Mercedes and cherie share cock in some

Mercedes and cherie share cock in some
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-Back story - Im 16 my name is josh and i have a twin sister named emily. Emily and i have been close for years we came out the womb loving each other like no other. me and Emily do have our times we fight but most of the time we are chilling with each other joking around.i was a very muscular dude that had attracted alot of females i had blonde hair blue eyes 6'4 and if i might say so myself i was a catch.

All the females in my highschool liked me i was just the usual quaterback for my football team minus the bad attitude.

my twin was quite a catch to she was also a blonde with blue eyes and she was captain of the cheerleading squad. All the boys wanted her. She had a nice attitude to go along with her good looks. My parents are together my mom works till 11 midnight and my dad does to so most of the time we have the house to our selves. We cookclean, and do all sorts of stuff together except.- Its friday the day AFTER school and im just getting homeme and Emily are both suppose to be going to an 1st day of summer party.

Later on tonight i go to my room take a shower and watch a little tv downstairs . Im laying on the couch and emily comes down the steps in a very hot pink dress that stops to her mid thighs and some hot pink pumps that admires her long skinny legs that goes into her plump bottom being caressed by redhead wannabe model is picked up at the bus stop dress.

i can see her 36 c breast being squeezed together by the tightness of her dress. i never seen my sister in this type of way. i could fell my pants getting bigger. i wasnt dress yet but with my sister looking like that all i could think of was me taking that dress off of her and doing the buisiness. i got cought in a fantasy of me ripping that dress off and eating my twin warm pussy luckily i had on basketball shorts under my thick sweat pants so the bulge wasnt that noticing.

my sister woke me up out of day dream to a are you going to get ready or not in a playful tone. i said yes trying to get back my composure, smiling at her. i went up stairs and put on some jeans and a fitting hollister shirt that showed my muscles.

i came down the stairs and my sister told me i looked nice to be so ugly in a playful manner and i said you do to.

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we got in my car and we went to roberts house the co captain of the football team. robert was muscular had red hair dark brown eyes and was 6'2.

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robert had a step sister that was on the cheering squad that was the same age as meemily and robert. her name was macy. Macy was a beautiful brown-haired female her breast were a little smaller than emily's and she was 5'8.

when she saw me she hugged me and said hey bestfriend and gave me a little peck on the cheek she offered me a drink and i took one as the party started getting hyper i went unto the dance floor and found myself sorrounded by hot chicks dancing on me. there was this on specific girl that was dancing on my penis that took me upstairs in the house and gave me a bj.

i wasnt expecting anything to hapend like this but i was so happy it did. on the way home from the party me and emily were talking like we would normally do and the topic of sex came up. Emily was telling me how sexually frustrated she was and how she needs some one to cure it. i took that as a opportunity to tell her how sexually frustrated i also was and how i got head but it wasnt as great as it should have been.

when we arrived home it was 1 am our parents were sound asleep and we went upstairs to our seperate bedrooms. when i got in my bed i immediatly closed my eyes and started picturing how sexy emily looked in that dress and started to beat my cock which was hard as rock not being in to it for 5 minutes my door opens no knock or anything it just opens and to my suprise its emily. im so shocked that i dont try to hide myself all i could say was what are you doing in my room.

Emily awnsered me she wanted to see if i was still up and did i feel like watching a movie then she looked at my cock and said but ovbiously you are busy so i'll just come back later i said no very quickly as she turned around and she looked back i got up and closed and locked the door i asked her did she feel uncomfortable and she shooked her head no.

i sat beside her and looked in her eyes and said i never thought you would see me like this. Emily smiled and kissed me n my cheek i kissed her on cute german daughter mouthfucked and pussy stretched hard lips and she started to put her tongue in my mouth. We started making out. after about 5 minutes of making out she leaned back and began to take her shirt off.

Emily wasnt wearing no bra. when i saw her nice soft breast and her hard nipples made my cock jump. I started sucking on her breast slowly flicking her nipples with my tongue and soon enough i was making my way down slowly to between her thighs. emily had on tight shorts that was very short. i took them off hollywood xxx ful film in ebony she wasnt wearing any underwear either.

i began to eat emily out hearing her soft moans grow louder as i sucked on her cunt she began to pick up her breathing emensly and started pacing her hips back and forth i can tell by the way her body was twitching she was about to cum i started to finger her already soaked pussy and it pushed her over the edge and she left out a loud moan and all her jjuices went on my face and finger i licked up every little bit of it.

Emily said she never felt nothing like that before and she think it would only be fair if she helped with my situation and i looked at her with interest. i sat down on the end of the bed and emiy started sucking my cock she wrapped her tongue around my head and licked my shaft then my balls then started giving me a bj emily started to tickle my balls with her tongue and then weent back to sucking my cock i closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

after about 10 minutes of this i started to feel my balls tighten up and a tingly feeling in them. my breathing picked up pace and so did emily sucking emily licked my head and then shots of cum went up in emily face hair and any other region that was near my dick. after i cummed emily looking exhausted laid down by me and i rapped my arms around her and we went to sleep for the night.