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Alanna prepared herself for the night to come. She stood in front of her mirror surveying her outfit and make up hoping he would like it. Hell who could resist her? God would even have a difficult time resisting the thrill to ravage her succulent body. Her long raven hair fell in soft curls down her back ending just above the tightest sweetest plump ass you ever laid eyes upon.

Her deep green eyes sparkled the only thing that could tear your eyes away from their intensity were her breast.

They stood perky, a delicious full C-cup. The kind of tits that begged and pleaded you to lick, suck and bite them for hours. Her body rivalled porn stars and athletes around the world.

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Even more tantalizing was the fact no man had ever touched her. Sure she had kissed a boy, and a few previous make out sessions had left her pussy dripping with desire. But no man had received the honor of penetrating her precious hymen.

Tonight however she could already feel her body tingle with want when her mind drifted to Nikolas. He was perfect in every way. She had met him only a few weeks earlier at a bar her friend had convinced her to sneak into. Being only 16 they had got some very unbelievable fake i.d.s but the bouncer waved them past watching Alanna's perky ass bounce away into the club. Alanna's friend Tiffany was use to clubs. However Alanna had never even drank before so the atmosphere frightened her.

Smoke and noise clouded her senses as she watched Tiffany slip through the chaos of dancers and out of her sight. She would have panicked if not for Nikolas. He appeared out of nowhere and ushered her to what appeared to be the only calm spot in the whole place. Once her ear drums had stopped pounding he had introduced himself to her and she never found a man so compelling.

He was obviously older than her, in his early twenties, and she automatically was truthful in telling him her actually age. Instead of pulling away from her it didn't bother him. He told her age was simply a number and that maturity existed in all ages. His eyes held her with a eerie blue that at time's seemed purple. His skin was a deep tan as if he lived on some far off tropical island. His hair was a rich brown almost the color of rich mahogany.

When he spoke to Alanna it was if he knew her, every inch of her and she soon began meeting with him every other day.

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Every time they met she could feel her desire for him ass traffic presents ginna in hardcore anal scene. She often went home and played with her pussy until she orgasmed to the image of his cock taking her virginity. She imagined it sweet and sensual with him taking his time in being gentle with her. Tonight maybe those fantasies would come true. Two days ago they had met and he invited her to a party with his friends.

He had told her it was a special party and only very important people were invited. He had told her to wear a dress then he kissed her. The kiss was soft but full of longing and as Alanna pulled her white dress over her matching innocently white lace bra and panties she longed for more kisses, sweeter and deeper than the last one.

She has lied to her parents about spending the night with Tiffany who lived a few blocks down the road and as her house soon vanished from her sight behind her she rounded the corner to find his black 1968 mustang waiting for her. His tall 6 foot 4" muscular body stepped out wearing dark blue jeans and a deep crimson red shirt.

He opened the door for her and Alanna nervously slid into his car. "Are you ready to have some fun tonight?" Alanna sheepishly smiled and replied, "Of course." They quickly increased the distance from her house and drove for what seemed like forever going deeper into the darker parts of town. The whole way they sung and spoke about different things. Alanna shyly admitted to Nikolas that she has never touched alcohol and hoped her would take care of her should she have no tolerance.

He smiled and promised he would. Finally they came to a stop in front of a house that looked as if it hadn't been inhabited in fifty years. "Are you sure this is the right place Nikolas?" Alanna could see a dim light shinning from a basement window. "Appearances can be deceiving, trust me it'll be more fun than you've ever imagined." He held out his hand and Alanna took it completely trusting his word.

When they walked inside it was dark as a moonless night and Alanna could smell the dust and musky scent of the house.

The only light came from the faint outline of a door which Nikolas took her hand and led her towards. As he opened the door they were hit by the sound of music, talking and laughter coming from the stairs below. As they reached the bottom she looked around at the party around her. There was possibly twenty people of different genres shapes and sizes. The most noticeable was a man standing a full seven feet tall with broad shoulders and long black hair whom Nikolas immediately pulled her over to introduce.

"Bryce i would dynamic three some delight hardcore and blowjob to introduce you to our guest of honor Alanna." Alanna glanced at Nikolas confused. "What do you mean?" Bryce quickly spoke up "Anyone personally invited by Nikolas here is considered highly honored. Our Nikolas here is a very important man in our circle." The whole conversation struck her as odd. They were simply sitting in a basement with a few row of chairs and some big couch like looking thing covered by a sheet.

It wasn't exactly a classy party. But she shook hands with Bruce as a very pale woman handed her a drink green in color and bitter in taste. She managed three gulps before her head started swimming. The music got louder and she soon moved her hips to music.

She swayed and pressed herself against Nikolas slowly feeling the lump in his pants grow larger with anticipation and desire. Although his jeans held him in Alanna's dress was thin and she could tell his cock was huge. The sheer size of it made her quiver and second guess her want for him to take her virginity. No way was he fitting in her she could hardly fit a finger!

Soon she felt her body become dizzy and as her vision became cloudy she leaned into Nikolas. "I think im drunk maybe i should get home." She swayed and he quickly caught.

"Oh i think not sweetheart. You've got a long night a head of you." Alanna giggled from drunkeness, "What a,are y.ya,you talking bout?" She stammered and watched as everyone sat in the chairs surrounding the thing covered in white.

"What are they doing? Playing musical chairs ha ha!" Nikolas reached down and brushed a lock of jet black hair away from her emerald eyes. "You're so sweet and innocent Alanna. Tori black xxx bf full movies download com why i chose you. I could smell your cunt the moment i met you. It was so deliciously intoxicating i almost fucked you right then and there. You're a virgin am i right?" Alanna took a step back and crossed her arms.

"Take me home." Nikolas just smiled mockingly. "No i told you we were going to have fun tonight." Alanna reached back and slapped him hard across the face. It hurt her hand terribly and appeared to have no effect on Nikolas. The smile that soon spread across his face terrified Alanna to her very core. She took another step back as the onlookers watched with excitement.

"I was hoping you'd be a fighter. My turn." His slap felt like fire and sent her flying into the wall. She could hear his foot steps but his slap had sent blinding white spots in her vision. "Get up." His voice commanded her. She stood gingerly as her vision cleared horror set in. She watched a few of the onlookers pull the white sheet off to reveal a table covered with ropes, duck tape, whips and off the end was two attachable leg stirrups as if taken from a hospital bed.

"No." she uttered in terror. That sickening smile spread across Nikolas's lips once more. "That's not the only surprise." He laughed as two long fangs slid from his mouth. Alanna watched in terror as he revealed himself to her. It was as if he had cast a spell to appear normal and now she saw him for his true self. His beauty was inhuman, he still looked the same feature wise but he suddendly had a cruel sharpness to his face that appeared more predator than human.

His fangs glistened and as Alanna watched him remove his shirt he seemed to be twice as muscular. "Go to the table." Alanna looked up at him with fire in her eyes.

"No." Before she could blink he grabbed hold of her raven hair and started dragging her to the table. Her kicking and screaming gained a round of applause from the audience.

God he was strong, he dragged her as if she were made of paper. Tears soon fell from her eyes as in one quick movement he stood her up and ripped her dress clean off throwing the tattered remains off for the crowd to catch. Alanna stood there in her sheer white lace bra and panties.

Her breast bulging out the top begging xxx pakistsni porn sel pak be freed. "Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you our lovely virgin entertainment for the night Alanna." Nikolas bowed as the audience cheered in their seats. Seeing a distraction Alanna tried bolting to the right towards the staircase.

A powerful hand clamped down on her throat and she felt the nails digging into her flesh as it rose her off her feet. "Ha see! I told you the little cunt was a fighter! She will be so much fun to play with!" Alanna scratched at his hand desperately gasping for air.

With his free hand Nikolas reached up slicing her bra off in one swift move of his orissa desi sex story downlod. Her breast came spilling forth.

They bounced up and down as she squirmed to get away and cover herself. The wiggling caused Nikolas's nails to cut her flesh and when the scent hit him he dropped her onto the hard floor. He began licking the blood off his fingers and her blood caused his already hard cock to throb with desire. Alanna lay gasping for breath as he jerked her arms behind her back and painfully tied the rope around them to restrain her.

"Fuck you!" She screamed spitting at the ground as he pulled her up by the restraints. "Oh no Alanna ill be the one doing the fucking tonight." Horror filled her eyes as he tossed her onto the table strapping her legs into the stirrups.

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He had to admit she did make it difficult, desperately scratching and clawing to get homemade teen sucks cock tiny tunes and tinier tits. She was definantly a screamer and he laughed as he wondered how loud her screams would grow throughout the night.

For now he placed the duct tape on her mouth for his first stage of the night. He started caressing her breats. They were so fucking perky and as his mouth came down on them he felt them stiffened as her nipples grew hard and poked out. He flicked his tongue over them and sucked them softly. A soft moan escaped Alanna. She was disgusted with herself and look down hatefully at this monster that was violating her. But as he bit down on the top of her breast, she felt the sharp sensation of his fangs and screamed in pain.

Fuck it hurt! She wanted to pull away but the pain was worse when she moved. A sickening realization set in for her. He was going to have her all night to himself.

He was going to bite her and take her virginity and as this horror set in she heard him unzip his pants. To be continued.