Rachel steele wunder woman vs mastermind mastermind

Rachel steele wunder woman vs mastermind mastermind
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My name is Khadam aged 45,un-married ,of average height but well built physique.

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I was working as the only (male or female)servant in the house.Though my master was a wealthy man,yet he did not like to have servants in his house.How I was hired,nobody knew the reason.Well,he seldom stay in the house even at nights,always bussy in making money.Lady of the house Farzana,aged 28,was his 2nd wife whom he married at the age of 55, after remaining widower for 20 years.Parveen,aged 22,was my master's neice,a divorcee and Bina,aged 15,his only daughter from his 1st wife.These were the three females living in the house.Being only servant of the house,I have to do everything for everyone.

One day,in the heat of summer,I was washing clothes and wearing only a thin lungi.Most of the clothes were women's wear,and many of them were undergarments of different sizes and colours,made of different very thin,see-through fabrics.Suddenly dark clouds appeared and it was raining cats and dogs.Strong breeze also accompanied.I lunged and ran to collect the hanging clothes.Lady Farzana also came out of the house and started helping me in collecting the clothes.She was wearing a saree which got wet within seconds and clung to her body.The wind was so fast that it was difficult for me to hang on to my lungi.As I clutched the clothes,the knot of my lungi got loose and the strong wind took it away in a second.I was standing there stark naked in front of my master's wife whose saree was also wrenched away from her body leaving her in her blouse and panty only.I tried to cover my manhood with the help of clothes who was standing upright,perhaps seeing my lady in semi nude condition.She came close,took the clothes from my hands and said in a polite voice,"Let me see,wow!you should not be bothered about your nakedness.Wow,wow!What a strong well built body!Wonderful!!And look at your cock,it must be 9 or 10 inches long,and so thick also.Let me touch it."With one hand she held the already wet clothes and with the other hand she got hold of my cock and squeezed it."No lady no,it is not right.I am your servant and you are my master's wife.Plz don't."with trembling voice I said.She said,"Come,come,come.Let's go inside and play some wonderful games in my bedroom.And don't be afraid,there is no one in the house.I can't be foolish to waste such an opputunity."Taking hold of my arm,she dragged me into her bedroom.Standing in front of her,I felt very awkward with my rigid cock.Bolting the door,she serveyed me head to foot and wetting her lips with her tongue,she said,"You are very very handsome and strong too.I want to feel your strongness inside my body." Seeing her in her blouse and panty,I thought that I should say something,"You are very very beautiful yourself,I am not,"She laughed and said,"Thank you Khadam but my real beauty is concealed in my panty and blouse.Come take them off and see for yourself what beauty looks like"."But my lady ,I have never done that before in my life.I don't know how to take off these tight pieces of panty etc.Plz spare me.If the master knew this,I will be thrown out of the house after getting severe punishment,"I stuttered.She laughed once again,placing her aussie amateur rubs solo reality and hairy behind her neck took a long healthy yawn,showing her shaven armpits and said,"I'll help you,come on."Under her instructions,I took off all her clothes very easily and now for the first time in my life,I was seeing a woman,not any woman but my master's beautiful young wife.My eyes were popping out of their sockets seeing her ripe breasts and freshly shaven crotch area."I think Khadam that you are seeing a naked woman for the first time in your life.OK,I'll let you examine my secret parts one by one.But do it quickly because I am feeling thirsty for your rock hard erection,"she said and giving my cock a smack,she sat on the side of the bed with spread legs and ordered me to sit between them on my knees,on the floor."Now look at my pussy and tell me,"she said,to empethise ,she placed her hand on her cunt,"to which thing it resembled most.Yes yes,do touch it you won't get hurt,"she laughed and laid on the bed.A little fearfully,I touched the tender lips of her pussy with my fat fingers and shuddered at their softness and delicacy,fearing that my fingers would hurt it.Seeing the shape ofher cunt,I atonce recognised its resemblance,"My lady!Its shape is just like a grain of wheat."I shouted in triumph.She patted my shoulders,"Yes,you are quite right.The same old grain of wheat.Adam and Eve ate it and thrown out of the heaven.Now put your finger inside the slit,yes just like that,yes as deep as you can,yes yes and now move it in and out of my cunt,Oh my god,you are wonderful.I can't bear anymore.come onto the bed and play the real game.Put your cock inside my pussy,I really need it now."She laid in the center of the bed and spread her legs wide open.I stuttered,"But ma'm!I have never played such a game.I don't know how to put my cock into your so small a slit.It is impossible and it will also hurt you a lot.It will tear your pussy into pieces.Plz beg me excuse,plz."Sitting upright,she ordered me to lay like her.As soon as I obeyed,she sat on her legs on either side of my body in such a way that her thighs were hanging right above my stout member.She lowered herself and her pussy lips were touching the tip of my cock.She took hold of my cock and put her full weight on it.My cock went straight into her waiting thermal pudding and vanished inside.I felt a sudden warmth around the whole length of my cock.She put my hands on her breasts,ordered me to squeeze and rub them hard and started humping on my cock.My cock was moving in and out of her clenched pussy lips.I also started upward thrusts to meet her thrusts.My whole body was experiencing spasms of pleasure and enjoyment which were unknown to me before.She was also moaning,"Oh my goodness!what a wonderful fucking,what a pulsating sensation,Oh.Oh.Oh ."I could not imagine that putting the cock inside the cunt generate such a pleasant feelings to the both participants.Suddenly my lady shouted,"Oh my dear,I can't wait anymore.I am cumming,cumming.cumming."I felt that some warm liquid engulfed my cock.At the same instant my cock also started pouring something liquid into her pussy with sudden thrusts.I felt ecstatic currents of relief and joy taking over my body.I had never felt such an enjoyable satisfaction in my whole life.After some minutes I felt that my cock was getting smaller and smaller in Farzana's vagina.My lady got down from my body.My cock slid out of her pussy in the form of a limp piece of meat.She started kissing me on my lips.My cock was lying on my stomach in limp form,smeared with our love juices."Oh my dear!you are great,"she whispered ,"Let me taste our love juices."She took my cock in his hand and started licking my loathed cock.Soon it went inside her mouth through her pouting lips.Sensing the warth of her mouth,my cock started raising his head and soon it was in full erection.Farzana was nibbing and sucking my cock with her expert tongue and lips.I whispered,"My lady!Plz lie on your back.I want to blowjob session with horny amazing hottie hardcore and massage fucking you once again."She atonce complied and this time with some help from her,I succeeded in entering her cunt very easily.Soon I was pumping hard in and out of her clenched pussy.She was moaning,"Oh my God!you are so strong.I can't hold anymore.oh.oh.oh." Soon we both were ejaculating.With animal instinct,I was kissing,licking and sucking at her juicy lips and full grown breasts.After 10 or 11 jerks,puttingt my full load in her womb,I pulled out my cock and placed it her hungry mouth.Immediately she started licking and sucking it savouring the taste of our love juices.When she had finished cleaning my cock of last drop of our love juices,I started licking,kissing,nibling and sucking each and every part of her body.Now I knew how much enjoyable relishing excitement a woman's body could give to a man and how.Thus we finished our first sex encounter-between a servant and his master's lovely young wife.

To be continued in part-2.

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