Olivia del rio sneek fuck best edits

Olivia del rio sneek fuck best edits
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"Kelly?" I asked into the phone. "It's Mike. We need you again for Friday night if you're available. I have a dinner party that my wife and I need to go to and was hoping that you might be able to come over and look after Scotty again." "Of course, Mr Anderson!" I love coming over to your place and taking care of Scotty. He's a doll! So much easier than some of the other little rugrats that i have to take care of." "Great Kelly. Here are the details." As i was giving her directions again I started thinking of Kelly.

The last time she was in my house she was completely embarassed when I asked her what that pink thing was sticking in her purse.

It had never occured to me that Kelly would be carrying around a vibe! I thought it was a toy that she brought with her to play with the toddlers that she was so good at taking care of.When I asked her, her face got beet red and she fumbled with the purse and it fell out.

Well I knew what it was immediately then and apologized profusely. I never wanted to embarass her. She was the best babysitter we had ever used.

She picked up the pink vibe as fast as she could and ran out the door to her car and drove away even before I was able to pay her. The poor girl. I had decided then that I'd never hire her again. I didn't want to cause any more embarassment. But after calling up 10 other babysitters and failing to get anyone I had no choice but to give Kelly a call.

"Say Kelly.about the last time you were here." "Oh." she laughed into the phone. "I'm sooo sorry that happened. I was.well.you know how things can get.and.umm.well." "Stop right there Kelly.you don't have to explain anything. I'm just glad that you feel comfortable coming over again and that you're free on Friday!" "Oh.thank you for being so understanding Mr. Anderson." I smiled when i heard the relief in her voice.

I hung up the phone after giving her all the details cuckolder gets bbcs cum interracial and pornstars thought nothing more of the conversation or the incedent that had happened months earlier.

When Friday came around I saw Kelly drive up to the house and get out of her car. I sighed. "Man.to be in college again." I watched her get out. That young tight body molded tightly into a soft sweater and tight jeans. Her long legs striding towards the house and with every step her full breasts jiggling slightly. "I have GOT to stop thinking like this!" I said to myself. "She's 19 but still it's not right." "Honey! Kelly's here! We've got to go!!!" I yelled out.

I saw my wife step out of the bedroom. Wine glass in hand as she downed the rest of it quickly, and head off to the car already a bit buzzed. "I'll see you in the car." She replied to me. I opened the door as Kelly approached.

She gave me a big smile and a hug and I had to keep my hips pulled back so that she didn't feel my cock pressing out hard against my dress pants. "Hi Kelly! Thanks for coming!" "Oh I'm happy to come!" Kelly said back to me with kind of a glint in her eye." I gave her her final instructions and then left with my wife in the car.

"Great, I muttered to myself. She's almost already passed out. This will be fun." I look over at my wife and see her nodding her head as I drive over to our friends house.

We get there and I end up have a great time and as usual the wife drank too much and ended up passing out in the car on the way back home. When I got back to the house I had to carry her in quietly. When I stopped inside the house I heard the tv on softly upstairs and smiled.knowing that Scotty was down for the night and Kelly was just relaxing.

I took the wife into our bedroom and drew a blanket up and over her. She rolled over and immediately started snoring. I sighed.another evening that should have ended romantically was turned into yet another night of frustration.

As I went up the stairs I was able to hear the tv a bit better. And.what was that sound? Was it a moan? What's going on?" As I slowly crept up the stairs I thought I could recognize what was on the tv. "no.no no nooo!" I thought to myself. "That little bitch.how did she find that dvd?" Now it was my turn to be embarassed. Back in college days I was so poor and to make some extra money.well.what do you do in college?

I was in a few porns.very low budget and I never thought that it would be anything that people would really see. As it turned out the two vids that I "performed" in were leaked out onto the internet and.well I thought I had shut down all of those sites. It was something I did long ago and wasn't too proud of and did my best to hide it from everyone. I thought I had succeeded. Yep.there it was.on my flat screen tv.I slowly peeked into the room. The tv was on the back wall and I could see my cock filling up Suzy Reynolds pussy.

I smiled at the memory. She was so much fun.and to get paid for what we were doing anyway? Anyway.looking into the room the couch was facing away from me.

All I saw was one leg hanging over the back of it.a nice long smooth shapely leg.moans were coming from both the tv and Kelly as I stepped a bit further into the room. I finally got close enough to the couch where I could see Kelly laying down on it. Her eyes were glued to the screen. In her hand was her pink vibe that she had dropped from her purse all those months before and it was pressing down on her clit and between her folds.

Her hips were shaking a bit as she lifted them up against her pink toy. I glanced at the screen and saw myself taking Suzy by the hips and flipping her around and taking her from behind.

My thick cock ramming her fast and deep. "ohhh goddd I'm cumming on that cock.slamm it in me!" I here Suzy moan on the tv.

My cock immediately got rock hard as I remembered the scene and watched Kelly transfixed by watching my cock slide into that hot wet pussy. Suddenly Kelly turned to her side away from me.keeping her eyes glued to the tv set. She still didn't know I was there. She hd pornpros pretty teen chloe amour gives a messy blowjob her ass and started pushing the vibe in and out of her cunt at the same speed that I was going on orissa indian girlfriend fucked by boyfriend in forest with audio tv screen.

Kelly's moans got louder and louder as she kept on pushing that toy into her young tight wet cunt. I thought to myself that I either take advantage of this situation or tell Kelly to leave and never come back.but I was still upset with my wife for ruining what should have been a wonderful night and here was this young extremely hot naked and close to cumming woman on my couch fantasizing about me.

As always, my cock made the decision for me.

It was pressing so hard against my pants that it hurt. I had to release it. I silently took off my clothes and stepped around the couch and showed Kelly what she was wanting. She was too stunned to scream right away.I quickly put my hand over her mouth so she wouldn't wake sunny leone first anal 2 on yousex fairy tales Scotty and wifey.

In a low voice I whispered. "Don't stop fucking your cunt with that toy.just listen to me and answer my questions." Slowly she moaned into my hand as she continued to stroke her pussy with the vibe and nodded her head.

"How did you get this video?" I asked. "mmmm.ohhh.fkk.i was looking in the internet.it's one of the most popular clips on this site that I go to.mmmmmmmmunnggggg.fkkkk.I knew it was you the second I saw it.and ever since I figured it out.when you hire me I.oh godddd.I can't believe this is happening.I take my downloaded copy with me and.it's just so fucking sexy.the way you take her.no one has done that to me.

And to actually know who you are.well it's just to much for me." Kelly whimpered into my palm as she whispered and moaned back to me. "Well Kelly.here it is.here I am. What do you want?" "Oh godd.I want to feel what she's feeling.but what.what about.I didn't even hear you come in!" I chuckled softly.

"I was being quiet because wifey passed out in the car again on the way back home and I didn't want to wake up Scotty. After putting wifey down I came up adam and eve sex parody stairs to find you moaning and watching me fuck Suzy Reynolds." Just then Kelly's eyes rolled up in her head as she came. I smiled and said. "You take direction very well.

You've been stroking that cunt while we've been talking and never stopped." "I will do anything to get that cock shoved inside of me!" Kelly whispered hoarsely. "I've been cumming to this video for months now and each time I get lost in it just a little more. Everyone knows about your wife being a drunk and that things are kind of rough between the two of you.

Don't you want and need someone to take care of this?" Kelly asked as she sat back up on the couch and took my cock in her two small hands and started to stroke it just the way Suzy Reynolds did on the video.

"goddd.i haven't felt that in years" I moaned as she continued to stroke my already hard cock to it's full length. "Yess Kelly.I do need someone to take care of my cock. But are you the one that's able to do it?" "Oh fuckk you know i am." Kelly moaned as she brought her head to my cock and delicately flicked her tongue against my slit as my juice started to run out.

"Oh godd Mr. Anderson. Your cock.it tastes so sweet." I smiled as Kelly swirled her tongue around my thick purple head. My juices streaming out of the slit. Moaning low I grabbed Kelly's hair and held her head still. Slowly, I fed her my cock. Feeling the back of her throat close up I pushed against it.and it slid open after she gagged a bit.

"mmmmm.you know how to take a cock don't you, you cock hungry slut." "Yessss I do." Kelly moaned as i pulled my cock back out only to force it down her throat deeper. "Suck it.make me cummm." Kelly wrapped both of her hands around the base of my cock and slammed my head down her throat again and again.

I moaned softly.not wanting to wake up Scotty. The wife.well i knew she was passed out and would be until mid-morning. I reached down and grabbed hold of her tight firm tits and squeezed both of her nipples hard as she sucked on my head. I could feel her hands stroking my shaft up and down while her lips popped on and off of my tip. My cock surging with power in her hands.swelling up more and more as she continued to suck. Then she took her hands away and sucked all of me down to the base.

"ohhhhh goddd Kelly.fkkk.you know how to do this." She looked up at me and winked while my cock was buried in her throat and sucked as hard as she could.

All I could do was pinch her nipples as i felt my cum rising. The harder I pinched.the harder she sucked.harder and harder until i felt her moans grow louder as she sucked on me. Suddenly her legs started spasming as I gasped out loud.feeling my cum move through my shaft and."ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkk Kelly.here it is.take what you want.I'm going to.aaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss!" Cum shot out from my slit.

Long and hard shots of thick white cum shooting into her mouth.down her throat.she didn't miss a beat.I heard a slapping sound and I looked down and saw her spanking her soaked cunt as she came along with me.I shot more cum.more.moreeeee.as she continued to suck.Finally her lips popped mast gand kiss xxx story see and she moaned softly. "That was amazing Mr. Anderson.but.I know you have more in you. Look at the tv.this is what has made me want you for so long.

I looked away from her face reluctantly. Such a young sexy mouth. On the screen I watched what was happening and I smiled. I had just cum in Suzy's mouth on screen and she had just turned over saying. "Now fuck this cunt until you cum again. I"m going to drain you, Mike." "Mr Anderson?" I looked and saw Kelly's ass high up in the air. on the floor.she secretary pussy play for sexy shay hendrix facing the screen but looking back at me.

"Fuck me like you fucked her. I need to feel that cock. Pleease! I've been cumming to this scene for months now and can't get it out of my head. I need you to shove that cock into me and fuck me like you do her. No one I've been with fucks like you." I saw her ass tremble as she looked back up at the screen and I saw her cum leaking out of her cunt.

I grabbed the remote and rewound the dvd to where I was pushing my cock into Suzy's pussy on the screen while Kelly just moaned and reached between her legs and stroked her clit. "You like watching this scene, Kelly?" I ask. "mmmmgodd yess.it's the one that I cum to all the time.please.please take me like you take her." I hit pause on the remote and on the screen was a close up shot of my cockhead just pushing into a very wet and wanting cunt.

Looking down I saw the same scene.same cock.different pussy. But such a tight wet pussy it is, I thought to myself. Kelly had spread open her lips and was scratching hard at her clit while she bent over.her ass shaking hard and her moaning soft but insistent. I brought my cock to her opened up fuckhole and hit play on the remote.

"oh goddd yess.please.do me like that.push it in." I heard the moans and beggings in stereo.

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From Kelly and Suzy on the tv at the same time. My cock surged even thicker as I pushed my head in slowly.mimicking what my cock was doing on screen. Fuckk this pussy is nicoletta shea with young boy. I moaned low as I watched haley reed all i want is bbc cock going into Suzy's cunt and as I pushed my cock into Kelly's in real time.

Then something happened in real time that didn't happen on screen. Kelly came. "Oh jesussssss.yessss.i can't help it Mr. Anderson.I'm too excited.cummingg.just push it in deeper.pleaseeeeeeeeee!!" I grabbed Kelly's hair and pulled her head up so she could watch the screen better and I SLAMMED my cock deep inside that cum soaked pussy.

"That's it Kelly.let go.be yourself not her. Do what you want to do. Cum on my cock!" I whisper in her ear. Then I shut off the tv and push Kelly's head down to the floor and RAM my cock into her cunt. My balls slapping her clit loudly. Loud smacking sounds filling the room up as I relentlessly fucked her 19 year old pussy. Driving my long thick cock into her tirelessly and feeling her cunt squeeze and cum again. "Mr. Andersonnnnnnnnnnnn!" "Quiet slut!" I whispered.

"My wife is knocked out cold but Scotty could wake up any minute!" I slammed my hand over Kelly's mouth to quiet her screams as I tore into her cunt with my cock.

Then as quickly as I was fucking her.I stopped. Kelly's body just shaking against me. Her ass trembling hard against my stomach as I kept my cock buried deep inside her. My head pressed hard against her bottom wall.

"Now Kelly.this is something I learned after school that Suzy didn't feel." Without pulling my cock out I flexed my cock from deep within me making my head bounce up deep inside her cunt and hit her g. "ooohhhhhhhhmyyyygodddddddddddddd" Kelly moaned softly. "I've never felt that before." Flexing again and again.not moving my cock back even one inch but making my cock bob and spasm and weave deep inside that tight young cunt.

"Don't stoppppp.pleasseeee.make me feel it.i can feel it building againnnnnnnnn." Just as she started to push back against my cock again I flexed my cock harder and reached down and grabbed her clit.rubbing it slow and hard as she bucked up against me. "yesssss here it issssssssssssss!" I felt Kelly's entire body go into a trembling mass as she came on me.her cunt pulling at my cock so damn hard while she came that I almost came with her.but I wasn't ready.not yet.

I grabbed the remote again white girls rim ass compilation and reality teen swallow first time fuck my ass the tv back on.fastforwarding to the last part of my scene with Suzy.

I smiled as I felt Kelly's cunt spasm on my cock as kept it buried inside her.my slit rubbing against her cevix as it grinded up inside her making her quiver. There it was."Kelly.look at the screen again. Look at how she gets on top of mom and son japani mom and rides my cock. Follow what she does." Kelly was still a limp rag doll calming down on my cock but when she looked up at the screen i felt her pussy contract hard against my thickness again.

I heard her moan softly and I slid out of her.lying down on the floor with my cock so hard and thick and wet with Kelly's cum. On screen, Suzy straddled me and worked my cock back inside her cunt.

Kelly mirrored her actions. I was in heaven.reminiscing about my college years and now reliving them right now with Kelly. I felt my cock surge up deep and hard inside Kelly's cunt as she RAMMED down onto me.

I groaned. Looking up at the tv I saw Suzy pounding down on me.her full soft tits bouncing high up and down as she used my cock. I looked back and saw Kelly's firm young tight breasts shaking as she rammed down just like Suzy. I reached up and took hold of both of Kelly's nipples and stroked them.

Pulling them. Pinching them. Getting lost in Kelly the way i did so many years ago with Suzy. The video was forgotten again. All I could think of was Kelly and what her cunt was doing to my cock. "Mr.

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Andersonnnnnnn.I need your cummmm.Pleeeaseeee! I need you to cum.!" Kelly whispered. I groaned and slammed boy sex with game play cock up inisde her as she drove down onto me.

"Turn around Kelly. Let me see that tight ass of yours bounce on my belly as you fuck my cock." She immediately reversed on my cock and drove straight back down on me. "ohhhyessssssssssssss" we both said at the same time. I wanted to spank that ass so badly but i held back. Couldn't wake up Scotty.

So instead I spread her ass open and slid my thumb hard up against her asshole. "no.nnnoo noo Mr Anderson.no one's touched me there before." "Don't stop working my cock Kelly.you'll like it." I pulled my thumb away and sucked on it.making it wet as I felt Kelly moan louder and drive down faster onto me.

I pressed the pad of my thumb against her spongy tight asshole and rubbed it in hard slow circles as she bounced away.

My cock swelling up more and more inside that tight young pussy. I could feel her cunt stretching and her moans getting deeper and louder. With my free hand I slapped it around her mouth and said, "You can moan and scream now but don't pull ur mouth away from my hand. I'm going to push my thumb inisde your asshole when you cum and when you do, you're going to want to scream.

I'm going to give you what you want Kelly. Now.FUCK MY COCK!" With my last order she fell forward and drove her cunt down onto me.my cock splitting her cunt wide open and i pressed harder on her bud. I wanted to cry out but held my moans soft and low as i felt my cum churning in my balls needing to release. "that's it Kelly.don't stop.so close.make me cum.make me cummmmmmmmmm" I felt her cunt squeeze down tight right before she squirted onto my balls and i."Kelly.nowwww.cum with me!" I RAMMED MY COCK SO DEEP INTO THAT TIGHT CUNT AND.CUMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.cumminggg.shooting.SHOOOTINGGGGG INTO THAT CUNT.my cock exploded and shot rope after rope of cum into her pussy.

PUSHHHINGGG my thunb into her ass as she pushed back against me and i felt a huge gush and squirt cumming from Kelly's cunt as I filled her asshole with my thumb.working it deep as my cock twitched and spasmed deep inside her. holding still.her cunt trembling around my cock as I flexed it.her body collapsed down. All I could hear was her deep breathing and a blonde sex bomb flashing her big round ass and cunt whimper with every breath as I pulled my thumb out.

I reached for her arms and pulled her up and my cock slid out of her. Her face was beaming as she smiled at me. "ohhh Mr. Anderson.no one has done that to me before.i knew you could. oh thank you.thank you!" She flung her arms around me and shook for a while as her body released the last bit of her orgasm. Finally she got up and whispered.

"no charge for tonight.I'm not a whore." I laughed and helped her gather her things. As I walked her to the door she kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear. "You know, I'm not the only that has seen this video. My friends and i all own it and mmmmm.you just need to meet my friends sometime." And with that Kelly turned and walked to her car. I smiled and said to myself. "Now that is something to look forward to."