First time xxx story 15ag

First time xxx story 15ag
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I woke up feeling great. I had Karley down stairs to fuck, and then I would force her to give me her e-mail and password for facebook. When I get onto her facebook I would browse her friends to find another hot teen to kidnap for a breeding toy.

I didn't bother to get dressed, what was the point? I was just going to take of all of my grandfather rape virgin granddaughter sleeping to fuck the shit out of her in a few minutes anyways. I walked down to the kitchen, turned on the coffee machine, then walked downstairs.

Karley was fast asleep in the same corner I had pissed on her last night. I grabbed the keys, unlocked the cage and hung them on the door. I walked into the cell, over to Karley, and kicked her in the ass. "Get up bitch, or I'm gonna beat your ass." I told her. She looked at me with puppy dog eyes, but didn't move, so I kicked her pussy this time "I said get the fuck up, or do you want me to fuck your ass again?" I shouted at her. She got up and followed me outside of the cell. "Okay slut, get on your knees and suck me off, make it good this time right from the start and you won't get a nice hard facefuck." She dropped to her knees and took hold of my massive 10" cock with her right hand.

She guided my cock to her mouth, and began to suck me off, having about 5" in her mouth at the most and 3" at the least. As she sucked she gave some real awesome tong movement that really got me going, along with jerking me off with both her hands on the 5" she couldn't get in her mouth. She kept this up for 10 minutes before I told her "that's great slut, ya bitch just like that.

Okay slut, stop and jack me off till I finish on the cute little face of your." Just like that she stopped sucking me off, and with her right hand only jacked off my entire 10" hard. Quickly I came, depositing 4 large streams of cum all over her pretty face and hair, adding to the hard cum stuck in it from yesterday. I'd had enough for now, but figured the best way to get what I wan was another ass fucking threat. "Slut, your gonna tell me what's your facebook password, and e-mail address, right now.

If you don't then I'll fuck your ass again, you don't want that do you?" I told her. "No, please don't." She whimpered. "I'll tell you whatever you want to know. My E-mail address I used is [email protected], and the password is hotstuff_66.

Please, please don't fuck my ass again." She cried out. "Now, now. You held up your end of the deal, as long as this info is right, I wont fuck your ass, today." I said to her, with a smile.

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I then pulled her up, walked her into the cage, locked it, put the keys out of reach and walked up to my study. I went on my computer, made sure that my internet was on a proxy somewhere in Europe, then opened up Firefox. I went to facebook, and entered the info she told me, and waited. It successfully logged in. I then quickly appeared offline, then went to her profile. Man, she was popular, 700+ friends, couple dozen of them listed as sisters and brothers.

Right in the side screen where it list some friends there was a single girl, all the rest boys, so I clicked her, figured I've been lucky with getting Karley, maybe facebook is telling me "Kristen Dirck" would be the lucky one to go after.

I started scanning through photos, and damn she was quite the tease. She had pictures of her in skimpy bikinis, and a number of them with her and her friends pulling the front of their shirts onto their head to show us how nice their tits are, barely covered by equally skimpy bras. This bitch was such a tease, I thought. She deserves to join Karley, but how am I going to get her. I checked her info, and discovered she only had a mother, her father had left them, and her mom worked the night shift from 10 pm to 6 am in one of the near by factories.

Perfect I thought, I just go to her house tonight around 12 am, put the car in her garage, sneak into the house when she's asleep, go into her room, knock her out with some chlorophyll, then it's the same drill as with Karley, and maybe I'll go back in to steal some of her sexy revealing clothes to dress my slaves up in, not like she'll need them at home anymore.

Then I need to take her home and give her the same treatment Karley got, only right in front of Karley. If I was going to be up all night, I better get some sleep now, I thought, as I went upstairs to have a short nap.

I woke up a few hours after, and it was 5 pm. Time to go get Karley and clean her up a bit, then she can make us some dinner I thought as I walked downstairs. "Hey whore, get up. We're having a new addition tonight, and need you to look your best for them. Then you can make us some supper." sunny leone nawe sexy 2019 I told her as I unlocked to cage.

She walked out of her cage then I had an idea. I ran to the wall and grabbed one of the collars that came with the cells. I walked over to her and attached it to her, then pushed her down to her knees. "Slut, if your gonna be my breeding bitch, then your gonna act like it. Any talking from now on will result in a ass fuck and the same goes if you get off of your knees." She started to ball, but didn't say a word as she crawled after me to the bathroom I had in the dungeon.

The bathroom contained of a toilet, a bathtub as well as a movable shower head, and a basic sink. I picked her up and put her in the tub, then turned on the taps to what should be a warm temperature.

"Slut, nod if the temperature is right, and do nothing if it's to hot or cold, I'll figure it out." I said to her. She put her hand under the tap, and didn't move her head. She was special delivery and the delivery guy returns with ms paris tube porn awfully difficult, so I decided to teach her a lesson.

I pumped up the heat really high. To the point where it would defiantly hurt her, but not really burn her.

The I pulled the knob, grabbed hold of the head, and began soaking her with water from head to toe. She screamed a bit, but didn't say a word. I then put the head down in the tub, grabbed the body wash and squeezed some into my hands. I then started to slowly massage Karley's back, moving down to her nice juicy firm ass, giving special attention to her pussy and ass hole, before moving down her legs.

Then I rolled her over and did the same thing, starting at her lower belly moving up, stopping and kneading her gorgeous C cup tits before moving on to her under arms and arms.

I then rinsed off my hands, grabbed the shower head, and rinsed her off, massaging and kneading her the same way I did when I put the soap on. The I grabbed the shampoo and poured some on her head, before rubbing it in and then rinsing it out. Turning off the water, I picker her up and out of the tub, before grabbing one of the towels I had, and dried her body off, before fingering her pussy.

As she started to get wet, and I figured that was enough. I began to walk out, snapped my fingers behind me and said "Come bitch, time to go back to your cage, bitches don't make dinner, I'll bring you something." She followed me and crawled into her cage, before I locked it, and headed upstairs.

I put a lasagna in the oven before going out to the van and spending the next hour getting it ready for my soon to be new slave. I had 2 chlorophyll clothes, 3 hand cuffs, and a pair of ball gags in it, to go along with a single pair of shackles attached to the floor of the car.

I was ready to go, and always ready to capture a pair just incase I saw a piece of hot ass walking down the street. I walked back in, and the lasagna was ready. I went and got a plate, glass and two bowls. I cut myself a nice piece of it, plopped it on the plate, and filled the glass with water.

I took this to the table and ate in silence.

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When I was done I looked at the clock and it was 8 o'clock, just enough time to feed my pet, and do the dishes. I grabbed 1 of the bowls, and filled it with water, then I grabbed the other and put a medium sized piece of lasagna in it. I carried both downstairs, placed them down to unlock the cage, before picking them back up and carrying them into her cage. I then place on the ground and said "Dinner is served, bitch." She crawled over to the bowls and went to pick up some lasagna with her hand, which I kicked out of the way before telling her "Nuh uh slut, you're a bitch, and bitches don't eat with their hands." She looked completely demoralized as she bent her head down into the bowl to take a bite, getting all sorts of sauce all over her face and neck.

When she had finished with the lasagna she moved to the water, she went to pick it up, only for me to yell at her "Bitch, act like what you are! Bitches don't use their fucking hands!" I saw tears start to fall out of her eyes as she bent down and began to lap up water with her tong. Good, I thought. I'm finally breaking this slut. When she was done I went and got a cloth in the washroom, used it to clean her face and neck before heading upstairs and to put the dishes in the sink.

I looked at the clock. Good, 9:15, I knew it would take her awhile to get used to eating like that. Now I have 45 minutes to do the dishes before 1 last 30 minute check that I have everything, and it's all in place in my van, then it's a hour and a half drive to Stud is fingering vagina hardcore and massage place, I though.

I had everything and was on my way to Kristen's, when I saw a missing poster for Karley, laughing to myself I said "They ain't gonna find this slut, she might as well be dead for them, because all she's gonna be doing the rest of her life is making babies for me to sell and make a fortune off of.

Finally I arrived at Kristen's house, backed up onto her drive way, got out and pulled on the garage door, it began to lift and I was relived it wasn't locked. They are all to comfortable with this area being "safe" I thought to myself. I fully opened it, quickly got in my van and backed in. I then hurried to shut the garage, praying no one saw me from another house, because I know no one saw me from the street.

I then walked up to the door twisted and pushed. Unlocked. This was just too easy, I thought as I walked to the back of my van, opened it, shoved a cloth in one pocket, and a gag and a pair of hand cuffs in the other. I walked into the house, but then I heard laughing, angry someone was still awake in the house, I cursed under my breath, but I tattooed girls get to please each other to see who it was, so I took the huge risk of tiptoeing to the living room, and peaking into it.

What I saw astonished me. Kristen was sitting on her couch in her super slutty sleep attire with one of her friends, who was just as hot, and dress just the same. I took a good look at her friend, then crept out of the house, and into the back of my van. I took out a pair of hand cuffs and put them on the ground so I could use them as shackles latter. I then grabbed another gag and pair of cuffs, shoving them in the pocket with the chlorophyll cloth, and grabbed another cloth, shoving it in with the first gag and cuffs.

I then went to the front of my van and got it. If I'm going to wait for them to go to bed, I might as well see if I can find out about this other girl I thought. I pulled out my iPhone, and hoped onto Karley's facebook, I then scrolled down her friend list till I found someone with a profile picture that looked like this girl.

I went onto her profile, and looked at some of her photos, yep, this was defiantly her. Lets see, Hope Gatt, her profile was littered with just as many slutty photos as Kristen's was. It would be fun getting revenge on these two for being such cock teases. I looked at the time, "wow, 1 o'clock, it took longer then I thought it would finding her." I mumbled to myself.

With that I got out of the van, and snuck back inside. It was quiet. I slowly walked over to the living room, empty, must have gone up to bed I thought.

I walked up the stairs very quietly, not making a noise, it helped that their stairs were carpeted. All the doors were open, so I sat down at the top of the stairs for a few minutes, waiting to see if I would hear them talking or giggling.

I heard nothing so I crept to the close bed room. Nothing, just an office. I then walked pass the next one as it lovelly teen masturbates sweet pussy on webcam obviously the master, that left just one more.

I crept to the door way, and peaked in, and saw one of them asleep on the bed, and the other on an air mattress. They were on top of their covers and sleeping bag respectively, making my life much easier. I walked over to the bed, and helped the person sleeping in it roll over on to their back. Kristen. I pulled out the hand cuffs, making next to no noise, then placed them on the bedside table. The gag soon followed. I pulled out the cloth, and hovered it over her nose, careful not to touch her for fear of waking her up.

I did this for 30 seconds before I was convinced that I'd knocked her out. I then shook her a little bit, just to ensure it had worked, no reaction. I decided to get them both out first before getting them ready to take with me so I walked over to the air mattress and carefully dropped to 1 knee. I took both the hand cuffs and gag out of my pocket, and placed them beside the mattress the same way I did on the bed side table.

I knew no one would hear a struggle now that the other was out, so I went for speed it shoving the cloth right into her nose and mouth. She woke instantly and shrieked fairly quietly along with struggling mightily.

Within a few seconds she was unconscious. I put the cloth in my pocket, and grabbed the other from off of Kristen's face, and shoved it too in my pocket. I could feel it really starting to eat away at the fabric, I knew I would need to get it in the car ASAP. But I had a job to do first. I grabbed the gag from the bed side table and quickly put it on Kristen, and hand cuffed her, then I checked her pant elastic for a phone, yep there it was.

It took it and shoved it in the pocket that didn't have the clothes in it. I then did the same to Hope, once again finding a phone, and shoving it with the other, before deciding to turn on the light so I could get a better look at them. Kristen was white, 5'6" and about 130 pounds, not skinny, but not fat, she had some pretty big legs, and a really mia khalifa fucking and kissing round firm ass with dirty blond hair that went to below her tits.

Speaking of her tits, they were monstrous, DD's most likely and they were pretty firm too. She was wearing a florescent pink low cut tank top that showed some of her perky nipples, and blue and white striped supper tight sleep leggings, two sizes to small at least, it showed of her ass perfectly, and even gave you a nice view of her pussy.

I moved on to Hope. She was wearing the same top as Kristen except it was florescent green, with exact results as her for sexy conned masseuse jizz pornstars and hardcore nipples, along with spandex short shorts that held her ass out just fine. She was also white, 5'5" and about 115 pounds, a supper hot frame, along with bark brown hair a little bit shorter than Kristen's. She had a decent ass, but it was the firmest I'd ever felt.

Her tits were just as firm, and by my guess, D's. These girls were so hot, they had about 18 I thought to myself. I pulled out my phone quick to check their ages on facebook.

Holly shit, they were both 14 as well. I could only imagine if they continued to develop, and after I get them knocked up how big their tits will be.

I picked up Hope, and placed her on top of Kristen, and picked up them together and walked them down stairs and out to the garage. I put them into the back of the van, attaching Kristen's feet to the shackles, and doing Hope's up with the cuffs, before tossing the chlorophyll by their feet.

I then walked back in, and went up to Kristen's room. I figured I would take any more of her revealing or cute cloths, since she wouldn't be needing them here any more, along with her jewelry, and if I had time, her mums as well. Speaking of time, what time was it, I stooped in her room, pulled out my phone, to see that it was 2:15, I only had 45 minutes.

I needed to get out of her before they woke up, and they would be up in about an hour most likely. I went to her dresser, it had 4 drawers, and I opened the top drawer, socks, I wouldn't need those. I opened the next drawer, bras and panties, lets take the best and leave the rest, I thought. I took a pair of white lace short panties, a pink lace thong, a grey floral lace thong and a navy cotton skinny thong, as well as a white with pink stripes push up bra, a grey push up with lace wings that matched the grey thong, a white and baby blue half cup and a white push up.

I moved on to the middle drawer, shirts, skirts and shorts. I took a blue lacy string tank top, and a white spaghetti strap. I also took a pair of yoga short shorts, and demi short shorts to go along with a green frilled skirt, and a red lacy skirt. Finally I opened the last drawer, bikini's, I decided to take the whole lot. I then opened her closet, and took two really tight dress along with some blue skinny jeans, yoga pants, and a fancy white lace dress with flowers.

I then went to her bedside table, and tossed her jewelry box onto the pile, then grabbed Hope's suit case and it went on top. I picked up everything and took it to the van. I dumped the clothes onto of them, the suit case and the box near the seat, and checked the time, 2:35, time for one more load. I walked into the master bed, grabbed the mom's jewelry box, and then a light bulb went off. When these girls aren't pregnant they're gonna be bleeding all over the place when they have their periods, so I walked into the master bath and started looking around for some pads and tampons.

I found 3 boxes of each, tossed them on top of the jewelry box, and carried it all down to the van, where I placed it in the back near the other box and suit case. I got into the front seat, and put their phones in the cup holder then started the car, I got out and peeked out of the garage window, coast was clear.

I opened the garage, ran to the car, and drove out. I quickly got out, shut the garage and got back in the car, before driving away. As far as I knew, not le casting divannah une fille tregraves poilue soul had seen me. I drove home in the same time it took for me to get their, about half way I heard them starting to wake up. By the time I got home, I could hear them struggling, but more importantly could barley keep concentrate now with my wood beginning to bother me.

I turned off the car and got out to unlock the front door. I then went and opened the trunk, and went inside to get Hope. I picked her up, and dumped the clothes that were on her onto Kristen. I then carried her strait into the basement, and dropped her on the floor, I went back and unshackled Kristen's feet, and she started to fight, trying to escape, so I grabbed one of the cloths by her feet, and used it to put her out again.

I picked her up, and carried her inside, nerdy amateur latina takes big dick from behind time to shut and lock both the van and the front door.

I would come back after I had my fun for the clothes and jewelry. I carried her downstairs, and put her into the cell beside Karley's, and locked her in it, all the while listening to Hope cry and in between tears ask Karley "How did you get here?

How did I get here? What is he planning to do to us?" Karley, being the good little bitch she was didn't say a word, she just watch. I walked up to Hope and studied her, boy I couldn't wait to get started on here, and then I would have Kristen. I really wouldn't be sleeping tonight.