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Bdsm tape fuck did you ever wonder what happens when a redhot teen cocktease ultimately
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This takes place on the planet Surnova during the end of their dinosaur period.

The human's here evolved faster than did their counter part on Earth. In the middle of the party, a loud cry went up, and we were under attack. All the chieftains ran back toward their tribes.

Wolfgard and I raced back toward our tribe. The only weapons we had on us were our knives. We came upon a couple of raiders attacking some women of another tribe. We made quick work of them as we slashed their throats. We got back to our tribe, and I was so proud. War Hawk had the bows out with the hunters in formation, and their helpers behind them handing out arrows. Looking out in front of them, there was a pile of dead raiders.

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Wolfgard and I grabbed our bows. We helped the young hunters defend our tribe. The raiders attacking our side of the camp soon fled in full retreat as we were killing them one by one, with the help of our bows. "Have a few hunters go out and retrieve the arrows. Wolfgard and I are going to go help some of the other tribes." I told War Hawk.

"You did a great job here." I praised him. "Lets take two of those special spears that were dipped in the snake liquid." I said to Wolfgard. We grabbed the spears and our clubs and left to help the other tribes. I did not want to expose our bows to the whole group if I could milf india summer enjoying her foreign fucker it.

We were the only tribe on the south side of the camp, and I hoped that the rest of the tribes were to busy protection themselves to notice us using the bows.

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The fighting was the heaviest on the west side of the camp, which is where we went. The first raider I saw had a spear and shield. I used the butt of my spear to knock the shield aside, and raked his neck with the tip of my spear. Within a few seconds he dropped his weapons and clutched his neck and dropped over dead. I grabbed his shield and looked for another raider to attack.

The fighting hentai blondie gangbanged by men in masks fierce, with many dead on both sides.

I noticed a few warriors standing in the back watching the battles, and issuing commands. I mom and son anal seduce rough at Wolfgard, and point out toward them. We sneaked around the backside of them. "I will take the one on the right. You take the one on the left." I whispered to him. We attacked and threw our spears at them, hoping to just make contact and let the snake magic work for us.

Both spears struck the leaders, and they jumped up and down in anger. Within a couple of seconds the snake magic worked, and they both laid there dead. When the two leaders toppled over in a strange unexplainable death. The warriors surrounding them fled in terror. We grabbed our spears and stripped the two dead leaders of anything of value. With the loss of their leaders, the tribes were able to drive the raiders out of the valley. It was a great victory against the raiders/slavers, as they suffered a devastating loss.

Hopefully this will bring the tribes some peace for a while. As with most battles, the victor's reap the spoils, and they stripped the bodies of the dead, keeping the valuables. There were some major losses for the tribes, as many chieftains were killed or seriously injured.

We were lucky as Wolfgard drilled us to be ready, and just what to do if there is an attack. War Hawk reacted quickly in getting our hunters ready, and in the proper positions. We suffered no losses, very few injuries, mainly to Wolfgard and me. As we both supported many cuts and bruises.

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Wolfgard and I met with War Hawk to set up our strategy. We directed him to move the dead bodies away from our camp. Also, set up a couple of fires on the south side of the camp. I uk babe sucks for facial in front of voyeur surrendered myself to Sparrow and the girls.

They took me back to our tent and washed my wounds clean, and put some awful smelling sap over my cuts. I laid down on my sleeping skin. I was exhausted and fell asleep quickly. I slept the whole night away, waking up just before first light. Dam I was stiff and sore.

I am too old for this shit. Fighting is a young man's job. I got up and hobbled out to talk with War Hawk. He filled me in on the quiet night. "There were no signs of any raiders, and the only noises were the predators eating the bodies." He informed me.

"You did a great job, and I am very proud of you. Go get yourself some food, and some sleep. I will take over for you now." I told him with pride. A short time later Wolfgard joined me and we discussed the attack last night. We both decide that even though War Hawk did a suburb job, one of us should be here at all times, till we broke camp.

"I will stay here, why don't you go check with the other tribes, and see what is going on." I told him. He nodded his head in agreement, and left. Thankfully we had plenty of food and water, and just had to forage the forest for firewood. On our trips into the woods, I did some scouting around for signs of the raiders, but I could not find any. It appears that they had left the area licking their wounds. Wolfgard arrived back in camp around the mid day meal time.

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War Hawk was up at that time. The three of us sat down to eat our meal and discuss what action to take next. "Most of the tribes plan to leave at first light tomorrow." He informed us. "That sounds good to me, we will inform our tribe to prepare to move out at first light." I said. College babe kelly klass take cock brunette and glasses Wolfgard and War Hawk nodded their heads in agreement with me. The seven days we spent at the great meeting grounds was fun.

I made some new friends, and picked up a few useful ideas. Most tribes did not seem to be anymore advance than we are.

None of them had bows, or weapons with the snake magic on them. Other than the raider attack, the rest of the time was productive. At first light we broke camp, and said our goodbyes to the other tribes that were close to us. We started our journey back to the cave. Once away from the great meeting ground, I had the hunters get their bows back out.

I did not want to be caught with our pants down, if a band of raiders attacked us. The journey home was uneventful, taking just more than two full moons to get home.

The cave and large meadow was just as we left it. Within a month of getting home both Robin and Fawn gave birth. Robin to a girl and Fawn to a boy. That made seventeen children that I have produced with the three girls. It was decided that the tribe was getting too large for this valley to hold and support all of us.

Wolfgard pretty teen arsehole is gaped hardcore blowjob myself and a half dozen hunters were going to head north in search of a new home for the tribe. I left War Hawk in charge while we were gone.

After five days of following the river, and marching through some thick forest, we came upon a large clearing. A tribe was there defending its self from attack. A group of raiders were intent on destroying the tribe. I looked over to Wolfgard and he nodded back at me, in agreement that we must help this tribe.

They camped near us at the great meeting ground. I motioned to the hunters to spread out. "Pass the word do not fire till I do." I said to them. When everyone was in position, I gave the word to fire, and arrows rained out into the raiders. After a short battle we had killed all the raiders. We dude likes hammering wet cunt hardcore blowjob into the camp to assess the damages. Most of their men were dead. The chieftain, a few men, and some of older boys did survived, as well as the women and children.

The chieftain and Wolfgard knew each other "I have no idea on what to do now, I think our tribe is finished. We need your help?" he sort of begged to Wolfgard. "We need to help this tribe, or they will not survive. I will take them back to our main camp, you go ahead and look for a new place for us to live." Wolfgard said to me. I nodded my head in agreement. "There is a large valley toward the northwest that you might check out.

I was there once many years ago. It is a few days walk from here to get there." The chieftain told me. Wolfgard left with the other tribe, heading back to our campsite by the cave. The hunters and I headed northwest to check out the valley. The river was off to our west, as we continued to march through the clearing on the edge of the forest. I hope to find that valley soon. The clearing ended, and we reentered the forest. I was in the lead, when we exited the forest, and walked to the top edge of a very high cliff.

Looking down I could see this huge valley with a couple of rivers running through it. I told the hunters to spread out and observe the valley. Look for any signs of other tribes that may be living there. We spent the better part of the day watching the valley. I could see lots of game, but no smoke or any other signs that the valley might be occupied. We backtracked into the forest, and headed to the west to find the river.

We followed the river toward the valley. It ended with a huge waterfall over the cliffs into the valley below. It reformed and flowed north into the middle of the valley, where it joined with a river flowing east to west.

Getting down there from here would be a challenge. The hunters and I probably could make it, but getting the whole tribe down this way would not work. We followed the cliffs around, till the cliffs started to gently slope downward. We were able to get down and enter the valley. It was a lush valley with plenty of food. It looks like there were some caves in the face of the cliffs that needed to be checked out.

We spent two days checking the whole valley out. The lower caves in the cliffs were accessible, and appeared to be liveable. We would have to figure away to reach the upper caves. There were a few ponds and springs in the valley, and the rivers. "This place will do." Lets head back and get the others and make the move here." I said as I looked at the hunters.

They nodded in agreement. We followed the river part way back to camp. It took us eight days to make the trip back. That night we held a big meeting with both tribes.

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"This valley will gorgeous brunette vixen has her pussy drilled out just right for us. There is plenty of room, lots of water, food, and game.

There are caves in the cliffs, and room to pitch our tents. I think that this is the right move for us to make to go there." I explained this to both tribes. There were many conferences and lots of discussions, but in the end it was agreed by all to make the move to the valley. "What about us" the chieftain of the other tribe asked to Wolfgard. "You can come with us and join us there in the valley, or you can stay here. It is your choice." Wolfgard said to him. "We cannot protect ourselves now.

We need your help. We will join your tribe, and make this move with you." He replied back to Wolfgard. Wolfgard looks at me, and I nodded back to him, letting him know it was ok by me if they joined our tribe in this move. We packed things up and loaded food and water on the camels. It was a real reap force sxe storys trip to get there, taking almost a full moon.

Finally the day arrived when we entered the valley. All members of the tribe were amazed by how pretty the valley was. On my first trip here, I staked out which caves were going to mine and my family's. I got some starter wood and made a small fire in our cave, to see just where the smoke would go.

It seems to drift toward the back of the cave and then disappear in the back somewhere. Like the bear cave it left a curtain of smoke in the back of this cave. The girls got busy getting the two caves cleaned out and ready for us to move into. While they and the rest of the women were getting the caves ready, War Hawk lead a group of hunters on a hunting trip too resupply our fresh meat.

Wolfgard, the shaman, myself, and the other chieftain, sat down together. We discussed the merger of the other tribe with ours. Wolfgard let him know that I was the chief of our tribe, and what I say must be obeyed. They discussed numerous topics and everything was agreed upon by all of us. It was surprising just how long we were there discussing tribal procedures. It was getting close to dark when War Hawk and the hunters arrived back in camp with four nice deers.

Some of the men were down at the river spearing fish. We were going to eat well tonight. It has been a busy past six months with going to the meeting grounds, the battle with the raiders, the trek back home. The move to this valley. I have not spent much time sexy amazing gal plays with marital device my three girls. Sparrow was letting me know that it is time for them(meaning her, Robin, and Fawn).

The kids were in the next cave watched over by a couple of the older girls. Our sleeping skins were laid out, and my three ladies were laying there naked, waiting for me. What can I say they all look great. "Ok who is first?" I asked with a wolfish grin on my face. Both Fawn and Robin looked at Sparrow, who pointed to herself, indicating that she was to first. I reached for Sparrow to rub her breast and pussy, but she was having none of that.

She pushed me away and bent over shaking her lovely ass at me, and grunting a few times. That was her way of saying fuck me long, hard, and deep, because I am ready for you right now. I put both hands on the sides of her ass and held her firm, as I plowed my cock deep into her pussy, she was soaking wet inside there. I fucked her hard, and with each thrust, she grunted loudly.

I could feel her liquids start to drip off my sack. My cock started to throb with that good sensation feeling. I held her tight to my body. I had my cock buried up to my sack deep inside of her hot pussy. I fired my seed deep into her womb, as she howled in pleasure.

We collapsed in a heap, and I rolled off Sparrow panting for air. Both Robin and Fawn approached me, and they started to lick and suck my cock, cleaning the juices off of it. As soon as they got me hard again, Robin mounted me and guided my cock into her waiting pussy.

She impaled herself on my cock, taking my shaft completely inside of her pussy. She paused for a couple seconds, and then started to rock back and forth. Then she began to bounce up and down on my shaft. I could feel her liquids start to run off my cock and sack.

I was not sure if I could empty another load so quickly. But Robin's hot pussy, got my shaft heated up and I could feel my sack tighten up. She was grunting and moaning as her pussy was locked tight on my cock as I started to pump my seed deep inside of her. She flopped down into my arms. I held her tightly as we both were exhausted from our efforts.

She rolled off me and fell instantly asleep. Fawn cuddles up next to me on the other side. We both drifted off to sleep, as I need sometime to recover. In the middle of the night, I need to get up and relieve myself.

I exited the cave and took a piss. I then walked the camp, checking on the night guards. We run three shifts of guards, with all the older males taking a turn. They reported to me that all was quiet so far, and I then returned back to the cave. Fawn was awake and waiting for me to return. I laid down next to her and we started to kiss.

She used her tongue to probe my mouth. My hands were busy with her boobs, as I softly squeezed and massaged them. My fingers worked on her nipples, as I felt them get hard under my gentle rubbing and pinching.

I moved down and started to suck on her sexy czech nympho spreads her narrowed muff to the extreme and lick her nipples. My hand was softly caressing her outer pussy lips. I inserted a couple of fingers into her pussy and slowly rotated them around inside of her. Her liquid squished against my fingers, as she was getting wet inside there. She brought my head up for a passionate kiss. "I am ready for you right now." She moaned into my mouth.

I move over on top of Fawn, as she spreads her legs wide apart to give me better access to her waiting pussy. I slowly enter her wet hole, and gently start to fuck her with long deep strokes. Soon we get a rhythm going, as I start to fuck her harder. She wraps her legs and arms around me tightly, as her liquids flow against my cock. "OOO Red Hawk that feels sooo good." She coos into my ear. "Fill me with your seed." A couple more good pumps and I unload my seed deep inside of her.

We lay there gasping and panting, as both Robin and Sparrow were watching us fuck. With all this deep planting of my seed, something must be growing.