Three man one girl rap story

Three man one girl rap story
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Nympho Apocalypse by Dave It had been a particularly challenging week filled with last minute shipping modifications. The annual ordering cycle signaling the beginning of the holiday season had begun. Soon overtime would be mandatory bringing bloated paychecks and exhaustion.

Realizing my precious free time would soon be spent preparing for the holidays, I decided to forego my normal Friday night social activities in pursuit of one of my most endearing pastimes; photography.

Although there was a high overcast draping the harbor, the air was crisp and clean providing a near perfect environment for the long exposures required to capture the city lights and shipping traffic.

I quickly gathered my equipment and my heavy parka to stave off the moist winter chill. With a quick note to April, my current bed warmer, I jumped into my F-150 and into the insanity of the Friday night commute. I had met April quite by chance when I took one of my crew to the hospital with a back injury. She was extremely helpful with the mandatory paper work, and we hit it off almost immediately. With a small, well-toned frame, small budding breasts and long fine sandy hair, I was physically drawn to her immediately.

Soon, we joined our fortunes and moved into our newly purchased condo. Our sexuality was quickly tempered by our work schedules and we soon settled into a warm friendship that rivaled any either of us had previously known. At times I hungered for greater sexual spontaneity and frequency, but resigned myself to the joys we shared while embracing by the fire or under the warmth of our down comforter.

Somehow we knew that our cohabitation was a precursor to a lifetime together. It seemed like forever to reach the vacant streets surrounded by silent, towering warehouses along the waterfront.

Stoically, they framed the lapping murky waves guarding their treasures silently as they watched the timeless tides ebb and flow. What tales they could tell blonde riding the dick well in bed we could only hear them.

The lights of the city sparkled in the still evening air like stars, reflected on the water like twinkling gems.

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Automobile lights could be seen streaking through the maze of streets across the bay pausing only for the blazing red glare of traffic lights while the amber street lights about them glowed - silent sentries chasing the darkness into obscure corners where few dared tread.

It was a timeless canvas awaiting capture. My adrenaline surged as I quickly surveyed the best sites for set-up. Far above the cloud cover, the remnants of the Temple-Tuttle comet streaked towards the atmosphere, anxiously observed by amateur and professional astronomers across Earths' darkened hemisphere where weather permitted. Hundreds of unearthly chunks thundered through the atmosphere before exploding into a brilliant array of colors that flared briefly before turning into microcosmic dust.

As in countless episodes throughout history the alien "star stuff" was pulled downward by the spinning iron core of the planet below. Guided by the winds of the jet stream, they formed a translucent cloud that circled the globe and quickly evolved into microscopic parasitic lifeforms as it drifted through the oxygen rich atmosphere. The virtually undetectable dust remained airborne by the jet stream, infusing the atmosphere with its newly created life form awaiting ingestion by the millions of unsuspecting bipedal lifeforms below.

I turned to recover my equipment and was momentarily overcome with a strange scent evoking a dizzy spell I quickly dismissed to fatigue. My head cleared almost immediately and I recounted my shooting solutions as I strode back to the truck and anxiously opened the canopy.

As I turned with an armload of equipment, I spied three biker chicks silhouetted by a distant streetlight. The whites of their eyes had a blue-green glow visible despite the darkness, triggering chills up my spine and raising the hair on my neck. Knowing that showing fear served to encourage aggression, I straightened up and maintained constant eye contact with them as my mind toyed with the thought of an alien invasion. Immediately they were upon me; a viscous kick to my abs knocked the wind from my lungs and I tumbled to the pavement gasping for breath as a black heavy set woman straddled my face and grabbed my hair.

Beneath her leathers she was naked and her reeking untrimmed crotch enveloped my nose and mouth. As she began to violently ride my face she breathlessly ordered me to Suck it, white boy. Meanwhile, my garments were ripped from my torso and one of the women heavily mounted my flaccid package. I screamed into the unkempt bristle on my face and my face rider laughed evilly as she pulled my face deeper into her smothering crotch. Whoever (or whatever) mounted my crotch, was rubbing her unkempt pubis across my package unmercifully, grunting like a wild boar with each frantic thrust of her hips.

There was no foreplay, just pure, uncompromising rutting. This was rape; bone jarring, skin scrapping, senseless self-serving rape. Both active rapists were nearing their orgasms amidst the protest of the third woman who yanked the women forcefully from my torso as soon as she screamed her orgasmic ecstasy.

The newcomers snatch was somewhat shaven with puffy vulva. Small bristles began scraping the skin from my cock and pubic bone as she frantically worked her hips against mine. Despite the abuse, blood somehow managed to seep into my abused cock which unexpectedly slipped into her engorged sloppy pussy while still only semi erect.

She paused and hissed at the invasion, before renewing her assault as the black woman moaned her climax and rolled off my face just as the last usable oxygen escaped my lungs. Panting to clear my vision, I caught a brief glimpse of my final assailant as she wailed her orgasmic release, bathing my torso with her foul smelling ejaculate.

Quickly the the three assailants rose and after arranging their remnants of clothing, disappeared into the night. Fog was beginning to form as I curled into a fetal position and tried to make sense of just what had transpired.

The cool air was punctuated with occasional high pitched screams in the distance. Who would possibly believe that I was attacked by sex crazed biker broads especially April. Despite the depth of our relationship, she'd be hard pressed to believe the attack was unprovoked. I groaned as I rolled into a sitting position and surveyed my surroundings and myself. Although my throbbing pelvis hurt like hell, I surmised a complete recovery was forthcoming, and set about collecting my scattered yet surprisingly undamaged equipment while reestablishing minimal modesty.

As I placed the last piece of equipment in the truck bed I heard a wanton shriek and the muffled thunder of footprints nearby. I hustled towards the cab as my adrenaline surged. Too late; a hoard of horny housewives pulled me backwards onto the pavement, and swarmed over my tortured frame.

Somewhat older, and dressed in attire ranging from bathrobes to business suits, they had me disrobed in a heartbeat. One straddled my crusty cum soaked face while several others descended onto my torso roughly stimulating my exposed flesh while excitedly babbling among themselves incoherently.

My abused cock was immediately engulfed in a warm, experienced mouth while my face was buried in a warm this pretty babe has musical pink flaps snatch. Almost automatically, my tongue went into overdrive in the engorged succulent folds as my cock rose painfully only to become immediately encased in the depths of a warm experienced pussy.

Two sets of hips rode me frantically, five girl one boy xxxx woman riding my face quickly grunting her completion only to be immediately replaced by a plumper counterpart. Meanwhile, my cock explored the intimate depths of the blow job artist, who quickly squealed her orgasmic release only to be quickly replaced by a tighter, less experienced pussy.

A third assailant now hastily straddled my sore tongue heavily as my cock was sucked completely into the tight pussy straddling my bruised thighs, literally sucking the small girl r boy sex vidrplay from my two quivering gonads bouncing in time to her forceful thrusts.

We screamed our release simultaneously as I spewed my seed into her ass to mouth toying of tied up slave quim and she sprayed my torso with her essence amidst a soulful wail. As suddenly as it began, the assault ended my assailants scurrying off towards the downtown area and their stunned victim laying spread eagle on the cold wet pavement thankful to be alive and drained.

This was beyond weird being attacked by sex starved self-serving nymphos on two separate occasions in a remote part of the city. April would never accept my story, even if I had a hoard of witnesses and she was totally inebriated.

Hell, I couldn't even believe it! I panted deeply despite my swollen tongue in an attempt to restore some logic to my recent encounters and strength to get out of this district.

A police cruiser suddenly screeched around the corner with bling lights flashing everywhere and ordered me to get in over his speaker. I ran over to my truck stark naked and secured my equipment before quickly turning to the security of the cruiser.

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The momentary pause to secure my belongings sealed our fate. A mob of young co-eds was pulling the hapless cop out of the cruiser through his open window as he struggled unsuccessfully to release his sidearm.

Several of the girls broke away from the main 'pack' and for the third time inside of less than an hour, I was flat on my back eating strange pussy while several sets of hands coaxed life into my exhausted member.

The co-ed pulling my mouth to her pussy was clean shaven with a tight young body and I found myself giving her the tongue lashing of a lifetime despite my weakened condition. Somewhat slower to respond, my cock finally began to engorge amidst their frantic manual and oral stimulation, and all to soon, I felt the warm, moist sensation of a wanton pussy sliding down it's length.

With enthusiasm added to desperation, they used me like a disposable dollar-store dildo until I faded into senselessness. I awoke sometime later shivering in my nakedness, and slowly observed the dreary surroundings. The prone form of my would be rescuer laid lifeless a few yards from the cruiser, his crumpled clothing spread over the street intermixed with my own.

Struggling to my feet, I staggered over to his motionless form and dragged him over to his cruiser gently, ever mindful of the myriad of bruises covering his torso. Once secured in the passenger seat, I covered him with a blanket from the back seat and stumbled over to the driver seat grateful to find the keys still in the ignition.

The cruiser started with a roar and after a few seconds of fumbling with a myriad of switches, I secured the lights and kicked the heater on full. As I threw the cruiser into gear, he groaned. "Where to, Chief," I queried as I rolled towards the intersection. He struggled to open his eyes, and after getting his bearings muttered: "Farragut and 5th- there's an evac station there." I mashed the foot feed; we surged around the corner and thundered down the waterfront, swerving wildly to avoid packs of women raping there hapless victims.

It was akin to a horror scene from a zombie movie I'd once seen; but the zombies were now women with all their virtues keenly tuned to capture and copulate. My companion started recovering with a groan, and reached for the radio before turning to me. "Patrolman Jake Strom," he offered weakly; "Thanks for getting' me out of harm's way." "Martin," I replied with a broken smile. "Any idea what's going on?" "Pure chaos I hear the malady is universal; all International, Federal, State and Local offices are offline; the President ordered deployment of the National Guard just before his communications broke down." Jake bit his lit pensively as he continued to tune the shortwave.

"No idea of the source; we're assuming it's terrorist activity, although it doesn't upload 1st time porn video tube porn match their known profiles damn, seems like HQ is offline now." "I'm thinking more along the lines of an infestation seems unlikely a terrorist group could coordinate an attack of this magnitude." I swerved violently to avoid several more cloisters of attacking nymphos.

"What's the plan?" "Primarily, focus is on preserving our infrastructure before utilizing non-lethal deterrents to lock them up until we can eliminate the cause." "We're talking about very hot mushing in the locker room of the population that will take a monumental effort when we consider issues like sustenance, security, and childcare just to name a few." Screeching tires, I swung onto 5th and after a few blocks came to a screeching halt when a tattered soldier careened into the cruiser.

Jake threw the back door open and he dove in as a pack of wild eyed women appeared in pursuit. I pulled a panic 180 and sped back towards the waterfront as the rear door slammed shut unassisted. "Them horny bitches breached the evac center," he exclaimed breathlessly. I barely made it outta there!" "How many," Jake inquired incredulously.

"Don't know too many!" "Where's the closest secure location," I asked as my heart leaped into my throat. "Probably the Naval Base," Jake blurted with a fear tempered voice.

The base was a good two-hour drive through several rural communities surely controlled by hoards of sex-starved nymphos. I eased the cruiser into an obscure driveway, killed the external lights, and threw the gear shift into park. "Look," I began abruptly, "This isn't working - a military solution isn't necessarily the answer and the idea of being a fugitive until a workable solution can be found, if ever, is out of the question" "So what do you suggest," Jake queried.

I paused momentarily before I spoke; "I suggest we work nannyspy lying babysitter anya olsen fucked and creampied the 'enemy.' It may take a whole heap of understanding and compromise, but it's the shortest means of attaining a working solution." "Aw man, you gotta be crazy," the soldier blurted.

"Listen up," I snapped, "I have the deepest respect for our men in uniform - I was a military man once myself! But, the basis for my devotion was predicated on my familial values which are now seriously threatened.

Japanese mom and son beeg at the 'enemy;' mindless nymphomaniacs compelled to screw anything with a cock. Geez, I can't even imagine the conflicts they must be experiencing, torn between their mindless sexual drive and the values they've known all their lives. They can't continue this way; physiologically they're doomed to exhaustion and psychologically, they're, well. . "Then we hide out until they self destruct," the soldier volunteered.

"Who was there to feed you, care for you when you had no one else to turn to?" "I see where your headed," Jake acknowledged, "How do we thwart their sexual assaults?" "Jake, I don't think we can. Actually, we must employ whatever self-preservation techniques required and view are sacrifices as a means to the end. How many times have they opened their legs for us when they would have preferred an intelligent conversation or a warm bath in rose petals. We've been thrown into their position now, and actually it could be much worse I've never been able to satisfy more than two women a night!" "I'd have a tough time imagining the opportunities I missed," Jake quipped thoughtfully.

"Geez. .I'm outta here I ain't going to be no man whore," the soldier exclaimed as he jumped out the door and disappeared into the night. A few moments later, we heard a high pitched male screaming just beyond our visual range. "Want to go rescue him, Officer?" "One rescue per person per day is my limit, and methinks he needs a piece of humble pie. Let me take you to your rig before I get home and check on my young ones." We traded places and he guided the cruiser the short distance to where we first met.

On the way I confessed I'd always wanted to drive a cruiser and he admitted he was on the verge of heading home when he found me. He handed me a card with his name and cell phone number. We got to my rig and I fished my spare key from the right wheel fender well and held it up for Jake to see.

He gave me a thumbs up and roared off into the darkness. I fired up my trusty F-150 and made tracks towards the Hospital where I figured April would be.

Winding my way through the human obstacles like a man possessed, I sped deeper into the heart of the city with my adrenaline pumping wildly. Somehow, I finally made it to the parking lot before a pair of nurses breached my side window and had their way with me. I didn't resist until the blond size queen bit my cock too hard.

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I brought me knee up sharply into her chest damn near knocking the wind from her before they both executed a hasty egress in search of a more domicile victim. Sprinting through ER ever mindful of those around me, I found my way to the stairs and raced to the top floor intent on working my way down through the wards until I found my lady. In the geriatric busty babe sophia leone enjoys a hard interracial sex I paused to pull a young nymph off of an elderly male cancer patient who was mere moments away from his maker.

Further down the hall I wheeled a comatose patient away from a swarming hoard only to be victimized in his place. As I lay in a fetal position on the sterile white floor still clinging to the wheelchair strut, I heard the sound of an angel crying. April had found me!

She covered my prone form with her petite body for protection and covered my face with grateful kisses. As the hoard dispersed, she began fumbling with the front of my pants with unbridled urgency.

I absently assisted her, savoring her warm embrace and her familiar sighs. As her matted vaginal lips brushed against my cock, it sprang to life with familiarity and sought the unique silky folds that had milked the life from its depths on countless prior occasions. I stretched out beneath her and focused on her orgasmic beauty as she rode me with a passion that had remained repressed until now.

April was now hyper sensitive and responded with a series of explosive orgasms with the slightest stimulation to her erogenous zones. When I finally erupted within her fluttering pussy, she shrieked and collapsed on me. We locked lips as her tears dropped on my cheeks.

As her post orgasmic spasms subsided, I rolled over and began a series of rapid fire questions. "April, your the best - What's going on?" "Oh Marty, I'm so sorry I'm constantly aroused; after orgasms, my arousal subsides for one or two hours before the need becomes overwhelming again." "Artificial stimulation help?" "Unfulfilling." "Source and tenure?" "It's like an infection, we think and we've exhausted our pharmacy on blind antibiotic trials. Nothing in our inventory has any effect.

It remains undiminished after countless encounters, and I fear it's a permanent part of my personality. I love you Marty but I don't know what to do!" "April, " I began carefully, "Our species has survived countless generations by adaptation. If this infestation is permanent, we'll do what is necessary to insure our survival and move on. This isn't your choice. My concerns center around your health not social stereotyping.

I only wish my assailants demonstrated less aggressive social skills most men prefer one partner at a time compared to a hoard!" We both laughed nervously. "This institution will soon be swamped with exhausted women and abused men. We best get prepared. I'm going to round up some male volunteers for supply and continuity and ask if you could use your organization skills to prepare this location for the onslaught." April nodded her consent as her hand slithered down my torso and onto my cock.

A flicker of blue green flashed in the whites of her eyes. She studied my package intently before quickly rising only to return with some antibiotic creme and gauze bandages. Pushing me gently to the floor, she massaged the cream on my chaffed torso and mangled cock before bandaging several minor contusions.

Tears formed in her eyes as she surveyed and caressed the abused appendage. To our amazement, my cock stirred and began to engorge. Throwing the bottles off to the side, she lifted her tattered skirt and climbed over my thighs before I could mount a protest. Our genital contact immediately triggered a series of orgasms that kept her body twitching continuously. I continued to slowly thrust, maintaining clitoris-to-cock contact while reveling in the warmth we shared and the relief from a lifetime of anticipated frustration.

Suddenly three nurses burst in and shrieked at the scene unfolding before them. As they began to frantically disrobe, I eased the shuddering carcass of April onto her side and quickly rose to my feet. "Hey," I barked with the most authoritative voice I could muster, "We have work to do!

I need one of you to get down to the cafeteria and get it ready for a shitload of hungry people; I need another one of you to get to the Pharmacy and run an inventory with special attention focused on vitamins and emergency medical supplies; and I need the third to get down pretty amateur teen babe megan sage banged in the car ER and start organizing berths for an influx of victims of both genders.

Spread the word and get it done - any questions; April is your girl!." April slowly stumbled to her feet and brushed her honey hair from her face weakly with an appreciated smile. I gave her a reassuring hug and pushed past the three stunned nurses.

After several close escapes, I reached my truck and sped off to raid the local markets for whatever supplies I thought we would need. It was like a scavenger hunt with sexual frustrated obstacles at every turn. Miraculously, my cell phone survived and I called Jake who was in the throes of organizing several task groups to maintain our infrastructure.

It seemed to us both that leadership was the only element missing to restore the community. He dispatched several volunteers with medical backgrounds to the hospital and wished me luck as I echoed his encouragement and relayed my gratitude.

As I switched off the phone, I spied a frail granny rutting my leg as if her life depended on it. I stroked her thinning white hair until she fell away from me, satiated, awesome virgin twat worshipping hardcore and blowjob raided the linens section for a heavy comforter and a down pillow.

Ever so gently, I placed the pillow under her head and covered her frail body with the comforter. I wheeled the filled shopping cart out to the truck, almost colliding with two bare blonde christie stevens first time with lexingtons bbc middle aged housewife types making their way resignedly down the sidewalk - no apparent threat here!

I asked them where they lived and ordered them to get in the cab. Once loaded, I joined my two waifs and roared off towards the hospital. The girl closest to me slowly reached over and squeezed my package several times tenderly before her head dropped on my shoulder and she dozed.

The fatigue I'd anticipated had arrived with a whisper. Six months have passed since the onset of sexual equality and life has evolved to a new normal. The virile bacteria was finally identified by the CDC as extra terrestrial in origin.

These simple cosmic parasites bond and reproduce so effectively that the only potential "cures" are fatal to their hosts. With sufficient vitamins and hormones, the male population keeps their feminine counterparts satisfied emotionally while support groups and singles clubs have sprung up everywhere filling the sexual voids.

April is now my legal wife and she fills every waking moment with joy and hope. Jake, now a loyal friend, came over the other night and after sharing our wives we shared a beer allowing our genitals a much deserved respite. Our mates soon joined us and we engaged in a philosophical conversation while two of Jake's kids played at our feet. We all decided that despite the fearsome onset and annoying disruptions to our daily routines, the nympho apocalypse was actually a blessing.