Brunette hard fucked by bbc watch part on ulacamcom

Brunette hard fucked by bbc watch part on ulacamcom
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Reading the other parts of the story first is important to the storyline. Enjoy!

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Chapter 3 Completing my education. I was panting rapidly as though I had just run a 400m sprint, feeling Tess underneath me panting as well. After almost a minute trying to recover, I gasped out "WOW" "Uh huh!" was the reply. "You're kinda heavy John" Tess murmured as I lay on top of her. "Oh sorry!" I said as I pushed back, taking my weight off her back.

"That's ok, I kinda liked it, but it was getting hard to breath" I could feel my cock softening inside her, and starting to slip out slightly as I sat up. "How many times did you come?" I asked, as I surreptitiously hit the button to release the next set of locks. "I'm really not sure, I've never done that before. Come multiple times I mean. It seemed to just become one long orgasm there at the end." "Well, as soon as I regain my strength, I'll get us some more water.

I'm thirsty again, and I bet you are too!" "Thanks John, I am thirsty." she said. "Not surprising since I just got an aerobic workout!" I stood up shakily, then looked down at the amazing sight before me. Her body glistened with sweat, and her pussy was pink and swollen, with her come and mine dripping wife enjoys the babysitter to share cock with her in hard scenes penetration and deepthroat onto the floor.

"What an amazing sight!" I said quietly. "that must be the sexiest view I have ever seen." She laughed a bit, but I could tell she was pleased. "Nice to know you like looking at me, especially after we just finished that marathon!" I chuckled in return, saying "Are you kidding? I think even a gay guy would like looking at you, especially in this position." She blushed a bit, saying "I would say flattery would get you anywhere, except we've already done everything!" "I guess so!" I said, heading to the water dispenser.

I knew of course, that we were not done yet. As I walked to get the water, I heard the click of the locks, as her arms were released. "Hey, I'm free!" she said, as she took her arms out of the cuffs, and pushed herself more vertical.

I looked back as I was getting the water, and saw her twisted toward me, as she discovered her legs were still locked in place. Her breasts stood out firmly from her chest, and she was beautiful. "Cool!" I said, as I turned to take her the cup of water just as she said "Hang on, why aren't my legs free?" "I don't know, what does the screen say?" She turned back to the screen, and read "You need to regain your strength. Snacks in the cabinet below the water.

Enter code 'RYSFTA' " "Ok, that sounds good, I am hungry, but I wish my legs were not still locked in place!" She said with some frustration.

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"Maybe after we eat they come off?" I moved to the dispenser screen to enter the code. I knew what it was, since it stood for Regain Your Strength, Fuck That Ass, but I asked for the code again as I stood there. "RYSFTA" she said, and I entered the code. As expected, I heard the click of the lock, and I bent down to open the cabinet. "Hey, we have sandwiches here!" I said as I took them both out.

"Looks like one is Turkey, and the other Roast Beef!

Which do you want Tess?" I walked back to her still kneeling in place, resting slightly on the cushion in front of her.

"Umm, if you don't mind I would prefer the turkey" she said in a questioning tone. "No problem Tess, I would be happy with either." I said, handing the first sandwich to her. As I unwrapped my sandwich, I was suddenly aware of a considerable appetite, not surprising since I had used a lot of calories. Tess must have felt the same way, since she was busy chewing. I sat on the edge of the pad she was leaning against, my hip almost touching her shoulder. We ate in silence for a few minutes, until the edge was off my hunger, then I said "How's your sandwich?" "Surprisingly good!" she said.

"I could use another drink if you don't mind?" "No problem" I replied, getting up and handing my sandwich to her. "If you can hold this for a second, I will get us both a drink." As I filled the cup again, I pressed the button on my wrist, to reveal the next message. I walked kinky honeys have fun at the club and gave Tess the water, and got my sandwich.

We ate in companionable silence for a few minutes, and I noticed she had looked down at the screen. Her face seemed to get a little red right after, but I pretended not to notice. I finished my sandwich and grabbed the cup. "I'm going to get another drink, want more?" I asked as I moved away. "Uh, no, I'm good" she replied as I filled my cup. "That was good, I was really hungry!" I said as I walked back. "Yeah, me too" she said, although I noticed she had only eaten about half the sandwich.

"Are you done?" I asked as I got walked past her butt, eyeing it in appreciation as I passed. Her pussy lips were still swollen, and wet looking, with a little come dripped off her lips. "Yeah, I think I am ready to get out of these locks" she said with a firm voice. "Are there more directions?" I asked, as I peered down at the screen. "Yes, but am not completely sure I understand it" she said.

"Two locks down, two to go. 200 strokes in the last place frees the last locks." "Um, what does that mean?" I said as I feigned ignorance. "I'm not completely sure, but maybe just 200 more strokes of you in my pussy will unlock me." "Well, I am certainly willing to do that again!" I said with a laugh.

"I might need a little more help though, I gestured down at my semi-flaccid cock. "I think I can do that" she said with a small smile. "Get over here, and let's get that big boy hard again!" I moved slowly in front of her, my cock starting to twitch in anticipation. She reached her now free hands down, and caressed my cock, before pulling it to her lips. She kissed it dominated missy minks enjoys the hardcore session the head, and then lifted it up straight, and licked it from the base to the head.

"Whoa, that feels amazing!" I said, feeling my cock harden fully in a few pulses. She smiled, and in reply, took most of my cock into her mouth, and pulled back slowly, sucking hard until just the head was in her mouth. She then swirled her tongue around the head a few times, while I groaned in appreciation. "I think that should do the trick", she said with a smile as she released me to bob in the air in milf con tette grosse si prende un bel cazzo in culo of her nose.

Acting on impulse, I suddenly kneeled down in front of her, and took her face gently in my hands. I moved close to her, intending to kiss her mouth, but got suddenly nervous when I was a few inches away. She reached up and pulled my lips to hers, and we kissed, gently at first, and then with more passion.

The feeling of her tongue probing against mine, the feel of her breath against my face and her hand on the back of my neck was amazing. After a minute or more of passionate kissing, I broke away to pant "wow, that was better than I thought too!" She just smiled and said "You obviously are a natural, good at kissing, and other things too!" I laughed, and with a sense of increased ego, said "I have a great teacher, obviously!".

"Well student, get that big cock back in me, and get me loose, ok?" She grinned in response to the grin on my face. "You don't have to ask me twice!" I said as I moved quickly behind her. I paused for a second, looking at her amazing round ass, and her pouting lips, still slippery with our combined juices. Sunny leone film star blueprint 3x 2019 again on impulse, since it seemed to be working so well recently, I bent down and swiped my tongue across her clit a few times.

The answering squeal from her as I did it just boosted my ego a little more, and hardened my cock even further. I rose off my knees, and guided my cock swiftly to her slippery lips, rubbing the head up and down a few times. "Fuck me already!" she panted out as I played with her pussy.

"I hear and obey" I said, as I slowly watched my cock sink inside her. "Mmmm" I moaned out as I reached bottom. "Fuck me fast John!" she said as I grabbed her hips and began to slam into her firm bottom. It felt wonderful of course, but I knew now I would be able to last quite a while, since I had already come 3 times so far.

I got about 20 or so good hard strokes, loving the sound of Tess panting and letting out little moans when I hit a good angle, when suddenly she said "Wait, stop John!" "What's the matter?" I asked, although I was sure I knew already. "The counter is going up, not down! I was afraid of that" she said in reply. "What do you mean, you were afraid of that?" I asked as I pulled out of her wet pussy, I moved beside her, my cock bouncing with my movement and glistening with her juices. "Well, the message says 200 strokes in the last place." she paused, and then said, "you came in my mouth, and that unlocked your blindfold.

You came in my pussy, and that unlocked my arms.

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There is only one place you have not come yet. The LAST place" she said with some emphasis. "You mean. Iuh never" I stammered to a stop. "Yeah, well I never either, but." her voice trailed off. "I really don't want to stay locked here forever, so." "OK, Tess, if you are sure that's what it means" I said, managing to turn a little red. She eyed my cock, still bobbing in the air in front of her, light reflecting off her wetness.

"I've heard that a lot of lubrication is necessary, especially for something that big" she nodded towards my cock. "if you take a some of the wetness from my lips, and kind of rub it around, maybe a little inside my butt?" she got a little red in the face herself as she described what I was to do.

I nodded, and moved around between her spread thighs again, looking at the roundness of her ass, and the amount of wetness obvious from her lips, recently spread apart by my cock. I rubbed my fingers, into her spread slit, gathering up the moisture, and gently rubbed it onto her exposed anus. The feel of the wrinkled sphincter was a new one for me, but I had lots of new experiences so far. "ooh" Tess said, as I rubbed a little harder. "That is very. interesting" I gathered some more of the slippery liquid from her lips, pushing gently with my index finger, watching it sink partway in as she relaxed.

"Go slow ok?" she said as I got to almost the second knuckle. "No problem Tess, as slow as you want. This is kinda hot, if you don't mind me saying." I commented as I rubbed my fingers around her hole, and then pushed in with the same finger, a little deeper.

"Is that alright?" "Yeah, I think so. Actually, it feels kinda, nice, in a way" she said quietly. "Well, I guess people have lots of nerve endings there." I trailed off as I focused on pushing my finger in deeper, and rotating it some.

She was becoming more relaxed, so I pumped my finger in and out a few times. I could hear her breathing get faster as I played with her butthole, and decided maybe two fingers might fit. I slowly stretched her muscular ring as I moved my finger, and gently started easing my middle finger in as well.

As slippery as most of my hand was with her lubrication, it went in surprisingly well. She clenched once, when I was about halfway in, saying "Hang on a sec, let me get used to that" "No problem, tell me when to continue" I said, slowly rotating my fingers, feeling her muscles stretch around them. My cock at this point was still rock hard, but had dried out some, when I had a brilliant thought.

While I was playing with her ass, might as well enjoy her pussy a little more. I shifted my weight, to bring my cock closer, and used my left hand to rub the cockhead through her pussy lips again, to her clit and back. "OH GOD!" she said loudly, "do that again!" I complied, moving my fingers in and out slightly with right hand, while I slid my cock up and down through her lips. "Oh God, Oh god" she said every time my cock slid from her opening past her clit.

A couple more strokes, and she yelled out "I'm Coming!" I kept rubbing her clit with the head of my cock, feeling her anus squeeze tightly to my fingers as her pussy spasmed. There was another flood of wetness coming from her student baby girlls xxx story, onto the head of my cock, as I rubbed several more times.

"Please stop" she panted out after about 30 seconds. "Too sensitive?" I asked, pulling my cock away from her lips and clit. "Yeah" she said, "The feeling of your fingers in my ass, the same lovable girl gapes wet cunt and gets deflorated as you rubbed my clitoris was so hot.

I'm amazed at how quickly I came!" "Glad to be of service, milady!" I joked back. "So, having my fingers inside you here, and my cock inside you, here" I said as I pushed my cock fully into her pussy. "Feels good?" "Oh yeah, surprisingly good!" she answered, as I pushed inside her a few times. I could feel my cock slide in through the thin membranes separating her pussy from her ass.

I started sliding my fingers deeper, stretching her out more as I pumped my cock inside her. Every moan and groan she made as I worked my cock and fingers inside her, made me more and more confident. I was about to try pushing my cock at the angle she liked the last time I came inside her, when she said "Um, John?" "Yes Tess?" I replied as I paused inside her.

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"The counter is going up, it is at 236 already. As much as I REALLY love what you are doing, you probably better stop that, and put that cock in my ass." With my confidence at an all time high, I was able to say with some real enthusiasm "I would love to put my cock in your ass!" The dirty talk by both of us made me even hotter. I pulled my fingers out of her butthole, and slid my cock out of her slippery pussy, and directly to her wrinkled smaller hole. " Here we go!" I said. With extra wetness on my cock, and plenty inside her, I was only a little surprised as the head of my cock slipped past lesbianwincom aiko nagais prison bukkake creampie facefuckfest uncensored jav ring with only a little effort, until she suddenly tightened up.

"Whoa there Tex!" she said. "That is really big, give me a second" I grunted in reply, feeling her start to relax. I was watching my hard glistening cock sunk about an inch into her amazing ass, and I slowly pushed in watching as I disappeared into the hottest, tightest place it had ever been.

With my cock halfway in now, I pulled slowly out, until just the head was inside, and then grasping her hips, I pulled myself into her again, until only about 2 inches were left outside.

"Oooh" was the only sound she made, so I repeated the maneuver slowly. I pumped several times, groaning silently to myself as I held firmly to her hips, loving the sounds she made with every thrust.

"Is the counter going down?" I asked. After a couple of seconds, she answered " yes it is, go faster now!" Happy to oblige, I started pushing faster, and harder into her bowels, feeling my balls swing onto her wet pussy below.

On one thrust, I felt something else brush my balls, and looked down to see her hand busily rubbing between her legs. I did not want to embarrass her, or make her stop, but it was incredibly hot, fucking her ass, while she rubbed her clit.

That spurred me on, to slap harder against her ass and pussy with every thrust. Her moaning and panting was almost continuous now, and I could feel a rising sensation start slowly at the base of my cock, as the incredible hotness of the situation flooded through me. I tried to ignore it, grabbing harder at her hips, and hearing every slap of my hips against her ass now. Suddenly, with almost no warning she tightened up on my cock, and almost screamed "Holy Fuck I'm coming!!!" I had to college teen blondie picked up on the street and railed down some, as the friction on my cock was almost too much to take, and I was fairly sure we were not to 200 strokes yet.

After nearly a minute of feeling her body tighten and relax, I could see her hand stop moving, and she lay there relaxed and panting, like she just won a race. Craning my neck I looked past her sweating shoulder and saw the counter at 62.

I familydick muscle stepdad seduced for allowance money tube porn I could last until then if I took a little break, so I stopped thrusting, and let her catch her breath. "Feel good?" I asked with a smile.

"Oh my God, you have NO idea." she answered tiredly. Leaning forward, I kissed her sweaty shoulder blade, which pushed my cock even further into her ass, I said "Well, this feels pretty damn good to me too!" "You feel so big inside me, and pounding into me hard like that was incredibly hot" she said in reply. "Well, the view from here, not to mention the sensation of being deep inside you is almost more than I can stand. Speaking of that." I said as I straightened up, grabbed both hips and started fucking her hard and fast.

"Oh yeah!" she grunted out as my hips impacted her ass. "Fuck me! Harder! Faster!" I did my best to comply, although I was already pounding her hard. I slid my left hand down to rub her squishy wet pussy and clit, but I could not concentrate enough on both movements, so I brought my wet hand back up to her hip. Fucking as hard as I could now in this position, I was almost seeing stars, trying to hold off the last, epic orgasm of the day.

Every hard thrust into her brought another grunt of pleasure from us both, until I just barely heard a click. Realizing it might be the locks releasing, I looked over her shoulder and saw the counter was at zero. It was like a trigger had been pulled, and I suddenly felt the pressure explode from the base of my cock, rushing into her ass as I slammed into her once more.

I held there for a second as I almost roared in triumph, then pulled back to slam in one more time, for another spasming burst of pleasure. Three more time I slammed back in after a pause, until I could move no more. My knees almost collapsed, and I was holding onto Tess' hips just to stay upright. Neither of us said a word for close to a minute, just panting, and resting. Finally, feeling my sweaty body slide off of hers, I pulled my cock out of her ass with a slight wince, as it was extremely sensitive.

Stepping to the side, I held out one hand and said "I believe you are free now Tess." She reached out to take my hand, and stepped down from where she had been kneeling for so long. As she said "Thank you John" she staggered a bit, so I reached out both hands to catch her arms to steady her.

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She caught her balance, and then surprising me, reached her arms around my ribs, and rested her head on my chest. "Thank You Tess" I replied "Not only was that the most amazing, pleasurable experience of my life, but I feel SO much more confident than I ever have before. Especially since I am talking to an amazingly beautiful, and naked woman." I said kate frost gets real freaky in threesome a smile.

She lifted her head from my chest, smiled back and said "I have to admit, it was amazing for me too. Right now though, I really have to find a restroom!" She started laughing, and I joined in. I pointed to a doorway behind her, by where the refrigerator was, and said "Maybe it's there?

Part 4 to follow?