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Blonde teen fucks daddy the olympic interchange
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Will was ecstatic about the party. He had been planning it for weeks, ever since he learned that his parents were going to Vegas. At first he was disappointed that he wasn't going to get to go, until Claire pointed out that he would have the house all to himself for four days.

Tonight probably wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Claire. It had been her idea, she got the people come, and hell, she was even the one who got the booze for the party. He could hardly believe that they had only known each other for a couple months, yet they were such good friends.

The only reason he had talked to her in the first place was because he thought she was cute (though he would never admit it). After five minutes talking to her, Will realized that she had a boyfriend, but he kept talking to her to avoid making it obvious that he was trying (and failing) to flirt with her. But that was all in the past.

Will was focused on prepping the house. He invited Claire over and together they moved all the painting and other breakables into the garage. He wanted to be careful because before his parents left they cryptically hinted that they knew what he was going to do. "So what do you think my parents meant by 'make sure you clean before we come home.'?" Claire set down the potted plant, letting out a small sigh saying "I think you're just paranoid, even if they knew, they didn't bust you on it.

So you're basically in the clear." "Maybe your right." "I know I am." She said smiling, then scolding at him "now get off your ass and open the door." Will snapped a half-assed salute "aye, aye sir." Claire collapsed on Will's bed, just as he entered "Well, it looks like were finally finished." Will said as he took off his shirt and threw it in the hamper.

Claire looked up at him and noted that he looked only a hundred sit-ups away from having abs. "What would frisky beauty gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the jizz do if I was naked on your bed right now?" Claire asked wistfully.

This had caught Will a little off guard. He found Claire very attractive; she was wearing a light blue vintage care bear shirt and a pair of black denim short shorts. And she had had that cute "I'm so innocent" look on her face that she knew drove Will crazy. But before Will could answer, Claire started laughing.

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"You didn't think I was serious did you?" "No" Will said quickly. "Hey, I'm gonna take a shower now, K?" "Okay, just be fast, I want to have enough time to do my makeup before people start coming." "Well, I'm using the one in the hallway, u just use the one in my parents bedroom, sound good?" "Sure, but first you have to go downstairs and make the Jello-shots." "Yes, Mother." Will replied in a snobbish voice. As the warm water washed over Will's face he couldn't help but think of Claire.

What would you do…? I know what I would do. I would kiss you then slowly make my way down your neck, then I would continue to move lower and --NO, she your just your friend. She doesn't like me in that way. I just got to stop thinking about it. Will started to put shampoo in his hair, thinking about how her lips would taste. By the time he was rinsing out the conditioner he was thinking about her smooth skin and soft face. He then turned off the hot water, standing there in the cascade of cold rain before he turned the water off completely.

What would you do…? Claire still wondered why she had asked that. She didn't think he was un-attractive but she wasn't sure she felt that way about him.

Claire stepped out of the shower, pausing moment to feel the cool air rush over mother daughter roadtrip tube porn warm body. She looked in the mirror to see the steam rising from her shoulders and arms. With one towel rapped around her, she used another to dry her silky, black hair as she scanned the table top for her bobby pins.

She then realized that she had left them in her bag in Will's room. She paused for a second and still heard the sound of Will in the shower and knew that he was still in his. So Claire decided to sneak in real quick, grab her pins, and come back. Claire sat on the edge of Will's bed and started digging though her bag when she heard her phone ringing.

The ID tag on the phone said: (>^^)>BF<(^^<) "Hi, Nick." "Hey babe, what time does Will's party start tonight?" "Umm," Claire paused a moment, "I believe Will said people will be arriving at around eight." "Cool, cool … so what are you wearing right now?" Nick asked in a jocular tone.

Claire chuckled a little and said "byyyee, Nick" then promptly hung up. What would you do if I was naked on your bed right now?

Claire laid down on the bed and pondered that question again. Not so much the answer to it, but why she had asked it.

She had a boyfriend, who she is in a healthy relationship with. She started thinking of the last time she saw him and how he had kissed her goodnight. Her mind then drifted, changed the man kissing her from Nick to Will. She imagined Will on top of her, slowly moving his hand up underneath her towel. At that moment the door opened. "Will" Claire exclaimed with a gasp. As she stood up, the towel that had once clothed her fell to the floor.

Will walked into his room and heard his name. He glanced up to see a naked beauty standing before him Time stopped all around him as Will wondered why? But Will had long before learned never to question a good thing. It took Will only one large step to bring him face to face with the foreign creature that stood in his midst.

He moved his head down as his fingers lifted her chin up to allow the lips to meet. She broke the kiss, and fell softly to the bed. Will continued to kiss Claire as he moved his hand between her legs. He started to fondle her pussy, but with no intrusion of his fingers inside her. Will then moved his head down and started sucking Claire's erect nipples.

He continued to move his head lower and lower. Will then kissed her navel before he began gently licking her now soaking pussy. His tongue moved around, seeming to touch everywhere until her finds her Spot.

At first Will passed over it, as if he didn't feel. Then he moved back, moving his tongue over it like a concentrated artist's paintbrush. Claire started to feel as if she was losing her mind.

Images and Memories flashed though her mind. The just as she was about to come the voice of her eighth grade teacher said Did you know that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body? Then a sudden crash of heat and ecstasy washed over her body that found its origin between her legs and escaped her body as a single cry of "Jesus Christ." But only the two of them were around to hear it.

Will emerged from Claire's legs and kissed her again. Slowly he started to instill his throbbing cock into her pussy. It stretched a bit, but not enough to hurt. Although, it is so tight that it feels as if Claire was gripping Will with full force. His penis seemed to fill every crevasse and even the most minuscule movement is felt so thoroughly by each of them it is almost maddening. Slowly they rocked, moving in a smooth rhythm that slowly gathers pace.

Faster and faster they moved, until Claire let out a small cry so sexy that Will almost came, and he had to slow down a moment. Again they began to build momentum, slowly at first but then posh schoolgirl gets schlong hardcore and blowjob quickened.

Claire told Will that she is about come, so Will started to gallop. With large thrusts that let Claire feel the sensation throughout her entire body, she let out a passionate cry, letting him know that she has reached the point of full fruition. But Will doesn't want to make a mistake so at the last moment he pulls out and comes on Claire's stomach.

Claire thought it felt hot yet somehow cooling, like it was stealing the passionate fire from her body. Will collapsed beside Claire, both breathing heavy.

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Will and Claire laid there a moment. They were very close to each other, yet they weren't touching. Will's head fell to the mattress as he turned it to look at Claire. Meanwhile, Claire just continued to stare at the ceiling.

As they started at their respective places, the reality of the situation hit home. Oh my god, I just cheated on Nick, not five minutes after talking to him. Shit, Shit. Why the FUCK did I do that. Shit Nick is going to Fucking MURDER me for sleeping with Claire, SHIT.

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Silently they both got dressed. The silence seemed to grow all around them, and Will couldn't stand it. He had to say something, even if it was just a weird noise, anything. He opened his mouth to say something (he wasn't really sure what) when the doorbell rang, and the first wave of guests arrived.

As the guests continued to stream into the party, Will lost sight of Claire. He caught a glimpse of her sometime later, but she was standing next to Nick.

The next time he saw her, Will was talking to a girl from his English class, Victoria. Vicky was telling Will how she thought Mr. Johnson's view on the contemporary patriarchal society and its effects on the modern woman were "totally bitchin'". Will looked over his shoulder to see Claire walking outside by herself. Will saw this as a chance to talk to her. He turned back to Vicky to excuse himself from the conversation, but she had already turned to talk to our other class mates, Megumi and Jesus, who were all discussing T.

S. Elliot's modernist criticism of courtship rituals and whether or not Mr. Johnson was a homosexual. Ritina yuzuki uncensored japan fuck come and go, talking of Michelangelo.

Will walked briskly across the room, out the back door that Claire had gone through. He found her sitting on a lounge chair staring up at the sky. "You know, it's kinda sad. With all light pollution I can't see any stars." She lowered her head enough for Will to see the tears growing around her eyes. "I can't do this." "You can't do what?" "I can't sunny leone fucked with school girl next to Nick with a smile on my face and act like I didn't cheat on him less then an hour ago." Claire said as the shame rose in her voice.

"Then don't." Will replied in a calm tone, "Just tell him it is over." "I won't do that, what would my friends think?" "You want to know what your friends will think." Will said as he sat down next to her, "They'll think it's the right decision because frankly, Nick's an asshole.

And you're too good for him." Claire smiled and looked at him skeptically "Oh and you think you are?" "Well I may not know much, but I know I'm better then him." "Oh reeallllllly?" Will laughed replying "First off, don't be mean, and second, the day I'm worse then Nick McCarthy is the day I charge hell with a bucket of water." Sensing the lily liv and cadey spread their tight pussies all over this guys long cock smalltits and pornstars force he had felt in the room earlier, Will kissed Claire softly on the lips.

"WHAT THE FUCK" They both look up and see a furious Nick above them. Nick grabbed Claire's arm as he pulled her off the lounge chair. Will also stood up at this moment.

From where he was standing he could smell a faint strawberry sent coming from Nick that had to be from the Jello-shots in the kitchen. His speech was slurred as he turned to will and shouted "What the mom and son in kecticn man, I thought I could trust you." "Nick" Claire said as tears began to well up in her eyes again "you're hurting my arm." "shuttuppbitch." Nick said as he back-handed Claire.

Without pause, Will brought his hand from his side and decked Nick in the jaw. As Nick hit the ground, Will stood there for a moment then screamed "FUCK" he started cradling his hand, "Shit, why do meatheads have to be so thick, fuck Good looking slut shuri maihama gets used by her big brothers nasty friends they stimulate her fine think I broke my hand." Will heard a groan below him and looked down to see Nick getting up.

so he kneed him in the nose and Nick hit the cement again with a SMACK!! Blood started to trickle out of Nick's nose. Will was about to say something really bad-ass when he felt an elbow slam against his back. Will laid on the ground a moment then heard someone shout "KEY-YAHH BITCH!!!!!" Will looked up to see his best friend John standing over the body of Nick's older brother, Chuck. "What the hell did you do?" Will called up John. "Well…you know…Chill the fuck out, I got this." Then John promptly vomited and fell on top of Chuck.

Slowly everyone left after the fight. Will and Claire carried John to the couch in the living room, while Jesus and Victoria made sure the McCarthy boys got home safe.

Will sat down in one of the armchair, and let out a sigh as he hit the cushion. "Sooooo, tonight was a complete Cluster Fuck." "I wouldn't necessarily say that." Claire said as she handed Will an icepack. "Thanks," Will said as he put it o his hand. "Actually it was going good 'till I kissed you. That was a Cluster Fuck." "I didn't think it was that bad." Will paused for a moment, staring at the floor."Oh come off it, even if you do break up with Nick, I doubt you would go out with me." "What would you do if I said I would go out with you?" Will looked up.

Hesitantly, he moved toward her. She didn't move away. He stopped hesitating.