Bisexual guys nailing hot black girl tube porn

Bisexual guys nailing hot black girl tube porn
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Before I start the story I will give you a little background information. To start off with my wife and I have been married for 20 years and living this lifestyle for 19 years. I like for my wife to be with and have sex with other men while I watch or she can play with out me there and come home and tell me about it.

We live in the sticks so we had to order satellite internet. We knew the guy was coming to install so I stayed home from work that day. My wife "Roxanne" was really excited.

That morning after she put the kids on the bus she had me shave her pussy completely bald. She then put on her 5" open toe silver high heels, Cuban tan & black theigh high stockings with the line running up the back, black lace garterbelt, silver lace see through panties, silver lace shelf bra that exposes her nipples, did her long sexy blonde hair and put on lots of sluty makeup.

She was looking so sluty my dick was hard the entire morning! She was deciding on what to wear over it all when I suggested to her that she wear nothing.

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At first she was a little hesitant but then we talked about how I would answer the door and get him started and would ask him if he would mind my wife walking around him almost naked. Anyway she was in the bedroom and he knocked at the door. I showed him where we wanted everything set up and he got started. Then I told him that I liked to show my wife off and would he mind her coming out of the bedroom half naked.

He looked at me kind of strange and said " I don't care". Then my wife came out of the bedroom in just what I described earlier and sat on the love seat. He was in the office room so she got comfortable and started watching T.V.

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The first time he walked out to go to his service van he walked in the living room and looked at Roxanne. She was sitting there legs crossed, heel dangling, her nipples hard and exposed just smiling at him. I introduced him to her, "This is my wife Roxanne" as she stood up and very sexy said nice to meet you and I hope this does'nt make you feel uncomfortable?

He replied no not at all actually I like what I see. As he walked out and then back in my wife was now laying back with one leg up on the back brunette cutie angela is ready for wet action the couch and the other with the heel firmly planted on the floor. He walks in and kinda moans as he looks at her laying there with her pussy exposed in the see through panties and her nipples hard,erect and exposed.

We both then walk in the office room where he is working and start talking. Roxanne is now right above him kneeling down and starts teasing him accidently rubbing her stocking covered leg on his shoulder.

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She then clicks on the computer and opens up a video of her getting fucked by another man. He looks at the computer screen looks at her and goes back to work. I tell Roxanne to bend over the desk and she does.

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I start rubbing her exposed ass and pinching her nipples as she starts wiggling and moaning. I look over and he is hard as a rock. Then she sits down in the chair directly next to him spreads her legs and sits staring at him.

I then tell her to show off for me. She starts pinching her nipples and rubbing her pussy through her panties. By now her panties are visibly soaking wet as she slips her finger under her panties burring her fingers deep inside her pussy as she lets out a load moan. He turns to her and she tells him to keep working until the job is done. I don't know what he was thinking then but he went right back to it. I told her to tease him some more and she knew what I ment.

She stood up and started rubbing her stocking covered legs all over him moaning, playing with her pussy and nipples. She shoves her pussy in his face and rubs her soaked panties all over his face telling him she wants his tongue and cock.

He stands up and starts passionately kissing her both of them moaning as he starts running his hands all over her breast, ass and panties. She then starts rubbing his cock through his jeans. He goes to take it out and she stops him and tells him he has not been teased enough yet, then tells him to finish. So while he finishes everything she real czech chick sucks dick during interview really getting hot putting herself all over him, playing with her pussy and nipples and then putting her pussy soaked fingers in his mouth.

He finally finished and had her sign the paper work. Then she looks up at him standing in front of her while she is sitting back in the office chair and grabs his cock through his jeans again and tells him she wants his cock in her mouth now. They both pulled his jeans down and off in 2 seconds as Roxanne starts moaning looking up at him as she starts licking the head of his cock and up & down the shaft.

He starts leaking some precum and she tongues it and stretches it from hic cock to her tongue before gobbling it up. Then she tells him she wants him to fuck her mouth deep and hard and told him to make her his sluty whore moaning.

He then plunged his cock deep in the back of her throat and his cock was probably 8" and very thick, it was stretching her dark red lipstick covered lips. She moans heavily as she stares up at him while he fucks her mouth deep & hard, he then in no time says he's gonna cum and Roxanne pulls his cock out of her mouth and tells him to fuck her mouth til he's gonna cum and then pull her head back by her hair and cum all in her mouth.

With that said he started fucking her mouth hard and she was moaning with delight when he pulled her hair back tilting her head and she opens her mouth wide then his entire body started shaking when he screams out he's cumming as he shoots a huge load of cum all in her mouth and all over her face. She then moaning tells him to treat her like a slut and he did. As soon as he was done shooting his huge load he started slapping her cum covered face with his cock mopping up his cum and plunging his cock in her mouth telling her to suck and swallow it all til all his cum was gone, and she did just that.

We then walked to the living room as she and him sat on the love seat and she was kissing him rubbing his cock and rubbing & moving her stocking covered legs and high heels all over him until his cock was hard again and then they sucked and fucked each other all over the living room until impressive lechery by lesbian gorgeous babes dildo and toy was about to cum again and she tells him cum baby cum deep inside my pussy, and he obeyed as he dumped another load deep inside her pussy.

He then got dressed and left saying that was the best installation he has ever had! Roxanne and I then fucked and sucked all over the house as we talked about how great that it was.

Since then we have been complintating calling the service provider for a service call,&hellip. We will see&hellip.

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