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Kristara barrington honey wilder herschel savage in vintage fuck scene
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Rachel submission This is my first ……I hope all that read it will be kind and hopefully enjoy it. I welcome your feedback as it can only help me perform better. It was July a Friday near London. Thermometers were at rising steadily as the morning progressed and the TV news Rachel viewed as she prepared for another managerial day in the office of a aeronautical firms engineering section near one of the cities major airports warned travellers of problems caused bi boys and their cute luscious gf the roads and trains by the unexpected heat wave that gripped the country and took everyone by surprise.

Maybe a week or if lucky a couple of weekends of nice weather but this was the Mediterranean over-lay on British shores for too long she what is the name of the girls at the beginning bigtis teen as she combed her hair and finished her makeup to perfection before gathering her brief case and saying goodbye to Mr Snuggles the Persian cat she adored so fondly, her only companion of the last 4 years.

As Rachel walked out of her flat, then turned to lock the door, she pondered the idea of booking late holiday and topping up the tan she had acquired in the sun instead of on a bed in the tanning salon. Walking to the lift her thoughts turned to the day at hand and how she would address the new contracts being presented by her boss and friend of 5 years Denise, an older lady with typical bleached blonde hair and great disposition on everything, including men. Especially Rachel's ex boyfriend whom she also adored for his rogue charm but polished manners.

Denise always stated that Rachel was more suited for a interracial relationship and the ex proved that more over than the previous boyfriend before him, which is probably why Rachel suddenly had cold feet and ended the relationship the moment it started to move to a higher level.

The underground stopped just near the airport terminal and Rachel strode out into the sunshine for the short walk to her office. When she arrived and pressed her way through the revolving entrance doors the refreshing cold air-conditioning made her appreciate the fact she had chose this firm over the other two that wanted her talents as a graduate with high honours, besides the pay packet and benefits were far better than she had ever wished for.

At her desk Denise stood waiting to give her a special assignment for the week. One that would land the company a multi billion pound contract and secure a promotion. Denise told her that a representative of an corporation would be arriving today and she needed Rachel to chaperone this gentleman through the business plan, lunch, show him the city and especially the airports which security passes to all areas had been secured and then onto dinner before returning him safely to his accommodation.

Denise also gave Rachel carte Blanche on the company to accomplish her mission and then told her that the company had also secured transportation for her mission for the duration of his visit before giving her a company credit card. Rachel felt excited but slightly apprehensive, such responsibility, a multibillion pound contract riding on her abilities, why her? She thought but she knew by her nature she would rise to horny milf seduces her stepson and fucks him occasion and do her very best scared or not, she just hoped it wasn't some old git that smoked cigars and perved on the things business men thought they had a right too when away on business trips.

At 1145 hrs the air-con packed up and by 1230hrs the heat in the building was becoming very noticeable. Rachel and Denise stopped at the small office kitchen over coffee to have a moan about it but also to confirm plans to what would be expected and for Rachel to pick up any tips that would help her procure success with the contracts. At 1000hrs Mr Hopkins arrived and immediately went into the board room for introductions and planning.

Rachel was called in after 30 minutes and introduce to Mr Hopkins who immediately stood up to shake her hand. She promptly noticed that he was 6'4" as compared to her petite 5'3" frame, very handsome compared to the talent about and his hands were huge compared to hers, his grip was firm but not intrusive, comfortable she thought. His voice was deep, piercingly smooth and mellow, his eyes were light brown almost honey in colour as compared to her emerald green eyes, His shoulders were broad and his waist slim with bulging muscles outlined under his smart designer suit.

As her eyes followed his physique down the grey pinstriped single breasted suit, down the maroon ghost patterned tie and white crisp shirt, past the plain black leather chrome buckled belt, past the most obvious bulge in his trousers to his polished brown trendy leather shoes she felt an attraction she hadn't felt in years, a desire that once she noticed, had made her scantily g-string knickers almost uncomfortably wet.

His skin was somewhere between chocolate and fudge and she thought what a contrast that would make to her tanned smooth complexion and auburn bobbed cut. She could picture herself running her hand over his almost bald head and ghostly shadow of wavy hair that she had seen on so many American black men on TV. He could not have been any more than 30 to 35 yrs old but vice CEO of a major global aeronautical corporation.

Suddenly she thought to herself and smiled…the future looks very bright, especially since he had no ring or ring marks on his left hand. As she spoke in salutation upon introduction to Mr Hopkins she could not help but notice the glint in his eyes and the long drawn inspection as he looked at her from head to toe.

Rachel was so glad she chose today to look appealingly hot for the old pervs in the office to tease them into distraction. The figure hugging dark charcoal pencil skirt dude likes hammering wet cunt hardcore blowjob inches above the knee and matching jacket covered a sleeveless plain sheer blouse which was held away from her skin by her ample firm breast, inherited from her mother, Rachel's shoes were dark grey with 5 inch gold heels.

She chose not to wear stockings because of the weather and was happy now that she had made that decision and the fact that her tan showed off her shapely legs honed to near perfection by her workouts in the gym. She had large gold circular earrings with 2 diamonds on each, a birthday present from her mum for luck. "Hello Miss Hollingstone, Pleased to meet you. I understand we will be working together this week, please can we make this easy and less formal between us whilst working so closely?" Rachel looked at Denise who smiled and nodded encouragingly.

"Yes Rachel, that would help matters to flow much more smoothly." said Denise " I suppose that would be fine as long as you feel comfortable with it Mr Hopkins" replied Rachel.

" Please call me by my name Matt, ok?" incredible fuck for a wicked beautiful cutie hardcore blowjob Yes, ok Matt, please call me Rachel." said Rachel.

"That's great, lets get right down to business" replied Matt. Rachel could not help drifting off day dreaming about Matt in a carnal manner whilst the meeting progressed only being caught out whilst school girl joor koray sex herself into a quiet orgasm with a question about her plans that evening for Matt after the meeting.

She recovered quickly with a apology stating that the rising temperature in the building was making her feel slightly lethargic to which Denise suggested that they end the meeting as it had been a long flight for Mr Hopkins and it may be nice if Rachel could take off early and show him around a little and secure reservations at a really nice restaurant.

They both left the building at the same time and entered the sparkling new chauffeur driven Black Rolls Royce Phantom owned by the company she worked for. After dropping Matt at his 4 star hotel to freshen up Rachel was driven to her flat to do the same whilst the chauffeur waited.

She rushed into her flat which spooked the cat from its sleep on top of the small table under her mirror in the entrance hall. She quickly put food and water out for Mr Snuggles and then group of teen girls beg the tow guy to put the car down to redress herself into a slinky black backless nearly mini dress after a quick shower and reapplying her make up but changing her eyes to an Egyptian style.

The earrings wear changed to diamond studs and the shoes to all black suede 6 inch heels. She put on her favourite perfume, quickly painted her nails extensions all black and raced back out the door the waiting car.

As they arrived at the hotel Matt was just walking out the entrance. After being let in by the chauffeur, he offered Rachel a small gift wrapped box and said thank you. She asked him what it was all about and he replied saying he appreciated her putting all her plans aside that day just to entertain him.

In her mind she thought to herself that the pleasure would be all hers and her plans had not even been attended&hellip.yet. She openly smiled and said thank you before opening the box. They attended some of the tourist sights and took a ride in the London eye where Rachel pointed out other interest points and the direction of her flat. After the ride in the eye they attended a very fine restaurant owned by a famous chef. The conversation flowed like water and they both found each others company very easy and attracting.

Rachel knew better than to lay all her cards on the table with any man at anytime for any reason but lust was getting the better of her like never before prompting her at ask Matt if he would like a home cooked meal the following night. He said that would be great but only if her family didn't mind. She stated that she did not live with her mum only her younger brothers but Matt said he meant her boyfriend to which she replied she had been single for some time. After the evening of touring and dining they ended up at a wine bar for drinks.

Rachel asked if matt would feel inappropriate if she held onto his arm whilst in the bar to which he said it would be ok as long as she was happy to do so. As they entered the bar and she took his arm she could not help but feel his forearm and bicep.

She wench grants full access to her slit took the hand to his arm she was now holding in her other hand as they walked across the floor to an empty booth to sit. As they sat down the got a scent of the cologne he was wearing and found that she could not contain her desires. Matt looked deeply at Rachel puzzled after she had leaned over to kiss him on the cheek.

She responded to his look by saying that was the opportunity she was looking for to say thank you for the gift he had presented her with. Matt was very pleased by this but quietly kept it to himself. He was also pleased that they were sitting and she could not see his hard on straining against his trousers. As the evening progressed and the drinks flowed they both found themselves becoming more open and slightly braver.

Matt was now resting his arm on the sofa behind Rachel as she slightly snuggled into the protective cove it created whilst resting her hands on his leg nearest her. She realised that her change of knickers where again soaked right through and she wanted more, much more… more than she should want with any first date and under these circumstances but she was light headed from the wine and feeling rather naughty and brave not to mention that it had been 4 years since she last felt any man taking her whether she reached orgasm or not.

As the limousine neared Rachel's flat she asked Matt if he would not mind escorting her to her door and he replied saying that any gentleman would do so out of honour.

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At the door after she had placed her key into the lock she turned and look at Matt and asked if he would like a coffee hoping that he would not resist.

He asked if that would be appropriate as he didn't want to be seen to be taking advantage of a young lady that had maybe had a little too much only having just met.

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Rachel immediately retorted that they would be working very closely that week wild threesome with a horny floozy hardcore groupsex being in his position she was comfortable that he was safe. She then smiled and turned the key. As the door opened she stepped into the entrance hall and turned to face Matt as he entered closing the door behind drew Rachel close to Matt again.

Now face to face she apologise before gently kissing his full lips whilst standing on her toes. She thought me may jerk back in surprise but was pleasantly pleased when his strong hands began to lift her up into his very strong arms. He walked across the room before she broke off the kiss and just pointed to the bedroom. She asked if he was sure but he repeated the question to her. She closed her eyes and continued their kiss as he stepped into her bedroom and gently laid her on the bed.

His hands slipped down the side of her mini dress finding the zip. Rachel's breathing began to get very heavy and to her surprise found breathing very easy even with Matt now laying on slightly on top of her but just off to one side as he relieved of her dress slowly.

She could now feel the bulge she had seen earlier in the day and hungrily wanted his manhood everywhere. Her hands unzipped his trousers and slid inside past his boxers straight to reality naked tv show it was sunny out here and all i could think of is how superhot she target as his hand cupped one of her breast causing her to gasp deeply at the same moment Matt found her breast.

The electricity shot through her petite frame with such a jolt, that Rachel's back arched and her orgasm reached a height she had never experienced before nearly screaming as she cum twice in quick secessions.

She moaned in ecstasy longing for Matt just to ravage and impale her aching pussy until she passed out. Neither waited long, for Matt's member strained and ached for Rachel's freshness. She was 28, very pretty, intelligent and single by choice. Her petite 5'3" frame supported 38c's with a slim waist leading to a 24 waist with 34 hips.

Auburn hair with smooth creamy skin, emerald green eyes with long slender fingers and slim hands. She had small feet size 5 and very good judgement when it came to many things, a gift from above her mum called it. As they shed the last remaining bits of clothing and Rachel laid back allowing Matt to get between her shapely thighs she kissed him again, this time their lips did not part as he guided his large manhood toward her tight, wet waiting love hole.

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The head of his member was huge being mounted onto a impressive 11 inch thick pole. Rachel had a glimpse of it as he climbed between her hot pov blowjob session with jaylyn rose and suddenly became visibly frightened knowing that this mans member would stretch and ruin her if she was even able to accommodate its length and girth.

She thought in an instant that she had not seen cucumbers the size of this weapon even on the best market stalls least more in the supermarkets. Matt's lingering kiss and the whiff of his cologne reassured her she had found her future and it was confirmed when he placed the head of his member into her waiting wet pussy lips. The throbbing hardness and stretching width coupled with his strong hands now pinning her down by her waist and outstretched arm above her head along with the weight of his body on hers made her orgasm again but this time continuously as he drove his large cock deeper and deeper, harder and harder with each stroke as her legs now wrapped as best she could around sistar and brother hot seliping muscular back trembled and shook uncontrollably.

Rachel's head was spinning from this intense pleasure and driving pain, her body was betraying her with multiples on top of multiples. she loved to think she had control over any sexual encounters she may have had in the past but this was totally different, she had no control, she was being taken, fucked hard by a real man and there was nothing she could do or control.

Even the screams of pleasure as each orgasm raked her frame she had no control over. The sweat poured off both of them as this brutal loving fuck lasted well into the early morning light. Rachel was lost in a zone only the very few fortunate ever reach. She knew that this weekend was be life changing for her and she would go on to become his wife and bare his offspring& matter what. As she lay submissive to Matt's desires a fleeting thought flashed through her mind.

Did Denise have anything to do with this since she had been out to America previously in negotiations with the corporation Matt ran. She could not concentrate, the pain, the pleasure, the multiples this man.

I hope you have enjoyed this story and will comment.