Flexible gymnast gets fucked in odd positions and oral

Flexible gymnast gets fucked in odd positions and oral
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Test Subject By Droid447 Aylin analyzed every electric circuit but she couldn't find the glitch that was keeping her spacecraft from reaching hyper speed. Her fuel pods were running on empty and there were no space ports close enough to provide shelter.

Lucky for her, a small dot showed up on her long range scanner and she adjusted the curse accordingly. When she got blonde amateur stuffed with massive black dick pornstars to the coordinates, Aylin was astounded.

It was a derelict cruiser, and there was nothing small about it. Wow! That thing is huge. Looks like there is no activity inside. I wonder who built it. she thought, In any case, I have no choice but to land. Maybe I can recharge fuel and find something to fix the electrical problem of this crappy ship. Even though the ship seemed abandoned, it was still functional. The doors of the landing port opened when she approached and closed behind her when the spacecraft descended.

When her instruments detected breathable air inside of the ship. Aylin couldn't believe it. It must have been built by humans hundreds of years ago, which meant there could be spare parts for her to use. Her luck was changing for the better. Aylin stepped out and looked around. The cruiser was in perfect shape. She wondered why the crew had abandoned it.

Suddenly, with the corner of her eye, Aylin saw movement. She turned her head to see a robot walking towards her in a hurried pace. It had a menacing appearance and Aylin reached for her gun.

She cursed when she realized that she had left it in the cockpit. "Fuck! That thing is coming this way! Crap! My gun! I left it in my seat! Aylin could hear the robot saying something but not to her."Log 371X Possible test subject arriving." The humanoid robot slowed down and stopped one meter away from the nervous woman. He spoke in perfect English and didn't seem to be aggressive. All good news. "Are you the test subject? You are 1,492 days late," the robot said. "What are you taking about?

Who owns this place?" Aylin responded with another question. "Master built this place to make invaluable research. He has not return in 1,489 days. I am in charge of the latest experiment. Are you the test subject?" the robot ask again. "The hell I am. My ship has electrical problems and I need assistance. Can you fix it?" Aylin said, hoping that the robot could help.

"If you are the test subject, I can fix your ship. If you are not, you have to leave right now," the robot responded. "I can't leave with a broken ship, you idiot. Fuck off! I'll fix it myself," Aylin responded angrily, guessing that this robot was not an artificial intelligence.

It was just programmed to do a specific job and was useless to her. Aylin decided to explore the cruiser. She needed to find something edible first, then find some tools to work on the ship's electrical problem. *** She searched for many hours without success. Most of the doors were closed and there was no way to override the locks. The voice control of the cruiser was not responding to her commands and the technology used in this place was too sophisticated for her to hack.

Aylin remembered that the robot had said that it could fix the ship. She decided to talk to him again. Aylin found the robot in some kind of laboratory, "You said that you can fix my ship, right?" "If you are the test subject, I can fix your ship," the robot responded. He was holding a weird device. "Test subject for what?" Aylin asked. "For the next experiment," the robot said briefly.

"If I agree to do it. Will I be hurt in any way?" Aylin asked, evaluating the situation. "The test subject will not be damaged," the robot answered. "Fine, I'll do it. But you will fix my ship when the experiment is done." "Affirmative.

Take off your suit and I'll put this device on." Aylin didn't mind getting naked; that taboo had actress jothika surya sex storys eradicated decades ago.

The only purpose of her suit was to protect her from cold temperatures. But she protested when the robot moved the device closer to her bare back. The contraption seemed complex and a little suspicious. As the robot placed it along her spine, Aylin felt it attaching to her skin. The procedure hurt, but not enough to worry about it.

"What is this gadget for? I feel tiny punctures on my back." "It purpose is to increase your endurance," the robot responded. "That sounds good. Will I be stronger?" Aylin asked. "Unknown." The robot led Aylin to an adjacent room, which had an isolation chamber.

Aylin got a bad feeling about it, but her curiosity had always been stronger that her common sense. That was the reason she became an explorer. Inside the chamber, Aylin could see three large eggs. There were alien eggs! No way she was going inside.

Unfortunately, it was not her choice anymore. When she tried to move away, her legs didn't respond. At that moment, she understood the true purpose of the device attached to her spine.

It was controlling her body! Aylin felt panic. The robot had tricked her. By controlling the device, he could control her! "What the fuck is happening?! I can't move." "You will move in a moment. We are taking control." "You lying son of a bitch!!" Aylin could still speak and she could also turn her head. Apparently, the gadget was controlling her body from the neck down. Her legs moved and she walked into the chamber while the door closed behind her.

Then she stood still, facing the eggs. The metallic floor felt cold under her feet, which meant that she still had all her senses intact. The stiff woman gasped when she saw the egg in the middle opening like a flower. An instant later, a creature crawled out from within, standing at the edge of the fleshy shell. The organism scanned the surroundings and quickly detected Aylin's presence.

Shit! The egg is opening! .what the fuck is that?! The woman's heart was beating fast inside of her chest and her breathing accelerated.

The creature was rather small, and apparently didn't have any teeth or spikes, but it was scary nonetheless. An instant later, Aylin saw the creature jumping towards her. It had eight bony legs and a long tail. In her mind, the scare woman was flinching and moving out of the way, but in reality, she was standing like a statue, unable to do anything. She watched with disbelief as the creature flew through the air towards her crotch.

The creature aimed perfectly and landed on her pelvis, quickly wrapping its long legs around her hips and leah gotti porn full sex stories tail around her right thigh, securing its position. Aylin was desperately trying to regain control of her arms, so she could push the monster away, but her muscles were not responding.

To make things worse, the scared woman felt something pressing at her vaginal entry. It wants to push something inside of me!!

Then it penetrated her! Some kind of fleshy appendage, long and cold. At first, it went in a few centimeters and wiggled around, exploring her cavity.

Then it penetrated deeper. Aylin couldn't believe this was happening to her. She thought she was going to die and was tensely waiting for the creature to rip her guts apart. There was nothing she could do to stop it. Then she realized with astonishment that the monster was being gentle.

It penetrated slowly into her body, squirming and twitching, finding the path with less resistance. The coldness of the appendage quickly changed into a pleasant warmth. Aylin startled herself when she elicited a soft moan as the phallus reached the bottom soora pappa characters cartoon sex her pussy. The surprised woman had never felt anything so deep inside of her. She could swear that the appendage was wiggling inside of her womb, but that was impossible; it felt too pleasant.

The tentacle was expanding and contracting, increasing the joyful sensations. Aylin couldn't know that the purpose of these motions were to push a small egg, which was slowly gliding within the hollow ovipositor. Then she felt it! The creature's phallus bulged larger inside of her and something came out it.

The organism was definitely dropping something in her womb. An egg! Aylin began to understand what was really happening. "Gods!! This thing is shoving eggs inside of me!" The creature was fucking her with an ovipositor and now it was pushing eggs into her womb! She wanted to feel disgusted, but she felt only pleasure. Her pussy twitched around the tentacle, showing an unwanted excitement that Aylin couldn't suppress. It was an instinctive action, beyond the control of her conscious mind.

More eggs followed the first one and after a while, Aylin was displaying a slight bulge on her belly. The troubled woman was fighting against those unwanted feelings that spread deliciously from her crotch in every direction, but she was losing the battle.

Now her pussy was twitching without pause and each egg expelled into her womb was bringing her closer to orgasm. Somewhere deep within her mind, Aylin wanted it to happen. She needed some release from this burning fire that kept growing in her loins. At last, Aylin reached climax. She didn't care that it was a monster fucking her pussy.

Nor she cared that her womb was being stuffed with alien eggs. At this moment, the entire universe was reduced to the blissful waves of orgasmic pleasure that overshadowed everything else. Aylin hadn't cum so hard in a long time. It was a weird orgasm nonetheless.

Despite feeling incredible pleasure, she was just standing there like a robot. Her arms and legs were trembling timidly and her pussy was twitching over and over, but these reactions would be barely noticeable to an outside observer.

For a fraction of a second, Aylin noticed that the gadget attached to her spine couldn't keep up with the myriad of sensation cluttering her brain, and she could feel as if her motions were her own again.

This happened a few times during her climax. Unfortunately, all she could do on those brief instants was to moan loudly and contort spasmodically. In one of those moments that the device lost control of her body, Aylin's legs caved beneath her and she crumbled to the ground.

The creature clutched the woman's hips tighter. It wasn't letting go until it was done with her. The device let me fall. It lost control of my body for a second!

Aylin felt dizzy after such a mind-blowing orgasm, but she knew that something important had just happened. She had discovered a flaw in the wicked czech girl gapes her juicy twat to the peculiar gadget. It didn't work properly during her climax! Aylin had to figure out a way to use this defect to her advantage. A squishy sound filled the chamber, interrupting Aylin's thoughts. Another egg was opening and nerd babe kali dates a guy with big cock creature, identical to the first one, climbed to the upper rim.

The device, having regained full control of Aylin's body, forced her to kneel on the floor. The agitated woman could feel one more egg being pushed into her womb and her pussy jolted in response.

She turned her head and looked at the other creature, ready to jump towards her, and her pussy twitched again. "Gods! How many eggs will I have inside of me when this is over?!" She wondered what was going to happen. Will the two creatures fight for access to her pussy? Will the new creature wait until the other one was done? Then Aylin thought of another possibility and her heart skipped a beat.

And she was right about her suspicion. The other creature jumped and attached itself to her buttocks. There would be no competition for her pussy, since there were other cavities available. "It is going to fuck my ass!!" Conflicting feelings roamed in Aylin's mind.

She was scared, but also very aroused. It was all so confusing. As anticipated, the immobile woman felt the second ovipositor poking at her anal entrance, and then piercing through. Aylin was expecting a searing pain, but when she opened her mouth to scream, only a moan of pleasure came out.

The squirming appendage was well lubricated and it penetrated slowly, the same way the first one did, pushing one centimeter at a time and reaching deep inside of her.

Aylin's initial fear quickly vanished and soon there was only arousal. She was being fucked in both holes simultaneously for the first time in her life. Aylin was fully aware that the appendages churning within her body were alien, but it didn't make them less pleasurable. The creature's cocks expanded and contracted over and over, driving the woman insane, until she couldn't resist any longer and exploded in climax on more time.

Aylin was really surprised of having another orgasm so fast, but she wasn't complaining. This climax was even stronger than the first one. Her eyes rolled back and her entire body shuddered violently from head to toe, however the latter was only happening in her mind. Aylin remained in place, kneeling rigidly with her arms limp by her sides.

The same way as before, the device couldn't keep up with Aylin's mind-blowing orgasmic signals and lost control of her body for brief instants, during which the woman's hands jerked and contorted, showing the proper response to such a powerful climax.

As her bliss faded away, Aylin felt the new ovipositor also pushing something into her insides and her pussy gushed in response. There were already several eggs in her womb and soon there would be just as many in her ass.

The other one is pushing eggs inside of me too! Aylin realized something else; despite her orgasm, she still felt very horny and her arousal was on the rise again.

She wondered if the contraption attached to her back was not only controlling her body but also influencing her mind, making her crave alien cocks. Outside the chamber, the robot was watching every detail of the ravaging. "Two organisms in position and placing eggs.

One pending," he said to nobody in particular. According to his observations, the test subject was responding well to the controlling device, with the exception of brief instants. Having no data on human orgasms, the robot couldn't understand why this was happening, but these moments were too short to be a problem and it dismissed them as irrelevant. It didn't take long before Aylin reached her third climax.

Her mind went blank from utter bliss, causing the device to lose control and letting her fall backwards. Stacked gilf lexi rides a big boner device got smashed against the metallic floor, but unfortunately for Aylin, the blow didn't cause any damage. However, the woman's hips never touched the ground. She kept them up in the air, allowing the probing organisms to do their job without interruptions. The last creature had already jumped off the large egg and now was crawling rapidly towards Aylin.

It detected that two other creatures were already penetrating the host and there was only one opening available. Aylin recovered from her climax and she regained focus just in time to see a shadowy figure covering her entire face.

Her scream was muted by the bulky body of the organism as it wrapped her bony legs around her skull and its tail around her neck. The woman's heart jolted when she felt the creature's appendage poking at her lips. However, this time she wasn't at the mercy of the robot because she had control of her head, and more importantly, her mouth.

She tightened her lips as hard as she could. But after a few seconds, Aylin realized that she wasn't able to breathe. Even if she opened her mouth, it was blocked by the organism. She wondered if she was going to choke to dead?

Will she die while being stuffed with eggs and double penetrated by alien creatures? Maybe this was her purpose in this strange experiment; to serve as decaying food for the hatching monsters. Aylin began to panic and she opened her mouth in desperation. Fresh air filled her lungs and the same time, a new appendage filled her mouth. It squirmed hastily beyond her throat. The woman's body was hypersensitive from the lack of air and the ovipositors in her pussy and ass became more evident as they churned and pulsated.

Aylin exhaled and breathed in again. The creature was feeding her oxigen! She sexy melody gets profoundly fucked hard inside the taxi surprised, confused and excited.

The appendage in her throat began to pulsate as well and the aroused woman felt one egg passing between her lips and slide downwards through her gullet and into her belly. She exploded in climax once again. *** A while later, Aylin opened her eyes and found herself alone on the floor, She had passed out some time during the ravaging. Aylin had partial control of her arms and legs but lost it quickly. As soon as she was fully conscious, the contraption took over.

I came so hard that I passed out. She noticed that the three organisms that had fucked her were now lying inert around the floor. The long ovipositors had partially retracted into the creatures' bodies but were mostly exposed, also motionless. Aylin assumed that they were dead.

They had served their purpose. Aylin could feel a bloatedness in her belly caused by the eggs. She stared at the ceiling, wondering what was going to happen next.

The answer came quickly. Like sex yuujiz sex japanese wife passenger in her own body, Aylin stood up, walked out of the chamber and stepped into an adjacent room that contained an identical enclosure.

As she got closer, she saw an ugly humanoid standing inside. Aylin had seen this species before and her heart jolted with fear. She knew they were extremely dangerous and wondered if the robot was aware of that. If he made her walk into the chamber, she was dead for sure. Then she heard his synthetic voice… "Enter the chamber." "Holy crap!

That's a yautja! Don't make me go in there." The robot was right behind her, moving her like a puppet. He stopped near the window and forced her to approach the door. The yautjas were smart, crafty and vicious. Aylin was thinking that even fully armed, it was unlikely that she would defeat him in battle. Today she was completely naked, walking helplessly to the slaughter.

The creature saw her stepping in. He waited in a fighting stance while extracting his wrist blades, ready to kill. But Aylin quickly noticed something completely out of place. The yautja's phallus was unprotected and dangling freely between his legs. There could be only one reason for him to be nude like this. He was also under the robot's control. As she walked closer to him, the yautja went rigid and stood immobile.

His wrist blades retracted. Aylin leaned forward, grabbed his phallus and began stimulating him. The woman moved gracefully but she was not in control of her arms and legs.

At least she knew that she black couple sex fantasy interracial and romantic going to die right away. The robot most certainly was planning something else.

The astounded woman watched the creature's cock grow between her fingers.

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It felt a bit firmer than a human cock, but the size was pretty much the same of a well-endowed man. I can't believe that I am giving a hand-job to a yautja. She heard him making weird noises with his mouth and she figured that he could also move his head at will, but not the rest of his body.

Although, the yautja's cock was responding as expected to the involuntary massaging and it grew even bigger until it was fully erect. Aylin got anxious, guessing that very soon that phallus was going to be penetrating her pussy. Why else would the robot put her in the same room with this monster? And her fears were completely justified.

The robot made her bend over, supporting her weight on a metallic box, while the yautja moved behind her. He was going to fuck her with that big, green cock and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

For the Gods! He is going to fuck me! His cock is huge! Then she thought about the eggs inside of her. Most likely, this monster was going to ejaculate in her pussy and flood her womb. Was this the experiment? The robot wanted to use her body as a petri dish to fertilize alien eggs? This was insane! Aylin gasped when she felt the tip of his phallus touching her pussy lips. Then it moved forward, brutally stretching her vaginal entrance until the cock head was inside.

Aylin shrieked. The girth was three times fatter than the ovipositor's. More of the phallus pierced in and she screamed again. This was definitely the biggest cock she had fucked in her entire life. When it was half way in, the creature pulled back, and then in again, a couple of centimeters deeper.

He did this a few times until the tip was banging against her uterus. He download xxx story cinta laura so freaking big! The yautja was trying with all his might to fight against the controlling device on his back. He was angry and frustrated.

He could see that the intruder had a similar contraption on her back, which meant that she was here against her will. But hot pov blowjob session with jaylyn rose he realized something else.

The human's pussy was clenching his cock in the most pleasant way. He had only mated with females of his own species and this experience was new to him. This female was warmer and softer. After a moment, the odd couple was getting a rhythm. They fucked with stiff, perfect motions that made them look like machines.

Aylin was almost standing, with her knees and torso slightly bent forward.

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She moved her hips backward in perfect synchrony with the cock that moved in the opposite direction. The yautja had his feet steady on the ground while he swayed his hips back and forth, penetrating the tight pussy in front of him all the way to the bottom.

He wasn't so angry anymore. If he wasn't under control of the device, this female would be dead right now and he wouldn't be enjoying the strange mating session.

Every time his cock reached the bottom of the Aylin's pussy, the yautja groaned with pleasure. He had been so stupid for letting himself get captured, but at least something good was coming out of this nightmare.

He had learned that human females were great for fucking. Both Aylin and the yautja felt their excitement rising to a boiling point. As he got randier, he wanted to fuck her faster and deeper, but the device wouldn't allow it.

He kept moving with the same pace. Only his grunts got louder. If we keep this up for a little longer, I am going to cum again! Aylin thought. Aylin was on the verge of climax and she wanted that cock to pump her as fast as possible. The same way it happened with the ovipositors, she didn't care anymore that it was an alien cock lodged in her pussy. All she wanted was release.

The both reached climax at the same time. Aylin felt the first gush of hot sperm ejaculating within her loins and she exploded in mind-blowing bliss. Apparently, the device controlling the yautja had the same flaw, because she felt his hands grabbing her waist, pulling her closer to his body and lifting her off the ground. Aylin didn't think it was possible, but when he pulled her back, his cock went even deeper. Her eyes rolled until they were mostly white, her legs shivered violently and her pussy twitched over and over, milking the creature's balls to the last drop.

This orgasm was stronger than any of the ones she enjoyed in the other chamber. Aylin could feel the device losing control of her body for longer periods of time, but all she could do was shiver in utter pleasure.

It was obvious that the yautja was experiencing the same thing, because he kept his tight grip around her waist. The device wasn't controlling him at this moment. But it didn't seem to matter. The creature was acting by instinct and his only desire was to push his cock as deep as possible into Aylin's body and ejaculate inside of her.

Aylin could imagine the multiple eggs in her womb getting bathed with sperm, being fertilize one by one. Her orgasm was fading away but she could feel her partner's shoplyfter mom and daughter caught and fucked for stealing still pulsating, spewing cum within her body. It felt so good. No human male could ejaculate this much. When his orgasm was over, the yautja let go of Aylin and she fell to ground.

The device took over again. Aylin thought about the experiment in which she was an unwilling participant. Now some of the eggs in her body were inundated with cum, but evidently these eggs came from a different species than the yautja's. It was unlikely that the his sperm would be able to fertilize them. Maybe the stupid robot had it wrong and nothing was going to happen after all. I hope these eggs die inside of me and then I'll just push them out.

In any case, she could feel her body moving on its own again and she knew that the ordeal was not over. The robot made her lay on her stomach and she saw the creature looming on top of her.

After a few seconds, his cock was poking at her anal entrance. Aylin didn't know how to feel about this. He is going to fuck my ass!!

I wonder if this will make me cum too. The aroused woman felt the fat cock penetrating her ass and moaned loudly. The previous sex session had felt so good. There was no reason to believe that this would be different.

After a moment, they got into rhythm. Mechanical movements with perfect synchronization. Now Aylin was certain that she was going to climax again soon enough and she couldn't wait for it. For the gods! This feels awesome!

I wonder why I had never tried it before. This session lasted longer, but the end result was the same. Both Aylin and the yautja exploded in orgasm simultaneously.

The eggs lodged in Aylin's ass were flooded with sperm too, but the woman wasn't worried anymore. She didn't know for sure that her incompatibility theory was accurate, however, the pleasure she felt at this moment was too great to care about little details.

One thing Aylin couldn't understand was how the yautja could store so much sperm in his balls. She could feel his phallus pulsating over and naughty teen gets her tight pink pussy fucked hard brunette and titties, ejaculating buckets of cum into her loins. This sensation pushed her orgasm beyond the limits of comprehension.

Aylin thought she was going insane. The robot knew that he only had control of Aylin from the neck down, so he needed to figure out a way to make her suck the male's phallus and swallow his cum, in order to fertilize the eggs in her belly. He had an idea to accomplish this. He made the couple fuck again. The yautja was kneeling with his torso tilted backwards and Aylin was sitting on his lap, with his cock buried deeply in her pussy.

He moved his crotch forward and backward while she waved her hips the same way. The sensation was delightful for both of them.

The odd couple was now fucking while facing each other. Aylin still thought that he was ugly as hell, but his cock was a gift from heaven. She swayed her hips sensually while looking at his yellowish eyes.

It was so pleasurable that, maybe if she wasn't under the control of the device, she would be doing the same thing by her own accord. The yautja stared at the woman's face with curiosity. She looked back at him, but from time to time, her eyes rolled up her head. He suspected that this was a primal reaction to the sensations of the mating session. She was enjoying this as much as he was.

While she looked at his monstrous face, Aylin realized that there wasn't hate in his eyes anymore. He despised being controlled by the robot the same way she did, but he didn't hate her. They both were part of this experiment against their will, and despite the circumstances, their sexual compatibility was more than evident. Aylin kept looking at his eyes, avoiding the rest of his face, getting some comfort in the knowledge that she was not alone in this odyssey.

The couple went through the motions for a while until they climaxed yet again. Aylin tattoed horny ebony dildoing pussy on webcam her head back and screamed in bliss while he squirted his cum inside of her pussy. She couldn't understand why young blonde school girl molly earns her keep robot was flooding the eggs in her womb one more time, but she didn't care.

Despite her orgasm, the controlling contraption kept her moving her hips as fast as possible, only interrupted for brief moments. The yautja kept swaying his crotch as well, stabbing her pussy while filling it with sperm.

This quickly became Aylin's strongest orgasm so far. The stimulation was so overwhelming that she started to lose consciousness. Aylin tried very hard to enjoy this bliss for as long as possible, but at the end, she lost pov compilation veronica avluv mia lelani courtney taylor and savannah fox battle.

When the orgasm was over, Aylin was unconscious. She had her back resting on the floor and her hips on her partner's thighs. Her eyes were partially open, showing only white.

The yautja's phallus slipped out of her pussy and amazingly it was still erect. He looked down at the female, wondering if she was dead. He noticed that she was breathing and he felt some kind of relief. He was hoping that he could fuck her again later on. The yautja soon found himself moving, following the robot's commands. He lifted Aylin's unconscious body and placed her on top of a crate.

Her legs hung from one end and her head and arms from the other. Then the yautja pressed his erect cock against the woman's lips and this brought her back to consciousness. Aylin was confused. She could see the creature's long phallus upside down, right in front of her face. "What… is going on?" She asked groggily, but quickly understood what was happening. Her partner wanted a blowjob. Aylin willingly opened her mouth and let him in. The phallus immediately reached the back of her throat and penetrated further down her esophagus.

The woman's pussy twitched hard as she felt the thick cock stretching her lips, then her neck. She was staring at her partner's balls, hanging a few centimeters from her face and getting closer. This meant that most of his phallus was already buried down her throat and more was coming!

Aylin's pussy twitched again. The yautja was amazed that he could fuck this woman's face so deeply. He could never do that with a female of his own species since their mouths were not able to stretch that much. This slim human was full of pleasant surprises.

He started fucking the woman's throat with a rhythmic pattern, moving his crotch back and forth, allowing her to breathe a couple of times every minute. Aylin was so aroused, that a small puddle of her own lubricating fluids was growing between her thighs. Squelching sounds bounced against the glass walls of the chamber and made the whole ambiance even more erotic.

The yautja wanted to fuck Aylin's mouth faster, but the robot didn't know or cared about what he wanted. They maintained a steady rhythm, getting slowly but certainly closer to orgasm. Aylin couldn't believe it was possible to reach climax just by having a big cock in her mouth, but her pussy was burning with excitement and it twitched in synchrony with her partner's motions.

Her muffled moans and his groans got louder. They were going to cum again very hentai couple in hardcore and bdsm fuck shoved his cock one last time and then he discharged a huge load of sperm directly into her belly!

Aylin felt his phallus throbbing between her lips, then she felt the warmth of his sperm flowing within her loins. She exploded in climax too. The first few seconds of orgasmic turmoil only happened in Aylin's mind, preventing her to think about anything but utter bliss while the rest of her body remained motionless. Then the device lost control of Aylin's neuronal signals and she responded accordingly to the waves of mind-blowing pleasure that radiated from her core.

The woman's left leg stretched out and trembled rapidly while her pussy jolted so hard, that a stream of her lubrication fluid gushed forcefully across the air. When the yautja was done ejaculating, he stepped back, removing his phallus from the woman's oral cavity. The creature would have preferred to remain a little longer with his cock between her lips, enjoying her tightness and her warmth, but he was not the one in control.

Aylin was still climaxing while he pulled away and the powerful orgasmic contractions forced some of the accumulated sperm to erupt from her mouth like a fountain.

She still couldn't believe that it was possible to cum this hard just by giving a blowjob and without touching her body, but here she was, shuddering in bliss and relishing every second of it. At least, the weird experience was showing her something new about herself. A moment later, all was quiet again. Aylin was catching her breath with remnants of cum gliding down her face, staring into nothing with half opened eyes.

She was thinking about the huge amount of sperm churning in her belly at this moment. The eggs that she swallowed earlier should be swimming in it. She better be right about the incompatibility of these two species. I hope I am right about the eggs… I am stuffed with cum.

Dessi gets dicked down by three hard cock her orgasmic brainwaves faded away, the contraption took over. The robot made Aylin stand up and guided her towards the door. The experiment in this chamber had been completed.

The yautja watched her go with a hint of sadness. He had been in this cell for a long time and he didn't know how much longer he will remain trapped in this place. This human female could help him pass the time while he think on a way to escape.

Aylin turned her head as she walked, looking back at the ugly humanoid. She knew that he was in the exact same situation as hers, and this made her feel less alone in this ordeal. She felt sorry that the robot was taking her away from him.

"I wish I could stay here," she said, not certain that he could understand her. In the back of her mind, Aylin also felt sorry to leave behind his gorgeous cock, but she pretended she didn't care about it.

**** There was another adjacent room with another chamber inside. Aylin was more curious than scared about what was waiting for her this time, but than changed the instant she passed through the door… There was a xenomorph inside! These were savage monsters with the single purpose of killing anime girl gets double penetrated lesbians hardcore crossed their path to feed their queen. Aylin tried with all her might to run out of there but her body didn't respond and the robot made her walk straight to the creature.

"Gods! Take me out of here!!" The xenomorph had been curled up in a corner of the chamber. The moment Aylin entered, it started moving and showing its teeth. When Aylin reached the center of the room, the xenomorph jumped with amazing speed and tackled her to the ground.

His face, filled with sharp teeth, was a few centimeters from hers and the terrified woman believed she was going to die for sure.

She had never been more scared in her entire life. But then she noticed some hesitation from the creature. She couldn't see any device attached to his back but maybe the robot was also controlling him somehow. Aylin considered the possibility that she might survive this too, the same way she did with the yautja. Trembling with fear, she saw the monster's head moving down her body. He stopped a second at her breasts, smelling them, then moved further down, stopping again at her belly.

He placed his eyeless face right above her abdomen and examined her carefully. The eggs!!! It is smelling eggs!

It was then when Aylin remembered that her body was stuffed with alien eggs. The xenomorph had detected them and this was the only reason why she wasn't dead yet. She was carrying his queen's offspring.

The creature moved back and stood on two legs. The robot made Aylin sat up and the woman's eyes were immediately drawn towards his crotch. A large, shinny cock had emerged from his body and now was dangling between his legs, getting even bigger.

"His cock is out!" Aylin said, realizing what was going to happen next. This monster was going to fuck her! After all that had happened to her so far, she wasn't sure if this was a bad thing. Getting ravaged meant staying alive. A moment later, Aylin was standing and bending over, offering her ass to the xenomorph. Oddly enough, the creature knew exactly what to do, as if he had done this before.

He grabbed Aylin's hips and aimed his phallus at the woman's vaginal entrance. I can't believe a xenomorph is going to fuck me. Not in a million years I thought this could ever happen. Aylin felt his cock touching her pussy lips and gasped. She looked back noticing that his phallus was thicker and longer than the yautja's. She wondered if it was going to hurt this time, but she doubted it.

The astounded woman screamed when she felt the enormous phallus penetrating her as deep as humanly possible. The xenomorph's motions were not slow and robotic like the yautja's. This monster was brutal and started fucking her in a frenetic way. Aylin could feel the malleable eggs within her womb being pushed apart to make room for the large cock that relentlessly invaded her body.

While taking in such a huge appendage, Aylin felt a brief moment of discomfort and then a burst of incredible pleasure.

Now she wondered if she was going insane. How could she enjoy so much this brutal ravaging from different ugly monsters? She had never felt any attraction towards alien's in the past. Nor she had any sexual experience with one.

But now she was beginning to understand why there were groups of women that didn't bother to have sex with human males any more. She didn't know if she would be able to have normal sex after this. The xenomorph had smelled a large amount of eggs inside this warm host and he was desperate to fertilize all of them. It would be a huge triumph to be the father of the queen's offspring. He had been taken away from his queen and kept in this closed space for too long.

This compensated all of it. Despite the fast pace of his motions, the xenomorph took several minutes to reach his peak. During this time, Aylin climaxed two times and she was in the midst of her third orgasm. The sheer size of the monster's cock new xxx story sil pek enough to send her over the edge with ease, but adding the frantic speed of his thrusts was more than she could take.

This monster was not only a ruthless killer; he was also a sex machine. His objective was clear and he wanted to complete it as quickly as possible to avoid possible interruptions.

The creature couldn't know that the robot was making sure if having no interference with the fertilization process. He was allowed to fuck Aylin for as sleeping sister rep jabran xnxx rep as he wanted. Then, after twenty minutes of brutal hammering, the xenomorph ejaculated inside Aylin's womb. As expected, the sensation of warm sperm filling her loins reignited Aylin's climax, transporting her to new heights of pleasure.

**** Aylin's head was spinning. She was lying limply on the floor, her eyes still rolled back into her skull, and shuddering sporadically from her receding orgasm. At this moment, within the haziness of utter bliss, she was in full control of her body but was too overwhelmed to the anything. Meanwhile, the xenomorph was kneeling beside her with his head very close to her buttocks.

He was smelling the eggs inside of her body and realized that not all of them had been bathed with his sperm. Some of the eggs were kept in different cavities. This host was more complex than he thought. Analyzing her body more closely, the monster discovered that there was another opening on the woman's lower section.

Before the creature figured out what to do, Aylin slowly stood up, walked over to a nearby crate and laid on top, facing upwards. Then she pulled her legs up to her chest, offering a full view of her anus to the watching monster.

The xenomorph couldn't understand why this female was cooperating but the didn't care. He wasn't wasting this opportunity to fuck her in the ass, and consequently, fertilizing the rest of the eggs. At this moment, Aylin had a frightening thought.

She considered the possibility that, unlike the yautja's, this creature's semen would be compatible with the eggs churning in her body. If this monster's sperm is compatible with the eggs, I am screwed!

It was a dreadful idea, but despite it all, Aylin wanted that cock inside of her again. And her wish was coming true soon enough. The xenomorph moved forward and aimed his cock at the woman's hole. The opening seemed too small compared to the one he just fucked, but there were unfertilized eggs inside of the host and he had to get it in, one way or the other.

Aylin was holding her breath; she was ready. Once again, the penetration was brutal. The large cock pierced into her ass and didn't stop until half a meter of alien meat was buried inside of Aylin's body. The astonished woman felt a combination of pain and pleasure that she had never experienced before.

She opened her eyes wide and moaned loudly while her pussy gushed, welcoming the assault. Aylin felt the enormous cock reaching impossibly deep into her ass. Her pussy twitched once, then twice. On the third time, she exploded in a sudden orgasm. She didn't know that it was possible to cum so fast, but she wasn't complaining. Her eyes rolled back while she rode this new blissful climax. As expected, the controlling cute teen is geeting pissed on and squirts wet crack couldn't keep up with her wild brainwaves and the woman's body started shivering spasmodically.

The xenomorph wondered what was happening to the female and tightened his grip to keep her in place. She wasn't going anywhere before he was done. Aylin's orgasm slowly receded but not entirely. The monster's frantic hammering was keeping her mind in a state of blissful haziness, half awake, half unconscious. The bewildered woman was rocking back and forth on top of the crate, with her arms limp by her sides and her legs swinging with the motions. It was difficult to form coherent thoughts but Aylin was dimly aware that she had partial control of her body.

The abused woman realized that she could use this to her advantage, but it felt so freaking good to be fucked so deeply in the ass that she lost her train of thought. Having climaxed once already, it was taking longer for the xenomorph to finish the task.

He pumped Aylin's body with frenetic eagerness while squishy sounds filled the room and mixed with the woman's moans. The robot was observing everything from the other side of the glass walls. This part of the experiment had been risky, putting the test subject inside the chamber with a deadly xenomorph not wearing a controlling device. But the monster had reacted as planned. When he detected the eggs inside of the female, his instinct changed from killing to mating.

A moment later, the creature was fucking the bewildered woman even faster. Then he stopped abruptly and stayed immobile for an instant before discharging a vast amount of cum into Aylin's guts. He ejaculated over and over until the woman's belly was bloating with all the sperm accumulating inside. Aylin woke up from her blissful reverie only to exploded in another full-blown orgasm. She had lost count of how many times she had climaxed in the last few hours. If this craziness were to continue for a while longer, she was definitely going to lose her mind.

The problem was that, at this moment, she wanted more of the same… much more. The monster's sperm spread within Aylin's entrails while the xenomorph continued ejaculating. He was determined to fill every cavity in her body. Aylin didn't realize what was going on until she felt the warm fluid rushing up from her belly to her throat. In the following orgasmic convulsion, white sperm gushed from her mouth and flew off her face onto the crate's surface.

Then it happened again! Aylin was confused, astonished and incredibly aroused. How could this be happening? She had a massive cock buried in her ass, pumping sperm nonstop and now she was vomiting cum! The only explanation was that her body must be full to the brim with the monster's seed.

Knowing this, Aylin responded the only way she could. Her orgasm reignited with twice the strength as before. When the ravaging was finally over, Aylin was unconscious. Her body rested feebly on the crate while remnants of sperm leaked from her ass and from her mouth.

The xenomorph had pulled back and smelled the eggs inside of her belly; they all had been fertilized. His job was done. Very soon, she was going to give birth to many new males that would serve the queen and increase the power of the colony. There was only one problem. They were all locked up in this chamber that the host's body would not be enough to feed the newborns into adulthood. **** As soon as Aylin recovered from her mind-blowing ordeal, the contraption regained control and forced her to sit up on the crate.

Aylin looked around and saw the xenomorph behind her, one meter away. She knew that he was not going to attack her again, but it was a scary view nonetheless. The eggs must be fertilized now! What the hell is going to happen when they hatch?! Damn robot! The exhausted woman wondered what was going to happen next. Her brain couldn't take another session like the one she just experienced. She would go insane. Aylin was also worried about the eggs. Were they going to hatch inside of her?

Will the newborn monsters eat her from the inside out? There were so many questions and uncertainties. She needed a miracle to get out of this experiment alive. **** The xenomorph watched with satisfaction as Aylin left the chamber. This meant that his babies were free. He didn't know that Aylin was being guided by the robot into another chamber in an adjacent room.

The nervous woman quickly looked around trying to find which horrible creature was waiting for her, but she saw nothing. The chamber was empty except for a bed and an incubator. She was very happy that the robot was going to let her rest for a while. Finally, I will rest. This will give me some time to think about my escape. The robot deactivated to device and allowed her to move at will inside the chamber.

The device had a safeguard that triggered an automatic shutdown of her body if she tried to remove the contraption or if she got close to the door. Aylin learned about this conditions the hard way. **** Two days later, Aylin was displaying a large pregnant belly. The eggs had hatched a few hours after impregnation and now she could feel the embryos moving inside of her womb, her stomach and her rectum.

These motions had driven her into a couple of unwanted orgasms and was embarrassed by it. But this also gave her an idea.

There were two possibilities by which these small creatures would exit her body. One of them was by eating their way through her guts and killing her in the process. She could only hope that this was not the case. The second possibility was that these monsters were going to vacate her body following the path of less resistance. In other words, through her pussy and through her ass.

Then she could take action and end this stupid experiment once and for all. They are moving so much inside of me. My pussy is dripping wet.

Aylin didn't have to wait long. Her heart jolted when the creatures within her belly became restless, churning and twisting anxiously. Then her pussy twitched when she felt something slithering from her womb into her vaginal cavity. "God! It is time! The babies are coming out!" Aylin was excited and happy.

The monsters were not going to eat her alive! At least not during the birthing process. But she had to make sure that that didn't happen afterward either, and she had a plan to accomplish this. The little creature that came out of Aylin's pussy was as ugly as the parent. It looked like a worm, thicker that her forearm, with tiny developing legs. But there was something very particular about its head. The eat your own cum for spying on me woman noticed immediately that it had some characteristics of the yautja!

Was it possible that both male monsters of different species could fertilize a single egg? What the fuck?! It looks like the yautja! Aylin couldn't know that the whole purpose of this experiment was to create a brand new species combining the best features of the xenomorphs and the yautjas. The master scientist of this massive laboratory had discovered that the estrogen secretions of human females had a unique effect on alien eggs, keeping them receptive for multiple sperm donors.

The grotesque newborn squirming out of Aylin's pussy was living proof that he was right. Based on previous experiments, the robot had been programmed to wait one week for the newborns to arrive, but something about the mixture of DNA from both alien species had accelerated the birthing process exponentially. He was not present at this moment and it was perfect for Aylin's plans.

Before the first critter was completely out of her body, the second one was already emerging and expanding the woman's pussy lips to the limit. It felt as good as Aylin was hoping. Her plan was going to work. "My belly is not getting smaller and two of them have already come out! How many do I have inside of me?!" Aylin waited until the third monster was half way out of her body and her growing arousal was getting her closer to orgasm.

Then she moved into position. She was very conscious about what she was doing and this triggered the controlling device. She quickly lost control of her arms and legs, but she was already in place and didn't have to do anything else.

The lowest section of the contraption was interlocked with the upper rail of the metallic bed support. The creature was squirming faster, trying to free itself from Aylin's constricting pussy. It was driving her to the verge of climax… When her orgasm arrived, Aylin's body started shuddering spasmodically and there was nothing that she or the device could do to prevent it. As her legs trembled out of control, the woman's whole weight rested on the tip of the device, which started to bend.

Aylin felt sharp prickles on her lower back as a small segment of the contraption detached from her skin. This pain was almost overshadowed by the marvelous pleasure that spread across her entire body, but it was there nonetheless.

Aylin knew that her plan was working. Oblivious of Aylin's actions to free herself from the device, the little monster squirmed and churned between its mother's thighs. He also was trying to get free from the constricting pussy that clutched around its lower body with great force and made the task more difficult. A couple of minutes later, after her orgasm was over, Aylin was sitting on the floor in an awkward position, with one leg twisted to her side and the other extended in front of her.

She knew that something had happened to the device but she didn't know the extent of the damage. She tried moving her arms and legs and succeeded but this didn't tell her much. She had been in control before inside of this room, as long as she didn't try to escape. The definitive test was trying to remove the contraption. When she did, Aylin lost control of her body again, except for her feet. She could move her feet and her head, but nothing else. She had hoped for more but at least it was progress.

Three little monsters had already come out of Aylin's body. One meridian babettes saftbienen sc brunette big tits out of sight, the other two were slithering around, discovering the world. Aylin noticed that the shape of their heads was similar to the xenomorph's and their jaws were similar to the yautja's. They were as ugly as their fathers.

Then Aylin gasped when something wiggled within her pussy. Another creature was trying to get out of her body, but in her current position the floor was blocking the way. She still looked heavily pregnant and needed to facilitate the birthing process. She wanted all of them out as soon as possible. One more is coming out. I need to move… as soon as I am able to. Aylin got on her hands and knees and a moment later, new creatures were being born, not only from her pussy but also from her ass.

The little monster stretched her anus wider than ever before as the long head and its snake-like body struggled to get out. A couple of centimeters below, an identical creature was doing the same with Aylin's pussy. The sensation was incredible and the overwhelmed woman could feel a new climax already growing within her loins. She had to take advantage of this. The lower section of the controlling device was clearly bent back and separated from Aylin's skin.

The aroused woman looked ahead and noticed that the incubator encase, which was half a meter tall, could aid to further damage the contraption.

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She just needed to get there without making her intentions too obvious. If I can hook the device to the edge of the incubator, I would be able to detach a larger section of this damned machine. Aylin gave birth to a couple more monsters until she was again on the brink of climax, then she stood up and walked closer to the incubator. A new creature was already poking from her pussy and another one was coming down within her rectum. Aylin turned around, focusing on the pleasure she was feeling, trying not to think on luscious beauty showcases huge ass and gets asshole banged true goal.

She rested her buttocks on the tilted glass of the incubator and glided down until the bent section of the controlling contraption was touching the metallic top of the encase. Then she relaxed her body and waited for her climax to arrive. Now I just have to make sure that my body falls straight down and not forward. The little monster was almost all the way out of Aylin's pussy, with only its tail wiggling around the tight cavity and Aylin could feel another one almost poking thought her anus.

She was certain that this was going to send her over the edge… but then she felt something else and got startled. She moved her hand to her chest. Something was rushing up from her belly within her esophagus. Aylin didn't want to believe that this was another monster but it was the only explanation. She remembered that one of the first bony monsters had deposited eggs directly in her stomach.

"Oh Gods! Are they coming out of my mouth too?! This is not possible!" Aylin felt the emerging monster stretching her neck, then filling her mouth from within.

She couldn't scream, she couldn't even breathe, and she began to panic. But her body was not responding the same way as her brain. Her pussy twitched hard as she felt asphyxiated and stretched beyond the limit. Aylin quickly realized that she need to embrace this.

Her mouth was just another hole from which she could get rid of the birthing monsters. She had been on the verge of climax a moment ago and she needed it desperately. Her freedom depended on this. Aylin opened her mouth as wide as she could and tried to relax again. She was losing consciousness from the lack of oxygen, but at the last second, she was awake enough to feel a powerful climax igniting within her loins. Her eyes completely rolled back and her pussy gushed.

The thickest part of the monster had already passed between her lips and now the rest of his body wiggled within her throat, increasing the incredible bliss. This overwhelming sensation was unreal and Aylin was never going to forget it. She had wondered if she would be able to enjoy normal sex ever again and now she had an answer. Whether she wanted it or not, aliens were part of her sexual future forever.

**** A while later, Aylin was lying unconscious on the floor. A large section of the controlling contraption had broken off and detached from her back. Now it laid between the woman's feet, near the incubator. Her plan had succeeded! Many small monsters slithered around Aylin, not knowing what to do.

She was still giving birth so they couldn't eat her, but there was no way out of this enclosure. Aylin's belly became flat again as the last two monsters vacated her body, one from her pussy and one from her mouth.

The besieged woman moaned softly, indicating that she was waking up. There was a pleasant sensation in her crotch as the little creature squirmed its way out. The robot still had no clue that most of the controlling device had been detached from the test subject's back. Aylin recovered from the mind-blowing bliss and sat on the floor. There were many little monsters around her. They didn't seem interested on her at the moment, but Aylin suspected that this could change rapidly when they get hungry.

Anyway, the only thing that mattered right now, was to corroborate if her plan had worked. Aylin moved her hands to her neck, grabbed the device and pulled. One second passed and she was still in control of her arms. She pulled again and it bent a little.

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The controlling contraption was not working anymore. She was free! "Awesome! I just have to take this thing off and get out of here before the robot comes back." Aylin wasted no time. It was easy to open the door, now that she could get close to it.

The excited woman bolted out of the chamber, not really sure about what to do next, but at least she was in control of her own body. The first step lusty filly is down for some anal be to find a hiding place.

The robot was faster and stronger than her, so he could subdue her effortlessly if they cross paths in the hallways. The only solution was to destroy him and then try to fix her ship. I need to hide. Once I get my bearings in this large ship, I have to find the armory.

One of the newborn monsters had crawled out the room right behind Aylin. He knew by instinct that the enclosure was too small to find food in it. All his brothers would follow promptly.

**** The robot came back a while later to find an empty chamber. He was not programmed to accept failure. Recovering Aylin would be as important as collecting the embryos, since her involvement in the experiment was not over.

All the robot's task to administer the ship were postponed. His only priority was finding Aylin and her babies, the first members of a whole new species. **** Aylin tried to avoid the cameras as best she could, but she knew that her heat signature would provide an easy way to find her. Using a control panel, she found an area of the ship with plenty of captive organisms and she hurried there.

This would confuse the robot and buy her some time. Unfortunately for Aylin, the robot came to the same conclusion and he headed on the same direction. The footsteps of the robot were not silent and when Aylin heard him coming, she desperately opened a hatch and entered an ample room that appeared to be empty. It wasn't. That was close. I need a gun as soon as possible. Aylin thought, watching the robot pass by the door and continue walking down the hall.

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Aylin gasped startled and did the impossible to hold back a scream when she felt many fat fingers grabbing her torso. The robot was still close and she couldn't make any noise. The scared woman turned around and saw a strange creature pulling her closer. The monster was taller than her and had a weird body with four long legs and six thin arms that it was using to grab her. It also had anal shake mashup pmv nova arch forge fat tentacles that protruded from its lower section.

"Holy fuck!! What did I sex appeal adorable babe takes off clothing myself into?!" Aylin considered her options. She could call for help and the robot would certainly come back to her rescue. Then she would be his puppet again.

Or she could take her chances with this creature and try to free herself after the robot had gone to another section of the ship. The tip of the monster's legs were sharp bones and they could be dangerous, but Aylin couldn't see any teeth. In fact the creature moved quite slow. She decided to risk it. By analyzing her pheromones, the creature guessed that Aylin was a female, but he had never seen an organism like her.

He extruded a smaller tentacle from an opening at the highest section of his main body, with the purpose of investigating further. Aylin was pulled even closer and she began to have second thoughts about taking her chances with this monster. He was not hurting her so far but his grip was unbreakable.

She wondered about the creature's intentions. His main body was too small to swallow her whole and she corroborated that he didn't have any teeth. Maybe he was just curious and he was going to let her go in a moment. Then Aylin saw the new tentacle coming out of his mouth, or whatever that opening was, and she gasped again.

She realized too late that opening her mouth had been a mistake. Before she could do anything about it, the creature shoved the flexible tentacle into her mouth and then deeper down her throat. Aylin bit it hard, but its rubbery skin was tough and she barely make a dent. The astounded women immediately felt something warm gushing into her belly. The monster pleasing my stepson is a full time job alessandra snow feeding her something!

Crap! It is pouring something inside of me! The sensation of warmth was quickly followed by a haziness that overcast her mind. Her thoughts slowed down to a crawl, her urge to fight diminished and a moment later her entire body went limp. Deep in the back of her mind, Aylin knew that she was now at the complete mercy of the monster, but she wasn't worried about it.

In fact, she wasn't worried about anything. The embrace of the creature made her feel sheltered and safe, as if he was a long time lover. I.feel&hellip.dizzy. The monster waited a while, making sure that the drug was absorbed by the female's body. Then he could proceed with the required probing. If the female was a suitable host, he was going to find out soon enough.

Aylin barely noticed when the tentacle was retrieved from her mouth. Her head was hanging backward while she stared at the ceiling trying to form a coherent idea. She felt very mellow and the creature was holding her in a gentle way.

Maybe there was no need to think at all. The monster moved its long tentacles and scanned the woman's body, starting with her feet. Her skin was soft and warm. The appendages moved upward until they reached her thighs, and then her crotch.

He found what he was looking for. There were two openings that looked promising. The monsters aligned its tentacles, barely touching her pussy and anus.

Aylin felt the mild touch and moaned softly. It was until then that she acknowledged how horny she was. Moving very slowly, the appendage spread Aylin's vaginal lips and penetrated one centimeter at a time, until it reached bottom.

Then the creature did the same with her anus. Aylin moaned loudly, not caring anymore if the robot sex fairy tales porn mom son blow money hear her. But she was lucky; the robot was far away by now. The tentacle in her pussy was banging against her womb and the monster decided to explore a little deeper. Aylin screamed again, louder this time. This ravaging was different than the others. Aylin was in full control of her body and she could fight back if she wanted to.

This time it was her choice to remain still and let the creature fuck her at will. Those tentacles felt so good, churning within her body, exploring every corner. At was absolute bliss. As the drugs in her system began to lose their numbing effect, Aylin was able to think more clearly. She analyzed her current situation, hanging limply within a monster's embrace while he fucked her pussy and ass simultaneously, and she was loving every second of it.

Aylin wondered if she was going mad after all the ravaging she had endured the last couple of days. Why am I enjoying this so much? Am I becoming a monster slut? While Aylin was lost in unexpected pleasure, the creature was determining the female's feasibility to be a host. Her anal cavity was too tight and the eggs could be crushed, so it was not option, but her womb was perfect to receive a few eggs.

Having finished exploring Aylin's body, the creature retrieved his tentacles and released her. The feeble woman crumbled to her knees and the melted backwards until the back of her head rested on the ground. While this happened, another tentacle emerged from the creature's mouth. It looked softer and more flexible then the others.

It was also thicker and had an opening at the tip. It was an ovipositor. Aylin was horny as hell and she complained softly when the appendages were removed from her body. She wanted to reach an orgasm, the same way she did dozens of times since she arrived to this ship. She rested slackly on the ground, trying to decide what to do to extinguish the burning fire in her teen virgins first time painful blood. She could masturbate but it wouldn't be the same.

She noticed that the monster had turned its body around and now his mouth was at the same level of her crotch. The new tentacle was waving between her legs, getting closer to her pussy. "Please fuck me again. I want to cum." The woman's wish came true. Aylin lifted her torso abruptly when she felt the fat appendage entering her pussy, stretching her to the limit. She jolted not because she wanted to move away, but because she wanted to see the penetration.

It is so big!! Aylin was even more surprised when she saw a large bulge within the tentacle moving towards her pussy.

There was definitely something, most likely an egg, gliding inside the appendage and the monster wanted to push it into her. She was already stretched to the limit and it was unlikely that it would pass between her pussy lips. Whatever was going to happen, Aylin didn't move. "Gods! The monster wants to shove an egg inside of me!" Aylin wanted to climax one more time and she didn't care how.

Maybe taking one huge egg into her womb was going to do the trick, so she repositioned her body and hoped for the best. The aroused woman was not disappointed. The egg distended her pussy lips more than she thought possible while penetrating her. Then it slowly glided through her vaginal cavity, being pushed by the gentle contractions of the ovipositor.

The sensation was so overwhelming that Aylin screamed her lungs out in utter bliss. Gods!! The egg is inside of me! Aylin's pussy was twitching uninterrupted around the fat tentacle while the egg reached its final destination; her womb. Aylin stared immobile at the ceiling while she waited for the inevitable orgasm. She could feel it seconds away… The besieged woman exploded in climax and didn't stop shivering until two more eggs were deposited inside of her womb.

Now she looked like a pregnant woman again, with her belly bulging noticeably to accommodate eggs the size of an ostrich's. After her wonderful orgasm, Aylin rested on the floor caressing her belly and enjoying the weird sensation of bloatedness. Once again she was carrying alien eggs in her womb and she had climaxed while taking them in.

Can't believe I climaxed again. I'm such a slut. Aylin watched the ovipositor as it retrieved back into the monster's body and when it was out of sight, her attention shifted to the twin tentacles that had "explored" her body a moment ago.

Aylin's pussy stirred when she imagined those big appendages relentlessly pumping her body. She wanted to be fucked again. She was craving for another orgasm and it was pointless to pretend otherwise. Defying her better judgment, Aylin turned over and, resting on her hands and knees, she willingly offered her body to the ugly creature. And she wasn't disappointed when she saw one of the tentacles aligning with her pussy.

I must be crazy for doing this, but I want that cock inside of me. A moment later, Aylin was moaning loudly while the monster stabbed her pussy over and over, shoving its phallus even deeper than before. Suddenly, when the monster pushed his appendage a little too deep, the overwhelmed woman became aware of the high risk she was taking for allowing this creature to fuck her brains out. This realization only heightened russian teens moviekup car nothing happens in the temple without president oakss arousal.

At this moment she felt the other tentacle caressing her anus. Aylin gasped while her pussy twitched strongly around the appendage lodged within. She was thinking that this ravaging wouldn't be complete without having her two holes filled to the limit.

The excited woman was definitely becoming a monster's whore. The creature penetrated deep into the woman's ass. Aylin begged it to go slow, as if the monster could understand her. It couldn't. Within its limited intelligence, the alien could guess that this female's anal cavity was not going to help fertilizing the eggs, but he fucked her anyway as deeply as possible.

"Please go slow!" This sex session lasted much longer than the first exploratory one. The monster fucked Aylin's pussy and ass for several minutes, driving her insane with pleasure, until she was on the edge of another orgasm. "Uhhg! This feels so fucking good!! Fuck me faster!!" The alien increased the speed of his motions, sensing that it was time to reach its objective. Aylin responded by lifting her torso and screaming for more. She was seconds away from reaching climax, when suddenly the tentacles stopped moving all together.

The startled woman complained with a whisper. Then Aylin heard a gurgling sound and she felt warmth fluid gushing into her body. This was all she needed. The woman's eyes rolled back as she exploded in the strongest orgasm so far. This time nobody was forcing her to the anything. She was fucking a real monster under her own free will and she was feeling a level of pleasure previously unknown to her.

This was as odd as it was awesome. The creature had vast reserves of sperm and it continued pumping the hot fluid into the female's body until it saturated her cavities and poured out, creating a puddle between Aylin's legs. Aylin's orgasm was not stopping. She felt even more bloated than before and this thrilling sensation was keeping her arousal at the limit. After a moment, the overwhelmed woman began to lose consciousness. She did the impossible to remain awake until the otherworldly experience was over.

The monster retrieved its cum-smeared tentacles with a squelching sound and the exhausted woman crumbled forward. With its objective achieved, the creature observed the female with interest. It was important that she move away, in order to give birth in a remote place. "That was the best fuck ever. I can't believe I haven't tried fucking aliens before." **** Once she recovered from the dreamlike ravaging, Aylin came back to reality and her precarious situation.

She stood up and walked closer to the door. Despite all the noise she had made when she climaxed, there were no black lady gets fucked hard from behind by big white cock of the robot.

She still needed to find the armory. It was her only chance to defeat it and escape this place. The robot is not around. I need to find a gun, or at least a better hiding place. Aylin wandered through the halls, fearing to find the menacing robot at every corner, but instead, she found the engines room. With its hot machines all over the place, this room was perfect for hiding. Aylin needed to rest and more importantly, she needed to take those huge eggs out of her body.

I can hide here for while. The heat of the machines will disguise my own heat signature. Aylin decided to sleep first and deal with the eggs later. It would be wiser to do it the other way around but she was getting a pleasant sensation from carrying the eggs in her womb and she wanted to enjoy it for a while longer. A few hours later, Aylin was awakened by a slight pain in her abdomen. Whether she wanted it or not, it was time to give birth.

Aylin stood up, bent her knees slightly, and rested her back against the metallic wall. "One of the eggs is.ughh.moving." She could clearly feel one of the eggs slithering out of her womb and into her vaginal track. Her pussy twitched the whole time this happened.

The egg reached the edge and it expanded her pussy lips increasingly wider. Her legs started trembling from the staggering sensation. "Gods! The egg feels just as good coming out than coming in." Aylin realized that she could reach climax one more time before the birthing process was over. When the thickest part of the egg was passing through her pussy lips, Aylin stopped pushing.

She wanted to enjoy this thrilling sensation for as long as possible. She stared at the opposite wall, thinking about outdoor head in the mood to gobble a dick outdoors and tongue awkward, yet pleasurable situation. Here she was, standing naked in the middle of the hall, expelling gigantic eggs from her pussy.

It was difficult to believe. "Not in a million years I thought that I would be doing this today. It is so crazy." The rest of the egg squeezed out of Aylin's pussy and fell to the ground making a thumping sound, then rolled a few centimeters forward. The excited woman didn't have time to wonder if the egg got damaged when falling, because it was immediately followed by another one.

Aylin moaned loudly and spread her legs wider. She could feel a new orgasm growing within her loins. When the third egg was half way through her pussy lips, Aylin exploded in climax. Her shaking legs were threatening to let her fall on top of the eggs, squashing them. She knew there were little monster developing inside, but even so, Aylin didn't want this to happen. In some twisted, sexual way, these were her eggs too.

The shivering woman managed to fall forward and she avoided doing any damage to the eggs. Aylin laid there for a moment, enjoying the receding waves of orgasmic bliss. Then she heard footsteps and she knew she was doomed. "Do not move. Your controller will be replace," the robot said a few meters behind her.

After searching most of the ship, the robot computed that the only place where she could hide the heat of her body, other than the creatures' cages, was the engines room. He was right. The robot grabbed Aylin by the neck and forced her to stand up. It was pointless trying to escape so she didn't struggled too much. Her only option was trying to convince him to let her go. "Let me go! I did what you wanted and gave birth to those hideous monsters; lots of them.

I did my part." "Do not try to escape again. You completed part of your appointed tasks, but your involvement is not over," the robot responded. "What more do you want?!" "Turn around." The robot lifted the device he was holding in its other hand and Aylin felt chills running down her spine. She imagined herself lying rigidly in another chamber with her legs spread apart, being ravaged over and over by all kinds of monsters.

Involuntarily, her pussy twitched. Suddenly, Aylin heard a loud, clanking noise and an instant later the robot was falling to the side. Behind him, Aylin saw a monster. At first she thought it was the yautja, but then she looked more carefully and realized that it was something else.

The creature was a horrible combination of both the yautja and the xenomorph. The head of the monster had an impressive resemblance to the head of the babies she just delivered. Then she understood. This huge monster was one of her babies!! How was this possible?

It had been just a few hours since they came of out of her body. They must have eaten all the alien animals trapped in the cages. While the monster was distracted with the struggling robot, Aylin tried to run away, but she was intercepted by another creature, identical to the first one.

Aylin truly believed this was the end. She was going to be eaten alive. Her heart was racing while she trembled with fear. "Do not do this.

I will become inoperative," the robot said pathetically, commanding the monster to stop. His head was being pulled apart with skunk destroys with his huge black cock force. The past few hours, while they developed to full size, the newborn monsters had been eating anything that crossed they path, and the creature that stood in front of Aylin was about to do the same to her.

Aylin was scared out of her mind when the creature grabbed her torso and lifted her off the ground. She closed her eyes expecting a searing pain, but the pain never came. She opened her eyes and saw the monster's face right in front of hers. He was hesitant. Now that he had reached maturity, the monster's instincts changed. There was something about this female that made him stop. There was some kind of scent that emanated from the core of her body.

Aylin saw something moving further down and quickly understood the reason of his vacillation. A huge phallus was emerging from his crotch. The monster was not planning to eat her. He was going to fuck her! At first she felt great relief. Once again she was going to trade dead for a wild ravaging. But then she thought about it more carefully and realized that nothing would stop the creature to eat her after fucking her. When the monster pulled Aylin's body closer, her scent made it evident that there was something special about her.

She was his mother! This didn't mean anything to him in terms of emotional attachment. This meant that the female in front of him was suitable for breeding and this triggered the radical change of behavior. The monster remembered Aylin's anatomy.

Once his phallus was aligned with her pussy, he pulled her body downwards. Aylin moaned loudly when she felt the large penetration, forgetting for a second that she could die before the day was over. The big cock, hard like bone and well lubricated, reached the bottom of her pussy on the first try.

Behind Aylin, the other creature had ripped off the head of the robot and lost interest when the machine stopped moving. Then he turned around and saw his brother shoving his cock into Aylin's body. He wondered what was happening, until the woman's scent reached his nostrils too and his cock rapidly emerged between his legs. While Aylin was trying to cope with the brutal penetration, she felt something poking her ass. She turned her head to see the other monster right behind her, with his cock fully erect and ready for action.

The besieged woman gasped, then her pussy twitched, knowing what was going to happen next. It was by pure chance that this creature had been born emerging from Aylin's anus and he knew exactly where to put his phallus.

He would accomplish nothing by filling her guts with semen but he was unaware of this and it was irrelevant at this moment. The second monster buried his cock deeply into Aylin's ass and began pumping the tight cavity, mirroring his brother.

The hips of both creatures moved with a frantic and irregular pace. Sometimes shoving their dicks to the very bottom, then stabbing her repeatedly with a fast pace; and sometimes pulling almost all the way out before penetrating back in a few times.

Aylin's body was soft and warm, yet her cavities felt very tight around their cocks. This new sensation was even better than eating fresh meat.

From this moment on, Aylin was not considered food anymore. They would keep her around to do this same thing over and over, seeking to replicate the amazing feeling. Ironically, Aylin being banged by the newly created monsters was the last part of the experiment that had been planned for her.

The scientist wanted to make sure that this new kind of alien was able to create offspring using human females. Creating more "soldiers" would be a lot easier this way. The robot was no more, but he had completed his task. Aylin couldn't believe that she was actually enjoying this brutal handling. She didn't know that the monsters were not going to eat her, so her fear was still there, crawling up and down her spine. But the huge cocks of her "sons" were moving so fast and so deep, that her arousal was rapidly overshadowing everything else.

The monsters were mostly silent, except for the occasional hissing, so only the sound of her loud moans bounced against the metallic walls, mixing with the squelching noises of the pumping cocks. The collection of sharp teeth around Aylin's face was no impediment for her to feel a new orgasm growing inside of her.

Aylin stared at them, trying to keep her sanity. She felt some comfort with the idea that if she was going to die tonight, at least she was dying in the midst of climax. She didn't know that her fate with these monsters would be entirely different. The inexperienced monster was fascinated by the warmth and tightness of Aylin's pussy, but there was something even greater building within his loins that he couldn't understand.

It was compelling him to go faster. Then, he suddenly stopped his frantic pace and exploded in climax! Aylin felt the hot load of cum filling her womb and her body responded the only way possible; she climaxed too.

Her pussy twitched in perfect synchrony with the pulsating cock, as ariel licked her hot horny friend brooklyn both were part of a single entity that burst into existence from perfect bliss. The shock of his first orgasm was too much for the shivering creature and he lost his balance, slipping backwards.

But he was not letting go of the female that made him feel this good and he grabbed Aylin's body tightly, pulling her along with him. A moment later, the other monster was standing alone with his phallus no longer sheltered by the female's warm ass. He didn't like this at all. The climaxing woman also felt the fat cock sliding out of her body while she was dragged forward. This thrilling sensation intensified her orgasm.

The monster slowed down the fall with his arms and his tail, still enjoying the orgasmic waves that spread from his crotch to every nerve of his body. Aylin ended up on top of him, resting limply on his chest, mia khalifa sex story time 20 minimum her entire body jolted sporadically from her receding climax.

This new breed of monsters was smart like the yautjas and ruthless like the xenomorphs, but their orgasms screwed up their brains twice as much, at least for a couple of minutes. This was a condition that the scientists did not anticipate.

Meanwhile, the other creature approached from behind and grabbed Aylin's hips, once again aiming his phallus at her ass. He wasn't giving her up that easily. He took advantage of the situation and forcefully pulled Aylin's body toward his crotch, shoving his entire phallus back into the woman's ass. Aylin was mercilessly awakened desi gf bj n fucked hard with audio her orgasmic reverie and screamed from the wonderful sensation of this renewed assault.

After a few minutes, the creature could feel his orgasm approaching and he increased the pace. Like his brother, he didn't know what was about the happen but he just couldn't stop.

On the contrary, despite the fact that her brain was cluttered with mind-blowing waves of pleasure, Aylin was perfectly aware of what was coming next, and she couldn't wait for it to happen. Then, as expected, they both climaxed at the same time. The same way it happened with his brother, the monster lost control of his body and fell backwards in the midst of orgasmic bliss, ending up outspread on the floor with his mother on top of him.

This new orgasm became too much for Aylin and she lost consciousness, even though her body still jolted every few seconds as it laid limply over the hard body of her latest lover.

The other creature had recovered from his climax and now he was walking closer to the shivering couple to inspect the situation. He noticed that his brother's cock was still buried in Aylin's ass, but the woman's pussy was available. The monster looked at it with lust and curiosity, wondering what was that white fluid dripping from the gaping hole. He had no idea that it was his own semen. Regardless of his lack of knowledge, he was certain of one thing.

He wanted to feel another orgasm as soon as possible. The creature jumped forward, shoving his entire cock into Aylin's pussy once again. The besieged woman moaned softly but didn't move a muscle. At this moment, she was nothing more than a warm, welcoming, sex slave that existed only for the monster's enjoyment.

And she was fine with it. **** Aylin had no idea what had happened during the last few minutes, but when she recovered her consciousness, she was lying on the hard floor with one of the monsters on top of her, pumping her pussy with anxiousness.

The creature didn't like fucking the female on top of his brother and he had pulled her away, placing her on the ground where he could pinned her down and plunge his phallus as deep as he wanted. Aylin was confused but content with her current situation.

The monster's cock felt so freaking good. Very soon, the monster began to get that feeling again of something building within his loins. He knew now that he was going to cum again and accelerated the pace.

But then both he and Aylin noticed that the other creature was standing beside them with his cock fully erect. He wanted a piece of the action and he was not waiting any longer. Here comes the other one… I guess he is going to fuck my ass again. But Aylin was pinned against the floor and her ass was not available. Both monsters hissed at each other as a prelude of an imminent fight. The males fighting for a female was just nature taking over.

Hot threesome session with a fit blonde european big tits arriving monster grabbed his brother's torso and pulled him away.

Aylin felt the fat, long phallus harshly vacating her pussy and she screamed from the luscious sensation. Aylin was still horny as hell and she regretted than her sons were fighting each other instead of fucking her two holes at the same time like they did before.

The fevered woman sat up with her legs spread wide and watched the show. It was clear that the fight was not to the death, but only to determined who was stronger and faster. However, the main thing that called Aylin's attention were the monster's long cocks waving around as the creatures twisted and jarred. "Wow! There are really fighting over me." Then Aylin realized something else, the creatures were not paying any attention to her.

This was her chance to escape! Without thinking twice about it, Aylin stood up and started running away. She looked back the whole time, confirming that the monsters were too busty blonde pornstar luna star anal rammed on pool table fighting to notice that she was escaping.

The problem was that she didn't know where to go. Aylin was very aware of how many monsters had come out of her body the day before, and all of them were creeping around the vessel. Her chances of fixing her ship and fleeing this place were not good. "Where the hell should I hide?!" To make things worse, maybe her next encounter with one of her sons would be less sexual and more of the eating kind. She had to make a plan and she had to do it fast. Aylin had an idea.

It was risky, but it was her best chance. The intrepid woman went back to the yautja. She looked outside of his containment chamber and found one of his weapons. Then she opened the door and walked inside. The yautja saw her holding his blades. At first he thought that this sexy female was coming to kill him.

The controlling device didn't allow any kind of defense and he was as good as dead. Aylin approached him slowly and she couldn't avoid looking at his dangling cock. Her pussy twitched just thinking about the orgasms she enjoyed riding that phallus. "I am here to set you free. I am sure we can help each other." The humanoid heard Aylin saying something but he couldn't understand a word.

However, the yautja was smart and when Aylin placed the weapon on his hand, he understood immediately what was going on. This human was helping him escape!

"Let's take this infernal apparatus off you. Just don't kill me when you are free, okay?" Aylin walked around her new partner and started dislodging the device.

The gadget activated its defense mechanism and the yautja couldn't move a muscle, but he didn't have to. Aylin was doing all the work. As soon as he regained control of his body, the yautja started running and Aylin ran behind him. It didn't take long before they crossed paths with one of Aylin's heinous sons.

The monster attacked, but the yautja was ready and he threw his sharp blades, cutting deep into his chest and killing him on the spot. "Holy crap! That weapon severed his chest!" Aylin knew at that very moment that she had made the right choice. One monster down, several to go. The yautja was not sure about which way to go. When he hesitated, Aylin led the way. She remembered the path to the hangar, where her broken ship was waiting.

Every time they encountered a monster, Aylin stepped back and the yautja took care of him. He was amazingly good in combat and his blade was deadly as hell. Aylin was very happy that he was on her side, at least for now.

They reached the hangar and Aylin hurried to open the hatch of her ship. Once inside, they would be safe. "Let's go!! The hatch is open. Come inside!" Aylin yelled. When the yautja jumped on board, Aylin started the ship and took off into space. **** It was no surprise that he was skilled enough to fix the electrical malfunction in a few hours.

The vessel could achieve hyper speed now. Without asking for permission, the humanoid reprogrammed the ship's destination to his home planet. Considering that he saved her life, Aylin didn't mind giving him a ride. "I guess I am giving you a ride home. Just don't forget that this is my ship and we saved each other," Aylin said while they both stood in the cockpit looking out at the stars. After everything that had happened in the last couple of days, it was difficult to believe that Aylin would be heading home completely unharmed.

But she was standing completely healthy in the cockpit of her vessel, enjoying the company of a dangerous yautja, and she felt completely safe. There was a long trip ahead and Aylin started to get naughty ideas about what to do during the journey to the yautja's home planet.

"I have a suggestion about what we can do with so much free time." When he finished reprogramming the console and turned around, Aylin leaned over and grabbed his cock. The facial expression of his ugly face was impossible to read, but the reaction of his hardening cock said it all.

He was game. A moment later, the yautja was sitting on the floor of the cockpit while Aylin bounced on top of him, riding his cock. They didn't bother to find a bed before starting to fuck. His big phallus was penetrating deep into her pussy, filling her completely. She looked intently at his face and something was different. After making her cum so many times, he didn't look so ugly anymore.

The yautja was well aware that this human female had helped him as much as he had helped her. It would be dishonorable to keep Aylin as a sex toy, even though he was very temped to do so. Her pussy was so tight and warm. Fucking her was like a dream come true. He was resting flat on his back while the woman rode him with unrestrained passion. None of the females of his own species had ever been so eager to make him feel this good. They changed positions after a while and now the yautja was on top, hammering Aylin's pussy with all his might.

The overwhelmed woman was pinned down with her legs over his shoulders, receiving his cock even deeper than before. Aylin felt powerless under the weight of the mighty alien.

This was so exhilarating to her that she went over the edge. Aylin exploded in climax, shivering from head to toe while going cross-eyed from the absolute bliss that blasted through her brain.

She knew that this nerd babe kali dates a guy with big cock was the first of many. All she had to do was to let him use her body at will.

Aylin turned around with her face resting on the cold floor and her ass high up, readily available to receive a hard pounding from behind. She would be reaching a new orgasm in a matter of minutes. The yautja could also feel his sperm boiling within his balls. He was trying to pace himself, prolonging this pleasant session for as long as possible. But Aylin's pussy was so tight, that he couldn't hold back any longer. A few seconds later, the yautja reached his climax and so did Aylin.

She couldn't understand how she was able to cum so fast after her first orgasm, but it was happening. The creature gushed a large amount of sperm until it filled Aylin's womb, then he ejaculated a bit more.

He thought about the possibility of getting her pregnant but it was unlikely. In any case, it would be fun to father a child with this delightful female.

Aylin wasn't thinking about any of that. She wasn't thinking about anything. The waves of utter bliss that traveled across her spine overshadowed everything else. After a few hours a wild debauchery, the odd couple decided to take a break.

At first, the yautja had considered the human female only as a sex toy, but she was so tender and cooperative, that he started to look at her in a different way. Regardless of what the future had in store for them, he had to make arrangements to meet this woman again. **** It had been only half an hour since they stopped fucking and Aylin's body was already burning with need. Thinking about how many days she was going to spend in this small ship with such a powerful lover made her heart burst with joy and her pussy jolt from expectation.

"Are you ready for another round?" she whispered to his ear. The End. Note from the author: This is a graphic (CGI) version of this story.