Tiny teen mouthful of cum proving papa wrong

Tiny teen mouthful of cum proving papa wrong
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I walked into my office as usual with plans to start the coffee going and getting ready for another day. I knew something was up when I closed the door and realized that Doris was already here. I knew her husband was sick and I was hoping against hope, that he hadn't gotten worse and she was going to have to quit and stay home with him.

Doris was that kind of woman, dedicated and loyal, there was no way she wouldn't be with him when he needed her. Our company insurance was good but it didn't take care of 24/7 home care or worse, hospice care.

I hung up my coat and walked into her office and said, "Good morning Doris, you're in early.is something wrong?" "She looked up from her desk and her eyes told me all I needed to know. She didn't say anything as I asked, "Charlie's gotten worse hasn't he?" She nodded and told me, "We need to talk Steve. Charles is worse, much worse and I need to be with him. I'm not leaving today but it's going to be soon. I've lined up as much home care as my insurance is going to allow, the rest is going to have to be made up by me and family.

I've taken up the liberty to make up a list of candidates that will be good replacements xxx vidoes 2019 3 mp me when I do leave. I would suggest you start interviewing soon." I took the list from her and started busty black chick got her tits covered through it. I saw several names that I knew and one that really surprised me.

She had almost been fired, something about some sort of sexual harassment issues that involved upper management. I knew that if it involved them, the truth would never be known. Still, if Doris liked her then that was good enough for me. I put the list down saying, "You know there is no replacing you Doris. Most of these names are familiar but Melissa, her name sticks out. Wasn't she involved in some sort of sexual harassment suit or something?" "Yes, and it was bullshit.

It was a corporate cover-up form the beginning. Most of it happened shortly before you joined the company." "Yes, but I remember hearing all about the aftermath and all the changes that came out of it." "Yes, and they were much-needed changes. I kept working with her after convincing them not to fire her. I convinced them it would cause more problems for them if they let her go. Being cowards they went with my suggestions. I took her under my wing and worked with her, getting her as far back up the ladder as I could.

Finally, I had to let her go on her own, that's when I came to work for you." "Yes, I remember when you started with me, I was so lucky to get you even if I didn't know it at the time. You took a big chance helping her and then taking on a rookie like me.

It had to hurt your career." "Yes, it did but I never regretted a second of it. Helping her or coming to work with you. She's golden Steve, I promise you." "That's fine with me. As you know I still have to follow corporate protocols and post the opening and interview prospective candidates. She's got the job, no problem but I have to make it look good." "I know you do Steve, thank you, for being such a good person.

Would you mind if I call her and tell her to come in for an interview?" "Yes, I need to call my buddy in H.R. first and let him in on the deal. He can be trusted, he won't betray us. This just gives me the leeway I need. Let me call him and then you can call Melissa." Once I made the call and got everything set up I told Doris to call Melissa and tell her to come in. Then I asked Doris, "Does she still dress like a frumpy old lady with those long dresses and shapeless blouses?" "Yes, she's afraid not to." "Alright, I'll let her know that won't be necessary anymore.

Now to go enjoy my coffee." Once I was at my desk I started going through the things I needed to do. About twenty minutes later Doris came in and said, "Melissa will be in for an interview in an hour. Thank you, so much, Steve." "Wow, you don't waste any time.

Good, the sooner the better." Exactly one hour later there was a knock on my door. It was Doris telling me that Melissa was here for her interview. She came in and she looked like an old lady dressed hot awesome chick bawdy cleft pounding action borning clothes.

I invited her to sit down and tell me a little about herself. She darcy and ashlynn share a big boner really nervous as she tried opening up to me. Finally, I stopped her, telling her, "Melissa I now all about what happened regarding the harassment charges.

As far as I'm concerned it was a load of crap. If Doris says your golden then you are. You have the job, this is just a formality. Just like my having to interview other candidates and posting the opening. It's all part of the corporate protocols. Now relax and tell me about you. Oh, one more thing. Don't you dare come into this office dressed like Doris's grandma.got it?" She laughed saying, "I've been afraid to look any other way.

I'm so happy we're going to be working together. Doris is my friend, she saved my ass during that time. I would give my life for her if she asked. I promise not to look like this again." "Good, and you are right. There is no one like Doris, she's pulled my ass out of the fire so many times I've lost count.

I expect you to do the same whenever possible. I'll have your back and I expect you to have mine." "You have nothing to worry about Mr. Morris, I will be totally dedicated to you." "Fine, now when it's just the two of us, call me Steve and I will call you Melissa if that's alright." "Perfect, I can't wait to start. Just so you know, I have no social life.

I'm totally dedicated to this company now that they've made the changes they have and I will give you that same dedication." That's fine but aren't you married or dating someone?" "No, I don't want that right now, I want to see how far I can go and it looks to me like I'm going to get my change." "Perfect, unless you have anything else to tell me, keep your mouth shut until you hear from me.

I will let you know as soon as I can make the announcement. Welcome, aboard Melissa, I look forward to working with you." After she left I felt like I have done the right thing hiring her.

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I went out to tell Doris the good news but she was out of the office taking care of business. I knew there were rumors of meetings coming up and she probably she getting things ready for me.

This is what I'm talking about, you just can't teach stuff like this, a secretary either has it or she doesn't. As good as Melissa is, she may not have that natural instinct like Doris. I went back into my office and then went out to lunch, hoping I would have a surprise waiting for me when I got back.

Sure enough, when I got back there was a surprise waiting for me but not what I had expected. There in my office were Doris and Melissa smiling at me. I valuable sex will turn u on girlfriend and hardcore knew that Doris was going over things with Melissa even before she started.

Doris smiled saying, "Melissa has something for you. She got a call while I was in the ladies room, she took it like she worked here or something. By the time I got back she had your schedule of interviews set up for the rest of this week and a meeting you're required to attend as well. Sorta looks like Melissa is going to work out just fine." I took the schedule from her and walked back to my office. Just as I was about to walk inside I turned and smiled saying, "Before I forget, thank you, very much, a job well done.

Now stop slacking off and get some new clothes before Monday." I winked and gave her a thumbs up as Doris and Melissa burst out laughing.

Between interview of women that weren't going to get the job and my meeting, it was a busy week.

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By the time Friday rolled around I was done. I made the formal announcement that Melissa was taking Doris' place, making sure to thank for all the women that had come in and interviewed with me. Doris seemed preoccupied, her mind was probably on her husband who was getting worse. It was getting close to 3:30 and I was thinking about calling it a day. I told Doris to go home and take care of Charlie. She came into my office and locked my office door something she never did. Then she closed the blinds so no one could see inside my office.

I walked around to the front of my desk thinking she didn't want anyone to see her cry as she told me goodbye. I was about to say something when she put her fingers to my lips shushing me.

As she stood there looking at me I noticed her blouse was open enough to show me some cleavage, something she never did. Doris at 52 is still a great looking woman, with salt and pepper hair amateur teen girl hitch hiking for a ride and gets the ultimate car fucking a really nice body.

She put her arm around my neck pulling me down to her, placing her lips on mine. As I started to speak she said, "Hush, this is hard enough to say goodbye, don't mess me up talking to me. I racked my brain trying to think of something to give to you. A man who has always treated me with the utmost respect, dignity, you gave me everything I needed even when it meant you had to sacrifice." "It's alright Doris, you don't owe me anything." "I know and that's what makes it hard. Don't think for a second I haven't had thoughts about you and me.

It's hard when what was an intense love life was suddenly taken away from you 5 years ago. Where do you go, who do you talk to, there really isn't anyone or place to go. Then it dawned on me, I can give you what you deserve and enjoy it at the same time. Now shut up, don't try and stop me, please. Just enjoy it so I can do the same." The next thing I knew, Doris was kissing me again, her tongue slipping past my lips as she tugged at my zipper pulling it down.

She then unbuckled my belt and trousers letting them fall down around my feet as she took my cock into her soft, warm hands. Next, she opened my shirts as I unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it from her shoulders.

As it fell down at her feet, I removed her bra. Now Doris was naked except for a pair of thigh highs. She had a nice hairy bush, her lips framed by her neatly trimmed hair. Her lips were full and thick along with a hard clit. We kissed and fondled one another several minutes. Her tits were so soft and firm along with her rock hard nipples.

I kissed my way down her neck, kissing her breasts and caressing them. Her soft moans of pleasure filled my ears as I began running my tongue over her aureoles, licking them and sucking them as she cooed and moaned. I felt her body tense and then shudder as she started cumming just from my sucking her nipples. Before I could make my moved to go down on her, she knelt down and started rubbing my rock hard cock over her soft cheek.

After a few minutes, she started moving her tongue up and down my shaft, from the tip of my cock down to my balls where she sucked each of my balls into her mouth one at a time. I thought I was going to cum each time she did it but she just kept it up, repeating the process over and over again before taking the head of my cock into her mouth, where she slowly started to engulf my cock.

Inch by inch she took my free mp4 download american naughty down her throat until her nose was in my pubic hair. Then she drew back and then pushed forward, driving my cock back down her throat.

She was soon deep throating me as I stood there wondering if it was all a dream. My thoughts were interrupted when I felt her fingers slip between my ass cheeks and her middle finger applying pressure to my asshole.

Nothing had ever felt so good to me in my life. As she took me down her throat yet again, I felt her finger penetrate my asshole, working itself deep into my asshole.

Then Doris began finger fucking me as she deepthroated me. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I was about to say something when I lost all control. My load of cum spewed down her throat, my cock throbbing and pulsing as I emptied my load into her throat. I realized I was thrusting my hips forward, fucking her sweet face as she sucked every last drop out of me. When she stood up there was sex yuujiz sex japanese wife small drop of cum on the corner of her mouth.

I whisked it away with my tongue and then I kissed her, tasting my cum on her tongue and lips as we kissed. Once we finished I told her, "Doris, you are an amazing woman.

Now it's my turn to show you how much I've enjoyed working with you these last few years." She turned around and hopped up on my desk and leaned back, her creamy white thighs parted for me as I looked down at her beautiful pussy. I looked down at her full, thick lips, marveling at her hairy yet neatly trimmed bush.

It framed her pussy and her beautiful labia perfectly. I lowered my head taking in the fine aroma of her arousal, enjoying her feminine fragrance. Doris gasped as I ran my tongue over her thick labia, enjoying the tastes of her arousal. I continued licking her pussy as her juices began to flow more and more as her arousal grew.

I felt her fingers in my hair, pulling me down closer as she thrust her hip into my face. I worked my tongue between her folds making her gasp and moan a little louder but not enough so it would draw attention.

I licked her creamy crevice as she undulated her hips, grinding her pussy hard against my tongue and face. I found her opening and began tongue fucking her as she tried not to scream out in passion.

I tongue fucked her until I thought my tongue would fall off. I replaced that with my fingers, working them deep inside her pussy as I took her clit into my mouth. I began alternating between flicking her clit with my tongue and sucking it as Doris tried to maintain her cool.

By now my cock was rock hard again and hitting the front of my desk. I sucked her clit when Doris pulled my head down and thrust her hips upward as the orgasms washed over her. One orgasm after another until she had finished cumming.

She rose up and looked down seeing my hard cock. She smiled saying, "I said I wasn't going to do this but now that I see your beautiful, hard cock I can't say no. Please forgive me, Charlie, it's just been so long since I've had a hard cock fill my pussy." The next thing I knew, I was driving my cock hard into Doris' pussy, my balls slapping against her thighs. I fucked her on the top of my desk, in my chair behind my desk and ended up over on the leather couch where I filled her with my hot load of cum.

Afterward, we kissed and cuddled thanking one another for years of loyalty and caring. She finally left but not before promising to beautiful slutty babe payed and fucked then gets facial together with me when she had the time.

We both knew that wasn't going to happen but it didn't matter. After I got home that night I spent the weekend thinking about Doris and her husband as well as Melissa. Monday the office was closed due to some sort of corporate holiday but I was going in anyway to get set up.

I gave Melissa a call but there was no answer. I left her a voicemail telling her I was going in to get set up but to take the day off and enjoy the day. The next morning I was up and got ready for work. I slipped on a pair of shorts and grabbed a bite to eat.

When I got there it looked like I was all alone. I went in and stepped into the outer office where Doris sometimes set. It looked funny not to see her smiling face there. I paused for a moment and then went inside. I could smell the fresh coffee as I walked in expecting to find Doris having forgotten something.

When I walked into my office my heart almost stopped. There was Melissa, at least I think it was Melissa. I couldn't tell because the woman was so fucking hot. Her skirt was so short it had ridden up over her sexy ass and the only curvy black sluts bunny knight and mckenzie sweet she had on was a g-string or something like that.

All I knew was, it was riding up her ass making me wish it was my tongue or my cock in its place. I cleared my throat causing Melissa to spin around saying, "Oh shit, Steve, please don't be mad. I got your call and I wanted to come in early and help you set up. I must look like a total slut, I was out playing tennis early before anyone else showed up. I was going to change, really I was, I even brought something to change into, I just thought you wouldn't be here so I." "Would you relax?

Call the cops, please, I think someone has come in and kidnapped Melissa and replaced her with some hot, sexy woman that looks amazing." "You're not mad?" "How the hell can I be mad when I'm staring at one of the hottest women I've ever laid eyes on. I hope you don't take that wrong if I've insulted you I apologize. I don't want to open up old wounds or anything like that." "Steve, let me set you straight. I love hearing you say those things. What got me into trouble tiny amateur teen bangs for dollars at a fake casting smalltits petite the old corporate guys that protect one another.

They were the ones harassing me. They all were sure I wanted to screw my way to the top and wanted to pass me around. They were old, ugly but most of all they were married. When I wouldn't play that's when they went after me." "It figures they would do something like that. Fortunately, most of them are all gone or on their way out.

I'm glad you told me what went on. Just the same, I think we should get to work and get this done so we can both go and enjoy the rest of our weekend. You have any plans?" "I'm helping Doris with her husband, I've been helping her all along you know." "No, I didn't.

She didn't talk much about Charlie, she didn't want to deal with it here to. This was her refuge from it. I'm glad you two are so close, Doris is a classy lady. Now, let's get busy." We worked the morning and by noon we were finished. On Monday I came in at my usual time looking to see if Melissa was there yet.

Not only was she there, but she also made coffee, and there was a fresh cup sitting on my desk waiting for me. She had fixed it just the way I liked it.

I sat down and took a sip as she walked into my office. She smiled saying, "Good morning Steve, how is the coffee?" "Just perfect. I see Doris told you how I liked it. You look marvelous by the way. Sexy but not too sexy for the office." "Thank you, I was hoping you'd like my outfit. Well, I'm ready to hit the floor running if you are?" "Yup, let me check my emails and then we can see what's on the agenda.

Once I had checked my emails I could see the boss was going to put us to the test. I called Melissa in and filled her in on the project we had been assigned. We sat down and strategized about how to approach it. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick she was to see things even I didn't see.

Once we decided we were ready we began working. I assigned some tasks to Melissa while I took on others. Mother gets unwanted dp from son worked hard on our project surprising ourselves at how adept we were at working together as naughty leggy nurse nikki plays with clit pump team. It was like Melissa could read my mind which worked out great. We turned our project into the boss early and on budget.

He could have been happier. He went through it with a fined toothed comb but hard as he tried, he couldn't find one little flaw. He called me into his office, congratulating me on a job well done. I told him I wouldn't have been able to do it without Melissa right there with me. I told him we worked well as a team which surprised him. He didn't expect me to give credit to my secretary.

He seemed more than happy to see that Melissa was working out even better than he had expected. I had to laugh, "Why so surprised, she is intelligent and she knows what she's doing. She was trained by the best, Doris, my ex-secretary. She's as smart as Doris and she is going to be a good one. I think she's going to prove that all that nonsense about her was total crap and that she is going to prove her value to everyone here.

She's already proven it to me." "Alright, then Steve, let's put it to the test. I think you're right but this project I'm giving you is going to separate the men from the boys so to speak.

You willing to take the challenge?" "Bring it on boss, I have complete confidence in myself and Melissa." "Excellent, you'll have the project in the morning. If this goes well, Melissa will have a clean slate, I'll see to that personally. You, on the other hand, are a rising star, don't fuck this up, it could hurt you." "I don't intend to fuck it up.

Thank you for the opportunity, I won't disappoint you." When I got back to the office Melissa was anxious to find out what happened. I told her to celebrate today because tomorrow we have a much harder project that we could not afford to "fuck up" as the boss put it.

I told her I had total confidence in her and our ability to get it done. The next morning we were both in early and anxious to find out what was ahead for us. When we found out our assignment it was daunting, to say the least.

We spent the entire morning strategizing and working out a plan. I assigned Melissa her tasks like before while I started on mine. Again we worked day and night, burning the midnight oil to get the project completed on time and on budget. It was the most difficult thing either of us had ever taken on but it was more than worth it. We worked like dogs but got the project completed.

Once again we had finished the project on time and under budget. Again we looked like heroes making a pretty impressive impression on everyone. We continued working together over the next several weeks, bring in new business and building on existing clients. During this time, Melissa and I both felt a connection to one another even though we didn't talk about it, the sexual energy was present. We both knew that at some point we were going to have to do something about it.

I didn't know that it would be coming as soon as it did. It was Friday and most people had left for the long labor day weekend. Since I had no plans I decided to stay past quitting time and get caught up on a few things. That's when Melissa came into my office and smiled saying, "You still here Steve, German sex porn sonaxy boollywood sex thought you'd be gone early with the long weekend?" "No, I have nothing going on as usual.

I just wanted to get some things I'd been meaning to do caught up is all. What's your excuse? A gorgeous woman like you I would think there would be plenty of men wanting to take you out and wine you and dine you." "I suppose but since my issues last year I just don't trust guys that much. Besides, there are some things worth waiting for. Now if it's alright I've got some filing to do." Then Melissa turned around her back to me and bent over pretending as if she were going to file something.

I say pretend because the moment she bent over her skirt rose up over her perfect ass and she was wearing that G-string she had on that Saturday in the office. My cock turned to stone as I stood up saying, "Are you trying to give me a heart attack or make a point." She turned her head around smiling at me saying, "Well, I'm certainly not trying to give you a heart attack but judging from the bulge in your trousers I can see I got your attention.

Now all I have to do is wait and see if you got the point so to speak." I walked around my desk and stood behind Melissa, placing my hands on her ass. She cooed as I asked myself what was I doing? I knew it was crazy to do this in my office, yet I couldn't resist her. It had been too long since I'd been with a woman and it was about time I did something about it. I was willing to take the chance. As I moved my hands over her ass I mumbled something about locking the door.

Melissa stopped cooing long enough to tell me she had taken care of everything. All I needed to do now was take out my cock. I stopped long enough to unzip my trousers and pull them off, followed by my shorts.

If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. I knelt down and started kissing Melissa's ass, her moans growing a little louder as I kissed her sexy ass. Then for some reason, I got an idea.

I moved my tongue along the dimple at the top of her ass causing maggie has ass stretched by a huge strapon to squeal and wiggle her ass in my face. I started moving my tongue down her ass crack, not slipping it between her cheeks just yet. Melissa gasped again saying, "Oh Steve, I love it, do it, lick my ass, stick that tongue in my ass Steve, lick it, fuck it with your tongue, please.PLEASE!" That was all I needed to hear as I started at the top of her ass, this time working my tongue between her ass cheeks as she gasped and pushed her ass back into my face.

Now with my face planted firmly planted in her ass, I worked my tongue between her cheeks and started moving it up and down her ass, paying particular attention to her asshole. Melissa was beside herself with lust as I licked her ass and tongue fucked her.

Before long she was cumming over and over again. When she finished, I unzipped her skirt as she wiggled out of it, tossing it aside.

We moved over to the leather sofa I had in the office where she sat back and spread her legs. I found myself looking at her beautiful pussy, her fiery red bush ablaze and her thick, pouty labia seemed to be pulsing. I loved how she left it thick, yet neatly trimmed framing her beautiful thick labia and large clit. I big ass latina babe gagging on big dick and fucking outside my head taking in the aroma of her aroused pussy before running my tongue over her labia.

She gasped and placed her hands on the top of my head as she tried to guide me. I was having none of that, I was going to go where I wanted to go. I licked her lips and worked my tongue between her meaty folds as they fell open. Her juices were oozing from her pussy, down onto my tongue as I continued licking her pussy. I found her opening and began tongue fucking her, working my long tongue in and out of her pussy as if it were a small cock.

Melissa was beside herself, gasping and squealing as I worked her toward orgasm. Once my tongue was too sore to continue tongue fucking her, I eased my fingers into her pussy while taking her clit into my mouth.

I flicked her clit with my tongue as I worked my fingers deep into her pussy, then I began sucking it hard into my mouth. Melissa took a pillow placing it over her face so she could scream into the pillow as she started cumming over and over again until she fell limp on the sofa. I was about to fuck her when we heard the cleaning crew coming near. We scrambled to get dressed before we got caught with our pants down, literally. She told me she didn't want to stop and asked if we could continue at my place.

I smiled and nodded as we finished getting dressed and headed out the door. We made our way down to my our cars where Melissa followed me to my apartment. Once inside we wasted no time I stripping our clothes off. This time we were not in such a hurry, or at least I wasn't. I took my time looking at her body, taking in the view of her firm round breasts and hard nipples along with her long sexy legs and her tight ass. We made our way to the bedroom where we lay down and began kissing.

Her lips were so damn sweet as we kissed, our tongue caressing as we kissed. I knew in the back of my mind as we kissed that this was one fine woman and if I was smart, I'd make her mine. Provided of course if she were of like mind. For now, though, it was time to enjoy every inch of her sexy body. She had such an amazing body as I stared at her one more time drinking in her beauty. Her tits were perfectly proportioned to her body, her nipples standing at attention. As pagou o concerto do carro com a buceta eyes moved down her body they stopped at her incredible fiery red bush.

Oh, how I wanted her pussy in my mouth and there it was just for the taking. I lowered my head pausing as I took in her aroma. Her pussy smelled of arousal as I stuck out my tongue and ran it along the edges of her labia. Her pussy tasted just as good as it did in my office. I licked her pussy and sucked her clit just long enough to get her really horny again.

I moved up, my face covered with her juices but she just looked at me and smiled as she pulled me down to her and kissed me. I reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock, sliding it into her pussy. She gasped as I slowly eased my cock inside her.

I had to smile, her pussy was so tight that it gripped my cock like warm velvet. Once inside her tight pussy, I began thrusting my hips, driving my cock deep inside her. She met my thrust with rhythmic thrusts of her own. We laced our fingers together as I raised her arms above her head, while I sucked her nipples while I pounded extreme latin swinger man lets her horny wife gets fucked by two strangers while he records everythi pussy.

Melissa was gasping and squealed as we fucked, the both of us wallowing in pure lust. As we fucked I could hear my balls slapping against her inner thighs. We ended up fucking in several positions, with Melissa ending up laying on top of me, her back on my chest. I reached around her, cupping her tits in my hands, caressing them and tugging at her nipples with my cock firmly in her pussy.

I began thrusting my hips again as I squeezed her breasts and tugged at her nipples all while Melissa tried not to scream out. Melissa slid off to the side with my cock still in her pussy, pumping her frantically.

She then started cumming, her body quaking as my cock started to throb as I emptied my load deep in her pussy. Afterward, we cuddle and caressed as my cock slowly fell out of her well-fucked pussy.

We dozed off that way, falling asleep, not waking up until the following morning. When I woke up the next morning I looked over and saw Melissa was gone. I wondered if she had seconds thought and had gone home. I got up and that's when I smelled the coffee brewing. I took a quick shower and then made my way down to the kitchen.

As I walked in, there was Melissa wearing an old shirt of mine. She smiled saying, "I hope you don't mind my wearing your shirt but I didn't want to put on what I was wearing yesterday." "Hey, that shirt never looked that good on me.

Thanks for making coffee and breakfast." We spent the day together as well as that night. On Sunday I took her back to her place so she could be ready for work the next morning. On Monday the day started out as usual when I got a call from the CEO asking me to come to his office. He sounded anxious like something was wrong. When I got there and his secretary let me in.

He was sitting behind his desk looking like he'd seen a ghost. I sat down asking, "What's the matter, you look stressed." "I have a major issue that I need your help on. To make a long story short, Mr. Caldwell and his wife may be blown an account worth millions.

If the stockholders get wind of this I am finished not to mention the financial hit the company would take." "So what happened exactly?" "One of our major clients, Ms. Walters was having dinner with Caldwell and his wife, discussing a major investment with ms.

Walters. It seems Ms. Walters made some suggestive comments to Caldwell's wife about having a threesome before discussing business and Caldwell's wife went off. She slapped Ms. Walters and threw her out of the house and Caldwell called the woman a pervert." "Wow, that is not the way to handle it. Why didn't she just smile and say she was flattered that Ms. Walters found her attractive but she just wasn't interested.something like that rather than haul off and slap the woman?

Not to mention Calwell calling her a pervert. If anything he should have been the calming force here." "Yes, that's what I told him. All he could do was shrug his shoulders. Needless to say, I fired him. Now I need someone to pull my ass and the company out of the fire. My question is, can you handle this?" "No, Melissa and I can handle this BUT.if we pull this off, then I expect some recognition for myself and Melissa. Financial recognition would be preferable." "Yes, yes, anything you want.

If you do this and pull it off you have carte' blanc as far as I'm concerned. Will Melissa help you with this since it might involve.well you know." "I'm not sure, I think so, let me run it by her and see what happens.

In the meantime call Ms. Walters and set something up." I went back to my office and found Melissa at her desk. She took one look at me and said, "Oh, oh, I see something big time is up. What is it now?" I sat down and explained in detail what had happened and what the 720 pron00 free sex stories storys wants me/us to do.

Melissa listened to every word I said and when I finished as asked her, "Well, what do you think? You can say no to this and I won't hold it against you. It's asking a lot considering what Ms. Walters might want out of meeting us." "I have no problem making this right. I don't mind having fun with another woman, I just hope she's attractive." "From what I hear she is, so you'll consider doing it?' "Of course, what's a little threesome gonna hurt?" I called the CEO up and told him Melissa and I was a go.

He told me that was perfect except Ms. Walters wanted to come to meet Melissa and me in my office tonight at 5 pm. She wanted to see if there was a possibility that she liked us.

If not then she was going to take her business elsewhere. I told him that Melissa and I were ready and we'd be expecting her. he couldn't thank me enough and wished us both luck. I told Melissa that Ms. Walters would be coming into the office later. Melissa smiled and assured me I could count on her. At about 4, Melissa told me she would be back in about twenty minutes. When she came back in she didn't look any different until she walked over to me and raised her skirt. My eyes nearly popped out of my head.

She was wearing a black garter belt and no panties. I could get over how the garter belt framed her neatly trimmed red bush, not to mention how sexy she looked. All I could do was smile and tell her she looked like a million dollars, several million to be exact.

She then walked over and made a fresh pot of coffee just in case as well as bringing out some scotch for when Ms. Walters arrived. Then it was time to wait for her arrival. Fortunately, we didn't have to wait long, Ms. Walters arrived right on time. Melissa opened the door for her, taking her hand in hers and greeting her warmly. Abella anderson with ninpolla fuck smiled saying, "Well, I had some strong misgivings about even coming but seeing this lovely young woman I'm glad I did.

You must be Mr. Morris?" "Yes, but please call me Steve Ms. Wlaters, and this is Melissa. She and I will be more than happy to try and remedy this travesty that occurred the other evening." "Oh, I take it you heard about that terrible man and his even more horrific with. You realize, all she had to do was say no thank you, or something like that rather than physically assaults me." "You are absolutely right, I couldn't believe my ears when I heard about it.

I always thought Caldwell was a professional but I guess he didn't know how to react to his wife. I imagine he was more afraid of her reaction if he didn't support her stupidity rather than what the consequences might be otherwise.

Either way, it was stupid on his part." "Yes, but how do I know you're not just saying that to appease me?" "You don't but I have to start somewhere. Hopefully, you will see that I'm being honest with you." "Good answer Steve, you one cock is enough for naughty babes try to bullshit your way around, I appreciate that.

Now, let's talk, do you have anything to drink?" Melissa answered say, "Yes Ms.Walter's, we have fresh coffee in Mr. Morris office that I can get for you or if you prefer I have scotch available. What would you prefer?" "Scotch Melissa but first I have something I'd like you to check for me.

I need a brief analysis on this if you don't mind looking it up if you know how?" Melissa didn't even flinch from the insult, she took the paper from Ms. Walters and started researching for the answer.

As her fingers flew over the keyboard Ms.

Walers smiled and gave me a wink. In a matter of minutes, Melissa had the information Ms.Walters wanted along with a quit explanation that she hadn't expected.

Ms. Walters smiled again saying, "Excellent Melissa, I had to be sure that you were the real deal and not, well never mind. Call me Amanda from now on." "No problem Amanda, I would have been surprised ad you not checked to see if I was the real deal or secretary natasha nice screws well hung manager else.

You are not only beautiful but extremely intelligent as well. It was my pleasure." Then Melissa went over and poured Amanda her drink and brought it over handing it to her as Amanda said, "Thank you for the compliments, Melissa. I take it you might be more open-minded than Caldwell and his disgusting wife." "All I can say is she sounds like someone from the middle ages, all puritanical and judgemental.

Trust me when I say that I am completely open and not the least bit uptight regarding matters like that." Amanda smiled and looked over at me saying, "Steve why don't you give me some time to talk to Melissa and get to know her. I feel a little more trusting of women right now then I do men, I hope you understand?" "Of course Amanda, I'll give you and Melissa all the time you need together." "You'd be willing to leave me alone with your secretary after all you've heard about me?" "First of all she's more than my secretary, she more like my partner, my equal if you will.

Then there's the fact that you will find both Melissa and I are not like.well you know who I'm referring to I'm sure." "Really, so if I were to place my hand on Melissa's leg like so and start inching it upward you wouldn't mind?" "That is not my call to make, although judging from the look on Melissa's face I think you'll find she open to all kinds of negotiations." Amanda looked up at the smile on Melissa's face as her hand disappeared under Melissa's skirt.

Melissa was already beginning to coo and move closer to Amanda giving her better access to her charms. Amanda in the meantime was smiling as she moved her hand higher.

Melissa reached behind her back and the next thing I knew, her skirt was down around her ankles and Amanda's hand was now caressing Melissa's pussy. She was smiling as she said, "Mmmm, Melissa, you are so much more agreeable than that stuff old woman from the other night. Why don't you sit down next to me, so we can get even better acquainted." Melissa sat down next to Amanda, her legs spread wide allowing Amanda full access to her pussy, working her fingers into her depths.

Melissa gasped asking Amanda if she could see her pussy. Amanda parted her legs, her skirt sliding up exposing her pussy to Melissa. Amanda was not wearing any panties as well, making it clear she had been planning this from the start. Amanda had a neatly trimmed bush with pretty pouty pussy lips begging for attention. Melissa draped her leg over Amanda's as the two of them started kissing.

Soon they had their blouses open and their breasts exposing, caressing one another and sucking each other's nipples. The two women were fingering each other's pussy's totally oblivious to my presence in the room. I just sat there watching Melissa pleasure Amanda, making her like putty in her hands. She was seducing Amanda even further as she moved from the leather couch, down between her legs.

I watched as Melissa started sucking Amanda's pussy, running her tongue over her pussy and licking it as Amanda gasped and squealed. Amanda told me she wanted my cock and to come and stand close to her.

I took my cock from my trousers and walked over and stood by Amanda as she grabbed my cock and started sucking it. After a few minutes, Melissa had Amanda cumming from sucking her pussy. Amanda asked me to sit between them after I removed my trousers. I did as I was asked and sat down between Melissa and Amanda. They each took turns sucking my cock and licking my balls. Then Amanda asked me if I would mind fucking Melissa as she watched. I told her I had no problem if Melissa had none.

Of course, Melissa had no objection. At Melissa suggestion, we went over to my desk where Melissa leaned over it, her beautiful ass there for all to see. With her legs spread wide, I slid my cock into her pussy and began amazing ass on this teen cameltoe huge nipples g string round ass and camel toe her as Amanda pulled over a chair and watched my cock sliding in and out of Melissa's pussy.

Over and over I pounded Melissa's pussy, ramming my cock hard into her as Amanda watched. Amanda was beside herself, watching and fingering her pussy as she looked on. I was getting close to cumming when Amanda said in a husky voice, "Cum in her pussy, I want to suck your cum from her pussy when you are finished." I continued slamming Melissa's pussy until I felt my balls tighten and then started cumming.

I filled her pussy full of my hot cum and when I finished I stepped aside and let Amanda take over. She began running her tongue along Melissa's ass, licking the length of her ass and then working her tongue into Melissa's asshole. Then when she finished with that, she knelt down and began licking and sucking Melissa's pussy. Melissa was beside herself, moaning and gasping as Amanda sucked her pussy.

It was obvious Melissa was loving it. When she had sucked out as much of my cum from Melissa's pussy that way, she laid on the couch and had Melissa hover over her, lowering her pussy down onto her mouth to get the rest of the cum that might be left. Melissa was soon cumming again from Amanda sucking her pussy. When she was done, Melissa asked if Amanda would like my cock in her pussy, after all, I was still hard, probably from watching the two of them. Amanda agreed, that having a nice hard cock in her pussy would be a nice change of pace.

As she laid back on the couch, I maneuvered around while Melissa took my cock and aimed it at Amanda's waiting pussy. Once I was in Amanda gasp, "Mmmm, Steve, I have to say, your cock feels very good inside my pussy. Now started fucking me and don't disappoint." Melissa chimed in saying, "Don't worry Amanda, Steve won't disappoint you at all." Once the evening was over and Amanda had been well fucked and sucked by both Melissa and myself, she not only resigned her contract with our company she gave us an additional multimillion-dollar commitment for future business.

Needless to say, when Melissa and I presented our successful evening to the CEO, not only was he ecstatic, he promoted us both. Now Melissa and I are happily married and looking at a bright future not only in our marriage but in our success with the company.