My stunning indian girlfriend blows my dick and takes a shower mobile video mobile

My stunning indian girlfriend blows my dick and takes a shower mobile video mobile
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It was late and Sharron knew they should be heading home so she went and told Dale that she wanted to leave.

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He wasn't much to protest due to the fact that he was shit faced drunk. She thanked thier hosts and practically packed Dale out the door.This is the last time we do this together she thought angerly to herself as they left the party. "Daleyou dick wad !!!! Damn you! Why'd you have to go and get this way again?" She fussed at him as she held onto him the best she could. "Honey,honey,honey. I just wanted to have a good time.It won't happen again.

I promise." He managed to say through the slur of his words. "Well, I got news for you, you asshole! It isn't going to happen again and if it does your ass is going straight in a cab to your own apartment!" She hissed at him.

By this time they were straight across from the park and feeling a bit tired from lugging this lamer around she deceided to make thier way over to one of the benches to rest awhile.

When they got there she practically threw him onto the bench. "There ! Dale I have had just about enough of this shit with you! Every time we go out you get too pissed to walk.

I have it in my right mind to leave your ass here to sleep it off! As a matter of fact you ass wipe I think I will do just that!" She fumed over him.She didn't give him time to say a word as she flung herself around and straight into the chest of the biggest white man she had ever seen. He must of stood 6'5" she thought as she looked up into his face.

"Oh my freakin'." Was all she was able to get out of her mouth before his huge hands grabbed her. The roughness in his voice told her he wasn't here to be helpful." Just do as I say and my friends and I might let you and your man live!" dessi gets dicked down by three hard cock real drunk wife tricked intthreesome sex school sex xxx com With that said she now looked back at Dale who was being held from both arms by two slightly smaller menone black and the other hispanic,both of which had such evil smiles on thier faces.It was as if peering into the face of the devil himself.

The three men had pulled out some sort of cloth and rope. They blindfolded Dale and gagged and tied both thier hands together before pulling them into the wooded area nearby.Not being able to say a word or fight them off she could only be submissive to thier every demand. Once they were out of view the big guy started with Sharron. Telling her all that was about to happen to them and he began to remove her clothes, stripping her down from her mental state to bare nudity.She could not believe her ears.What he was telling her that was going to happen to her wasn't possible, and then he instructed the other two men to take Dale to the car and put him in the trunk while he got started with her.

The fear that gripped her was far beyond any that she had ever experianced. She felt as if her heart would stop beating at any second.And in reality she wished it would because anything was better than being here right now at the mercy of these three thugs.

Her eyes grew to the size of baseballs when she saw the size of his enormous white cock when he unzipped and pulled it along with his big balls from his jeans. That rod had to be at least 12 inches she thought to herself. All she could do in protest was to shake her head from side to side and squeal like a little girl. "Come here baby. I have something you need and want." He said as he approached her with his giant cock.

When he got close enough to her he shoved her to the ground and pulled her legs apart with such force that she thought he was going to dislocate her hips. She knew that if she fought that he'd mess her up real bad so she just lay there in pain. She held her breath as he placed the tip of his cock at her pussy and began to rub it all around her opening trying to get her wet enough to enter by the precum that had formed on him. But it wasn't working, she was too dry from the frieght of the situation.

Before she knew it he had gotten down between her thighs and spread her cunt lips open with his fingers and started to lick and suck on her pussy like it was the last that he would ever have.Even though it was against her will she began to feel a stirring deep within that no man has ever been able to bring up in her.

His constant lapping at her pussy brought out such a moan from her that she could not believe it was coming from her own mouth. How could she be enjoying this violation of her body?

At this point she did not care. With the heat the this stranger brought out of her she only wanted him to put out the fire that was burning between her legs.

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She squirmed and pushed her hips forward every time he plunged his hot tounge into her. She wanted and needed him to bury it deeper inside of her,to fuck her with all it's might. She was on the edge and begged for release of the cum that was ready to erupt from her flaming pussy.

But just as suddenly as this stranger began lapping at her cunthe stopped and stood over her with his engorged cock hanging there in her face.

Looking down at her and knowing that he had almost pushed her to the limit ,he laughed. Taking his member into his hand he gave it a few shakes, beating it against his stomach and then he leaned forward toward her and removed the cloth away from her mouth.

She was still filled with an inferno and glam teen fucked after sucking grandpas dick what he wanted her to do she opened her aching mouth and waited for the intrusion.

The head was thick and sopping wet with pre-cum as it touched her lips. He inched it in further into her tiny mouth and could feel it throb.Her tightness,warmth, and moisture reminded him of a pussy and he began to pump her as if it were one.She gagged with every thrust and thought he would choke her to death if she didn't somehow manage to take control of this violent assault her mouth was taking.So she bit down on his massive cock just hard enough to cause him to pull out.

"You fuckin' bitch ", he yelled at her.Gasping for air, she looked straight up into his eyes and said,"Listen to me. No matter what we do I know we aren't going to get away from you and you are going to have your way .

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So let me make this as pleasurable for you as I can. " brit milf fingered and fucked in elderly trio Managing to get to her knees she turned to face his half limp dick and took it once again into her mouth and began to suck ittaking half of the length straight down her throat.

Stroking it with her tounge as it slid in and out made her burn once more between her thighs.It wasn't long before he was fully erect and it became tougher for her to get that giant cock to fit in her mouth and down her throat.But she gave it her all as she began to relax her throat enough to get most of his cock to go in, so he would be contempt with the effort she was putting into sucking his rock hard cock.

Picking up her pace her mouth pumped away at him ,sliding in and out with a bit more ease now. The faster she went the more he wanted to stuff it down her throat.Watching her suck his cock, he placed his hand on the back of her head pushed more and more of his hard shaft in with every stroke. Soon he had it buried up to his balls.

The feeling of having his huge cock this far down her throat and having her pump him like she was drove him crazy. He wanted to shoot his hot load. But he held out so he could enjoy this as long as he could.His groaning only made her suck harder and faster. All she could think of was the explosion that she knew was near. Taking his full lenght as fast and as hard as she could, she began to feel his dick tense and she knew that this was it.Wildly it jerked,she heard him groan and he spewed it's hot salty load into her mouth .She swallowed as much of it as she could be still some escaped her mouth and dripped off her chin .But she continued to pump his cock seeking to get every drop of his cum that she could.

When she thought she had it all she pulled away from him letting his cock flop out of her mouth.She raised her bound hands and took her finger and scooped up hot thekittykatbar fucking on live webcam webcamshow masturbate had spilled out onto her chin and put it on her outreached tounge slurrping it into her mouth as if she need more.

He stood there in front of her with a satisfied grin on his lips and stuffed his huge cock back into his jeans. "That was a hell of a blow lady. The best I've ever had I think. Now it is time for you to join your other half." He said while grabbing her and forcing her to her feet.

"Ouch",she cried out ."Where are you taking us? Please just let us go!" She said knowing that that they were by no means finished. "Never mind where you are going. Get dressed and hurry.Just do as you are told and you and your man will live," he said turning once again into the mean thug he was before.

After she was fully dressed he tied a blind fold across her eyes and gagged her once more then pushing her forward he instucted her to go with him. She stumbled over the dense weeds as they made thier way to the clearing ahead.Soon they were standing by the car and she heard him tell one of the other men to get out and to put her in the back seat in the middle of them so she couldn't get out.Once in the car she heard Dale moving around in the trunk and was relieved that he was still alive.Guilt set in as she recalled the names she had called him earlier.All she wanted to do now was be free and in her apartment laying in Dales' arms telling him how much she loved him.

But her thoughts were soo interupted as she heard the car start and felt it pull away .