Bdsm submission and bdsm anal group the joy tube porn

Bdsm submission and bdsm anal group the joy tube porn
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Breanne screamed as loudly as she could for help.

Her body is pinched and nipple clamped before pussy is played with

Dirty, sweaty smelly beer hands grabbed at her. A hand covered her mouth. She was lowered down into the crowd. Swallowed and surrounded by a sea of groping, prodding hands. Completely stripped now. Defenceless. The crowd roared! Some girls just never learn. Weeks before new headlines spread across the nation after two innocent teen girls at a concert in Detroit were brutally fondled and then sexually assaulted by hundreds of drunken men in a mosh pit at a concert.

Newspapers reported that one of the girls was now pregnant. These concerts were not a good thing for girls to attend with their friends.

Breanne arrived at Casey's house around three in the afternoon. The girls were excited. Both sets of parents were out of town and had trusted them with behaving while they were away. The girls were told they were strictly forbidden from attending the concert they had talked about.

The girls promised their parents they would not attend but after all who would find out. Their parents were away for two nights yet. Breanne excitedly opened her bag of clothes and told Casey to wait. She ran into the bathroom and changed.

Her giggles could be heard through the slightly open door. A few minutes later Breanne emerged. Casey could not believe her eyes. She was actually turned on by her best friend and how she looked. She wanted to grab her ass and spank it. Breanne you could say had a highly fuckable body. Girls even envied it. The clothes she wore complimented her five foot six inch lean frame.

She was wearing the latest new style of jeans called Brazilian low riders. Tight, sexy and low waisted. They hugged your ass like no other pants around as they had a slight stretch to them.

The waist rose only three inches above her crotch showing off her pierced belly button on a flat thin stomach. The front of the jeans buttoned up with only three shiny brass buttons all slightly smaller than a dime. These medium faded blue jeans fit her like they were painted on or handsome fellow fingers licks and pounds sweet darlings cunt skin.

Two larger pockets on the fronts started level with her crotch and went down the front of her legs about 5 inches. On the back were small pockets you could hardly fit your hands in just above each ass cheek. Breanne had sexy lean long runners legs that made her look taller than she was in the jeans.

The best part anya krey hot maid cleans her pussy the denim hugging her round bumble bee ass was how they parted just under her crotch. There was more than enough space to cop a feel if you reached under one of her ass cheeks and up into her crotch area from behind.

The denim was smooth and soft. Friction would easily warm it up. Breanne wore a black t-shirt that fit her snug and perfectly. Nothing was left to the imagination. Especially a drunk horny one as she would find out later on. Twenty one year old Breanne looked all cute and innocent. Standing there with her fingers in her front pockets, thumbs out with her lower back arched ahead and smiling.

Her feet spread with toes pointing out. She was a little fuck doll. Her dirty blond tight curled waist length hair and flawless young face made her look a lot younger than she actually was.

She was mistaken for 17 alot. She plopped herself down on Casey's bed and cracked open her third beer. She was patiently waiting for Casey. Casey had picked a whole bunch of different outfits. Breanne told her which one she liked the best and Casey decided to wear it. She stripped down to her lacy white underwear and dressed in front of her.

It consisted of black cowboy boots, denim shorts and a button up creamy colored blouse. The blouse, loose and made of soft cotton had a lacey pattern on it. Hip. Casey had just ordered new shorts online. She loved shorts. She would wear them whenever she could to show off her tanned jav taytli sekreter pornosu turkce altyazili. The shorts showed nice upper leg and had frayed denim bottoms.

The shorts were unique having five brass eyelets up each side leg seam. The front and back of the shorts were in two pieces and held together by the eyelets along the seams braided by a criss cross leather raw hide lace.

If they were not cinched too tightly you could see a bit of the wearers leg right up to the waist. You would also be able to see if they wore panties or not.

A thick black leather belt was on the waist with a large shiny worn brass buckle to help keep the two pieces of denim pieces together if the side seems failed. She had spent seventy dollars on these. Casey wore her long brown hair in two braids and also had a black cowboy hat.

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The girls both consumed a few more beers and then drove to the concert. The concert was crazy and packed. People walked and ran about all over the parking lot area. Some drunk and shirtless and others in large groups. Casey swore she heard a girl screaming and crying for help from under the bleachers.

She ignored it, blocking it from her mind. Little did she know a gang of guys was having their way with her. Pumping load after load of alcohol induced cum into a girl who attended the concert by herself.

The girls held hands and proceeded to the main entrance. The odd guy or group of guys hooted and hollered at them. Cat calls and whistles were abundant. Ass spanks and boob brushes were common. Casey then lost her prized cowboy hat. A group of drunken guys passed her and grabbed it. Off it went into the crowd. She was mad but drunk. She soon forgot about losing it. As the girls made it to the main entrance the crowd had swelled.

People were squished together like sardines. It appeared several thousand were being funneled through an entrance that could fit about five people wide at a time. The girls held hands tighter as not to be separated. As the crowd tightened the girls observed that guys outnumbered the girls at a ratio of about ten to one. The girls could smell alcohol in the air and burning pot. As they slowly inched towards the main entrance they received lots of attention.

No other girls could be seen around them at this point. Casey first noticed that men were intrigued with her new shorts. She did not look but heard guys talking behind her about untying the leather raw hide seems to see the package underneath. She started to feel fingers poking and then twisting in between the seems of her shorts.

Pulling at them to snap the leather. She tried to smack them away but the throng of people was too thick. She could not lower her hands to her sides. As she finally smacked her hands yeah mom doesnt want cumshot from brother to her sides to curvy slut barbie sins has her pussy slammed the marauding gropers away she was split up from Breanne.

She watched as Breanne was shuffled very quickly ahead of her towards the entrance. Little did Casey realize that Breanne was having troubles of her own. The drunk men and women loved her jeans.

Everyone she was around had rubbed or pinched her legs. Men rubbed against her luscious ass dry humping her as she was pushed ahead through the line. The odd set of fingers had snuck down her middle lower back and tried to paw at her ass crack.

Her travels soon ended. The line stalled. Poor Breanne was wedged in a corner area just inside the entrance. No security, dark, cameraless with no decent people to help her out.

She was closely surrounded by at least 25 men in a fully drunken and horny state. They all clawed and grasped at her pinching her breasts and tugging at her shirt. She tried to fight back by slapping and kicking at them. Men took turns holding her back.

Hands would stop her swings in mid air. Strong hands that squeezed and easily over powered her. A large guy of well over six feet came up behind her and put her in a half nelson wrestling move twisting her arms up behind her head. She could smell his vile beer breath. It was exhaled excited and fast on the back of her neck. He lifted her with ease off of the ground. Her toes kicked for pavement. Hands in droves fluttered up and down the front of her body.

Men screamed and slobbered like crazed drunken animals while staring at her. She tried to scream but someone covered her mouth. Warm, rough, wet and dirty hands all squeezed, rubbed and clawed at her. They were on top of her clothes and some slithered under. Her lacy bra was forcefully pulled off. The two rear hooks snapped and scratched her back. She was partially soaked by a shaken beer. The front of her shirt now wet and cold.

By now many men had focused on her crotch area like a bulls eye. Hands rubbed at her low waisted jeans that barely covered her crotch. It made her wet. The stimulation although unwanted took its toll on her very sexy young horny tight body.

Her pants had not been unbuttoned yet. She was still protected. Some guys put their fingers down the inside front of her jeans. Fingered public and blonde russian goddess lesbians pawn their asses did not take far to reach down and rub her waxed hairless cunt.

Some fingers trembled and put pressure on her clit. She came. A mini orgasm. Just as a guy ripped open her top button and was moving down to release more the man holding her suddenly whipped her up into the air by pushing hard on her lower. Up she flew into the air. Her long slender legs flew way up above her head. She was about to crowd surf. Off she went. Poor Casey was terrified.

She could see her best friend Breanne inside the stadium as if surfing a wave disappear further and further from her sight. Casey let the crowd push her through the entrance. She was powerless to stop the force of thousands of people. As she was pushed inside hands groped, rubbed and pinched at her.

Warm hands felt up her blouse ripping at her bra. Scratching her stomach.

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She worked her way to the side of the entrance and grabbed a pole. She had finally stopped herself from being forced into the middle of hell. The mosh pit area. She watched in horror as her friend surfed on the crowd towards her beautiful blonde cam girl striptease show boobs wecamnet. She could not help her.

Breanne was yelling for help to no avail as the many different sized hands carried her towards the mosh pit. She could only kick and cross her arms across her chest to keep people from grabbing and squeezing her breasts. She felt the tugging and knew these animals wanted her clothes off. Many guys copped a feel as she was whisked over them.

She felt the thumbs squeeze at the thin denim that protected her anus from being ravished. Her jeans stretched but held. Pressure from squeezes still hurt and bruised her. No one was nice. They squeezed her crotch really tight. They wanted to grab their chunk of ass or pussy. A few people grabbed and tore bits of her curly blond hair. She cried when this happened.

She finally was surfed to the main mosh pit area right out front the stage. Several other girls were being crowd surfed and a few guys. Some of the other girls looked terrified and other seemed drugged out and liking the assaults they received. She watched one girl have her skirt torn off and be lowered to the ground. Guys pounced on her like animals. Cocks whipped out and cum flying.

They fought over her to see who would inject her. She lay motionless legs spread. Breanne was terrified. It was her turn soon. Breanne although weighing 115 pounds was thrown around easily by the crowd. They threw her like a rag doll. Hands shot up and grabbed her jean cuffs. They pulled hard every which way trying to rip open the seems. The jeans held. At one point Breanne was stopped. The crowd yelling and cheering held her motionless face up. It was like the gropers in the crowd around her jelled into a machine working together to teach this tart dressing tease a lesson.

Many hands supported her back like a table. She lay flat on them looking up at the bright lights. She squinted. Sets of peoples hands held her legs and squeezed and massaged them at different rates. Other hands grabbed her arms and pulled them out to the sides of her body.

Suddenly it was like another large set of horny sex crazed hands went to work. Hands massaged her tight ass cheeks and crack causing her to buck up and arch her mid section towards the sky. She somehow though that if she could raise her ass up into the sky it would avoid it being violated. She was tired and wrong.

Her exhausted body made her middle torso area sink back down onto the table of hands. Hands galore fondled and rubbed her ass and crotch area. This made her wet. She started to bight her lip. Moaning. She came. Her jeans started to moisten. The crowd cheered. Hands could tell. Her little runners had been unlaced and mom and daughter go naked for a dirty some far from her feet.

Socks peeled. Cocks filled them with giz. The frenzy of hands continued to probe, prod and explore. They looked for weaknesses in her clothes.

They wanted them off. Breanne got another bit of fight into her. She kicked and screamed.

Or tried to. The hands held her tight only allowing pitiful small amounts of movement that exhausted her again quickly. Someone must have had a knife. She felt the cold steel on her ankle and hear clothing tear.

The knife cut small slits. All that was needed. The throng of hands would do the rest. Breanne thought stupidly to herself what will she tell her mom when she finds out her two hundred dollar jeans are gone. The least of her worries right now. The pants tore easily. More and more sexy leg showed with further ripping. Up her legs the fabric gave way. The hands clawed for more bare leg.

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A ton of hands had slipped inside her waist. Others into her front and back pockets. Pulling. Hard relentless pulling. The pockets gave way. Showing tanned skin and panties. Small lacy white panties.

In a frenzy the jeans were shredded off her being pulled in all directions into the crowd. The shirt came next. It tore with much less effort than her jeans. Cotton only held up for less than one tenth the time her poor new jeans did. Panties last to go.

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They were slipped off down her legs like the force of a person skydiving pulling the shoot. Gone. As if sling shot off.

They were moist from cuming. People were sprayed with her cum. They licked it up like animals. Breanne screamed as loudly as she could for help. Hands from all angles slapped and pinched and entered her. Dirty, sweaty smelly beer hands. She was lowered down into the crowd. Swallowed and surrounded by a sea of groping, prodding hands.

Completely stripped now. Defenceless. The crowd roared!