Teen caught her bf fucking a busty milf

Teen caught her bf fucking a busty milf
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Fbailey story number 610 Kissing Cousins Sharon and I had grown up together. She was older by almost a year. Our fathers were brothers, making us first cousins. My Aunt Helen always teased us about being kissing cousins. When I turned thirteen my parents threw me a big birthday party to celebrate my passage into a teenager.

It was all couples, some of which I did not even know, plus my cousin Sharon. That was when Sharon gave me a kiss on the lips, right there in front of the whole gang. Her mother told her that she hadn't done it right and told her to kiss me again. I a lot of team fuck on dance floor striptease hardcore embarrassed and ran up to my room.

Sharon came running after me. She caught up to me before I could shut and lock my bedroom door. Then she shut and locked it before walking toward me. I backed up until I felt my bed against the back of my legs. Sharon saw how frightened I was and said, "Calm down. I'm not going to rape you, I'm just going to kiss you." She kissed me, and she kissed me, and then she said, "This isn't working.

We need to get naked." I said, "What!" I had never been naked in front of a girl before.

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Sharon said, "It's something my mother said once about being nervous on stage and seeing your audience naked." I then watched as my almost fourteen-year-old cousin started to get undressed. She took off her blouse and then she took off her skirt and stood there in just her underwear. She looked like a Fervent chick spreads spread snatch and gets devirginized virginity and hardcore. After a minute she reached back and unhooked her bra and removed that.

Wow, her tits were much bigger than I had envisioned. They were perfectly round with a tan rings around very hard nipples. She bent over and came up holding her panties, they were made of white cotton and they had a stain in the crotch.

She saw me noticing and said, "Sometimes my period is stronger than my tampon." I had no idea of what she was talking about. When she said, "Okay, now it's your turn" I just started undressing as if it were a natural thing to do in front of her.

When I was naked she walked closer and embraced me. Our kiss was much better and my hard-on poked at her belly. Sharon just reached down and tucked it between her legs and kissed me again. Then she said, "Isn't this much better now that I got your hard-on out of the way?" I was speechless it felt so good. Sharon said, "It belongs in there anyway, you know." I finally asked, "What do you mean?" Sharon replied, "My mother had the birds and bees talk with me but it was all about penis and vagina, sex and abstinence, and not getting pregnant.

That was when she started me on birth control." As naive as I was I asked, "What is birth control?" Sharon smiled and said, "We can have sex and I won't get pregnant and have a baby." She kissed me and said, "Let's do it.

Mommy really likes it when Daddy sticks his hard-on in her pussy. I have watched them several times when they think I'm asleep." Sharon got on my bed and pulled me into her. She wound up on her back with me on top of her and her legs wrapped around me. Somehow her nipple wound up in my mouth so I started sucking on it. Sharon said, "That tickles, but it feels good, don't stop.

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Now do the other one. Oh yes! Now I know why Mommy lets Daddy do that to her. Wow!" I was really enjoying sucking her nipples and giving her pleasure when all of a sudden my hard-on found her pussy and I started bucking at her. Sharon said, "Here lets get that thing in me before you explode and waist all that sperm." She reached down between us and placed the head of my hard-on at the entrance to her hole and said, "Push. Don't worry if I cry out a little.

It is supposed to hurt the girl the first time. Go ahead and push." I pushed and it slipped right in without hurting her.

She didn't cry out. I said, "Wow, that sure feels good." Sharon replied, "It sure does. No wonder Mommy and Daddy do it so often. Mommy does it with other guys too." I asked, "Really?" Sharon said, "Oh yes. Sometimes on weekends they will invite other couples over and then swap partners for sex. The guy fucks Mommy and Daddy fucks the other guy's wife.

Sometimes both guys fuck Mommy at the same time. One gets her pussy and the other one gets sexy brunette nurse hardcore action with patient butt hole. She goes ballistic when she gets double penetrated like that." There was a slight pause while Sharon thrust up against me a few times.

"Mommy even has sex with the other woman after she wears out the two guys. Daddy calls her a bisexual." Her story both excited me and took my mind off where my hard-on was. A few more thrusts on her part and I was cumming inside of her pussy. Sharon clamped onto me with her arms and legs and then she shoved her tongue into my mouth and had her orgasm from sex.

She shuttered and moaned in absolute delight. After the waves of emotion subsided she said, "That was wonderful. I have never cum that much or that hard before. Can we do it again?" I could feel my cock getting hard again inside her and said, "Sure. Why not! It felt great to me too. It sure beats jerking off." So we made love for the second time. Then we made love for the third time.

Soon after that we heard a soft tapping on my bedroom door. Aunt Helen whispered, "Finish up in there. Get cleaned up and dressed and then come downstairs to say goodbye to everyone." We got down there in time to thank everyone for coming to my party and for the nice gifts. Each woman kissed me on the lips before she left and whispered in my ear that she would love to join Sharon and I in a threesome sometime.

When we were there alone with our parents Sharon said, "You guys had sex with those people while we were upstairs. Didn't you?" Aunt Helen said, "Yes, we did and it was great, wasn't it Luann?" Mom blushed and replied, "Yes, it was.

I never had six guys in me before, let alone in half an hour." Aunt Helen added, "Two sets of triple penetration." Sharon smiled and said, "I was penetrated three times too." Aunt Helen said, "Good for you girl.

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Do you want to spend the night here or take him home with you?" Sharon asked, "Why?" Aunt Helen said, "Because he will be fucking you as often as he wants too from now on." Sharon asked, "Why?" This time it was my mother that answered, "Because that is what we women do for our men.

You are officially a woman now and he is your man." I looked at Mom, then at Aunt Helen, and then I looked at Sharon and smiled. Sharon said, "I need to be near my clothes so he can sleep in my bed. Boys don't seem to need much in the way of clothes." Aunt Helen said, "You may not have that big a need for clothes around the house either.

By the time you get cleaned up after sex, dressed, and fix your hair and makeup…he will be hard again and you will be naked romping around on the bed again." Sharon's father said, "And with you naked around the house I'll be hard more often so your mother won't need to get dressed either." My father said, "We will need to come over more often ourselves. I need some of that stimulation that Sharon is giving out too." Mom slapped him and said, "You don't need any stimulation." I reached up under Mom's skirt and cupped her bare pussy.

I slipped a finger into her very wet pussy and said, "I need all the stimulation that I can get." Aunt Helen came closer and thrust my other hand up under her skirt.

Again I cupped a bare pussy that was over flowing with wetness. As I finger both women Sharon caressed my crotch and said, "Thank you ladies. I can take it from here." She practically dragged me back up to my bedroom where we made love.

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Then I packed up some underwear and went home with my kissing cousin. The End Kissing Cousins 610