Dad helps daughter with her first tampon

Dad helps daughter with her first tampon
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So apparently you aren't allowed to post pedo stories and yet I've seen tons of them on this site. Fucking idiots.

There is nothing wrong with it in my opinion. But to each his own. Also incest seems to be a thing that gets a lot of shit, wtf? Incest is the more pure form of lust and love. So to start out, I want to rape my sister.

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She is such a tease. I even told her that I like her more than a brother and she still hangs around and is always all over me, so why the hell not right? I bet she wouldn't even fight it. She says she would be I know she wants me to. She said that she has already had sex.

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(Probably horrible sex) but nevertheless, I'd fuck her until she would come crawling back for more. She was over my house a couple days ago and she followed me up to my room, I should have done it right then and there even with my family in the house.

They wouldn't have called the cops any, bunch of pussies.

I will not be stating any names or ages due to the possibility of me actually doing it. My sister's cousin who I met first was the biggest slut for her age that I have ever seen, I was over her cousins house one day and she starts coming on to me. Yet another tease. So I took her to her room one day and forced her shirt off and played with her boobs, boy they were awesome.

I should have forced her pants off too, would have banged and banged and banged that all fucking day and night. She didn't deserve my dick anyway though.

I have two sisters by the way. One is younger than the other and I am older than both of them. I care not for the youngest one even though she is of age. It just occurred to me that having them both at the same time would be so hot though.

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Their tight little pussies being pounded by my cock. Hell having them please each other would be hot but very unlikely. So I know the majority of people will see this post and report it but for those who are not insane or are insane depending on your point of view I would like some feedback whether it be negative or positive concerning your opinion of pedophilia and incest.

Better to expose young people to sex before others outside of the family do and hurt them. Talking is not enough and most parents don't even do that now a days.

What is wrong with lust-less people anyway? Wanting to have sex with the people you love the most in the world should not be shunned.

Sure I get the whole mutated babies thing, I do; but who says you have to cum in them? Forcing someone wouldn't be as much fun as I'm making it out to be. Doing it to someone who doesn't know what you are doing on the other hand sounds really fucking hot.