.

We carried personal messages and the occasional case of hooch which we promptly sampled. I couldn't have been happier except that I was still a sergeant. From my friends in the hospital I learned that I could probably stay in Europe after the war if I wanted to, if I somehow could become an officer.

Then I could see about Charlotte and possibly marry her. My promotion to 2nd Louie came the same way I got sergeant stripes, by reckless accident. Before Patton cut the Germans off in the Falaize Pocket numerous units escaped northward.

The battlefield was in disarray to say the least. One night about dusk our reporter asked us to take him down a road we thought was secure. We took the wrong road and ran headlong into a large German column which included 2 tanks. I told Mark amber needed for a journey to europe hardcore blowjob get back to our lines and jumped out of the jeep with our field radio.

As I scrambled up a wooded hill overlooking the road I heard the reporter following me. We hunkered down and watched the procession below us. I called in to report what we saw. Later that night the column was attacked and destroyed. I was the hero again. General Manton Eddy personally awarded me and the reporter a bronze star, my second. That's when I put on an act that won me my brass bars. I told the General I didn't want any damned medal.

It was an act that could have gotten me busted. Making matters worse I slammed the windshield down on our jeep and took off without being dismissed.

That's when my reporter friend went to work for me. He told the General that I wanted to marry a French girl and that I hadn't seen her in months. He said I was going to break if didn't get to see her and that I wanted a promotion. I received a severe reprimand along with my bars and a two day pass. I was warned to keep clear of the General for a while.

I never saw him again. With our two day passes Mark and I were on our way to the village of 'L' to find Charlotte. But another rogue enemy force in our path was being annihilated by artillery and we were forced to stop. We found an abandoned farm house and spent the night drinking the Champaign I intended to give to Mrs. M. I was angry and depressed. I was telling Mark about my encounter with Charlotte when I heard the rhythmic squeaking of bedsprings. He was jerking off to the story.

"Don't do that" I ordered. "Come over here". We hadn't done anything since the hospital and his horniness was contagious. He lay next to me and took off his drawers. There were no words. I reached for him and gently got the feel of his cock like I had in the closet.

Then I went under the covers and found his shaft with my lips. I went to his head and opened my mouth. He was dry so I licked a little, then I took his warm boner into my mouth. I held his cock and balls with both hands and gave him a blowjob for the first time. I enjoyed it immensely. His member was firm and soft at the same time, like nothing else. He came almost at once. The taste of his hot sperm made me crazy. So when he went down on me the same thing happened, we were both too wound up.

After ten minutes of gentle massage he was ready again. This time he was on his back and I moved over him and started sucking. I bobbed up and down, up and down, and he was moaning loudly. We were in the country, with nobody around for miles. His moans turned me on and I kept bobbing and sucking like I knew what I was doing. I used Charlotte's technique and started using my tongue.

I gave him head for a good ten minutes before he shot into my mouth again. I swallowed it all and savored the taste of his cum and the texture of his perfect cock. Later on he got on top of me and slowly rubbed his hot dick on my ass until his sperm shot all over my back and ass. One spurt was so powerful it hit the back of my head. Ah, to be young. When it was my turn I followed everything he had done. But I was the dominant figure in our encounters and after humping his delectable ass I wanted to put it inside him.

He raised his ass with a pillow and I used my middle finger to prepare him. It took a mature hoe in stockings giving deep throat masturbation and hardcore time but finally his ass opened to me and I fucked him hard.

Any time I think of that it makes me jerk off. Spewing into his ass was a wonderful and unique experience. When I found Charlotte she was pregnant and nervous. I told her I wanted to get to know her and that I wanted to marry her. And that's just what happened.

Ellen was born in Feb. 1945. We stayed in France for six years and had three more children. Then we came to the U.S. for good. Charlotte inherited her mother's winery in 1957. We sold it in 1959 and we've been well off ever since.

I saw Mark twice after the war but I was never with another man again. But I didn't miss it either. Charlotte wasn't just gorgeous, she was as horny a lover as there could ever be. Our sex life was off the charts, I've felt blessed all these years. We've had a great life together and at 84 I'm still very healthy and happy. I hope my story makes you cum. That's why I wrote it.