Perky tits babe nailed by nasty pawn guy at the pawnshop

Perky tits babe nailed by nasty pawn guy at the pawnshop
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Me and my friends were playing poker out by the pool one evening. I had my daughter, Jackie for the weekend so she was swimming in the pool. Me and Jackie went bathing suite shopping on Wednesday and I saw a White bathing suite that I was immediately drawn to.

She tried it on and it hugged her body perfectly.

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I was hoping it was a little see through when it was wet and I was right. The first time I asked her to get out of the pool to get us all beers from the cooler I could see her nipples through her top. and when she bent over to get in the cooler I am positive I could see the outline of her crack.

I then glance around at my buddies. I noticed some of them were eyeing her as well. As she brought the beers to the table I said, "Hey guys you like Jackies new swimming suit?" I noticed some of them blushes a little.

Greg smiled directly at her and said, "Jackie you look amazing." Jackies face turned red and told him thanks in a soft voice and handed him his beer. I winked at her and said, "see sweetie I told you that suite looked great." "Thanks," is all she could say.

As she dove back in the pool the guys were definitely distracted at the sight of her. After the 3rd time someone asked her to grab them a beer she stepped over by me to watch the game a little. I put my arm around her waist and felt her warm wet skin. My dick twitched and I willed it to not stand at attention. After a nasty pretty cuties in sex scene masturbation smalltits minuted vince scooted his chair back and asked "Hey baby doll come sit on my knee and you can watch me play my hand for a while." Jackie smiled and said, "Sure." As she left my arms I let my hand glide down to her bottom and I saw Greg watching my hand and then looked up at me in shock.

I winked at him and he just smiled then watched as Jackie sat on Vince's knee. Jackie straddled Vince's knee and he laid his hand on her upper thigh. All I could think was 'that was a smooth move.' There was chatter around the table as the game continues and I noticed Vince's thumb start massaging her upper a thigh. His hand gave it a squeeze a couple times as my cock was getting hard just watching him touch my daughters leg.

Then I noticed her squirm a little on his leg as his thumb moved closer to her tiny pussy. You can tell she has no hair on her pussy. You can see her lips through her swim suit with her legs spread out. I licked my lips and I know the other guys were enjoying the show as well. I see Jackie start to relax on Vince's lap and lean back against his chest. He kisses her bare shoulder and I see her smile and squirm a little. I look down to her pussy and see his thumb is softly rubbing over top of it through her suit.

Then I realize everyone has stopped playing cards and was watching Vince sexually touching my daughter. I see Greg and Andy glance over at me to see if I have noticed. I can't help but smile. My daughter has her eyes closed now and seems to by enjoying his touch. She moves her bottom against his leg again and thats when we see a wet spot of her pussy.

Vance kisses her neck and at the same time slides his thumb under her material. Her eyes open wide at the touch of his thumb on her bare tiny hole.

His one arm goes around her waist to hold her in place. "Its ok baby doll. I won't hurt you." he says softly in her ear. She looks at me little frightened. I smile at her reassuring. "I told you the guys would like your suite." I told her with a wink. Vince kept his Thumb insider her suite as she squirmed a little more.

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"Hold still sweetie, Vince is just wants to feel your special area." I tell her. The guys let out a nervous chuckle. They see her getting a little freaked out. Vince's thumb moves some more and thats when Greg reaches over to where Vince is rubbing and moves her suit over to the side and then we all see her bare pussy.

Jackie squirms but Vince has a pretty good grip on her. I chuckle at her and tell her to relax and let Vince make her feel good. Jackie looks over at me still a little scared.

I smile and lean forward in my chair more so I can look a little closer. I see Vince's finger make a circle around her little wet hole. My dick is getting so hard wondering what Vince might do next. He looks over at me and we make eye contact, like he is asking for my permission to do something.

I give him a nod and instantly his finger tip inserts into her Vagina. She lets out a small scream and tries to move off of him. Vince kisses her neck and keeps his finger in her natural teenie blows penis in pov and gets yummy fuckbox pounded. Greg chuckles still holding her suit off to the side.

He takes his finger and rubs her clit. She really starts to squirm. "No" she finally says and trys to get off. Greg takes her one of her leg and drapes it over Vinces other leg so her pussy is opened wide and Greg hold it still while Brad, who is sitting on the other side, grabs the other leg to keep it from moving.

Vince kisses her neck and says, "Relax baby doll." as he slides his finger tip in and out of her pussy. She says, "No," again and looks over at me with her eyes begging me to help her. I smile and chuckle. "sweetie just relax, he will not hurt you." I tell her reassuring. I watch as his finger goes deeper into her. " OUCH!!" Jackie cries out. Vince doesn't seem to care. He pushes his finger further inside her. Vince kisses her neck as he finger fucks her hole slowly in and out.

As Jackie squirms to try to get riley shane diesel and jack napier, I notice her movements start to be more of a humping motion against Vinces finger.

"That's it baby, It feels good doesn't it." Vince tells her as he kisses her shoulder. All at once I notice the table is moving. Greg had gotten up and started pulling to table away from Jackie and Vince. He starts fucking her faster and you can see her breathing is faster and hear a moan slip through her lips as her head starts going side to side. "Don't stop. Don't stop." She begs and Vince pushes into her as deep as his finger will go and her little body starts convulsing and she has an orgasm right before my eyes.

After her body stops twitching, Jackie lays limp against Vinces body as he slowly slides his finger in and out. We can hear the juices and they start leaking down her pussy. Vince takes his finger out and puts it in his mouth. I about shoot my load watching him taste my little girls juices. Greg lets his finger glide over her juices and tastes his finger as well. He moans at the taste and touches her again. "Jackie you taste so good." Greg tells her and she opens her eyes as she sees his finger take some more of her wetness between her legs.

She blushes and trys to close real teen fingerfucked deeply at sexaudition fingering legs but the guys won't allow her too. "Not yet Jackie, you taste to good." Brad decided to put his finger into her slowly and she squirmed. He took it out and put it in his mouth. "Oh wow, Jackie. You taste amazing." Brad said and she smiled at him. She seems to enjoy the compliment. "Thank you for showing us your bathing suite." Vince whispered in her ear as he kissed her neck which made her eye close and her mouth slightly open.

Holy fuck, she is hot. I start rubbing my cock through my shorts. Jackie finally is able to sit up straight and the guys sat back on there seats. "Honey, do you want to go back in the pool now?" I ask. She nods her head yes and gets off Vince's lap. Once she is in the water the guys put the table back in place.

Vince looks at me. "You helped her pick out that suite for us?" He teases. "I thought it would be a good distraction from the game." I said and winked.

"Fuck, how are we suppose to concentrate now on cards." Brad said with a laugh. We didn't concetrate very well at all. We kept having to bring each others attention back to the game when it was their turn.

After about 20 minutes of playing Brad asked if Jackie could get us some more beer. I shrugged and said sure. I called out to her and asked her to grab us more beer and she blushed. We all watched as she thought about it and then said she would. she handed us each a cold beer and we could see that her nipples were hard from carrying the cold beer against her body.

She went and stood by Vince again which surprised us all. "Do you want to watch me play some more?" Vince asked her as her put his arm around her waist. "Yes, if you don't care." She said blushing.

"You can sit back down if you want." He suggested and she said ok as she slowly sat on the one leg. He put his hand back on her upper thigh as we played our hand. He didn't move his hand but you could see she squirmed a little on his lap. "You can put your leg over my other leg if you are more comfortable." Vince encourages and gave us all a look that showed he thinks she wants him to touch her again.

Once she straddle both his legs and we could see her pussy through her wet suit, Vince let his thumb slid over her clit.

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Jackie jerked slightly and her breathing started speeding up. "You liked that?" He whispered and did it again. She squirmed again but never tried to push his hand away. Vince slid his finger under her suit again and wiggled it on her wet hole. Jackie moaned and squirmed against his finger.

"You liked when I put my finger in you didn't you?" He whispered. With her eyes still closed she nodded yes. "Tell my if you want me to do that again." He tells her and moves his finger up to her clit instead of her hole. Once again the guys are quielty moving the table away. Vince keeps his finger teasing her clit and she keeps squirming slightly with each touch.

Vince grins at me. "Tell me if you want me to put my finger in your hole." He whispers again. "Yes." She whispers and he glides his finger over her hole to tease her. "Yes, what?" He says. "Tell me what you want my finger to do." He tests her. She swallows hard and pushes towards his finger but he slides it back up to her clit and she moans. "Tell me." He encourages her.

"Put it in my hole." Jackie whimpers softly and he immediately slides his finger halfway into her hole. She jumps slightly at he fast motion but relaxes right after.

Greg pulls her suit off the the side again, so we can see her bare pussy with Vince's finger fucking her. Vince's other hand goes to her little hard nipples and starts rubbing one and Jackie starts to buck her hips. "Oh yea, fuck my finger Jackie." Vince whispers and kisses behind her ear. I watch him pinch her nipple and she moans and arches her back. Vince puts 2 fingers into her and you could see on her face that it hurt a little, but then she started enjoying it.

Brad pulled her strap off her shoulder and Vince was able to caress her nipple without the material. My mouth watered wanting to put her nipple in my mouth. Brad must have thought the same thing because he moved Vince's hand down so he could lick her nipple. Jackies eyes opened at the feel of Brads mouth and start to move away but Vince gripped her around the waist and told her to enjoy his mouth. He jammed his finger deeper inside to distract her and it worked. She went back to humping his fingers.

Jackie even put her hand on the back of Brads head to hold it there. Greg started playing with her other exposed nipples with his fingers. I can't believe I am watching my daughter being finger fucked right in front of me. I have my hand in my pants now jerking off to my daughter being groped by my friends. Jackie started really bucking against Vince's hand and he pushed harder and harder into her wet pussy. You could hear her juices with each thrust.

"Oh fuck.Oh fuuuuck." Jackie moans as her orgasm hit again hard. Her body jerked and twisted as I Started to cum in my shorts. "Oh FUCK!" I groaned and closed my eyes as my cock explodes into my hand.

"Fuck." I moan as I open my eyes to see Jackies half naked body exhausted against Vince again. Vince and the others are grinning at me with my hand still in my pants. I feel my face get a little warm knowing they just naked female bodybuilder shows off big biceps and boobs me jerk off. But damn that was so hot.