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Fat ass girls big butts white asses bubble booty
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Part 4 of the story, continued, from, well duh, parts 1, 2, and 3! I lay there quietly for some time, Jacky next to me, her breath competing with the volume from the tv that I was just now realizing was still playing. My breath came in pants and gasps.

I was tired in the same way that I was after a football game, or a particularly grueling wrestling match. But oh boy was I so much more relaxed! Eventually I got up and went into the bathroom. I took the used condom off of myself, and threw it into the toilet, blushing afterward. I went into the kitchen and removed my shirt from the sink full of dirty dishwater that had been allowed to sit through the day.

It was soaking massage rooms big and asses in row analmal training I found the concept immensely funny… Whipping the cum from myself I walked back into the living room and looked at Jacky, still splayed out across my bed.

The room was lit by only a simple lamp on the table next to her, and in the yellow gold light she looked immaculate. It was the first time I had seen her naked… Her hair was mussed, cut in a short pageboy style that seemed to emphasize her high cheekbones and pixie nose.

That nose. On any other girl it would have been ugly, but on her it made her seen otherworldly, almost elfin. I wasn't a big fantasy reader, but I knew she was beautiful in a way that only something not of this world could be. Her neckline was long and muscular, with individual fibers showing like the muscles of some jungle cat. My eyes moved to her modest breasts, small, not quite a handful, but perfect on her small frame. Her nipples were pink, and erect, still excited from our recent sex.

I looked over her perfect stomach, flat and toned. I knew she wasn't one for working out, but was one of those girls blessed with the amazing metabolism that enabled her to eat exploited teens man milk cookies and tiny still stay thin.

Her legs were toned and rippling, emphasizing her cat like lines. She didn't shy away from my gaze, but met mine in a challenging stare. A full smile fell across my face. "What?" she asked me. I shook my head, "I just wish I could draw, you would be the next Mona Lisa if I drew you laying there, just like that.".

I realized the compliment sounded cheesy, but it was how I genuinely felt at that moment. Her eyes softened, and a blush spread across her cheeks. She held her arms out to me. "Come here." She commanded me. I moved and lay down next to her, settling on my back, my head on my pillow, its texture already taking on her scent. She nuzzled in next to me, breathing contently, her head pillowed on my chest. I could feel her soft nipples against my side, the scratchy texture of her pubic hair as it settled across my leg.

We lay there for some time, in a silence that wasn't quite comfortable, but was somewhere very close. "Gabe?" She whispered to me. "Yeah." I almost said Hun, but didn't. I cursed myself inwardly for it, calling myself a damn coward. "Do you love me?" Her voice was a whisper, and it cracked as she asked me her question.

Fuck. There was a hidden subtext there, and I knew what her question subtly meant. She was trying to tell me that she had feelings for me, but didn't want to say she loved me if I wasn't going to say it back, or worse yet, if I was going to lie to her. I felt like a piece of shit. I had just taken her virginity, a 14 year old girl who thought she was in love with me.

I wasn't that much older than her, still far closer to my 17th birthday than to my 18th, but I was still supposed to be the more mature of the two of us.

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I felt like I was using her… Did I love her? I had to answer that I didn't… I sensed however that simply saying no would crush her.

I could hedge… She took a deep breath, and I could tell she was about to speak again, and letting that happen would somehow be worse than telling her no. I leaned over and kissed her with as much passion as I had in my soul.

Her eyes closed and she melted in my arms.

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When our kiss ended, I decided to tell her the truth. I reached up and ran a hand down the side of her face, cupping her cheek and holding her close to me. "Jacky. I won't lie to you. I'm not in love with you." Her eyes softened, and I thought she might cry. "I like you.

I like you a lot, but I don't believe that love just smashes in on us overnight. I think most people confuse love and lust. Love is built on a foundation of trust, and care. It's something two people build together over time. I know that one day I would love to be able to take care of you. To keep you safe, and hold you above the world. To have teen sex i trusted him and he d his priesthood authority by my side, as my partner, but we haven't built that yet." She smiled at me, "That's love silly…" she pressed herself into me, taking my mouth in the deepest, most passionate kiss we had shared yet.

When she broke away from me, I have to admit that I was so breathless that id didn't know if she was right or not, but I did know that in that moment I would have done anything to keep her right there by my side… She moved in and kissed me again, her nipples growing hard.

She moved over my chest, straddling my stomach. Her mouth devowered mine, her tongue probing into my mouth. Her hips ground over my now hard cock. My hands moved from her side up to her breasts and I turned my head as she lay hot kisses across my neck.

I felt her flick her hips and lift me up, ready to slide down on me. I grabbed her hips, stopping her.

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God I wanted her to fight me… I knew that if she slid down on me I would be powerless, unable to even think of stopping her until I came inside her… I took a deep breath, my voice coming in pathetic gasps of pleasure. "We can't. I only had the one condom.

I don't want to get you pregnant." I knew that as I had just taken her virginity I didn't need to worry about anything else, nor did she, since she was my first… Her green eyes blazed, an animal stalking her prey. She bit her lip, hard this time, not the timid nervous bite she usually used, but instead a powerful rending drag across her sharp too white teeth. I could see she was just barely in control. Some part of me hoped she kept it, because I had just used up the last of my willpower telling her no… Her warm wetness was there, all I had to do was thrust forward&hellip.

"Fuck it." She growled as she slid down on me. Hard. My back arched in pleasure, a moan escaping me. I grabbed her hips and ground her onto me, lifting her bodily off the bed beneath me. Her nails scratched across my chest, leaving me in agony and ecstasy at the same time… My hips jammed back down on the bed, the frame slamming into my back.

I didn't care… I only cared about the lightning heat of her wrapped around me. My hands found her hips, and I ground her deeper and deeper into me as she rocked back and forth. "God, fucking damn!" I called as she pushed down into me over and over again… She leaned back, showing me her perfect body. Her nipples hard as tiny little rocks, her head thrown back in pleasure.

She moaned, and cried with each downward thrust onto me. She fell back onto me, our mouths tangling, her tongue surging into my mouth in rhythm with my cock surging into her. My brain was screaming for me to stop her, to somehow stop this before I came inside her… My arms and hips however devowered her, pulling her into me.

My chest heaved in an animalistic grunt with each thrust into her. Her eyes met mine, "Tell me when you're close, and I'll finish you with my mouth…" Suddenly she leaned back away from me, sitting upright on me again.

Her thrusting increased in speed, her hands splayed out across my chest. Her thighs tightening across my legs. I knew she was about to cum again.

Fuck the though of her surging on me and orgasming almost made me cum right there. "Fuck!" She screamed out at the top of her lungs! Her pussy tightened around me like a vise. My hands found her hips again, and I viciously ground her hips against mine. Her cries bounced across my living room, her nails raking into my chest. I was barely holding onto the edge. Every ounce of my self discipline holding on by its fingernails to keep me from spilling my ffm french man sodomized by hotties with their strapon dildos into her.

A voice in the back of my head told me it wouldn't be such a bad thing. My back arched out like I had been shocked.

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I was going to be pulled over the edge, and I didn't care… And then suddenly she was sliding away from me, her mouth closing around me like a vacuum. My hands tangled hard in her hair, and I shoved my cock down switzerland school teacher ducking with students throat.

I know it was a dick move, but seriously, in that moment all I could think about was the blinding orgasm surging through my body. She didn't struggle or fight me in the least, but instead had her hands wrapped tight around my ass as she shoved me further down her throat. Wave after wave of cum slammed out of my cock, straight down her throat, and she was suddenly pulling back, pulling my cock from her throat and into her able mouth, her tongue wrapping itself around my cock as she sucked down on me as hard as she possibly could.

I roared in pleasure, like some great beast… And like that it was over, every muscle in my body quivered in pleasure. Her mouth still working over and over my too sensitive cock… I grabbed her hair roughly and pulled her back up to me, kissing her viciously.

She broke away and laughed! "You were supposed to warn me! You almost came inside me!" Her voice took on a mischievous cast, her face screwing up in humor. It was more than I could stand. I rolled her roughly over onto her back and sliding between her back I pushed my still semi hard cock back into her.

I didn't care anymore… I arched away from her and thrust myself into her over and over, pushing every ounce of strength into her.

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She bucked and screamed, her thighs tightening around me. Suddenly she arched up to me, her nails raking down my back once more, she cried out as another orgasm speared through her. Her pleasure only excited me more, and I thrust into her like and animal, my hand finding filling up with the soft flesh of her tit of its own accord. I slammed into her over and over again, her orgasms taking her every few seconds. I was going to cum in her. I couldn't help it, and then suddenly her hand was on my neck.

"Please Gabe… In my mouth. Let me taste your cum again…" I pulled myself out of taylor blacked bbc white slut wife monster dick jam, climbing up her quivering body, quickly, and clumsily. Her right hand closed around the shaft of my cock as her mouth once again closed around me.

I could feel her hips bucking beneath me, and I looked back to see her left hand, two fingers buried in her pussy. She screamed out in orgasm as she sucked my cock, her voice muffled by my throbbing member. I fucking came right there, the strongest orgasm yet of the night. This time she used only her mouth and her hand to bring me off, her hand tight as a vise grip around me she jerked me hard and fast. My hand pressed against the wall as surge after surge of pleasure rocked through me.

She greedily sucked me, pulling every drop of seed out of me, her orgasm continuing the entire time… Finally, exhausted I collapsed, falling on my side against the wall. She was instantly there with me, pressing her back into the hollow formed by my body, my arms wrapping tight around her. We fell asleep there, her naked back snuggled tight against me.

I'd never had a better night's sleep in my life.