Hot blonde stepmom mandy sweet fucks and drinks cum

Hot blonde stepmom mandy sweet fucks and drinks cum
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Hi I have just had the most amazing shag with my neighbour - her husband is away all week and she had a problem with the freezer in the garage couldn't open it as the lock had Jammed - her name is Sue and she is about 45 and a size 22 - massive tits and a great ass Anyway she asked if I could help her open it and I said I would have a go. She showed me what the problem was and how it was stuck - I tried to open the lock but it would not' budge, She bent down in front of me to try and open the door from the bottom and as she did her top went up and trousers tightened and she showed off her pink panties.

I jokingly said "Pink Knickers" eh to which she said "Cheeky". I said "I suppose they are knickers and not a g string or thong" and she told me that it was "hers to know and mine to find out" Eventually after about 10 minutes I got the freezer opened and all was well.

I jokingly said to her "so what about the knickers them do i get to find out?" She laughed and pretty babe getting fucked in sheer stockings tube porn "you re not serious" - "Yes I am" i said "Why don't you come round for a drink this evening i said, your husband is away and Julie is on a course so we are just 2 lonely people.

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" She said she had got the kids so I said "well after they go to bed" - perhaps 10.30 I will still be up. I told her I would leave the door open so she didn't have to knock I didn't think she would but about 11 I heard the door open and in she walked - Is that drink still available she asked eva angelina loves it in her horny ass bootylicious twerking I said yes and pointed to the bottle on the table.

She sat down on the settee and I asked if the kids were in bed, she said "yes they were asleep". We sat and talked for a while and then I sat next to her on the settee. I told her that I really fancied her and was surprised that she had come round.

She said she was lonely and wanted some company. I took hold of her hand and stroked it and she relaxed a bit. Then she let her head rest on my shoulder and I kissed her forehead. And slipped one arm round her and stroked her shoulder and neck, she said that was nice and I pulled her head round to mine and kissed her on the cheek, she put her hand on my chest and we kissed again but this time on the mouth. then we kissed again and this time it was passionate.

I held her tight in my arms and said i really fancy you. She said she was fat and not good looking and I said nonsense you are beautiful. I told her that I often stood and watched her through the kitchen door and loved the sight of her body walking back into the house. She laughed. I knelt on the floor in front of her and pulled her towards me, I kissed her again on tho lips and she responded with great passion.

My hand ran over her ample breast and I asked her if she minded, not at all she said and I began to caress them outside her clothes.

I asked her if I could undo the blouse and she undid the buttons to reveal a white bra. I slipped the blouse off of her shoulders and kissed her on the lips again but my hands went round the back and started to undo the clasp.

I asked her if that was OK and she said yes, Then with the bra still covering her ample breasts.

I kissed each one and then slipped the bra forward and reveal her nipples. Wow they are gorgeous I said as I kissed each one and felt it rise in my mouth. As I was kneeling in front of her I put my head between her legs and felt the aroma of her pussy. I lifted my hand and said so what about the panties then do I get to see them. She said of course and stood up.

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she undid her trousers and dropped them to the floor and there they were a gorgeous thong. I stood up and kissed her mouth and my hands went to the top of her legs and felt the heat of her pussy. I slipped my fingers between her legs and started to caress the mound. I said can I put my fingers inside and she said of course that is what you want to do isn't it. Her hand reached down and felt my bulge at the front.

I think you ought to get your trousers off too she said and I had to oblige. We stood there in the lounge her with her gorgeous condom I said and she said not tonight anyway I'm past it with children now so there is no need.

i want you bare inside me. She slid to the edge of the settee and I kissed her tits again her hand took adorable eurobabe assfucked after foreplay buttfucking and girlfriend of my erection and guided me into the love hole.

I'd love to suck you first I said and she said OK and laid back on the settee legs open and my mouth went to her wet hole and kissed her and sucked her. I slipped her legs over my shoulders and started to suck her juices. I looked up at her and said you taste gorgeous Lay further back onto the settee I said and she laid on the length of it while I got to work on her love hole. opening her legs and sucking her from the side. She put one leg up in the air and opened really wide so I had full access to her It took about 20 minutes to get her to orgasm and then she said come on I want it now and slid back to the edge of the settee and said come on in me.

I was ready to enter her and did so with a long thrust and asked her if it was OK - do i t really hard she said. I was kneeling in front of her her legs wide open and ramming away and kissing her tits and stroking them. How about taking me to bed she said and giving it to me like you give it to Julie. I led her upstairs and into the bedroom.

I kissed her again in the bedroom and then I told her to lay on the bed with her feet at the top of the bed and I mounted her with my feet against the headboard. do you do Julie like this she asked and i said yes especially when she wants it really hard it enables me to thrust into her with my feet against the headboard. She opened her legs and I entered her and rammed it up her. As I thrust ed her tits were bouncing all over tho place and I looked into her eyes xxx black guy grala story purna said you are so fucking gorgeous and she said You are fucking me so good, and I could see her eyes roll as she went into another orgasm.

She tried to stifle the sound but i said don't worry no one can hear you just let it rip and she said I 've not had a fuck like this for ages. and she said you have made me come for the second time.

Come on she said shoot your load inside me. I was exhausted she was a really good fuck but I was knackered. I don't think I can come I said. Take me from the back she said will close my legs and hold you tight. She knelt up on the bed and I went round the back. she put her hand between legs and took hold of me and guided me into her, then she closed her legs and said go on fuck me now.

I sent into her and then the clouds burst and I could feel the sperm shooting in to her. Keep it in there she said and I could feel her squeezing me with her muscles.

She rolled over onto the bed and I could see the jism running out of her love hole. I said do you need to go to the loo, not yet she said come and let me hold you in my arms and I laid in her arms and stroked her wet jismmy pussy. She kissed and said I've not had good sex like that for ages, we must do it again. We went into the bathroom and I said do you fancy a shower together and she agreed and we washed each other before going downstairs to get her dressed and back home. I picked up her panties and said Can i keep these till morning and then let you have them back.

I want to sleep with them over my face so I can smell you all night. I bet you have a toss off in the morning before you get up she said. I think I might have more than one but I'd love to shoot my load into you crotch - mmmmm that will be nice then will you put them back on me?

she said. I offered to bring them back to her the following day but she said she was working so I sad what about coming home at dinnertime. She said she could do that and I asked her to dress in her peach dressing gown and I would bring the panties back and put them back on her if she wanted. The next day arrived and I got home about 12:15 and she arrived at 12:30.

I saw her arrive and opened the door and said Hi, about 5 minutes and she said make it 10so waited until 20 to one and then went over with my girlfriend is very dominant from up top panties in my pocket.

She opened the door in her coral dressing gown and invited me in. we got into the hall and she said we cant go int he room as the curtains are open, so i undid her belt and let the gown fall open, she was naked underneath it and I slipped my lips onto hers and my hand under her breasts and caressed them.

My other hand went down her body to between her legs and I said I want you, but I want you in your bed this time. She dropped the gown and led me upstairs. she led me into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed and then laid back. You have seen all this before so drop your trousers and let em see you. I slipped my shirt off and undid my belt letting the trousers and underpants drop to the floor. Did you enjoy the smell of my panties she asked. I said yes so she said now kiss the real thing and she opened her legs and I knelt before her and kissed her hairy pussy, tonguing her and sucking on the clitoris till she orgasm-ed.

come on in she said and laid on the bed, I want to take you on your back this time so I can look into your face and she spread herself on the bed and invited me in.

I just rammed my cock up her, shooting my sperm into her love hole and then we laid on the bed naked and kissed and cuddled till it was time for her to go back to work my jism leaking out of her hole and she just put the panties on and didnt clean up. I want to feel your wetness all afternoon she said