Wakeup n fuck part 2

Wakeup n fuck part 2
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"Carlota, iha" began Margaret. "I've been meaning to ask you, when are you going to give me a grandchild?" Her eyes were focused on her daughter, expecting an answer. Carlota almost choked on her tea when she heard the question. Having child had always plagued her mind but she wasn't so sure she was ready, Conor always kept saying he was but stayed supportive to her when she said she wasn't, but she could also feel his frustration of being married for two years now and still have no child to love and cherish.

Carlota took a deep breath, "We're still in the planning stage, mama, I don't want to bizarre xxl anal fisting and speculum gape and head in first without making sure we can fully support the baby" "Heavens, my god, Carlota" said Margaret, "You're not going to stay young forever, one day you'll have it harder to make out even with all the sex you two will be doing!" "I-I know that, mama" Carlota's face reddened with embarrassment, it was a good thing no one was around to her mum say those words.

"I just want to make sure everything's comfortable for the child one day" Margaret raised her brow. "Is it because the sex isn't good?" "Wha--?!

Mama, what are you saying?!" Carlota's face was totally red and steaming with embarrassment. "Conor's great in bed, mama" "Then why do you guys still have no children?" she asked. "I'm getting old, Carlota, I want to still be able to hold my grandchild, you know" "Mama, I… where is Conor, anyway?" she turned her head towards the front door.

"He said he was just going to get some fresh air" "Don't change the topic, iha" Margaret placed her hand on top of her daughter's. "It's about the sex, isn't it?" "Mama!" --- o o o --- Julieta could not stop watching, her eyes were on the beautiful cock in front of her.

To her eyes it looked like 9 and a first time tight pussy fuck xvedio inches and thick.

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The lush red hair growing around its base climbed up under his shirt, she imagined the thickness of it across his broad, muscular chest. His balls were big and full of cum ready to burst, bouncing up and down with every pump of his hand along its girthy length. Moan escaped his mouth, and with eyes closed, Julieta could peer her entire head against the window. Mercy was peeking through the other window, her cunt already dripping from such a scene but something else caught her attention.

Mercy's gaze flicked between the handsome, muscular man jacking off in the toilet and the pitch black room of the garage through the gap Conor had left. Light spilled out from the bathroom but it was not enough to scare off the thing that hovered just above the floor. It was faint, but Mercy could sense something was there, watching not only Conor but her as well, something that carried ill-intention towards him and her.

Mercy tried her best to watch the man jack his cock, precum drizzling unto the floor, his hand moved fast, harder, his breathing got heavier, tell-tale signs of what was coming, but Mercy was preoccupied with the thing that was now more corporeal, sitting in the dark, it's twisted face an image of wailing pain, its writhing body twisted into obscene angles, a mouth that was filled with blood, gurgling and dripping into the floor.

Mercy pushed back against the wall and stumbled onto the dry earth. Julieta, who didn't see the entity—now looking at her—watched as Conor moaned louder and released his building orgasm. White thick ropes of cum jettisoned into the air and landed on his thighs, hand, and cock. Julieta licked her lips and imagined such a big load being deposited into her pussy, she would definitely get pregnant!

She heard him sigh and ducked down from the window german schwanz geil geblasen und saft geschluckt find Mercy on the ground still a fazed by what she had seen. Julieta cocked her head, "What are you doing Mercy?! Do you want to get caught masturbating here?!" "I-I wasn't masturbating" Mercy whispered, her cheeks were hot red.

"I just… fell, that's all" "Riiiigggghht" Julieta raised her brow at her friend before pulling her up. "Well, whatever you were doing, we have to get going now before Madame begins looking for us" Mercy nodded and before Julieta could say anything else, she bolted towards the mansion, leaving horny Julieta alone.

The main took one last look at the window, only to find a face looking back at her, contorted and bloodied, Julieta was taken aback too far that she lost balance and fell backwards, but before her head could hit lesbian ebony scat porn storys ground, her eyes suddenly opened and she found herself squatting naked, legs spread apart, the lips of her sex kissing the thickness of a pulsing cock.

She looked down and found Conor, naked and on her bed, inside her old nipa hut, his back against the hard wooden bed made of thin bamboo planks. "What're you waiting for, love?" asked Conor, his voice oozed with sexual hunger. "I want to be inside you already" he said with a grin before grinding his cock's length against her moist, lower lips. Julieta immediately lowered her head as she slid down his body until his cock was in front of her. Julieta wasted no time and swallowed his cock like a hungry animal devouring his meat and slurping all of his leaking juices.

"Ah, fuck!" Conor looked down to meet Gorgeous young senorita pleasures a thick shaft gaze, she could see the fiery passion and lust inside them. She went deeper and faster, his moan of pleasure reverberated throughout the small nipa hut.

"I'm—fuck! I'm cumming!" he announced just as jets of thick cream escaped his cock and into Julieta's waiting throat. She drank every ounce of his cum, relishing its salty-sweet taste. Julieta pulled away, a dribble of cum on her chin, and looked at the man laying on her bed. His cock was still rock hard and he looked at her expecting more. Julieta positioned herself above his cock and slowly lowered herself down.

"Ahh!" she moaned as she reached the base of his cock. "Fuck you are huge! I love it!" yelled Julieta with glee as she raised her hips and slammed down on his cock once more. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! That is good!" "Shit, your cunt is so tight!" "Yeah, baby!" Julieta got into a rhythm, moving in between fast and slow, soft and hard, she bobbed her hips unto his with the skills of a pro.

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Conor moaned louder, thrusting his hips with hers, both in a union of ecstasy and lust. The sound of their fucking echoed through abbey brook in my friends hot mom thin walls of the nipa hut, Julieta's screams of pleasure reverberated through the trees that surrounded her small home. "Fuck! Baby, it's so tight!" Conor's eyes rolled upward as the pleasure overtook him.

Julieta was surprised at her feral nature, she was wild in bed but never this wild! She growled and clawed Conor's hairy chest and abdomen, relishing in the sight of drawing blood from such a beautiful man's body.

She licked her lips and bent her head forwards to lick the thing trail of blood on his chest. The coppery taste mingled with the saltiness of his sweat. "Oh Conor!" Julieta licked his body until she reached his neck and then kissed him with a such intensity, her hunger for his cock grew, her hips grinded against his, his thickness stretched her walls. "I-I-love your co-cock!" G eazy x bebe rexha me myself amp i teen sexy screamed as her orgasm flooded her senses.

Her earth shattering orgasm subsided, but her body was still slamming hard on the thick, hard cock under her. She wasn't done with him yet. "Stand up" she whispered in between breaths. Conor followed and stood up. Julieta grabbed him by the hand and pulled him out into the outside. The familiar sound of crickets and glowing fireflies filled the dimness of the forest, not too far from where her little nipa hut stood was the Vasquez mansion, its pristine glass windows lit and carried silhouettes of the people inside, roaming around the spacious house.

Julieta, her feet moving on their own accord, guided Conor towards a rickety wooden table, alice wonderbang and the big green toy Julieta jumped unto the mildly unstable surface and spread her legs apart. "Fuck me out here, you Irish piece of meat!" Conor's smile grew wider and he obliged to her orders. He positioned his cock—covered by her juices—and slowly entered into her. "Fuucck! Your cock is just sooo big! I fucking love it!" Conor leaned towards her as the base of his cock kissed the lips of her moist sex.

"This cock is all yours, baby" he whispered into her ear before slowly pulling his cock back and then slamming it all the way in as hard as he could. Their frantic fucking began anew as the eyes of the woodland creatures stared at their glistening bodies, heard their ecstatic moans, watched their bodies stiffened and shook with orgasmic bliss. The night grew darker but their heated passion never ceased. Conor ejaculated more cum than before, all over Julieta's body, his creamy white semen in contrast to her dark complexion, and against the moonlight, it looked as if she was an ethereal being.

The maid was older than most of the other helpers of the mansion, but she was still a sight to behold, her stunning arse called the attention of any man, her thin lips and bony cheeks held her face to that of an authoritative figure, firm and just, but hid a beauty that was unexplainable, even at her age of fifty-five, she was still sashaying that arse in public, often getting cat calls and an occasional blowjob in a secluded area.

Yes, Julieta knows how to use her body… and so did the thing that had given her this pleasurable dream. It watched them, its thin and twig-line fingers clawed at the bark of the tree, its upside-down face contorted into a frightening face of pleasure as blood dripped from the corner of its eyes. It stood up, its long, thin legs ended into bone stilts. It was almost as high as the tree, and its long devilish tongue licked the air like a snake while hunting prey.

Julieta screamed as another orgasm wracked her whole body, Conor's body stiffened and a moan escaped his mouth as another orgasm hit him as well. His cum flooded her hungry sex, pumping it full with his white hot semen. Conor, exhausted withdrew his cock from her pussy, letting his sperm drip out of her. "Wow… That was… some… fucking intense fuck!" he exclaimed in between heavy breaths.

Julieta stood up and licked her lips. She eyes him over, his cock was still hard. "I think you're still up for some more fun" she winked at him and he shook his head, "Nah, my little sword might be saying eyes but I'm beat as a Scott!" he blew a sigh of relief. "I think I'mma hit the— Julieta grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him backwards. Conor slammed against the table, something was holding his arms and legs back, pinning him on the slick wooden surface. "What's going on?!" He yelled.

"Fuck, what the fuck is this?!" He looked at his wrists and found thick vines had sprouted from the ground and wrapped around them, completely incapacitating him. "I told you I wasn't done with you yet" Julieta's voice came out deeper, it sounded more menacing than before. This was the point the maid realised that she wasn't controlling her body at all, from the very beginning of the sex-filled dream, she had only been watching, too preoccupied at the phantom feeling of Conor's thick cock stretching her tight pussy that she never even noticed that her body wasn't completely hers.

Julieta watched in horror as her body positioned itself above Conor, who was struggling against the thick vines that wrapped around his wrists and ankles. No! This isn't what I want! she screamed in her mind trying to fight whatever it was that held her body as a puppet. The maid's body slowly lowered itself unto Conor's awaiting cock. "Fuck, baby, your cock is so heavenly!" the voice came out deeper and rougher, the laugh that followed frightened Julieta more, it sounded like the devil's laugh echoing from the pits of hell.

Julieta bobbed up and down his cock, Conor was screaming as his sensitive cock ploughed in and out of her once again. "Stop! Stop! Please! Stop, I can't—fuck! Fuck, stop it! Agh, arrrgghh!" Julieta felt more of his cum explode inside her body. "Yes! Yes! Give me your soul!" Julieta's body leaned forward, her arms reached out for Conor's head, with one powerful tug, his head tore off from his neck.

Julieta screamed in her mind, blood spurted from his neck as his head painted a frozen image of terror. "Ahhhhh!" Julieta rose from her bed in a sweat, her heart was beating so fast she was sure it would bursts through her chest. The sun was shining through the small window of her nipa hut, the thought immediately crossed her mind and she jumped out of bed, her head spinning around looking for anything that would tell her this wasn't a nightmare anymore.

She clearly remembered peeping on Conor jacking off in the garage restroom, then there was… what exactly happened next? She couldn't remember. The last thing she could remember was her and Mercy peeping… then how did she end up back in her hut? Had someone found her behind the garage and had they carried her here? Who was it? Was it Conor? Julieta noticed even her clothes were changed, she was wearing her sleeping clothes… what exactly transpired last night?

Julieta immediately got dressed and ran off towards the mansion. --- o o o --- Julieta searched the mansion and found Mercy who was busy in the kitchen with the other maids. Julieta approached her and gave her a light nudge, "Mercy, what happened last night?" Mercy turned around and dropped the pan unto the sink.

"Julieta, are you sure you're okay to stand up?" "What?

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Why? What happened last night?" Julieta looked at her friend with a confused face, she gave a quick look around the room and found the other maids looking at her with concern.

"Why are you guys looking at me like that?" Mercy wiped her hands on her apron and pulled Julieta to a corner.

"You don't remember what happened last night?" "I wouldn't be asking that if I remember, now would I?" Mercy began to answer but Julieta stopped her, "I was being sarcastic" she said. "Just hurry up and tell me" "Well, after I left you behind the garage, I came back here to see if madam needed anything else before I went to bed, she was about to say something when you walked in on us, pale faced and out of breath We asked you what was wrong and you just asked madam to let you sleep in early, she offered you the guest room, but you decline and said you'd walk back to your house, I offered to seachsex kabyle tizi ouzou beni douala with you but you stopped me" "I don't remember any of those things" Julieta was now concerned more than ever.

What about the dream? What was that all about, it was as if something was trying to get her… or Conor. "Where's madam Carlota?" "I don't think you should be working today Julieta" said Mercy. "You should just get some— "Where is she?" Julieta cut in. "She and mister Conor left for the market, she said she was going to meet a few friends of hers there, why are you looking for her, Julieta, this isn't like you" "What are you talking about?

I'm fine, Mercy" "No, you looked pale sick last night and then the first thing you ask about the next morning is someone else, you're… sorry for the lack of a better word, selfish" "I am selfish" she didn't even hide that fact from her companion. "I think I'll go see madam and tell her I'm fine to work today" "Suit yourself" --- o o o --- Conor followed his wife navigate through the thick crowd of people at the market.

Both sides of the dirt road had stalls made of bamboo and nipa, displayed in front of the stalls were the produce, chicken, pork, winsome one eyed monster riding hardcore blowjob, and vegetables. The tinderas or tinderos would swipe at their products with long sticks with cut up plastic bags on the end to shoo away the flies. Conor hurriedly followed his wife, he was easily the tallest person in the market but the sheer number of people made it easy for him to lose sight of her.

"Is it always this crowded here?" he asked her. "Not all the time" she replied. "The fiesta of San Antiqua is tomorrow; people are getting their ingredients for the feast tomorrow" "Ah, is sisters with glasses bbc threesome amazing cumshot ending why you wanted to come home yesterday? For the fiesta?" he asked her. She turned to him and gave him a smile.

"Well, that a part of the reason" she said. "The other part is my school reunion's next week and as I said earlier we're going to be meeting up with a few of my friends from when I was still in high school" "Close friends of yours?" "Yes, they're my best friends" she said with a cheerful tone.

"I haven't seen them in a while, Lando says he's built a parlour near the market and he's managing it" Carlota walked off, with Conor right on her heel. It took the couple a few minutes of walking down the dirt road before she spotted the white building with the large sign and slogan: Lando's Parlor!

Pag hinid ka gumanda, libre na ang haircut! "That's the parlour" Carlota took Conor's hand and they both went in holding hands. A tall, darkly tanned man with long pink hair and dressed extravagantly flamboyant was giving a haircut to a customer.

"Lando?" Carlota voiced out, the man turned and when he spots her, squealed. "Oh my gawd! Carlota is that you?!" the man dropped the scissor and comb on the counter and rushed to her, Conor noticed the man was wearing high heels. "It's so so so good to see you again! I missed you, baby girl!" "Oh I've missed you too, Lando!

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How is Linette?" "Ah, well she's still the same as before, only now she's trying to be like you, trying to find a foreigner for a husband" After saying this, Lando turned his attention to the tall Irish ginger holding his best friend's hand. "Oh my gawd! You must be Conor!" "Hi'ya" he offered. "I'm Carlota's husband, Conor" he reached out a hand and Lando gently shook it.

Conor noted the man had very soft hands. "Excuse me for a moment, Conor" said Lando. "I just have to borrow Carlota for a moment" Before he could speak, Lando had already grabbed Carlota by he wrist and pulled her away from him. They stopped a few good metres from the man and Lando whispered to his best friend, "O.M.G, Carlota, you never said your husband was such a hunk" "I never got to tell you anything because you always dropped our calls" she replied.

"You were always busy with your 'boytoy', speaking of, what happened with him?" "Ah well, it turned out that he was using drugs and well, he got killed during a raid at his friend's house" "Oh my god, Lando I'm so sorry I asked" "Ano ka ba, it's fine. He was just a boytoy, remember? Fervent teen spreads juicy pussy and loses virginity he did had one of the biggest dick I've ever sucked" "Lando" began Carlota, "You and your vulgar mouth" she chuckled.

"Speaking of dick sizes, I'm sure you can tell me Conor's" he nudged his best friend at her sides before laughing, Carlota's eyes widened and her cheeks reddened.

"I'm just joking" said Lando. "You don't need to tell me anything, I know for a fact that he's big, I mean look at him? He's what? Seven feet tall?" "Excuse me? Are you going beautiful blonde girl sucking and cummed on finish my haircut or can I just leave?" asked the customer who Lando had left to greet Carlota. "Oo, maghintay ka lang bes, pwede naman diba?

Kita mo the, na ngayon ko na nga lang nakita best friend ko at and asawa nya" "Asawa nya eto?!" The customer looked at Conor through the mirror. "In fairness, bakla, yang friend mo swerte ha" Conor looked over at the woman sitting on the barber's chair. She was pudgy and wore clothes that were not her size. He met eyes with her through the mirror and she winked at him before licked her lips. Conor gave her an awkward smile.

Meanwhile, Lando was busy going telling Carlota about the reunion and about their other friends. "Janice said she'll be coming and she'll bring her hot son with her" "He's nineteen for goodness sake, Lando, you're forty-seven, you're old enough to be a dad!" "As if" said the parlorista, "I'm never going to be a dad, I just like sucking dick, not taking care of one, oh speaking of dicks, Jordan's coming too, said he wanted to see you" "Jordan?!" Carlota's voice came out a bit too loud.

Both the customer and Conor looked towards their directions. She leaned in closer to Lando before saying, "I thought he moved to Manila and never wanted to set foot here in San Antiqua ever again?" "He lives in Manila now, Carlota" said Lando, "But after hearing news of your coming back for the reunion, he sent a letter to the school saying he'll fully pay for all the expenses of the event" "What?" "Is there something wrong, love?" Conor tried to stand up to go over to butthole of beauty destroyed girlfriend and hardcore wife but Carlota shook her head.

"Everything's fine, love" she gave him a smile. "Just got surprising news about the reunion, nothing you should be worried about" "Anyways, are you guys going to wait for Linette and Armando? They're on their way over here" Lando says, trying to change the topic before Carlota became more visibility distraught by the news of Jordan's involvement with the reunion. Carlota didn't answer immediately but after a few seconds of being quiet, she turned to Lando and nodded, "yeah, they've got to meet Conor, he's my plus one to the reunion after all" Conor watched his wife spend a few more minutes with her flamboyant friend unaware of the shadowy figure that loomed just outside of the parlour's doors.

It's thin clawed fingers scraping against the wood, leaving tiny indistinguishable marks as it eavesdrops on Carlota and Lando's conversation.

--- o o o --- Jordan's eight-inch cock slammed hard into the woman's cunt. Her ecstatic moaning and groans echoed throughout the small motel room, the bed creaked with his every thrust. "You like that baby?!" he asked her as he pounded into her harder and faster. "Ye-ye-yes, baby! Your cock's so good!" the woman screamed.

"Say it's the girl fuck vagina job brazzer cock you've ever had!" he commanded as he pulled it out of her and laid on the bed. "Sit" he looked at her and the woman moved quickly, she speared herself on his cock.

"It's the be-be-beessstt cock I've ever had!" "Fuck! Baby, I'm about to— "Inside me, baby!" the woman screamed. "Fu-fuuuuuccccckkkk!" Jordan's balls tightened, his cock pulsed inside her as it erupted with large ropes of cum entering her crevice. The woman fell on top of tony the italian sausage beefcake hunter furry chest and closed her eyes, feeling his softening cock still buried inside her, his cream slowly dripping out of her sex.

"When will I see you again?" she asked him, her fingers trailing circles around his right nipple. Jordan didn't answer immediately, he just laid on the bed, hand behind his head, eyes staring at the ceiling. "I've got to see Carlota and show her I'm just as rich as she is now" "Do you really need her?" the woman asked pouting.

"You have me" she added. "You're my sex toy" said Jordan coldly. "You're nothing more than that" The woman didn't say anything else after those words. She circled her nails around his nipples, letting time pass by until she noticed his cock slowly starting to get hard once again. Its thickness slammed against the hole of her arse. Slowly the woman raised her hips to let his cock be sandwiched between their hips, she grinded up and down his body, the lips of her cunt sliding up and down his length.

"I don't care if I'm your sex toy" the woman purred. "As long as I get to fuck this thick, long cock of yours, I'm alright with whatever woman you chase after" Jordan looked down at the woman and smiled, "Atta girl" he said.

"Now go suck my cock and drink my cum" "With pleasure" the woman smiled a wicked grin as she slid down his body and took his length into her mouth once again.