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Matt was every girls' dream, tall, long, slender, muscular, tanned, piercing blue eyes, and long brown hair. Most girls considered him to be either a ladies man or a tease. But never expected the tables to turn on him, and he surely didn't expect them to turn on him the way they did. But it did happen. One crisp, cool Friday night Matt and three of his friends, Jason, Ethan, and Mitchell went out to a late night bar.

Matt had been sitting at the bar table when he noticed a slight movement from beside him. He turned around and to his surprise there stood a young girl about 17 or 18, his age. Matt sat there and stared at her from head to toe admiring the curves of young body.

He noticed so much about her by just watching her. He noticed that she was black, but she was probably one of the most beautiful black women he's seen through out his life and he wouldn't mind talking to her and actually getting to know her. Matt wanted to be brave and try to sweet talk her into conversation, but he decided he wasn't brave enough to do it. And as if on cue, she turned around and face him her permed, black, back length hair flowing with her. She gave him a small little smile, but it made Matt feel special.

Matt didn't like what this mystery girl was doing to him. Matt was known to be a quick shot, he would do you once and that's it but after seeing this girl here he was changing. "Hi," she stated sweetly. Matt smiled,"Hello." why the hell was he acting so formal now, when someone usually told him hi would just nod or wave, but not with her now he was all smiles and bubbly. Luckily a song came on, and she turned back around and whispered something into the ear of the person she was sitting next to.

Then she turned back around and faced Matt for a few seconds she mom and daughter fucked with finger stared him right in the eye, and then she gave him that smile again. "Would you like to dance with me?" she asked him. Matt just watched her for a few minutes and nodded yes. The girl got up and walked up to him and that's when he saw how she looked, and boy was she beautiful.

She was wearing a tight fitting green halter top, and a pair of dark capri jeans. Matt took the redhead teen with curly hair dildoing pussy on webcam he had and looked at her, actually looked at her. She had large breast but they fit perfectly to her body maybe about 40C cup, and she had a slim waist, flat stomach.

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and a round ass, and thick but long legs.She was about 5ft3 and she wore "4" heels to top it off. As they walked over to the dance floor Matt couldn't help but admire he small round ass it wasn't huge it was small but still was protruding and it gave her the perfect coca-cola shaped body. As they neared the dance floor Matt whipped up enough confidence to ask her name. "What's your name?" he asked. "Lareesa ," she answered, "And your's?" "Matthew, but just call me Matt." he answered.

"That's a nice name Laressa." Matt said "Thank you, so is yours." she added. And as soon as they got to the dance floor both of them went silent, and Laressa turned where her back was facing Matt's chest and so on. Laressa moved from side to side and Matt just stayed still.

Laressa grabbed his hands and put either sides of her waist. And they moved from side to side and this little movement stimulated Matt so much that he thought he was gonna explode right then and there.

Matt felt himself getting a hard on, and he hoped she didn't notice, but soon he realized she must have felt it because she pushed back against his already hardened member. It took all of Matt's will power not to ripe off his clothes and fuck her stupid just then. Matt heard Laressa giggle and he looked down at her and a big lesbian gets finger fucked to climax as her amber eyes looked up, smiling at him, and he just hat to laugh himself.

He could tell that Laressa was getting heated herself, because she kept grabbing his hips and pulling them forward and deeper into and at one point he swore he heard her moan as he ground forward when she pushed back.

As Matt looked around he saw his friends Jason, Ethan, and Mitchell watching him, with shocked amazing blonde angel masturbating babeblondenerdyglassesblowjobwebcampovmasturbationdeepthroatsmall mischievous grins on their face and Matt laughed as he looked down at Laressa.

She really wasn't no different from him, except that she was black, and for some reason that really turned Matt on, he imagined slipping his long prick deep inside her warm sweet twat. He imagined liking and eating her out. And then she would suck him off and then they would fuck like wild animals in all kinds of crazy positions, some she probably never heard of yet. And he would make here scream his name over and over again as his cock touched her in certain places that probably weren't touched before.

Matt knew that he probably would have to stop thinking the way he was or he would probably cum his pants. Matt made a mental note, saying that he definitely would have to jack off tonight or else he just wasn't gonna survive, God this woman was playing with his head and all she was doing was dancing with him. Laressa knew exactly what she was doing to Matt and she purposely pushed back harder against him and Matt almost lost his control then and there.

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Part 2 Matt couldn't stop thinking of Laressa, and it had been a week since had left the bar. And now it had two more days until the first day of school. Finally the first day of school, but he still couldn't get Laressa off his mind. He woke up sexxi muvi janwar ka sath and got up his 14 year-old brother Daniel "Danny" they both got dressed, ate, and then Matt walked Daniel to his bus stop and watched as he made out with his girlfriend Paige, in front of his ex-girlfriends Claire Roman, Danielle Roleer, and Megan Geeley.

To Matt, Daniel had the worst taste in girls except for Danielle. Claire was 14 with green eyes, red hair, and lots of freckles everywhere, but she wasn't pretty at all. Megan had blue eyes blonde hair, tall and slender, but without any body not tits, ass or nothing.

While Danielle on the other hand was this little mixed girl with dark brown eyes straight brown hair fair-skinned with mature tits and a nice round bubble butt.

And Paige was another red-headed green-eyed freckled-face girl. Matt guessed that his brother just had a thing for red heads now. After watching Daniel's makeout session for a few moments he decided to go to his own bus stop. Matt sat down on the curb and waited for the bus.

While he was sitting there he thought of nothing other than, Laressa, he was wondering what did this girl have on him. Just then Matt was pulled from his mussing when he heard the screeching of brakes and saw the bus pull up to the curb line. Matt got on the bus and took a seat all the way in the back and to the left. Matt watched out of the window and thought about Laressa, then he heard the bus come to a halt again and he heard the heavy metal doors drag open he still looked of the window.

A few moments later he heard the doors drag close and he saw a figure work it's way to the back of the bus from the corner of his eye. And they sat right next to him, and that's when that smell hit him, it smelled like vanilla, he remebered the scent from the bar,that night when he met Laressa. Matt turned around, and there she sat, Laressa, Matt's heart almost stopped.

"Laressa!, What the hell are you doing here?" he asked trying not to sound to desperate. But he did. She smiled, "Seems like someone missed me." she mused lifting her brow. "Teaser aren't you?" Matt asked. "I have my ways." she said with a devilish smile. "Oh God, Laressa I wanna kiss you so bad." Matt said. "What's stopping you?" she asked.

"This bus ride." Matt joked. "Well if you walk me home, then maybe, just maybe you'll get your kiss." she teased. Matt felt his dick literally just spring up with her immediateness. He just hoped he could make it through the day. Luckily he did, well that is until he had lunch.

At lunchtime he saw Laressa, and she winked at him. Matt slept in the rest of his classes. Finally school was over. and he met Laressa on the bus. Part 3 As they walked Matt felt his dick get harder and harder with each step he made, finally they walked up to a big white and purple house.

"Welcome to my home." Laressa said. She guided him through the front door and upstairs to her room. As soon as she closed the door Matt found himself loosing all of his rationality, as he just had to touch her, feel her, kiss her, and he lost control. He locked her door and pulled her by her jean's belt loops and she fell backwards with her back to his chest.He turned her around and she was really short.He lifted her up off the floor until her soft lips reached his chin.

Matt leaned in and kissed her, sucking and nibbling on her lips. He laid her on the bed and climbed ontop of her and continued kissing her. He needed to see some skin.He reached for the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head and threw it on the floor.

She smiled as he came back and kissed her passionately. Laressa moaned beneath him as his two hands found her breast and undid her bra, this also met her shirt. Matt left her eager lips and traveled down to her breast.

Laressa nipples were already erect waiting for his mouth. When the warmth of his mouth came down on the first dusky nipple Laressa shuddered beneath him. Matt moved over to next nipple honoring it the same as the first. He came back up to Laressa's awaiting mouth. Again he worked his way back down. He pulled off her skirt and her panties followed suit with her shirt and bra.

Luscious bitch cannot get sufficiently of sex smalltits and homemade already heard Laressa's breath starting getting ragged. He kissed down past her neck, her chest lingering there for a few moments then he migrated down south all the way until he reached her already aching pussy.

He spread her legs open wide. Matt started licking her outer lips, and again he felt her shudder beneath him, she started moaning loudly. Finally he stuck his tongue inside stimulating her.

She sucked in air before let out a loud scream as he started playing with her clit. Laressa arched up beneath him, clasped the linen, and screamed, as her toes gently curled as she felt her first orgasm rising. She took one hand entangled them within his hair as she pushed his head deeper into her crotch. Within a few moments her orgasm took over she, bucked against his mouth. "Please stop!" she screamed as her soon coming orgasm made her whole body tense and spasm beneath him.

But Matt didn't listen he held her legs down by locking his hand around them, and sucked harder. "Ooohh God, Matt PLEASE!!!" she begged. He still wouldn't budge.

Finally she released and screamed with pleasure as she released her juices into his mouth. Laressa sighed of relief as Matt kissed his way back up her body. "Mmm.you taste good." he said as licked his lips. All Laressa could do was give him a little weak smile. As she was still recovering from this. Within a few moments Laressa was able to collect herself, when she looked up she realized that Matt was taking off his jeans and boxers.

Once he finished this task she rolled over on top of him and slowly made his way down to his aching member. Laressa moved her hair from her face and slowly kissed down his whole length and came buck up to the head of his dick and sucked it gently. Then she went down all 8 inches of him, at first kind of gagging, but she easily got used to the feel of it. Matt groaned and grabbed the back of her head and bobbed it up and down his dick shaft.

Matt felt that familiar feeling that he got right before he cummed. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum." he groaned. With his words Matt spurt load after load of his hot jizz down her throat.

He positioned his cock at her entrance. And with one swift movement he was in. Matt went deeper and deeper until he hit her hymen, and he tried to be gentle as pushed through it. He heard Laressa scream under him. He stopped for a few minute until she recovered, finally he looked down at her and she nodded showing her approval for him to go ahead. Matt pulled all the way out and pushed back in. He enjoyed how her breast jumped when he did this.

Within a few strokes he felt the need to speed and he went faster, pulling out until just the head of his dick was in and he rammed back in. He heard Laressa scream beneath him, and he stopped and looked down at her she nodded for him to continue and he obliged and rammed in and out. He watched her as he did so and watched her breast jump and down, the bed began to rock, and he heard the the bed creak beneath them both and they both giggled.

But as much as gorgeous teenie floozy swallows hardcore and reality didn't want it to happen, they felt their orgasm come over them. "Oh God." Laressa screamed. " Oh Matt, don't stop please!!!!!." she screamed as she finally climaxed beneath him and again, she shuddered as she felt him dump his load deep inside of her little hole, and he then collapsed on top of her groaning her name.

And they went to sleep just like that no caring what the next day held.

For now they had each other. (Tell me if I should make this a series or not.)