Wild teen kirsten lee enjoys huge cock of tutor pornstars and hardcore

Wild teen kirsten lee enjoys huge cock of tutor pornstars and hardcore
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Jay and Faith: The Soccer Team It had been months since Faith and Jay had hooked up at school in his office. Jay still loves to flirt with her during the school day and occasionally grab her butt when no one was looking. She would grab his crotch also. Spring came and it was time for the upcoming soccer season. Jay needed some extra players on the team and knew that Faith was good at softball and an all-around good athlete so he asked her to try out for the team.

He assured her she would make the team.

Jay asked if any of her friends would be interested in trying out for soccer. Faith said she would see and both Dana and Liz join up. The season started and the team was really good to Jay's surprise. They had some close games but they had not lost a game yet.

One Friday night after a late away game the team pulled into the school parking lot and went to the locker rooms to shower and clean up. Jay put the equipment up while the girls changed.

Several parents had already picked up their students and there were only a few left. Jay walked into the gym and past the door to the showers where the girls were. The locker room door was cracked open a few inches and Jay could hear the girls taking while they were talking their shower.

Jay heard the girls giggling and laughing pretty loud and it foxy teenage minx has her pussy ravaged interracial and cunnilingus his interest to see what it was they were talking about.

He stood with his ear to the door and listened in. He heard a couple of the girls make a loud moan and the other girls laugh.

Then he heard "I wonder what coach Wells would think about this". Followed by a big laugh. Then he heard Faith say "I'm pretty sure he would want to join in!" This peaked Jay's interest even more knowing what he, Faith, Liz, and Dana had done early that year at his house.

He slipped into the locker room and peaked around the corner where he saw 4 of his favorite soccer players completely naked and having a little fun. Hannah, was the team goalie and she was pretty athletic. She was laid out on her back on the bench completely naked and her legs were up in the air while Liz was bent over between her legs and playing with Haanah's pussy. She had a shampoo bottle that was long and slider that she was moving in and out of Hannah's kristara barrington honey wilder herschel savage in vintage fuck scene shaven pussy.

Jay felt his dick get immediately hard from seeing this locker room orgy. Both Faith and Dana were rising off soap from their bodies in the open shower as they watched Liz work Hannah's pussy.

Jay stared at Faith's nice little pussy and loved to see her little bit of pubic hair just above her pussy lips. Her breasts were covered in soap suds. Dana was next to Faith and her nice sized tits were sticking out very noticeable. Dana was rubbing her self between her legs as she watched the show.

Jay was so hard that he had to do something about it. He unzipped his shorts and whipped out his hard cock and began to stroke it to his own personal show. Faith joked about dropping the body wash bottle and dropped it on purpose and slowly bent over to get it with her butt facing Dana. Dana leaned over and spanked her ass and then squeezed it nice and slowly while Faith turned to look at her. Jay wished he could walk right over and slide his dick in her wet fuck hole or put his mouth on it but he wasn't sure if the other girls would be ok with it.

Liz and Hannah switch places and Hannah took the shampoo bottle and did the same thing to Liz. Dana finished her shower and turned off her water and went right over to Liz's side up toward her face as she watch closely.

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Liz reached up and slid her hand up to Dana's pussy. She fingered it and rubbed it for a minute and them Dana straddled Liz's head stepping over the bench.

She bent forward and brought her pussy down just inches above Liz's face. Liz lifted up her head and began to lick all around her pussy. Jay's dick twitched as he saw the lesbian love fest that was taking place in the locker room. Just then he felt another set of hands on his moon and son xxx story and startled he looked down and Faith had snuck over to Jay and surprised him. "You're busted" she said. "You've caught me" Jay replied.

"What are you gonna do now?" Jay asked her.

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She bent down and took his dick into her mouth and began to suck it harder. Jay looked down and watched Faith enjoy his cock while she was still dripping wet. Just then the other girls noticed what Faith was doing to their soccer coach. They began to cheer her on and then demanded that she share and bring him over to the group.

Hannah was shocked to find out from the girls what they did at his house earlier that year, but she didn't seem to mind her coach joining them Jay and Faith walked over to the main open area with the other 3 girls. Faith helped Jay strip off his clothes and join the freak monster cocks gay anal girl teen orgy.

Jay couldn't keep his hands off Faith.

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He caresses her body and her breasts as she placed her hands on his body. Jay bent down on his knees and put his arm around Faith and brought her body close to his face. He began to kiss her tummy and move downward between her legs. Jay put his hands on Faith's ass and squeezed it gently. Faith opened her legs and Jay lifted one up as she picked it up and rested it on a bench.

Jay kissed her pussy and looked up at her eyes and slowly licked between her labia parting them with his tongue.

He began to lick her more and faster. Hannah came over and put her hands on Faith's tits. She pinched her nipples and licked them with her tongue.

Dana leaned all the way down in Hannah's absence and then she and Liz began pleasuring each other in a 69 position on the bench. Jay kept kissing and lick Faith between her legs. He moved one arm in between Hannah's legs and slid his hand up to her pussy. He began to slide his fingers in and out of her wet pussy.

After a few minutes he switched and began to eat Hannah's pussy and finger Faith with two fingers. Jay decided to get daring and he began to play with Faith's ass hole and probe it with one finger. Her ass was stretched open a little and Jay put another finger inside her pussy and he fingered both her holes. The girls began to moan louder and Faith said "Hannah need to join the club Jay" and Jay stood up and looked at Hannah and she quickly figured out what was about to take place.

Hannah went to an empty bench and laid down with her legs spread open wide with her butt hanging off the end of the bench. Jay and Faith followed her over and Jay lifted up her legs and slowly lowered his hard long Dick down at Hannah's pussy. He slapped his dick against her pussy like he was spanking her and then he slowly slid his cock inside her wet tight hole. Faith went over by Hannah's face and leaned down to kiss her and caress her breasts.

Faith was sucking on Hannah's tit and Hannah began to do the same thing to Faith's breast. Jay was turned on by the sight of his favorite student enjoying herself so much. Faith got up and then straddled Hannah's head with her pussy ready to be pleasured. Hannah immediately started licking and kissing Faith all between her legs. Jay started pumping Hannah's pussy faster and his dick would go all the way inside her and his balls would slap against her ass.

It wasn't long before Hannah was moaning and about to climax. She screamed out a loud "YES!" and wrapped her legs around Jay pulling him into her tighter and deep. Jay helped and grabbed her at the hips and pulled her hard into him. Peculiar czech teen gapes her pink honey pot to the bizarre felt the flood of her cum fill her vagina and his dick twitched inside her with delight.

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Hannah laid there recovering from her cum and Jay went over to Faith began to kiss her and feel her pussy up with his hands. Faith grabbed his cock and whispered in his ear "now it's my turn baby." Faith climbed on a bench and got on her hands and knees and stuck her ass out at Jay and wiggled it teasing him.

Jay walked up to her and put his hands on her ass and guided his long thick dick inside her wet pussy. It was so tight and he loved to watch it disappear inside her as he pushed it in slowly. Jay began to pump it faster and faster in her pussy. He reached around and felt her tits with his hands and also went between her legs and found her clit.

He rubbed her while he was fucking her hard. Faith began to moan and say more stuff out loud to Jay. Jay looked down and love to watch his cock work her pussy. He noticed her little asshole too and then decided to play a little with it. He put his pinky at the opening of her ass and pushed on it and rubbed it in a circle. "Yes!" Faith said as she felt Jay play with her ass some.

Jay put a finger inside her a knuckle deep and lightly moved it in and out. He pressed against the walls of her ass while he was inside her. Liz and Dana were still working each other's pussies over good on the bench beside Faith and everyone was having fun watching the others. Jay became more aggressive with his playing with her ass and he was sticking his finger all the way in before long and finger fucking her ass while he fucked her pussy with his cock.

"Turn over" Jay suggested to Faith as he pulled out girl in a cage gets her ass drilled her wet pussy. Faith quickly got into position and lifted her legs up in the air as Jay slide his dick back into her pussy. He held her legs and moved her back and forth fucking her hard. He loved to look her into the eyes and watch her chest bounce up and down. Jay pushed her legs up toward her head and exposed her tight little ass more.

Jay pulled out his dick and put the tip of it right at her asshole. "Do it baby," Faith told him, "fuck me in my ass". Jay pushed the tip of his dick inside her and it was so nice and tight around his cock. "Fuck yes!" Faith let out in delight as she felt her ass open to take in his big cock.

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Jay waited a second and then pushed about half his dick inside her ass. He started working her ass and pumping it slowly and went deeper and deeper. Hannah recovered from her cum and was ready for more fun as she got up and walked over to Faith and stood over her face facing up toward her head. Jay admired Hannah's ass and watched her lower it down to Faith's mouth.

Faith reached around and took her ass and brought it down to her mouth and began enjoying herself on her friend's pussy. Jay pulled out his dick from her ass and reinserted it back into her pussy and pumped it a few times and got it lubed up again with her pussy cum and then stuck it back inside her ass ready to go deeper. Jay pushed deeper and deeper until he finally got all 6 inches of his cock deep inside her ass.

He let it rest inside her for a minute while he watched Faith and Hannah rock back and forth on pleasure. Jay reached up and grabbed Hannah's ass and squeezed it. Jay started pumping her ass again and he felt the base of his cock slam into her ass. He reached down and fingered her pussy some and rubbed her clit while he had his cock in her ass. Jay had never had anal sec before, Faith was his first one and he loved every minute of it.

He knew he wouldn't last long as he felt his balls ache and build up a cum. Jay grabbed one of Faith's legs and held it up against him while he pounded her harder. Faith began to moan and she said "oh god, I'm gonna cum!" Jay got excited by her announcement and pumped her harder. "Ahhh, fuck yes, shit, ahh baby" Faith let out many words as she climaxed and started to cum.

She bared down hard on Hannah's pussy smashing it into her mouth. Jay looked down and saw a squirt of cum shot out from her pussy and then it leaked out all down and around his dick which was working in and out of her asshole.

This sent Jay over the edge and he started to cum too. He slammed his cock deep inside her ass and blew loads of cum inside her. Jay pulled out from her ass and Liz and Dana got up to clean up the mess. Liz knelt right between Faith's legs and started to lick her pussy and ass. Dana got down innocent teen jesse parker gets fucked hard her knees and took hold of Jay's cock and proceeded to lick and suck off all the cum and pussy juice.

Jay looked over at Faith chubby amateur gets facial in fake taxi smiled and then he saw a big drip of cum slide out from Faith's asshole. Liz quickly lapped it up with her tongue and she stuck her tongue deep inside her ass to check for more. Everyone has to take another shower. They got dressed and all walked out to their cars together. They smiled and talked about what a fun soccer season this was gonna be. (To be continued.)