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Sexy doctor has her orgasmic snatch pounded
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The following day Rose gazed wistfully out of the lounge window as her daughter played in the garden with David. Rose was glad Caroline, being a city girl, was taking the moving about the country so well and only wished she could do the same.

Over lunch she and her sister Helen had spoken about matters and Helen had insisted she should stay at the cottage as long as she needed to. She heard footsteps behind her and turned. "Hi Rose. Alright?" She nodded to her sister and turned to gaze once again out towards the pool. "Just thinking about Alan again." "It'll soon all be over and you two can be back as a family with Caroline again.

They say it'll all be finished by Christmas." As usual Helen fantasyhd christiana cinn cums and squirts multiple times keen to comfort her sister and gently linked her fingers into hers and squeezed them reassuringly.

"You do miss him don't you?" Rose bit her lip. "If only I knew where." She looked beseechingly at her sister for reassurance.

Alan had been part of the British Expeditionary Force that had been surrounded, and then rescued at Dunkirk earlier that year. However she had heard he was one of those asked to fight a rearguard action so that the rest could escape and he had apparently been captured. The postcard from the War Office explaining he was a POW was the last she had heard. "At least he's not in London." Rose nodded. The German Air force had switched its attention from the airfields in the south of England to London itself, and she thanked her lucky stars that Helen and Tom had invited her to the cottage where it was safe and quiet.

Then she smiled to herself. "I'll certainly miss him between the sheets!" She laughed out loud as she said this and then quickly put her hand xxxstory boss and sacretary sex her mouth, hardly believing she had told her sister.

She had used laughter before to try and disguise the worry, especially in front of her daughter. Helen joined in her laughter and squeezed her hand again. "We'll have to find a nice young RAF officer for you!" she joked, knowing full well that her sister would never be tempted by another man.

There was some sort of RAF station in the Forest and she occasionally saw the familiar blue uniforms in the village. Rose turned away from the window and faced her sister. "You've been a brick you really have Helen." She leaned forward and quickly kissed her on the lips in what she hoped would be a sisterly way. However to her surprise she found herself holding the kiss for a little longer than she had anticipated and Helen looked flushed when she pulled away.

Rose looked at her sister uncertainly. "Sorry about that! I obviously miss Alan more than I thought!" She joked trying to make light of the situation. Helen grinned back at her.

"I thought for a minute you were remembering when we used to share a bed as kids!" Rose smiled at the memory. When the two of them were growing up in London, whenever they had visitors the two sisters would share a bed and it was there that they had learnt about each other's bodies. Although she had grown out of it, she had looked forward to spending the night with her sister in those days, and looked back on those nights with fondness.

"They were fun times weren't they?" Rose replied. Helen nodded and then said, "I don't think I ever really grew out of that sort of thing…" Rose cocked her head to one side and gazed at her sister in a new light.

Helen continued, "I mean I know I'm married to Tom and we had David and all that…but I must confess I still hanker after a woman every now and then!" Helen grinned uncertainly, and Rose realized how difficult it must have been for her sister to make such a confession. "So do you still…you know…" the question was left in the air but Helen quickly nodded.

She went on to explain to Rose how she had occasionally shared a bed with other women but hadn't done so for some time. "So…" To Rose's shock Helen suddenly ran her hand up Helen's arm and to her face where she stroked her cheek gently.

"I know I'm not Alan, but while the kids are playing we could have a bit of fun…just like the old days!" Rose felt betrayed by her feelings.

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It was a warm summer's day and she was feeling slightly sleepy. The thought of cuddling up to another body in bed was very tempting. Suddenly she made the decision. "Okay then!" She grinned at her sister whose face lit up.

"Quick…while the kids are still outside!" Helen took Rose's hand and quickly led her out of the dining room and up the stairs to her bedroom. Like two children they almost fell into the bedroom and Helen pushed the door close behind her, carefully turning the key in the lock to be on the safe side. The two women turned to face each other.

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Each grinned uncertainly; unsure when to start, and indeed how to start. It was Helen who took the lead. "Come here darling sister…" She took Rose's face in her hands and gently planted a kiss on her lips.

Rose curled her arms around her sister and returned the kiss. To her astonishment Helen opened her mouth and snaked her tongue out.

She had only French kissed with Alan and never with another woman but soon her own mouth opened and the two of them were kissing passionately their tongues wrestling in their mouths.

Rose felt herself being guided back towards the big double bed and Helen pushed her back on to it.

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Rose shuffled back on the bed, quickly followed by Helen who was on all fours crawling towards her. Rose lay back and Helen carefully lay down on top of her sister whose welcoming arms embraced her once again and they continued their kissing.

Rose's legs were wide apart and Helen's body rubbing at her groin awoke feelings inside her she had not had for some time. If she had any doubt about what she was doing these doubts were soon dispelled as the heat of her sister's body warmed her. Helen then lifted herself up on her elbows and gazed at her sister.

"Shall we get undressed then?" she busty milf creampied by her husband hardcore and couples and Rose nodded quickly. Helen eased herself off her sister and lying on her back quickly unbuttoned her blouse and threw it off. Rose watched in warm pleasure as her sister undressed. Her blouse was quickly followed by her cotton trousers and although she had often seen her sister in her underwear she never failed to be amazed by her trim body.

Helen sat up and gazing at her sister, she reached behind her to unhook her bra, pulling it off. Rose gazed at Helens breasts which were small but pert with dark brown nipples. Her body was pale and unblemished, and Helen quickly slid off her panties revealing a shaved pussy. Rose's hand went to her mouth as for the first time for many years, she saw her sister naked. "What do you think then sis?" exclaimed Helen as she lay back on the bed, spreading her arms and legs out.

Rose stifled a giggle. "You look fantastic!" "Your turn!" Rose suddenly realised that she too would have to strip off and quickly pulled her blouse over her head.

She was secretly pleased at the way her sister gazed at her chest, as one thing Rose could be very proud of was her bust. Her breasts were large for her body, and, despite her age, still jutted proudly from her chest. "Crikey they are good!" complimented her sister. "I knew they were big but I didn't think they'd held up that well!" Both girls laughed as Rose unhooked her own bra, allowing her breasts to tumble out.

She glanced down with pride as they swayed softly on her chest, her dark pink nipples jutting out. She had not realized how turned on she was! Ignoring her sister's gasp she quickly stood up and took off her slacks, and then with a brief pause slid her panties down.

She glanced down and quickly ran her fingers through her soft pubic hair which was trimmed, she thought, rather nicely. "God you look like one of those film stars you see in the magazines!" Helen laughed and Rose paraded around the bedroom posing, jutting her breasts out and shaking them. She had never felt so free and relaxed! She stood at the end of the bed and gazed down at her sister who was lying with her legs apart.

She lifted her arms towards Rose. "Come aboard honey!" Rose grinned and quickly climbed onto the bed and lay between her sister's legs. She felt the hair of her own pussy rubbing against the baldness of her sister's and her breasts pressed sleepily on to Helen's chest.

The two girls gazed at each other and then kissed as passionately as they had before. With a groan Helen spread her legs further apart and then brought her thighs up to wrap her legs around Rose's hips. Rose realized that the roughness of her pubic hair against her sister was obviously having some sort of effect and she continued to slide her body between Helen's legs increasing the friction.

To her surprise Helen started to whimper. "God that's nice Rosie…that's lovely…" it was a long time since Helen had called her Rosie and instantly she was taken back to those wonderful days in bed together as children. Rose buried her head into the crook of Helen's shoulder as they writhed and wriggled together until suddenly Helen let out a little cry.

"Oh yes…oh yes that's it…harder… Jesus yes!" Suddenly Helen and stiffened first lesb experience in front of the camera pantyhose lesbians Rose realised she was coming. She was actually coming! She had made her sister come!

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She felt overjoyed at this and hugged her sister closer to her as her orgasm subsided. Realizing that her full weight was probably crushing Helen, Rose carefully rolled off her sister with a gasp. "God I needed that!" Helen turned to look at Rose who grinned back at her. "I've wanted to do that ever since I saw you in your swim suit the other day. Rose grinned, flattered that her sister found her so attractive. The two women lay for a few minutes, each basking in the warmth and comfort, the only contact their fingers intertwined.

Suddenly Helen spoke. "Would you like me to go down on you?" Rose quickly turned to meet Helen's challenging stare.

It was one thing to kiss and cuddle but this was another step entirely. However she knew she could not resist. "That would be brilliant!" Rose grinned and a look of relief crossed Helen's face. "I was hoping you'd say that I love licking another woman's pussy!" Helen grinned at Rose as she looked surprised at the use of the word.

"You don't mind me calling it a pussy do you?

It's a lot better than cunt isn't it?" This shocked Rose who bit her lip and then started giggling. "That's what Alan calls it. I don't like that but it sounds alright coming from you." "God you're such a tart aren't you!" grinned Helen and as she lifted herself up on to all fours and started to shuffle down the bed.

"I am aren't I?" Both girls were remembering when they were children how they used to tease each other that they were easy and would take any boy they could! "I bet you can't wait to feel my tongue on your clit can you?" This made Rose giggle again, unable to help herself.

"Oh yes please! I want your mouth on my pussy and your tongue up my cunt!" Even Helen looked shocked at this and shrieked with laughter as she suddenly knelt between her sister's thighs.

"Gosh it's a nice one isn't it? Have you thought about shaving it?" "Alan likes a bit of hair." Rose peered down between her legs where her sister's head was just visible above the soft fuzz.

Rose laid her head back with a sigh as she felt Helen's two horny lassies lick their wet pussies gently caressing the top of her pussy. Then she felt the soft wetness of her tongue lapping at the lips. Rose thought Alan was good at this but Helen was something else!

Her tongue darted around her pussy, sliding up and down the lips and occasionally stabbing at the opening. All the time her fingers were busily stroking the inside of her thighs and then she felt her sister's lips wrapping themselves around her clitoris. "Jesus that's a big one sis!" Rose heard Helen mutter.

She did have a very prominent clitoris and Alan had often compared it to a small penis. "It's like giving a blow job!" She heard her sister comment as suddenly her lips enveloped the pink bud and this sent Rose through the roof. She gave a cry and jerked her hips as an unbelievable orgasm coursed through her body. She was vaguely aware of her sister's finger probing her pussy which only served to heighten the orgasm and it took some time before her feelings started to quieten.

Her orgasm finished with the brief quiver and she peered down to see Helen's face gazing back at her, a broad grin on it. "Nice?" She asked.

"Fucking fantastic!" Both women laughed. Rose let her head drop back on the pillow again and longed for the end of the month.Caroline was due back at school as was David. They would have plenty of time alone.