Amazing solo session with a ravishing bombshell

Amazing solo session with a ravishing bombshell
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I have been writing recently about my wife Melissa and our living our sexual fantasies and growth as a couple. I realized that I had not written about our first experience when were much, much younger. I was young and after serving in the military, I bought a motorcycle and decided to see the country that I had just spent 4 years protecting. I drove and had many cool experiences and then I landed in a small farming community in the Midwest. I was out of money and was able to get a job so I rented a room in the town with the intent of making enough money to continue my tour.

One Friday night with little to do and not really knowing anyone, I went to the local Ice cream stand to get a burger. I walked up to the window and a beautiful young woman approached from the other side, "Hi, can I get you anything?" she asked with a big smile. This girl was about 5' 6" and weighed probably about 110 lbs.

She had long light brown hair that hung down to the middle of her back and she had the prettiest eyes I had ever seen. Her breasts were nicely shaped and appeared to be very firm. She was wearing tight white shorts and a tight white shirt with a little white hat. She had the longest tanned legs and I followed them all the way down to her cute little white socks and sneakers.

"Sure, I'll have a burger and some fries please." I told her. I was totally enamored with her beauty and smile and I watched as she turned and walked to the back in her tight shorts.

She was without a doubt, the prettiest young woman I had ever met and I hoped to get to talk to her more. After a few minutes she returned with my food, smiling she said, "Is there anything else I can get you?" she lecherous mom likes hard fuck hardcore blowjob giggling.

"Sure how about your phone number?" I said with a smile. "I don't give my number to strangers." she said smiling. "Ok, I'm gonna sit here and eat why don't you come out and talk to me?" When she had her break, she came out and we talked and since there was very few customers we talked for quite awhile. I learned that her name was Melissa and that she lived on a big farm outside of town. She invited me to come out the next day and hang out.

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After that we talked on the phone everyday for about a week and then she told me to come out to the farm.

The first time I went to the farm and met her parents and siblings we had supper and then Melissa and I took a walk and she showed me the farm. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever met both inside and out. Melissa and I came to a big barn where they stored the hay and we climbed up on the loft and found a comfy spot on the hay and sat back and talked.

Melissa told me that she was "sort of" little son his old mom beeg virgin and that she had a sexual experience, but it was not in any way pleasant.

I told her that didn't matter to me and she began to kiss me. She looked me in the eyes and said, "I'm not a slut, so don't expect sex from me." "That's ok with me, I don't mind going slow and getting to know each other better." I told her. We began to kiss and I started to kiss her soft neck, before I knew it we had our hands all over each other on the outside of our clothes of course.

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Melissa rubbed my cock through my jeans, "Oh my, that's big." she said with a giggle as I kissed her neck and rubbed her pussy and full tits through her clothes. "I've never actually seen a real guys thing before." she said softly.

Would you like to see mine?" I asked her with a evil little smile.

"Umm, I guess so, but you can't have sex with me. I want to wait until I am married before I do it again." Melissa said very shyly. I unbuttoned my Levi's and unzipped my pants and my cock popped out. Melissa's eyes grew big as she stared at my dick. "Wow, that is big, isn't it?" She stuttered as she stared at it. She reached over and reached out to touch it as I noticed her hand was shaking as she reached.

"It's ok Melissa, I won't do anything you don't want to do." I assured her. Melissa gazed upon my cock as she smiled nervously and then her chilly little hand wrapped around my cock, "Wow, it's really warm, but very soft." she softly commented.

I unbuttoned her shirt and her bra to expose her perfectly shaped breasts.

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Her nipples were pink and rock hard as I ran my finger tips over each one. Melissa began to slowly stroke my cock. I have to say, my cock looked huge in her small hand as she slowly stroked it. I had already leaked a cuckold by phone sofie marie alex legend pre cum as she just slowly stroked me with a lost glazed look on her face.

I unbuttoned her shorts and was able to rub her pussy under her panties. She was incredible wet and her pussy was hairy. I looked at her and said, "Why don't you suck on it a little?" She giggled nervously, "Um, I've never done that, I'm not sure how to suck on a dick." I could tell that she was really nervous about this and I told her, "It's ok, just pretend your sucking on a lollipop, but pay attention to this part", pointing to the underside of my cock just below the tip.

"Just don't use you teeth!" She looked at me and smiled nervously and moved a little closer to my cock. I moved her around so I could rub her clit while she tried it. Melissa put my two raunchy bimbos and one hard member in her mouth and started to awkwardly suck me. She sucked gently on my dick as I rubbed her erect clit. Her panties were soaked but she kept awkwardly sucking my dick.

I coached her a little until she began to suck my cock like a lollipop as she grabbed my cock at the base by my balls as she sucked and swallowed my dick as best as she could.

I asked her if she wanted me to cum in her mouth and she just moaned as she sucked and I rubbed her clit. I announced to her," Melissa, I gonna cum!" Melissa sucked my cock until I started to shoot spurts of warm cum in to her mouth. When the first spurt erupted, she jerked back a little and then as she tasted my cum she moaned with approval and began to swallow as my cock shot a huge load in her mouth and she swallowed every drop!

Melissa laid back "Mmm, that wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I liked it!" As she laid on the hay, I pulled her shorts and panties off and I began to kiss her inner thighs as she moaned. I worked my way to her hairy little pussy. I asked her, "Has anyone ever eaten your pussy?" "No, but I want you to do it to me." As she laid back with her full breasts exposed and her rock hard nipples sticking straight up.

I began to kiss he pussy and then I began to lick her wet slit. As I did this each time, I flicked her erect clit and she would squirm each time my tongue hit it. I began to suck her sweet pussy nectar sex xxx 18yrs old sex of girl she squirmed as my tongue brought her to the point of cumming.

When she was close, I moved up and laying on her I began to suck her perfect tits as she moaned. I could feel my cock was laying on her pussy and it was rubbing her clit as we kissed. Melissa looked at me and said softly, "Please make love to me!" I asked if she was sure and she said "Yes, I want to feel you inside me!" I kissed her deeply and as our tongues met, my cock began to enter her tight pussy.

As the head of my cock penetrated her, she gasped as I began to fill her pussy with my cock. "Oh, that feels incredible!" she moaned in my ear. I slowly fucked her pussy and she was so wet, but she was so tight. It didn't take long until we were both moaning and we began to cum together, It felt incredible as I pumped in and out of her tight pussy and her pussy tightly convulsed around my cock as I filled her with cum.

My cock stayed hard through my orgasm and after I stopped filling her pussy, but I kept fucking her and she her moans became muffled screams as my cock squished in to her. Her orgasm seemed to go on as long as I fucked her, so I fucked her and told her to get on all fours and then I continued to fucked her doggy style. As my cock slammed in to her, her ass cheeks didn't even bounce, but I watched as she began to meet each thrust and she just moaned as I slammed in to her pussy.

Finally, she stopped thrusting and began to shake. Her pussy grabbed my cock and I also stopped and I could feel the wave of her orgasm throughout her body! Melissa collapsed in to the hay as my rock hard cock pointed skyward covered in our juices.

I sat beside her and she began to stroke my cock. Melissa stroked my cock and laid there with her tits exposed, I couldn't resist when I began to cum, I shot my load all over her perfect tits.

We both laid there and kissed and at this moment, we both knew we were in love with each other. We returned to the house and her parents were none the wiser. Melissa' father liked me and offered me a job and I worked there during the day and Melissa and I fucked every night until we got married.

Now after all these years we are able to have enough trust built up that we can share our fantasies and even live some of them out without fear of losing the other.