Pleasing darling receives rough drilling doggy position

Pleasing darling receives rough drilling doggy position
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S&M Fantasy Cabin 2 Pam calmed down and lay still waiting for her captor to return with fear of the pain he would inflict on her but feeling aroused thinking about the pleasure he had forced on her.

She lay tied spread eagle and blindfolded to the large bed. His cum dried on her face and tits from the forced blow job and her pussy and ass wet from her own juices from her cunt. She smiled feeling confident she can convince him to let her go after he had his fun with her.

There is really nothing she can tell authorities about him since she had not seen his face or eyes. She could describe his sexy body and hard cock but that would not help much. This thought made her smile. She tensed up when she heard the door open and his foot steps enter the room.

She could hear him approach the side of the bed and set something on the night stand. Then she smelled fresh cooked food making her hungry stomach to rumble. She smiled and ask if that food was for her? Sexy harley jade takes a giant dick in her ass am still hungry even if I did have a cum appetizer.

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He did not answer her. But she heard a muffled giggle at her last statement. He untied her wrist and helped her sit up tying her hands behind her back. She wondered how she was going to eat with her hands bound behind her. She felt her left ankle released. Then the right before he gripped her ankles pulling them together and tying them. She scooted to the edge of the bed as he pulled her feet around to the side and toward the edge.

When her knees bent and her feet dangled over the side of the bed she sat up straight making her beautiful breast jut out to him. He had to refrain from taking them in is mouth one at a time and licking them clean. He knew she had to be hungry and thirsty since she had not had anything since she arrived almost twelve hours ago.

Pam sniffed the air detecting sausage, eggs and toast. She opened her mouth to take what he offered her. She felt a glass pressed to her lip and drank orange juice from the glass. He let her drink about half before he took it from her. She felt the fork against her mouth and opened and got egg in on her tongue. As she tasted the egg she thought that is a unique but familiar taste and wondered where she had eaten that type of egg before.

Her thoughts were interrupted with another fork of egg and sausage followed by a bite of buttered toast. He took his time and let her enjoy her breakfast.

He then took the tray to the kitchen leaving her sitting on the side of the bed blindfolded, hands tied behind her back and ankles tied together. He took his time cleaning the dishes before going back to her. She turned her head toward the sound of him coming back in the room. He knelt in front of her untied her ankles and helped her to her feet.

She did not resist as he guided her to the bathroom sitting her on the pot. She did need to pee very bad but waited for him to leave the bathroom. He did not leave and she heard the running water of the shower as he adjusted the temperature. The sound of the running water force her to release the contents of her bladder with a force. She subtitled japanese milf lesbian oil massage foreplay her face flush with embarrassment from the sound of her piss flowing into the pot.

He waited for her to finish and smiled as she spread her legs for him to dry her snatch. He surprised her by pulling her up off the pot and guiding her to the shower.

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He helped her step into the shower under the warm water. Pam breath a sigh as the wonderful warm water cascaded over her head and body. She sucked in a breath when she felt his hands moving over her shoulders soaping her skin. She relaxed as he tenderly massaged her shoulders and neck with soapy hands. She relaxed even more as he moved down her back cleaning her as he progressed down her body. He took his time cleaning her ass and pussy sending waves of pleasure through her body.

She felt the heat in her pussy and juices began to leak from her cunt. He pushed two finger deep in her pussy working them in and out. Her legs spread slightly giving him easier access to india summer and adriana chechik get fucked fuck her.

She felt an orgasm rushing to her cunt when his thumb pressed her clit. Her orgasm was at the edge as he suddenly stopped and started washing down her legs to her feet. She moaned with disappointment telling him that he was mean pushing her to the edge and dropping her. She heard him giggle and could not help but smile herself. He stood up turned the shower offsmacked her on the ass making her yelp and pulled her from the shower stall.

She felt fresh and loved as he toweled her wet body dry. He guided her to the bed, untied her hands throwing the wet rope to the other side of the room. He let her rub her wrist getting free circulation back in her hands. He then picked her up and dropped her back in the center of the large bed.

She did not try to move and waited for his next move. He moved onto the bed crossing her ankles and twisting them forcing her to turn onto her stomach.

He placed her arms to her sides pulled her ankles apart and tied a short spreader bar between her ankles. She did not resist any of his actions. She felt his hand on her back between her shoulders holding her down as he used his free hand to grab her pussy pushing his two middle fingers deep inside her making her squeal from the sudden intrusion sending a wave of pleasure through her cunt. She then felt the pressure in her cunt as he picked her ass up off the bed until she moved her knees under her hips.

He finger fucked her pussy while he pressed his thumb in her tight little ass hole. She started moaning and wiggling her ass. He pulled out as quickly as he had started giving her pleasure. He moved behind her reaching between her legs he pulled her arms back to her ankles forcing her tits and face tighter on the bj giver brunette teen gets her trimmed cunt rubbed. She felt the rope wrapping tightly around her wrist as he tied them together tight.

He then tied them to the spreader bar effectively holding her in position with her head and shoulders down and her ass up giving him free access to her ass and pussy. She moaned with anticipation of him fucking her doggy style giving her tremendous pleasure hoping for another explosive squirting orgasm. Thinking about it made her juices leak from her cunt down her thighs. He saw the moisture leaking from her pussy. Moving behind her he teased her pussy with his fingers until she started pushing back on his fingers trying to get them in her snatch.

She was moaning from frustration not able to stand it any longer she screamed at him to fuck her pussy with his fingers please. With out hesitation he rammed three fingers deep in her cunt and finger fucked her hard. The heat of pleasure surged through her body making even her nipple tingle.

She was trying hard to increase the pleasure to an orgasm when she felt the vibrator pressed to her clit and buzzing on high speed. The sudden shock of the vibrator and his fingers fucking her pushed her over the edge making her body shake and her scream with the intense orgasm forcing her to squirt cum down his arm onto the bed. She lay there shaking, moaning and gasping for breath as she recovered from the intense pleasure of her orgasm. When she regained some of her composure she felt him behind her smearing lube on her ass.

She squealed when he pushed two fingers deep in her ass. She started moaning as his fingers worked in and out of her tight little ass hole. She felt a mixture of pain and pleasure from the finger fucking her ass. When he pulled his fingers from her ass and pressed the head of his big hard cock to the entrance to her tight virgin ass hole she started screaming no don't put that big cock in my tight little ass hole. You will rip me apart.

She was struggling to get away from him. To her surprise he moved off the bed. Then intense fear of terrible pain gripped her very soul as she remembered what he did when she tried to refuse to give him a blow job. She started begging him not to hurt her that she was sorry but she did not think she could take his big cock up her ass without permanent injury. He said nothing but she could hear him moving about the room as if searching for something.

Then he was still and everything went silent. She could not even hear him breathing. She knew in her gut that she was about to regret not beauteous girl and chap in oral sex him fuck her ass.

She tried to lunge forward and screamed with all she had when the leather strap lashed across the back of her thighs just below her pussy. She felt the pain from her legs through her ass to her shoulders. It felt like her whole body was on fire. As she was about to stop screaming another lash hit her directly across her lower hips and pussy lips renewing the pain in her body and mind. She knew she could not take much more of this intense pain and started begging him to fuck her ass with his big cock and fill her guts with his hot cum.

Another lash of the leather strap landed in the exact same place as the last one. She screamed louder than ever and cum shot from her cunt hitting the foot board of the bed and lasted for several seconds.

When she finally settle down the bed was soaked with her squirting cum. Before she could recover from the pain and orgasm he moved behind her and slowly pressed his cock into her tight ass slender tighty teen busted and fucked by a mall cop. She groaned when the head slipped past her tight little rose bud popping into her ass. He slowly pressed his throbbing hard cock inch by inch deeper in her ass. She groaned with the pain as he slowly pressed deeper into her ass.

When his balls pressed against her pussy he stopped waiting for her to adjust to the pressure of his huge cock in her ass. She finally relaxed enough that the pain went away and pleasure moved into her body. He felt her squeeze his cock with her colon muscles and started to slowly move back out of her ass. Slowly he pulled back a couple inches and pushed back in.

She moaned from the pleasure of the full feeling of his cock moving in her ass and he started moving in and out slowly further out and back deep with each stroke. She started pushing back on his cock and he increased his speed and force until they both were moaning and grunting with the pleasure of the ass fucking.

Pam felt another orgasm pushing through her guts and started meeting his thrust with more power and squealing with pleasure and pain in her ass. With her ass gripping his cock so tight and milking it he could not hold back any longer and pushed his cock hard and deep in her as and held there while he shot spurt after spurt of cum deep in her ass.

Feeling hot cum from his hard cock filling her ass Pam pushed over the edge sending a tidal wave of orgasm through her pussy making her squirt her cum on his legs and on the bed.

When he finally pulled his semi hard cock from her ass his balls and legs was covered with her cum. Old and young anal with hairy granny youngandold older women looked at her face laying on the bed and she was smiling with a totally content look on her face. She felt him looking at her and said "Thank you very much, Master." She felt him moving around to the front of her on the bed and he lifted her so that she was sitting on her legs with her hands tied to the spreader bar between her legs.

She opened her mouth wide to take his cock deep in her throat when she felt the head of his semi hard cock touch her lips. He used her hair for handles to work her mouth back and forth on his cock as she sucked and licked him clean. He pulled his cock from her mouth and she licked her lips trying not to loose any of his cum. He pushed her face down into the bed and moved off the bed and out of the room. She did not move just lay on the bed with her ass in the air and enjoyed the after math of the pain and pleasure she had been forced to endure.

She thought I don't know who this stranger is but I think I am in love with him. When he came back into the room he sat something on the night stand making her wonder what he had in store for her now. She felt his movement on the bed as he untied her ankles and wrist from the spreader bar.

He left her ankles free but wrapped the loose end of her wrist rope around her waist pulling her hands into her body so she could not use them. He rolled her over and pulled her feet over the side of the bed so she sat on the edge. She opened her mouth as he pressed the glass to her lips letting her drink the cold tea from the glass. She finished the whole glass before pulling away.

She told him she did not realize she was so thirsty. Then she giggled and told him all this kinky fun is hard work. She heard him snicker and she smiled.

He helped her stand up as he remove the wet bet covers replacing them with clean dry covers.

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He untied her hands and picked her up dropping her in the center of the bed. Pam lay still in the center of the bed waiting for his next move. He did as she expected when he tied her spread eagle to the four poster bed and covered her. She let out a loud sigh and thanked him.

He left the room as she settled down under the warm comfortable covers and fell into a deep restful sleep. She awoke several hours later and blinked her eyes letting them adjust to the bright morning light.

Suddenly she realized the blindfold was gone, she was not tied up and she was alone. She slowly got off the bed and moved through the house in the nude. She felt some disappointment when she could not find her fantasy stranger. Looking at the clock she became aware that it was almost midday. Turning the tv on she found that it was Sunday.

She thought that was a short weekend and smiled remembering all the new things she was forced to endure. Both the pain and pleasure. After a long hot shower she packed everything except her toy bag which she hid in the bedroom closet for her next visit hoping her unknown intruder would return for another weekend of fun. She drove the two hours home thinking about lusty teen lesbo gets fuck hole hard fisted new lover.

If not for the sore muscles and bruises on her body she would have thought it had been a dream. She felt happier now than she had since she lost Joe. She laughed out loud thinking about the wonderful weekend she just had. She wanted to tell someone all about it but knew she could not.

She called Roy to let him know she was back. He ask if she enjoyed her quiet time at the cabin. She smiled and told him it was very satisfying but she was glad to be home.

Roy waited a couple of days and showed up at his mom's house with carry out for dinner. She was very happy to see him and they talked and laughed half the night away. Roy got up to leave gave her a kiss on the cheek. She looked at the clock to see that it was 1:00am. She insisted that he spend the night in his old room and leave early the next morning. Pam woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking.

She smiled and made her way to the kitchen wearing a terry cloth robe over her night gown. Roy was standing at the stove cooking a pan of sausage and a pan of eggs. She poured a cup of coffee asking if he needed any help. He told her to sit relax as he made his special seasoned eggs and sausage just for her. She smiled and waited. He finished the breakfast filled their plates took the toast from the toaster and buttered it.

He sat his plate on the table as he placed Pam's plate in front of her.

He got a glass of orange juice for each of them and sat to eat with his mom. Pam started to eat the eggs as they talked. Suddenly she dropped her fork onto her plate, looked Roy with a pale look on her face. She sat staring at him with a frightened look on her face her mouth was wide open but she could not speak.

Roy looked at her asking if she was alright. She looked at her eggs and back to Roy. She finally took a deep breath and told him to tell her that it was not him. Roy smiled at her and told her that they had some of the same fantasies. Pam felt sick and screamed at him. You beat me, hurt me, fucked me, forced me to blow you, and sodomized me at the cabin. He calmly told her he did nothing that she did not want done.