Policewoman on a fake taxi

Policewoman on a fake taxi
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After college I meet up with Debbie, and we started to date again. Within a year we got married. She had a degree in finance, and mine was in accounting. We both got good jobs with the same major bank in Detroit. We had two children a boy and a girl, and things seemed to be going very well for us.

Debbie and I both worked for the same bank, but in different departments. She ended up getting a rather large promotion, and a job transfer to Orlando Florida. They had no position there for me, so I ended up resigning. Figuring that I could find a job once we were in Orlando. O how wrong I was. After about a year there, the housing market crashed, she had an affair with her boss the bank president. We got a divorce, and I lost out on everything.

I sold what evan stone and lily carter that I had, and left Florida to head out west.

I ended up in Las Vegas, working in the casino accounting department, of a major hotel. I was not making millions, but it paid the bills. I had a small two bedroom apartment, a hard banging of a wicked awesome babe miles from the strip. I worked a 12-hour shift from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., for three days. Then had three days off, and worked the 12-hour shift from 7:00 p.m.

to 7:00 a.m., and then another three days off. God how I just hated the night shift. It played havoc with my sleeping hours. Let me tell you alittle about me. I am 29 years old, 5'10" tall, 185 pounds. I have darkish blonde hair, with gray eyes. I keep myself fit and trim by working out at the hotel, on my three days off.

I can use the hotel's exercise room, and pool, as long as it does not interfere with the hotel guest. I had worked there for a year and dated alittle bit, but nothing serious, just a night out for dinner and a fuck, and never the same girl twice. I still have not gotten over the ass fucking I took from the divorce. I was not about to make the same mistake twice.

After working the day shift, I would usually stop at the same bar in the hotel's casino, and have a drink. I would chat with the female bartender for a while, as I wound down from the days work session. She was a bleach blonde and very friendly, but the casino frowned on employees having relationships with other employees. So we just kept it casual.

One day while I was having my customary after work drink, a gorgeous blonde sat down next to me and order a drink. Her perfume was very awesome brunette gets her pussy fucked by sexmachine. I smiled and nodded to her, but somehow I was tongue tied, and did not say much. I finished my drink, said good bye to the bartender, and left.

The same thing happens the next couple of days. I would be just finishing up my drink, and this same blonde would show up and order the same drink.

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I never spoke to her, just nodded an acknowledgment. I was off three days, and then three days on the night shift, and off for three more days, before I started my day shift. I stopped by the bar for my usual drink and chatted with the bartender. "Hey has that blonde with the great smelling perfume, been around in the last week or so?" I asked the bartender.

She shook her head no, "I have not seen her in here since you last were brazilian sweetheart loves hot fucking hardcore blowjob She told me. O well I thought to myself. She was not met for me anyway. I finished my drink, and headed home. The routine stayed the same for the next few months. I had a tough week coming up, as I was filling for a guy who was going on vacation. It would be five straight days of the 12-hour day shift, before I would get some time off.

It was the last day of the shift, and I had three days off coming up next. I sat down for my evening drink, before going home. When I smelled that intoxicating perfume. She down in the stool next to me, and smile at me.

I thought to myself that this has got to be fate. "Hi my name is Frank." I said to her. "Mines is CJ." She said back to me with a dazzling smile "CJ hmm what does CJ stand for?" I asked her with a slight grin on my face. "Crystal Jane." She replied back quickly. We did some bar chatter back and forth, half ass telling each other part of our life story. I finished up my drink, and was ready to head out.

"Can I buy you another drink?" She asked me again flashing that sexy smile. "No thanks I just got done with a 12-hour shift for the fifth day in a row, and I am kind of beat." I said back to her.

"Oh ok." She said to me in a disappointed voice. I noticed her reaction to me turning down her drink offer. I was hungry, and figured what the hell I would ask her to dinner. "Would you like some dinner? I am starved. We could stop at the hotel restaurant, and have a bite to eat." I asked her. "I love to." She said as her face lite up in delight. We had a nice meal in the hotel restaurant. She had a Cajun chicken salad, and I had a chicken salad wrap with fries.

We both had a couple of glasses of wine with our meal. "If you would like, we could go back to my apartment, and watch a movie on TV?" I asked her. She put on that dazzling smile of hers, " I would love to." She replied. The employees had to park out in the back forty, and not take up parking spaces that were meant for the guest.

It was a pain in hard couple part watch part on littlesweetcamonline ass to walk that far, but rules are rules, and I was not about to break them, over a silly parking space. "Wait here while I walk out back and get my car." I told her "No I would like to walk with you." She said to me, as she grabbed ahold of my hand We chatted while we made the long walk to my car. I opened the door for her and helped her in.

Now my car is not anything special. It is a 2004 mustang convertible, red in color, with a V6 for a motor, and a 5 speed manual transmission. It gets 20-25 miles to the gallon, depending on how much I get on it, and it is great for getting around town.

"You have a nice car." She told me. "Thanks." I replied. "Would you like me to put the top down?" I asked her "Yes that would be nice." She said to me. Even though it was dark outside, it was still hot out probably over 90 degrees. It felt nice to drive around the strip, with the top down, and a beautiful girl in my car with me.

We took a spin up and down the strip, and a trip downtown, before heading back down the strip to my apartment. We got to my apartment, which is not much, but it is a nice place to hang your hat. I opened the door and invited her into my lair. "I have lemonade, ice tea, white wine, and beer in the fridge. What would you like to drink?" I asked her. She chose a glass of chilled white wine, and I grabbed a beer for me. After we finished our drinks, I turned on the TV for her.

"Hey I going to take a quick shower to jessie wylde panting in public the days work off me.

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Help your self to another glass of wine, and watch some TV, while I take my shower." I said to her. She smiled and nodded her head ok. I headed back to my bedroom and took off my work clothes and tossed them into the hamper, and went into the bathroom to take my shower.

I just got into the shower and started to rinsing myself down, when the shower curtain open up wide, and there stood CJ stark naked. "Can I join you?" She said seductively.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head, as I starred at this gorgeous naked woman standing just outside of my bathtub. I kind of stammered, "please do." Let me tell a little bit about CJ. She is about 5'7", has blonde hair, soft brown eye, a beautiful body, great breast, slender waist, nice round ass and long legs. I would guess her measurements at 36-24-35. I would guess her age close to mine in the 28-30 range.

She would put some of the porn queens to shame. She has a small tattoo of a heart with a cupid arrow through it, right between her breast. She climbs into the shower with me and closes the shower curtain.

She turns and puts her arms around my neck. She then gives me a very passionate kiss, with her boobs pressing into my chest. I had an instant boner, it was so hard, a cat could not scratch it.

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She breaks the kiss, and says to me, "you know I have been trying hard to reel you in, but you seem to just ignore the bait that I was using." I smiled at her statement, and responded, "had I knew that you were trolling for me, I would have swallowed the hook sooner, but the bait that you are using right now works just fine for me." We quickly wash each other down, and rinsed off, just as the water starts to cool down.

My apartment has luscious centerfold showcases huge arse and gets ass hole shagged small hot water tank. I shut off the water, and we exit the shower. We use just one towel to dry us both off. "We don't need to dry off that much. We will generate enough body heat to evaporate all this excess moisture off us." She said with a laugh.

We embrace each other, and kiss madly, as we slowly make our way to my bed. We crash into the bed, with our lips lock solidly together. Slowly I could feel her tongue work its way into my mouth.

I open my mouth to let her have access, and our tongues passionately begin to dance together. My hands were busy roaming over her perfect mounds and tweaking her nipples, which are as hard and big as the eraser on a new pencil. She is softly tip tip barsa pani xxx story into my mouth, as her excitement begins to heat up.

She starts to kiss her way down my neck to my nipple, which she sucks on and gives it a quick nibble. Her hand is around my cock, softly stroking it while she sucks on my nipple. She kisses her way down my stomach, to my cock, where she gives it a soft kiss and a lick.

I am not here to tell you that I am porn star big, but my cock is around 6 ½" long, and almost 2" in diameter. Just a little bigger than average, but not much. She takes my cock, and inhales it fully inside of her mouth, till her nose is buried in my pubic hairs. She gives me a pro blow job, three times making my cum boil in my sac, before letting me cool down each time, by sucking on my cock head.

Finally the fourth time, I explode deep down her throat, and she drains me dry. She crawls back up to me and gives me a big kiss with some tongue action. I can taste me on her mouth and tongue.

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We kiss passionately for a few minutes. Then it is my turn. I kiss her softly on her tender neck. I was so tempted to give her a hickey on her neck, but for some reason I did not.

I kissed my way down to those perfect mounds, and kissed and sucked both her breast and nipples. My hand was busy stroking her stomach, and then her thighs. I could feel her start to tight up in pleasure. I was sucking on her nipple like a baby who was trying to get some milk out.

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My hand was rubbing her outer lips of her shaved fanny. I could feel some of her sex juice starting to leak out of her pussy. I slowly open her outer lips and massage her pussy back and forth.

She was creating plenty of moisture, which I rub down to her anal hole. I slowly put a couple of fingers into her pussy, while my lips were locked down on her nipple. I coated my fingers with her love juices, as I finger fucked her love canal.

I extracted my fingers, and started to rub her anal bud hole. She gasped out loud. Slowly I invaded her anal hole, embedding my finger deep inside of her hot furnace. I started suck and blowjog adria rae teens like it big finger fuck her rose bud hole, while my thumb was buried inside of her pussy.

I had her squirming till she screamed loudly with an orgasm. She yanked my hand out of her and grabbed me, pulling me on top of her. "I need you right now inside of me, fuck me as hard as you can." She panted, as she guided my cock into her dripping wet pussy. We fucked hard. She meets my every thrust, with her own thrust. Soon I became tired and needed a break. I rolled off her and she climbs on top of me, inserting my cock back inside of her hot pussy.

She rides me in cow girl style. It seems like we fucked for an hour like that, it really was probably only five minutes. I pushed her off me and turned her over and fucked her dog style. Soon my nut started to boil and I shot my load of cum deep inside of her aroused pussy. We both collapsed into a heap next to each other. It was not long and sleep over took both of us. Neither of us moves an inch all night long. This whirlwind romance lasted for three months, and then we got married in the chapel at the hotel where I worked.

None of our family or friends were at the wedding chapel, just the two of us. There was no big fancy wedding reception afterwards. Oddly her last name is Smith, and mine is Jones.

I stayed working at the casino, and she got a job at a modeling agency. A few months later, I was invited to a bachelor party for one of the guys in our accounting department. He rented a suite at the hotel.

We played cards for a while and then ate food that was catered. Finally the best man got out some porn movies. "These movies are only about six months old. The blonde who stars in this, is a real knock out." He told the rest of us. He put the first cd in the player and we started to watch the porn movie. They listed the stars, and I almost puked.

It was CJ who was the blonde star of the movie. My God my wife is in porn movies. I watched both movies with rapid attention to what she was doing. I could not believe my eyes. Thank God none of the guys knew my wife all that well to make the connection.

She was doing a threesome where she had a cock in her mouth, pussy, and hot masseuse ember snow banged by client hole. She did a black guy, whose cock had to be 12", and as thick as my forearm. I could not believe she could stretch that wide to take his cock.

She also did scenes with other woman. She went by the stage name of CJ Heart. That is why she has that tattoo between her boobs. I slipped away, while they were watching a different porn movie, and grabbed a laptop. I Googled CJ Heart. I could not believe the number of movies and short films she that she was in, or starred in, over the past 10 years.

I left the party early, and rode around for a bit to cool off, before going home. CJ was still up waiting for me. "How did the party go?" She asked me. "O things went really good till they started to show some porn movies." I replied. "Um O." was all she said. "You will never guess just who was the star in these films?" I asked her. This is the end of part one. I would like some feed back on just where to take part two.

Just how would you react if you found out your wife is a porn star.