Nubilefilms cheating wife wants cock and cum

Nubilefilms cheating wife wants cock and cum
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He was a friend of my husband, volunteering at the same nonprofit as my husband22 years older than me and was married but a definite player.

I was 33 married to a wonderful man who treated me like a queen and was great in bed. I had no complaints. And yet…what was it with him? His great looks with that nicely trimmed grey beard?

The constant parade of women who wanted to have sex with him? I heard all the rumors about how great he was in bed and also how he cast aside his conquests like old newspapers. And yet no one ever turned him down. Girls wanted him if even for only one night.

He was away from home 3 weekends out of every four, working as a volunteer for a nonprofit and he had a host of girls to pick from and he did. Rumors were he had over 200 women. I fantasizied about him many times with my husband. We had an active sex life.

My husband liked my fantasies as they turned us both on, but I never told him about "Bill"being in them. The fantasies always were about humorous legal age teenager plays with big tool girlfriend homemade or movie stars.

My husband would return from weekend retreats and would tell me all about Bill's latest conquest and it turned us both on. I also worked as a paid secretary for the same organization and one weekend my husband told me Bill had arranged free office space at his college for our local office. I was happy to move all the clutter out of our home and into a real office. Even though it wasn't much of an office as it had no windows not even in the door.

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We only used the office Tuesdays and Thursdays seeing him those two day as my husband worked in a different school was something I was looking forward to. My husband would shave my pussy. I let him shave me any way he wanted. I am very submissive. Sometimes I was totally bare sometimes just a little on top, nicely trimmed but always totally bare around my pussy and asshole.

It really turned us on those nights, once a week when he shaved me. My breasts are 36C with large areolas that get all wrinkled up when I am excited. I loved my sex life with my husband and had all I want with constant fantasies proposed by him and also me.

But there was still something about Bill. He had a low bass voice that drove me crazy. He would look over my shoulder and gently touch me when looking at what I was working on. He was in the office every chance he got between classes and during sunny leonards xxx story download free times. His cologne was amazing. One day soon after moving in to the new office I was at the copier when he came in and walked up behind me, pushed his body against me and gave me a big hug.

I turned around looked at him and he kissed me. I kissed him back our tongues weaving in each other's mouth. What a turn on. He held me close, feeling my breasts against his chest and his body against mine. He left to teach another class and I saw the bulge in his pants.

I felt it when we kissed but I was too into the kiss and feeling my breasts against him to concentrate on his cock. Every time I saw him that day it was the same thing deep kisses. God, I was getting wet. That night at home my husband and I had amazing sex.

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He just didn't know why. I couldn't wait for the five days until I saw him again. I told him no cell phone calls or texts as I didn't want this to get back to my husband. Tuesday, as I arrived in the office he was waiting for me and stood up gave me a big hug and kissed me deeply this time feeling my breast with his one hand and my ass with the other.

I could feel his cock against my body as our tongues did their magic and once again his cologne was mesmerizing. We broke from the kiss but he still held me tight squeezing my breast and my ass and whispered in my ear "touch my cock".

I busty asian hottie has her muff penetrated cumshot and boobs very submissive and love to be told what to do. It felt so big. I was so turned on. He had to go to teach a class but said he would be back. I got no work done. He came back just before lunch and it was the same thing-- hugs kisses and lots of groping and this time he didn't have to tell me to touch him.

At the end of the day when came in and we both had to leave, when we kissed this time he reached under my blouse and felt my breast through my bra and opened my jeans and slipped his hand over my ass. I rubbed his cock while I let him do whatever he wanted to me. He held and kissed me a long time. His hands roaming over my breasts and ass and finding their way to the front of my panties and to my pussy and told me to look him in the eyes and he slipped a finger inside me.

I was so wet!!!

I thought I was grandfather rape virgin granddaughter sleeping to cum right there and he took his hand out and stuck his fingers in his mouth and "tasted" me. He said he loved my taste, called it "sweet honey" and wanted more but he had to go and would see me Thursday. Sex that night was probably the best I ever had with my husband, but I know who was really fucking me.

Wednesday was going so slowly. He was all I was thinking about. I needed a shave and I was hoping my husband would take care of it without me saying anything.

I couldn't believe all the free time Bill had teaching at the college- less than 15 hours a week of being in a classroom. All day I was imagining scenarios of what was going to happen next. My husband arrived home and told me he needed to shave me if we were going to have sex that night. I smiled inwardly knowing it is just what I wanted. He finished the job and ate me like he always does…he loves eating pussy and is really great at it.

Then after I came he fucked me hard until my pussy was full of his cum. I didn't sleep very well thinking of the next day. I was excited Thursday morning getting dressed. Nice bikini panties and matching bra and of course tight fitting jeans and a top.

When I arrived at the office he was already there. I knew he had 2 classes to teach that morning. He came to me kissed me deeply our tongues playing with each other and his hands all over my breasts and ass. He wanted to know about Tuesday when I got home. I told him that the sex with my husband that night again was wonderful as I was so hot from the afternoon in the office and I know how much my husband loved fucking me when I wanted it so badly.

Of course I also told him my eyes were closed thinking of him so in my mind it was really him fucking me. He smiled, said he had something to ask me and would be back after class for my answer. He kissed me again then said to me I know you know about my reputation and it's true.

I am married but we have an understanding that I will never be monogamous with her and I have been with a lot of girls. Right now though, I want to fuck you. I want to eat you. I want my cock in your mouth. I don't want to make love to you and I don't want to be in a relationship with you.

We are both married and he is a good friend of mine but I have wanted to fuck you since I first met you two years ago. Getting you this office here on campus was my way to get you close to me so we could be alone. It's just going to be about sex and fucking. We can go to a motel at noon and spend the afternoon together. We both have to be home around the same time but we can have three wonderful hours naked together giving each other pleasure.

I know from our conversations how submissive you are and I expect you to follow all my directions. You will please me and I will do things to you to please you. I won't hurt you or leave any marks on you to give us away to your husband as I want you to be my Thursday afternoon fuck. You can leave your car at Wal-Mart, that way no one would think anything of your car parked there and I will pick you up and ramon nomar fucks sophia leones shaved pussy on top to a motel on the interstate.

He kissed me and walked out. I wasn't stunned and it was an easy decision. I wanted this for a long time and didn't care to have a relationship as I too just wanted to fuck. We have been fucking in my fantasies for a long time. If guys can fuck without making love why can't girls?

Well, we can. The time went by slowly till he returned and I gave him my answer. We left for Wal-Mart. I could feel my panties getting so wet. He picked me up in the parking lot gorgeous babe needs steamy sexy pleasuring hardcore and blowjob we went to a motel on the interstate.

A nice place not a dump. I was happy about that and he parked the car and got a room. We got to the room and he locked the doors and the first thing he did was take the bed spread off the bed and then the top sheet leaving only the pillows on the bed.

We kissed passionately his hands all over my breasts and ass. If I thought it was going to be a ripping off clothes and getting right to the fucking I was so wrong. His cologne was amazing as usual. While kissing me he unbuttoned my top and slid it off and dropped it on the floor and I did the same unbuttoning his shirt and letting it fall.

We still were kissing as he opened my jeans and pulled them part way down as I opened his belt and fly and reached inside to touch his cock. He was hard. He sat me on the bed and slowly took off my jeans then my socks which surprised me but I guess naked meant naked to him. I took off his jeans and socks and we kissed again his hands all over my body. Then he said he wanted a pic of us and he would give me copies to show we both were willing partners at this.

I said ok as it was a big turn on hearing the camera click we stood there his hand in on my bra and my hand on the front of his underwear feeling his erect cock. He sat in the middle of the bed and told me to sit on his lap and wrap my legs around his back. I crawled into position, a new one for me, and we kissed and he touched my breasts and ass. Slowly he reached around the back to undo my bra.

Her it was. Now, forever he would know what my breasts would look like-no more trying to imagine. I've known for a long time most guys undressing me with their eyes but now it was going to be real. As pulled my bra front he told me to look into his eyes as he exposed my breasts to him.

Of course I did as told and he took off my bra and looked at my breasts and kissed both nipples and looked me in the eyes and said they were fantastic. He was not bathing party slut jizzed group sex and cumshot a rush. He squeezed and sucked on them for a long time. I was in heaven. He asked me which of my tits was my favorite and I told him my left one. I thought, so, he wants them called tits not breasts and that was ok with me.

He sucked and played with the left nipple and little bites that sent pleasure waves to my pussy. He again told me to look in his eyes and he slid a finger in my wet pussy, took it out and tasted me again then kissed me. He got the camera le had on the bed and told me to smile as he took a picture of me and my exposed tits. He kissed me and put his lips next to my ear and told me that from now on he owned my tits.They were his to see and play with whenever he wanted and did I understand?

I answered yes; I understood (but did I really?) He lay back on the bed as I moved back and slid off his underwear exposing his beautiful cock, large like my husband. I kissed the head of his cock tasting the pre cum,then went down and kissed and licked his balls working his way up the shaft licking it all the way to the head and picking it up with my mouth.

Again he told me to look at him and he took another picture of the first time his cock was in my mouth. I knew how to suck a cock as I have done that many times and soon knew he was close to cumming. I looked up at him and told him the 6 best words ever put into a sentence. "You can cum in my mouth."I went back to his cock taking him deep in my throat finally he told me to STOP and he was close and I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth and I did not move. Finally he pulled my head off his throbbing cock and rolled me on my back.

He was between my legs only my wet panties keeping him out of me. He looked me in the eyes and told me he wanted to cum in my mouth and would sometime but not the first time. He wanted to watch his cum shoot into my mouth and there was time for that. I murmured ok whatever he wanted.

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I could feel his cock sliding over my panties and wanted him inside me so badly. He slowly worked his way down my body kissing my tits and licking his way between my legs.

I was in heaven as he kissed me all around my pussy, finally he reached around the back to take off my panties. I lifted my hips (and found out later what a turn on that was for him-how girls wanted their panties off and actual helped by lifting their hips off the bed). While my legs were straight up in the air so he could take off my panties he told me to keep them like that and I heard a click of a picture of my pussy in that position.

He then keeping my legs in the air he kissed my pussy that was dripping wet and slowly slid a finger inside. Finally he sat up grabbed my knees and spread me out before his willing gaze. Another picture of me totally sexy blonde gets fucked in the workshop. He laid on his belly and kissed all around my pussy licking and tasting me but not touching that one spot I needed touched as my moaning was getting louder. He then slid one then two and finally three fingers inside me- in and out all the time kissing me near my clit.

Finally one time he slid three fingers out and slid two back in and slid one easily into my ass. In and out as I was moaning louder finally he kissed my clit and started flicking his tongue over it back and forth all the while pinching my left nipple until I ebony in party clothes bangs big cock bf came with a loud outburst.

Wow my knees were weak as happens when I have a great orgasm. He took his fingers out and rubbed my pussy juices over explicit legal age teenager trio hardcore and blowjob nipples and licked and kissed them and told me that there was nothing better(almost) then nipples tasting like cunt cum.

Oh another word to describe my body,first tits then cunt. He then told me I wasn't a cunt but I had a cunt. I liked that.something new. I was Jessica or Jess and I had a pussy and breasts and now a cunt and tits. His cock was sliding over my pussy-sorry-cunt and I wanted him inside me so badly. He looked at me and said that anytime he would be allowed in my cunt was because I put him there it would always be my choice. And that would be my only choice while we were fucking. Teen anal masturbation webcam young girlongirl biker girls grabbed his cock and slid the head against my so wet cunt and started to put him inside and he stopped and told me take a picture of me first time he was inside me and I did as he then took a picture from his view.

He told me to keep eyes open while I slid him into my cunt and all the time I was getting fucked. Finally I grabbed his cock and slid it totally inside me.

He slid slowly all the way inside me and I felt his balls against my ass. It felt so great. As he started to fuck me harder I wrapped my legs around his back and fucked him back. I really wanted this and was getting it good. Finally I felt him tense and knew he was going to cum and I told him to cum inside me (he knew I was on birth control from the office conversations). I felt his cock starting to throb as he shot his load deep in my cunt.

I had my eyes open all the time knowing it was HIS cock cumming inside me and he told me to hold him inside as long as I could. I did as well as I could but finally he slowly slid out and he grabbed my bikini panties and told me to sit up and he put the panties under me and told me to push his cum out of my cunt unto my panties while he watched and took another picture.

While I was doing that he stood over me and told me to clean his cock of all his cum and all of my cum. I did and loved the taste and he could see that. After all the cum was out of my cunt he told me to lie down and there were some more rules.

He told me the words he likes would always be tits and cunt. And no covering up at all while we were fucking (all the top covers and sheets on the floor) that my body was there for his gaze and his use and my legs had to always be open when naked so he could he could stick his fingers or tongue in my cunt, but it would always be my choice to let his cock inside me and I always had to have my eyes open while sliding him into me.

He told me that my panties would always be wet with his and my cum so that when we went home I would feel his cum all the way while I was driving.

I agreed while he was playing with my tits all the time he was talking. He looked at his watch and smiled and said that "only" took an hour and we had two hours left, and I better be ready for it.

I told him I was always ready for him with my hand on his now soft cock and his hands and lips playing with my tits and cunt. He told me he now owns my cunt as he does my tits and I would have my total body ready for him whenever and wherever he wanted. He said I was now his fuck toy and that is what he would call me.

No more Jessica or Jess, just fuck toy. I smiled and said of course I am your fuck toy. There would be no question that I was there for fucking.

While lying there he told me how much he loved my shaved cunt with the little triangle on top and how he appreciates my husband getting my cunt ready for him and that it totally surprised him as never did he imagine my tits or cunt looking as they did.

But, now he knew. There would be no more undressing me with his eyes as now he knows what he is looking at. He could see through my clothing knowing what to expect and I would always know what his cock looks and tastes like.

That was exciting to me as it was our secret, I hoped. I felt his cock getting hard again. He was playing with my tits and finger fucking me. There was no question that my body was his to use. He told me he wanted me doggy style and of course I had to put him inside me while looking back at him.

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I was on my knees and sucking him hard when he said he was ready and stay like that and he climbed behind me and rubbed his cock in the crack of my ass. I grabbed his cock and teased him a little with my wet cunt by pushing the head in a little then taking it out, finally looking at him and sliding my cunt back onto his cock slowly until it was all inside me. Yes, another picture. He slapped my ass hard and he loved seeing german camgirl pina gets fucked and facialed handprints on my ass and told me to fuck him- that I was to do all the work.

I started to fuck him faster and faster looking back at him while he spanked me to work even harder. Soon I saw that look on his face as he shot load number two into my waiting cunt. As I was taught I tried to keep him inside me as long as possible and after a while I felt him slowly slip out. He got my panties and I knew what to big load of dick bangs a hot brunette and while his cum was running out onto my panties he gave me his cock to clean.

He thanked me for a wonderful fuck and we laid side by side with my legs spread for him. He told me he loved looking in the mirror at my tits swinging back and forth as I fucked him. I told him I liked it too. I knew we had about another hour or so and I really had to pee. I finally told him and he said good he had to pee also. We went into the bathroom and he put the seat up and I had a puzzled look on my face.

My husband walked in on me on occasion when I was peeing but never stayed to watch. He told me to sit on the rim and spread my legs as we were going to pee together if we could. His soft cock was business woman masturbates in pantyhose in my face as I started peeing and soon he started peeing also but was aiming his stream at my clit.

Wow what a feeling. I looked at him and he told me to hold his cock( I never did this) while he peed on my cunt. After he was finished he told me to shake it and get every drop out and I did then ended cleaning his cock with my tongue. I was a different story.He ran some warm water into the ice bucket and dumped it over my cunt and thighs and I felt it running down over my ass .He then for the motel shampoo and shampooed my thighs, cunt and anna bell xxx chanel preston fouck to my ass and then rinsed it off.

What a great feeling. Unbelievable. He told me to stand up and he took a towel to dry me and another feeling I never had. He asked me if I liked that and of course I told him yes because I did! He was careful not to get shampoo in my cunt as he liked to smell shampoo but didn't want to eat it.

We went back to the bed and he asked me if I could cum again anwas ready and he did his magic and took his time till I was begging for him to let me cum while he has 2 fingers inside my cunt and one in my ass and played with my left nipple by pinching it real hard.

I didn't know I was into that much pain/pleasure but it sure felt great. Finally I after all the begging to let me cum I felt his tongue slide across my clit and he did his wonderful eating my cunt until I came. He stayed there licking up all the juices he could and then returned to my side with me of course- legs spread. He asked me if I liked getting fucked in the ass.

I told him I've done it numerous times but it wasn't my favorite that there were mom and son anima hentie porn places I loved cock besides there.

But my ass was his if he wanted it. It was part of my body to be owned for HIS pleasure. Of course he did and I secretly wanted it too. He answered that maybe the other guys just didn't know what they were doing. I said that condoms make it easier for me but I knew he hated them so I was hoping for lots of lube and him taking his time. He said no problem as he didn't want to hurt me and went to his bag he brought into the room and took out a tube of anal lube.

He has this well planned and I found out was planning this for a long time. He told me to get on my knees and pull apart my ass cheeks while he push some lube into my ass with his fingers and soon had three fingers lubing my ass. He said I was ready now it was time for him. I sucked him hard again tasting his precum until he was ready and I put lots of lube on his cock he had me look back at him of course while I guided his cock to that little hole and gently worked it inside.

He loved seeing my ass close around his cock after the head slid in. I took my time working him inside my ass until I had it all in and felt his balls against my cunt. I couldn't believe it! It felt great! This time while I was watching me he spanked my ass till it had a few hand prints on it then told me to pull apart my ass cheeks so he could take another picture.

God it felt great. He really knew what he was doing. He fucked me for a few minutes then said he wanted to change positions. He slowly pulled out of my ass put on some more lube told me to get on my back and lift my legs in the air.

I know I had a puzzled look on my face doing this but he got between my legs and told me to put him in my ass. I did that looking at him all the time. Again he took his time going in adding lube and it really was nice to have us face to face while he was in my ass.

He slowly started to fuck my ass and worked it till he was pounding me pretty hard and I ass in no pain so I loved it. He finally came and I could feel the throbbing of his cock in my ass. He whispered in my ear, now I own your ass and its mine whenever and wherever I want it. His cock slid right out. He went into the bathroom to clean his cock as I tried to get the cum out of my ass onto my panties. While we were laying naked on the bed and he was playing with my tits(guys sure like tits!)He asked me if I was coming back next Thursday for another round of fucking.

I said sure I was his Thursday fuck toy. He told me he wanted me to have my husband eat me and fuck me tonight without me taking a shower or bath and tell him all about it on Tuesday. I told him I would but I would imagine in my fantasy that it was him doing me.

He liked that. He asked me how many guys I fucked in my short life of 33 years and he didn't want the husband or boyfriend answer of two or three. I looked at him and told him eleven which was true. But told him I couldn't remember every hand job or blow job but eleven had my cunt. I asked him how many girls he fucked and he told me I was 134th.I didn't bat an eye I knew he had a lot of girls and it didn't matter to me as I was getting what I wanted. It was time to go and while we were getting dressed (god those panties are wet) what a feeling that would be driving home anyway, he told me on Tuesday he wanted me to wear heels, a short skirt, and a top and no bra and no panties and as I was walking across campus to the office to concentrate on my feelings of my tits and cunt and everyone I was passing while walking into the building.

I kissed him and told him I would. He drove me back to Wal-Mart and got in my car and went home totally pleased with my Thursday afternoon of being his fuck toy