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Perfect teen cameltoe princess! in tight leggins! round ass! tube porn
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Hi, my name is Trisha. I'm a 23 yr old, natural blond, 5 foot six, 125 lbs. with nice, perky 36 b's. I have always been a sexually experimental girl probably due to the sexual raunchy amateur blonde pleasures her wet twat I grew up in. My parents had a very active sex life and it was a favorite pass time of my brother and I to lay in my room and listen to their very loud enjoyment of it almost nightly laughing and joking about it.

From the age of twelve when my puberty kicked in and the laughing and joking became embarrassed arousement on my part and unmistakable erections on my brother's part we became aware of each other's bodies. I guess it was a normal thing for siblings to think and wonder about having sex with each other. The loving bond between most brothers and sisters can easily spill over into sexual thoughts of the other.

I knew I was attracted to my brother but other than the looks he gave me each time he became aroused while listening to my mom and dad he sex xxx romantic storys download indicated an interest in me.

I am quite shy sexually but I always know I have an inner slut that I try my best to keep hidden even today. My mind is never far from something to do with sex. I began my secretive sexual fantasies when I got my first computer at age twelve and discovered online pornography.

It was then that I finally realized fully what the moans and squeals we always heard coming from my parents room late at night were. I began having fantasies about my father and I doing all the things I had seen online as I lay and listened to my mom's passionate responses to their lovemaking. It was during one of those listening sessions that I felt a pulsing at my pussy, a feeling that demanded I touch it.

My listening sessions took on a very different urgency from that night forward. I found it hard to look at boys that I liked without that pulsing beginning.

Just seeing the large bulges at the crotches of my dad and brother brought on fantasy's that had me rushing to the bathroom to fondle my newfound toy between my thighs, while thinking of their cocks in my mouth and pussy until I tensed in ultimate joy. I soon graduated to finding all sorts of things to use as dicks to place in my soaked cunny. I am ashamed to admit that in a fit of tensing orgasm I lost my virginity to a hair brush handle. That did have the effect of slowing my fucking myself with things for a few weeks.

For most all of my teen years my sex life consisted of vibrators and my hands. I did manage to indulge in fucking a few guys when we visited my dad's sister and she assisted me in being seduced by her sons. It was never directly spoken of but it was plain that she set up situations where the three of us were left alone. The day we left she looked directly at me and said, "I hope you enjoyed yourself fully Trish, if you'd like to come stay during the summer break call and I'll drive down and get you", as she winked at me and smiled.

I had never had anything in my ass until the day her sons sandwiched me between the two of them and drove me to a state of sexual insanity with their hard cocks. I worried until my period came that I might be pregnant so I never took her up on her invite. I always wondered if she was sexing them and if I had returned if the four of us would have slept in the same bed. My parent's enjoyment kept me masturbating through my early teen years. Occasionally on their more vocal nights my brother Steve would come to my room and listen with me until I could see his erection and he would leave I was sure to go masturbate himself.

I always wondered if he thought of my mom like I thought of him and my dad. It was always those days when he came and listened with me that I found him in my mind as my hand slid into my panties. I could see his erection in my mind and the thought of him opening horny attractive gal gtes her wazoo hole screwed pants and showing it to me always had me tensing hard.

Then one night right after I had turned eighteen he had come home from college for the summer. He attended out of state and I missed him terribly, we all did.

When big ass hottie jen gets drilled hard by a bbc during casting walked in my room unexpectedly that day I flew to him and threw my arms around his neck and in my exuberance I kissed him directly on his lips.

I was kissing him with excited happiness to see him but suddenly I realized that he was kissing me, not happy kissing me but passionately. My body instantly was afire as our tongues entwined and danced. I felt his hand on my ass pulling me against what I knew was his hard erection. My mind was being swept into a whirlpool of passion that had me hunching against him strongly. Somewhere in another world and time I heard our dad calling to Steve. Steve heard him too and finally broke our kiss just as dad appeared at my door and said, "Come on son let's go get a beer down at Sam's now that you're twenty one".

I could feel my face blushing as I wondered what dad had seen. I knew Steve didn't want to leave me, knew he was as shocked as myself at the passion we both had just experienced. He had an apologetic look on his face as he stammered, "I, I, I'm sorry Trish, I didn't mean, I mean…&hellip.we'll talk when we get back… ", then his arms dropped and he said to dad, "Be right there dad", as his eyes had a look of confused passion in them.

Then he was gone. I lay down on my bed and relived our kiss dessi gets dicked down by three hard cock my mind.

I was hot, my pussy was clenching and releasing, my clit felt like it had a bass speaker pounding deep inside it. My emotions were torn knowing it was Steve that had me so aroused and craving sex, but there was no innocent teen jesse parker gets fucked hard that I felt love for him. My heart was pounding wildly and I wanted him in my arms more badly than anything ever before in my life.

My mind became flooded with the memory of how he had always looked at me when he had an erection through the years and I had always thought he was thinking of sexing our mother. Now, after his kiss I wondered, could he have been going to his room and masturbating with me in his mind as I lay in my own bed playing with my pussy thinking of him?

I lay there as the minutes ticked by waiting for him to return. The minutes became hours and then around 10:00 P.M. I heard them laughing and stumbling in the door obviously drunk. I walked out into the hallway and watched as Steve struggled up the stairs and stumbled to his room and entered and shut the door. My mom came out of her bedroom wearing only her robe with the top button done up and hanging open showing her nudeness while saying, "And now he's going to want to get kinky, drunk on his ass!

Get up here you damn drunk. I hope you're proud getting your son drunk on his ass". Dad just laughed and said,"I didn't get him drunk he got me drunk.

He was upset about something and said he couldn't talk about it. Some girl I guess. I'll be up in a minute, I gotta call somebody first, its Friday night you know!" I went back to my room and lay down and shortly after I heard my mom's moans begin.

I knew why Steve was upset, our kiss, and what it conveyed and how wrong it was for them to feel what she knew they both horny latina teen gets banged in doggy style. I stripped nude and put on my robe.

I was hungry so I went down to the kitchen and opened the fridge. As I was bent over looking through the drawers I felt arms wrap my waist and lift me upright. I turned quickly and saw Steve standing there weaving as he pulled at my ass to stabilize himself. He had on his robe and was nude under it like I was.

He pulled me against him and the stench of beer gagged me as he began trying to kiss me again. "No, no Steve, don't, you're drunk", I cried as I tried to push him away. He pulled me tighter against him and I felt his thick cock pressing against the bare skin of my stomach and his fat glans pressuring my clit. "C'mon Trish let's fuck. You know I want shour pushy. Yeah, yeah I know its bad, fuched up but hey you want it dontcha?" I did want it and feeling him hardening between my thighs had my chest heaving and thrills racing from my mashed clit.

But I didn't want it with him drunk because I had to know that he really wanted me like I wanted him. If he had to get drunk to live with it then I knew we would both regret it. I didn't want excuses for making love to him, I wanted to know he loved and desired me as I did him.

No less, the consequences were too great. He pushed me hard up against the fridge and took his cock in his hand and began rubbing the head along my slit. God it was so hot, so big and it took looking at asses behind the camera venom I had to push him away and send him falling backwards into a chair behind him.

He looked surprised and said, "Don hav to be a bisch about it sis juss wanted to giveya a good fushin, fush ya I'm goin ta bed", as he rose unsteadily and stumbled away.

I stood there with my pussy squeezing with a craving like none I had ever known deep inside me. My chest heaved and I had to hold my clit, pressure it hard as it throbbed so hard it was an ache inside me. I again opened the fridge and opened the meat drawer and espied a long thick roll of summer sausage. I took the wrapper off and was reaching for the crackers when my gaze fell on the sausage and I thought damn, I imagine that looks like a long thick black man's dick.

It felt cold in my hand but my mind was now churning out ideas as I placed it in the microwave and heated it for thirty seconds and then squeezed it and found it nice and warm. My pussy was begging me to do it, to relieve the ache deep inside it with some stiff meat. I put it in my robes pocket and proceeded to my room as tears formed in my eyes at the way Steve had treated me like some common slut. I hated that he still had me aroused so deeply. Returning to my room I lost no time spreading my thighs widely and pressing the sausage deep inside me.

I was lying on my back nude listening to my mother's oral expressions of pleasure while stroking my pussy with the long stiff sausage wishing Steve hadn't gotten drunk. The memory of my brother's dick pressed to my pussy, its fat thickness and extreme length affirming that the old adage of "Big feet equates to a big dick" was true. I had always chided my older brother Steve about his big feet. At age 15 he wore a size thirteen shoe and always had the cutest girls hanging around him. He was handsome like my dad and had a great physique which is why I found him in my mind a lot as I diddled myself through the years.

Like my mom, my moans became louder and my body moved more excitedly as in my mind my brother pressed deeper in my young hungry cunt than anything had ever been before. I held pressure on the sausage as my hips hunched into it and I enjoyed the feel of my pussy being stretched as never before.

I wondered if my dad's cock was as long as my meaty lover's or Steve's was and that thought had me moaning loudly and cumming again. That orgasm left me exhausted and weak and I fell asleep lying there with it embedded in my pussy. I don't know how long I slept but it had to have been a few hours at least. When I awoke I lay there with eyes closed, thighs widely spread enjoying the feel of the sausage inside me.

Soon I was again fucking myself as my mother's cries became louder than I had ever remembered them. Her cries drove my own passion and I was just about to cross into heaven when I heard my brother's voice say, "This would feel better I bet Trish!", I quickly opened my eyes and there stood Steve staring at me, his hand stroking his stiff humongous cock. I had been so enrapt in my fantasy I hadn't heard the door being opened slowly as Steve investigated the sounds coming from my room.

And now there he stood in the dim light of the clock radio, slowly stroking his cock as he watched me. His cock was huge, over a foot long and as thick as my wrist at least. I was so embarrassed! I couldn't move, speak or anything! My breathing was rapid, deep as I lay there watching his cock sway menacingly like a large snake. The sausage in my pussy seemed to magnify the arousement I felt as I gazed at the clear liquid oozing from his swollen tip.

I was mesmerized, unable to remove my gaze from him. He was obviously more sober now as he said, I'm really sorry about earlier Trish. I just came in here to apologize but seeing you like this, damn you're so beautiful. Tell me sis, did you feel what I did when we kissed earlier? I wanted you so badly, wanted to just shut the door and get naked and hold you while we kissed and let our emotions just take us wherever they led us.

And now seeing you like this having to use that for enjoyment when I love you so much and want you so badly just tears me up. I had to get drunk to try and rid my mind of you. I don't care how wrong it is sis I just need you in my arms. Do you feel like I do Trish and please don't lie. I can't help craving your pussy sis.

If you don't feel what I do and you just want to fuck that's ok because I don't think I can live without making love to you. My pussy clenched the sausage tightly as I thought of his dick in my pussy. I wanted him to fuck me more than I had ever wanted anything in my life, but he was my brother.

And he was so huge, could I ever get it in me I wondered? I felt elation and trepidation at what he was suggesting, my brother fucking me, being my first huge dick. I knew I wanted it, god I had fantasized about it so many times while masturbating, but he was so big and mom and dad were right next door. Then I remembered our kiss and I craved to feel his lips on mine again as we lay nude in each other's arms My body made the decision for me.

My arms reached out to him as I filled with an undeniable hunger to have my brother in my arms making love to me. Even with the sausage stuck inside me, my pussy yearned to feel Steve's hard REAL dick throbbing and pulsing buried deep inside me.

I watched as he approached my bed and sat down on the edge and said, try and be quiet sis, horny couple anal sex on cam watch more of her at ulacamcom don't want to get caught.

My heart was beating so hard I thought it would rip from my chest as he lowered his head to mine and kissed me lightly while his hand run over my body touching but not touching, just gliding over me while instilling a craving to be touched harder. His touches began a journey slowly down my body as our kiss intensified until once more we were both careening out of control, our minds drawn into the same vortex of need that we experienced earlier.

God I wanted him! His kiss filled me with a desperate craving to feel him inside me. My hand found his stiff cock and pulled at it wantonly. My pride kept me from begging him, my brother, to fuck me. Then his lips began teasing my throat, sucking at me as my body writhed. His soft kisses were like a light breeze on seething embers and the fire within me flared hotly.

I knew in my mind that my brother was the missing piece to the jig-saw puzzle I called my life. His hands tormented my body, his fingers touching my breasts, my stomach, trailing around the taut swollen protuberance of my need.

My hips hunched, pussy squeezing the sausage still embedded in me as I continued to grasp his swollen cock. Feeling my fingers gripping him, unable to fully surround his hot shaft filled my mind with a trepidation that he wouldn't be able to fulfill my deepest most craving desire because my pussy was too small.

His mouth upon my inflamed skin instilled an insanity of need as his tongue made light circles around each of my breasts. His licking teased my nipples as it circled them slowly but never gave 1first time under15 fuming storys attention.

My chest lifted, rose and fell heavily as those nubs stood erectly at attention yearning an initial contact that never came.

I had to resist the urge to pull his mouth to them to sate the craving he left there as his hands and lips converged at my middle. My pussy was craven, hips rolling as his tongue spread saliva over my stomach and groin, licking, sucking lower and lower as his passion neared my throbbing need until I thought, oh my god he's gonna eat my pussy.

My mind just seemed to melt as I realized his intention. I began moaning as a wave of submission washed over me as I felt him remove my hand from his dick and position his body between my widely spread thighs. I felt naked, open and vulnerable as he gazed at my pussy. The sausage impaling me caused me embarrassment now as he gripped it and moved it in and out of me slowly.

My hips moved as the moans coming from my lips increased in both volume and passion. I watched him as he began fucking me with it. He did this until my head flailed and my cries became desperate. Then he removed it from me as I groaned my disappointment at not being allowed to orgasm.

His gaze was locked to my face as his tongue extended and slid between my inflamed labia and began teasing my swollen, pulsing clit. "Oh god yes", I moaned as my body twitched with each soft touch of his tongue tip. I watched his face in the dim light as his arms wrapped my thighs and his fingers pulled at my covering skin and exposed my wildly pulsing clit.

I felt so slutty as he manipulated my pussy. The cool air upon my clit instilled an excitement and had me feeling as if he had revealed my inner slut; my mind silently begged him to lick me, suck me, anything to dispel the craving that grew exponentially within me each second he stared into my eyes as my clit swelled even tighter, its pulsing now a deep throbbing ache.

I felt his tongue lightly touch my pained excitement and my whole body started at the exquisiteness of the voltage like thrill that shocked my existence. My body recoiled from his tongue and immediately lifted back to reclaim the sensation of that touch. His tongue began lightly flipping the tip of my tautness like a butterfly's wings would as it flitted over me. The light caresses had my hips lifting seeking a harder pressure as each touch of his moving tip had my arousement climbing more quickly to heaven.

My hands gripped the sheets in white knuckled fists as I tried to restrain from grabbing his head and pulling him to me roughly in a wanton display of my desperate need. I needed to feel his mouth sucking me hard but I was unable to give up a pleasure like none I had ever known before. My hips lifted to his teasing as they out-turned presenting him my pussy to do with as he needed. I'm not sure if I was tensing yet as his tongue slid inside me but as quickly as I felt him licking with a pressured circling within me I crashed pussy first into heaven.

My mind was overwhelmed by this sudden turn of events and the resulting torment had every cell of my body flowing to my pussy instantaneously to be licked teen sex i trusted him and he d his priesthood authority sucked from my clenching walls.

Gazing into my brothers eyes as I felt his mouth on my pussy was an indescribable excitement, an excitement that seemed to have my entire being racing to my pussy as I felt his tongue flailing inside my wet pussy. His actions had me feeling so nasty as I saw my slick juices coating his face as his head twisted and turned as he endeavored to keep me in the heaven his deep licking had thrown me into. I tensed so hard my back arched and my hips out-turned as I couldn't help but groan my wish for him to never stop, to lick me, suck mee and scream, "Oh my god Steve I can't stop cumming!" I saw his own excitement burning in his eyes as he devoured me.

My thighs squeezed his head tightly as my ankles locked behind his back while he held me up and licked and sucked at my clit until my body shook violently. It seemed eons before my body relaxed slightly and his hands opened my thighs and moved behind my knees as he rolled my ass up with my knees alongside my chest.

I could only watch gasping for breath as I saw his tongue move lower and begin a pressured licking along the valley of my ass. "Ohhhhhh fuck", I moaned as his tongue stiffened and he pressed its tip into my puckered ring of nerves. The depravity of his action and the resulting sluttiness I felt had my ass rolling and my mouth spewing, "Oh god no Steve, I feel it, oh fuck you're sucking my ass and I love it……aiieeeeEEE&hellip.lick it…&hellip.oh god I feel so slutty…aaarrgghhHHH.

Realizing I was cumming he moved to my again swollen clit and sucked it hard as his tongue laved its tip while simultaneously fucking the sausage deep into me, hurting my pussy wonderfully. I loved it! My hands gripped the sheets in white knuckled fists again as I tried desperately to restrain the scream rising in my throat! I cum so hard the scream in my throat was paralyzed, lungs locked as every muscle of my body tensed its unending pleasure! I couldn't even moan for the longest time and when it finally subsided I felt the sausage slide from my pussy and Steve's tongue replaced it.

Knowing it was my brother's tongue craving the wetness inside me, feeling it laving over that sensitive flesh and realizing that he wanted my pussy as bad as I wanted his dick was so exciting. His tongue moved wildly within me as his nose pressed against my clit. I can never get enough of his mouth I thought. The feeling of his tongue moving inside me gathering my cum as he drank of it had me grinding roughly into his pleasure giving face.

Then he slid a finger up my asshole and my sphincter automatically squeezed, and the first of many wonderful sensations added to the ones already swarming my body. Feeling his tongue in my pussy, finger up my ass rubbing and probing I quickly began flooding his face again and again. My hands held him to my clasping pussy and each time the intense tightening would relax, I hunched and ground into him feverishly.

Every time I did he would insanely lick and suck at me until I was again lost in orgasmic heaven again. I didn't ever want him to stop! The fact that my brother was willing to shuck society's taboos against our lesbian doctor seduce school girls just increased the carnality of partaking of this incestuous act.

All the fantasy's I'd ever had about my brother couldn't equal the pleasure he was affording me in real life. I felt his head lift from my pussy and he whispered, "You taste and smell like sausage Trish!", then smiled and went back to licking and sucking at my pussy.

I felt so nasty holding his head to my pussy while rolling my hips and hunching into his tonguing motions. My pussy was soaked with my cum and his face was now soaked with my juices which made it all the more nasty feeling as I listened to his slurping and sucking as he kept me in my own personal heaven.

I had always loved Steve but now that love took on an added dimension as he sucked the cum he caused from me as I tensed and tensed repeatedly. I was filled with emotion and I couldn't restrain myself wwxnx com name kagil agarwal I pulled his face from my pussy and kissed him. I could taste my sausage pussy on his lips and his face was wet from my copious amount of cumming but I didn't care, I had to express my love for him right then.

He responded to my kiss by pushing me backwards and laying atop me as we kissed. To this day I have never known a warmer more intense kiss than the one we shared that night. Our tongues entwined and danced as our inner love and need of each other swirled us into a vortex of passion that I doubt either of us have repeated to this day.

His big dick burned with a heat that both excited and soothed as it rubbed against my bare pussy and stomach. He felt so big and hard as we kissed. My mind and body were not well prepared for this extreme of emotion and carnality and its feel had my body writhing, hunching as I pressed my clit up against his fat cock.

I knew he was as excited as I was by the way he hunched into my body, rubbing his dick against me. The craving in our bodies was transmitted through our lips and filled us both with a love that was unlike any other as our bodies moved expressing that love in a physical need to be one while the fires within us became torrid in their intensity.

I wanted his dick so badly, I had to feel it now! My hand reached down between our bodies to grasp the largest dick of my life, my brothers hard jerking need for his sister's pussy, my pussy! Just holding his dick instilled a craving like I'd never known, hot, so thick my fingers wouldn't encircle him, soft but having an inner hardness that foretold of its ability to force its entry into my soul.

My pussy was alive with need and I felt a craving overwhelming my mind, a craving that left unsated I knew would leave me insane and begging. My thighs lifted and my ankles folded over his thighs and I began cute chubby chick with a nice big ass and a sexy natural bush my pussy up against his dick, hunching hard against him as my clit ran the length of his swollen dick.

My breath came in gasps as I had to tear my lips from his. "Fuck me Steve, please fuck me. I need your dick in my pussy!" "Are you sure Trish, once we do this we can't undo it!" "OH my god, YES, fuck me, fuck me now!" I was too young and inexperienced to feel shame or embarrassment at expressing my needs to someone I held in confidence, someone that had just ate my pussy so wonderfully, my brother! I felt his hips lift and then a hot pressure at my pussy hole, a pressure that seemed to instill both a craving and a sating with its hot presence there.

I felt my pussy opening, stretching, ripping and I pressed against Steve's chest as my entire being craved him but my relatively inexperienced body refused him entrance. "It hurts Steve, it feels like you're ripping my pussy. I don't know if I can do it!".I cried out frustratingly. I felt tears forming in my eyes, not from the pain but from the idea that I might not be able to get him in my tight pussy.

I had to have him in me and the need I felt drove me to roll my hips and pull my pussy up into his forceful pressure, wincing at the burning pain as my soft tissues stretched around his thick girth. My inner labia slowly relented, muscles relaxing as my submission to my brother was complete and his constant pressure caused him to slide past my restrictive opening. I lay there gasping as his huge glans throbbed against my vagina while entirely engulfed in my craving.

I couldn't stifle the loud moans escaping my lips as my inner flesh was permeated by his intense heat. Deep in my pussy I felt a craving to have him lodged there, a need so great that my hips unconsciously began hunching, pussy squeezing and relaxing as I felt him.

I remember thinking, "Oh my god I love this, this feels sooo good as the hurt in my pussy seemed to magnify the fullness I felt" Then Steve began fucking me, slowly at first as his dick stretched me internally to fit his humongous size. I don't know how many times I cum as he worked his dick deeper and deeper into me as I gazed up into his eyes.

I saw the pleasure he found fucking his sister's story 1 dick flashing cleaning lady and she helps10 etched passionately on his face and I was so glad he was MY brother and I was the one to give him such feelings and sensations.

"Do you like my pussy Steve, tell me, I want to know?" Hell yeah sis, you're so tight and you cum so much, I like that a lot.

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I guess you like my dick huh?" "I love you fucking me Steve, I've wanted it so long!" "Really Trish, damn I wish I'd known cause I beat off a lot thinking of fucking you like this. I've wanted to fuck you forever!" "I love you so much Steve, you're the best brother any girl could have.oh god fuck me.I.I'm.ohhhhhhhh.cumming.ohhh damn you're so fucking big and good.

.ahhhhhiiiieeEEEEEE.".I had to bite amateur girl showing here body tube porn hand to keep from screaming out like a banshee as Steve pounded his dick in even deeper. His cock was so hot and stiff and he still had inches that he could persecute my pussy with and I begged him to give them to me. Just then my mother screamed loudly and we could both hear her pleading, "Fuck me, oh god do it hard, hurt it, yes, yes, oh god I'm cumming again!".

Steve slowed his thrusting and whispered, "Boy Randy must be giving it to mom good tonight. I've never heard her this loud before." " mean Dad don't you Steve?.I gasped between hard spasms in my pussy. "No, I mean Randy, the handy man guy Trish. Don't tell me you didn't asa akira ava addams diamond kitty get a great party him and dad double team mom every Friday night?" I couldn't believe what Steve was saying.

Randy is a muscular black guy that repaired stuff around the house when we needed it. "You mean.but is fucking a black guy right now and dad knows it??" "Yeah he not only knows it but he probably has his dick in her ass while Randy reams her pussy!" " I don't believe you Steve, not mom, I mean that's just not mom, and certainly not dad.

What makes you say that anyway?" brother and sister xxxx sleeping "One night when I was spending the night at Bobby's and you were over at Millie's at her pajama party I had forgotten to bring some cd's he asked me to, so I came back latina bitch doggy style fuck for some money to get them.

When I came home around 7 o'clock all the lights were off and Randy's car was in the garage with the door shut. I didn't see anyone and got curious as to why Randy would have his car in the garage and no lights on in the house like that. I thought he might be robbing them or something. I snuck upstairs and before I even got to the top I could hear mom screaming about how huge his dick was and I heard dad ask her if she wanted all his black dick and she was begging for him to ram it all up her pussy.

The bedroom door was open and the light was on and I could stand in the hall in the dark and watch through their bedroom dresser mirror. Randy was fucking mom and she was going crazy, throwing her head around and pulling at his ass and hunching up into his dick like you was mine.

Dad was lying beside her and she was pulling at his dick and she kept cumming and cumming and Randy kept telling dad how good his wife's pussy was and how he was going to fill her up with nigger cum. It was really hot seeing mom's white skin with Randy's black ass pumping between her thighs.

I think it was the first time mom fucked Randy and she couldn't get enough of his big nigger dick. "Is his dick big, I've always heard black guys have big dicks?" "It's bigger than mine Trish and all the girls say I'm huge" "Did you get hard watching them?" "I cum three times while I watched them, mom really craved his dick, kept sucking him hard when he'd cum and once she even swallowed his cum while dad fucked her up the ass." 'How do you feel about mom fucking Randy and dad letting her Steve?" "I don't know, I guess it just made me hot seeing them so I guess its ok if they like it, hows it make you feel Trish?" "It makes me want you to shut up and fuck me like Randy is fucking mom while I listen to them.

My pussy is so wet thinking of mom having a big black dick in her pussy and dad up her ass. Fuck me Steve, make all your dick go in damn.oh cum.gonna.hard.fuck me hard.cummin.ohhhhhhhhhhhhhgodddddd.Fuck me like you saw Randy fuck mom Steve." "You thinking about fucking Randy sis, while I'm fucking you?" "Yeah, is that ok?" "Hell yeah I think that's hot as hell you wanting some nigger dick like mom.

I guess you're her daughter alright." Then he began forcibly fucking me, saying, "Randy fucked mom hard, made her take his dick even though it hurt her and she loved it so here goes baby." He placed my ankles on his shoulders and began fucking me hard and deeply, stretching me till I felt ripping but I loved it. My mind was delirious with excitement and pleasure.

When I heard mom scream, "Give it to me, oh god its getting bigger, yes, yes, oh fuck yeah, cum baby, fill me up.oh damn honey he's cummin in my fuckin hot.don't stop!.I lost it! Thinking of a Randy cumming in my pussy while my dad or brother watched me had me in a turmoil of hunching that had me forcing my pussy into Steve's dick, ramming my pussy into his forceful thrusts until I was crying and murmuring, "Fuck me Randy, cum in my pussy, oh god give me that big black dick" as I was lost to my imagining's and the feeling of Steve's big cock hurting me so deeply.

He fucked me like that until his big balls filled me with what I was imagining as black ball juice flooding me deeply. We both fell exhausted and gasping, bodies sporadically jerking together as our initial ardor waned. "I'm gonna go see if I can see mom fucking Randy Steve." I rolled off the bed and put my robe on and quietly walked to the door and opened it and peered out making sure no one was in the hall.

"Don't get caught Trish", Steve warned. I snuck over to their door and listened and panicked when I heard dad say, "I'm gonna go piss. Give er what she needs Randy while I'm gone." I ran to my door and when I heard their door two fat cocks for a horny slut and the light flooded the hallway dad stumbled out the door steadying himself with his hand gripping the door frame.

He was obviously still drunk, possibly drunker than earlier. Seeing her standing there he felt the need to explain to her and raised his hand and said, "Your brother got me drunk baby girl and I gotta pee like a racehorse", then began stumbling towards the bathroom at the end of the hallway. He was totally nude with his hard dick standing straight out from his body at least 7 inches and kinda thick but nothing like Steve's. He had left the door open as he weaved his way to the bathroom while she wondered why he didn't use the bathroom in his bedroom.

Too drunk to remember it I guess she thought. It was right then that a shrill scream from my mom returned me from my thoughts to reality and I glanced in the open door. My mom was on her back and Dessi gets dicked down by three hard cock was between her open thighs and he was fucking her fast, deep and powerfully as she cum and cum repeatedly.

His black dick looked grotesque it was so long and thick as it pumped in long quick strokes from its tip to his balls.

Seeing him fucking my mom and her reaction to his dick, the pleasure she was feeling as he fucked her senseless, allowed me to understand my mother's screams and moans easily. Randy began holding his hips up and fucking just his fat glans in and out of her pussy allowing me to see my mom's face. She looked agonized as she watched and felt what he was doing.

"Fuck me baby, don't tease me…I need your black dick.please fuck me!", she begged him. Then her gaze lifted and we were staring into each other's eyes and I realized I was standing there rubbing my clit as she watched me. I saw her need for me to understand why she begged for his black cock and then heard her scream as his hips thrust forcefully into her pussy to his balls. Her thighs closed against his body as her ankles rose to his thighs and she held her pussy to his forceful thrusts as she cried out she was cumming and for him to hurt her pussy, fuck her husband's cunt hard with his black dick!

I heard the toilet flush and I turned and ran into my room to find Steve on his back stroking his massive dick. I didn't say a word as I straddled him and lowered my pussy to his glans and rammed him hard up into my soaked pussy with Randy's fucking of my mom actively playing in my mind. "You saw them fucking didn't you sis, saw his huge black dick didn't you", he asked as I fucked his hard dick fiercely, hips hunching in a blur as my moans flowed continuously.

"Oh god yes, it made me so fucking hot", fuck me hard Steve, please fuck me, god I need to cum so bad. I did cum when my brother laid me on my back and began persecuting my pussy like Randy had been my mom's. It was easy to imagine Randy fucking me as my brother slammed his huge dick into me as deeply as possible.

My screams echoed my mom's as we both nice son and mom rpe xxx com fucked relentlessly by huge dicks and loving every second of it.

I was lost to my brothers deep forceful fucking of me. I didn't even realize my mom had quit screaming. In fact I was so far lost to my brothers deep hurtful penetration that I again failed to notice my door opening and my mom standing peering into the dimly lit room before entering as I professed my need to have Randy's dick cum in my pussy. How long she had been standing there I wasn't sure but when I did notice her, her hand was moving in slow circular motions at her clit and she was just inside the door leaning against the wall with her eyes open and glassy appearing as she watched Steve's big dick piston forcefully in my tightly gripping cunt.

Knowing she was seeing her son fucking me, her daughter, as she played with her black fucked, cum filled pussy was so erotic and brought forth one of the most intense orgasms yet as Steve began his own tensing orgasm. Mom watched as he began ramming his cock into my pussy uncontrollably hard, unable to care if he was hurting me as his own arousement took control of his actions. It was then that the last inch of his long cock found the envelope of my tightly clasping pussy walls, then that his body mashed my clit hard, grinding into it as my mind sank into an abyss of pleasure that not only had me cumming so hard I knew death was imminent but also my mom as she sank to the floor on her knees grasping her pussy as she cum intensely.

My thighs were still tensed when I saw her looking me in my eyes. Our gazes were locked together, caressing each other's minds as we shared a look that told of our love for each other and the understanding of what we were both experiencing at that moment. I watched as she struggled to her feet as Steve continued to hunch hard to my depths and his hot funny comic mom son icest like cum splayed hotly against my deepest walls.

She put her finger to her mouth and indicated for me to be quiet and not let Steve know she was there as she opened the door quietly and slipped out. I lay there basking in my ability to make my brother cum, to give him the same pleasure he had given me. I no longer felt like a kid, something was different now. Even knowing mom had watched us didn't affect the way I felt about Steve and as his big dick jerked stiffly in my pussy, expelling the dregs of his ball juice I placed my hands on his head and kissed him again.

This time we savored each other's mouths without the urgency of before. My emotions again over whelmed sex stories love hots story sex as the love I felt within me for Steve had me hunching into his softening slut loves to get her ass plowed. I wanted this night to last forever Steve finally rolled off me and lay there with his semi-erect cock jerking and asked me if I was gonna clean him up.

I rose to go into my bathroom and he said "Whoa, where you going?" To get a washcloth to clean you up like you asked.I replied. That's not how you clean a guy up Trish, you do it with your mouth, now be a nice sister and come suck on your brother's dick and show me how much you appreciate that good fuckin I just gave you. The thought of sucking his dick instantly had my pussy yearning and my clit throbbing.

I could feel the fog of arousement settling over my mind as I knelt on the bed and took his cock in my hand and pumped it. I felt entranced by it as I inspected it, like it was an idol that deserved my rapt attention. I felt my mouth creating saliva as I thought of him beauty bows down for a hard fuck hardcore and blowjob my mouth. My tongue slid wetly across my lips and I knew I wanted to taste him.

My breathing was deep, hurried as I felt his cock surging, filling as he watched my mesmerized actions. It was so wonderful having a brother that wanted to teach me how to please a guy, especially a brother with so big a dick. I gazed at his face and said, "I love you Steve." "Show that dick how much you love me Trish and yeah I love you too little sis!" I placed both hands on his dick and began slowly stroking him.

It was amazing feeling his cock filling, stiffening and thickening in my grasp. Do you know how many times I've imagined doing this to you Steve, and it's so much hotter than I ever dreamed it would be? "Probably not as many times as I dreamed of it Trish. I beat off every night thinking of you sucking my dick little sis." Really, you wanted your sister to do this for you.

Didn't it make you feel weird wanting me to suck you, I mean it's so wrong. "What about you Trish you said you wanted it too, you feel weird?" Yeah I guess, but I get so excited it doesn't matter, like now, I want to feel you in my pussy again so bad but I also want blond guy cruelly fucked adorable girls striptease hardcore suck you and swallow your cum.

By now his dick is jerking and swaying it's so hard and I can't believe I had all his dick up in my little pussy. I can't resist it and my head lowers and I lick his cockhead, suck at its skin and taste both of our cum and the lingering taste of sausage.

Lick it good sis, get it good and wet and then get up here and put it back in your pussy. Hmmmm I moan as my tongue laves his fat tip, coating it with my spit until I can't help myself and my lips open and I slide his fat glans in my mouth and suck it hard.

His loud moan as I engulf his swollen tip and the way his ass cheeks squeeze together and hips lift I know I've done something right and I keep licking and sucking at him until he begins fucking my mouth as he holds my head.

By now my pussy is leaking with wetness and clenching and relaxing with my need to be filled by his dick so I grab his wrists and pull them from me as I rise and straddle him and place his tip at my still gaped pussy and begin pressing him up inside me. We both groan as my pussy opens and he slides deep inside me. The thrill that courses through me immobilizes me and has my arms squeezing into my sides with the intense pleasure I feel as he throbs against my squeezing walls.

A hard shudder shakes me as I lift and lower my pussy along his fat shaft.

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God I love his dick and the way it feels stretching my cunt lips around it. I'm stuffed, every inch of my birth canal is filled and hemorrhaging pleasure to course through each cell of my body. It would be easier to say how long I wasn't cumming than to describe the continuous orgasms his fat, long cock induced into my clenching cunt walls.

His dick drives me insane with the need to feel myself cumming with him deeply embedded inside me. I can't control the craving need that has me ramming my pussy down onto his stiffened member hurtfully, crying out with each abrupt mashing of my deepest walls as I stretch my pussy to engage his entire cock.

I feel an insanity driving me to enjoy every inch he offers, a primitive need to have him as deep as possible when he unloads his hot seed in my young fertile womb. My own excitement fuels his as he grabs my hips and begins fucking hard up into me, his hands ramming me hard down onto his uplifting thrusts as I beg him not to stop, thighs spreading and my body hunching against his pelvis as I cum in one long never chap fingers hairy oriental pussy japanese and hardcore orgasmic bliss.

I feel his glans swelling and feel the spot of heat as his precum burns my deepest walls and I know I won't be tasting this load of cum on my tongue as my hips begin hunching quickly against his fat glans as he pummels up into my flooding cunt until he erupts hotly as deeply as possible while I scream at the huge swelling inside me and the hot flood that pronounces me a woman by its lava like presence. I could never get enough of this hot spewing within me and instills a newfound love of huge dick.

Many women don't experience this profound stretching of their pussies their entire life and here I am opened fully at 18 years old. My brother has addicted me to a feeling that only big cocked men can provide. I do clean his failing cock this time, sucking and licking his cock, balls and pumping him as I try to entice his cum from his deflated balls but he is spent it seems.

As he leaves my room he promises to give me a mouthful of cum tomorrow that will choke me. The thought thrills me as I kiss him goodnight and he furtively sneaks back sunny leone fucked with school girl his own room leaving me standing with cum leaking from deep inside my well fucked pussy.

I can't sleep and mom and dad and Randy are still going at it and I lay there rubbing my clit as I think of mom watching us and her in her room fucking Randy's big black dick.

I can't imagine a dick bigger than Steve's fitting in my pussy but I know I want to try and fit Randy inside me. I picture her in my mind atop Randy, as I just was with my brother, with my dad behind her fucking her asshole and I find myself cumming again. I must be a nympho now I think. For all my life I have been exposed to sex in pictures and videos and fucked at my Aunt's house that time and in my mind every day.

Now I have been subjected to so much sex in real life in so short a time that I feel overwhelmed, like its all a dream. Did I really fuck my brother, was that really my mom watching her son cum in her daughter's pussy and finding it so exciting she cum from watching? Even more questionable was that really Randy my mom was begging to fill her pussy with his black ball seed and telling my dad about how it felt.

Even now I wished I could drill a hole in the wall and watch as her pussy was being force fucked by Randy's nigger dick. I don't know this night is leading our lives to but I know that our family dynamic will never be the same. Of this I am glad I think as I doze off.