Halloweens eve sex action with these hottie trio doggystyle and bestfriend

Halloweens eve sex action with these hottie trio doggystyle and bestfriend
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Chapter One Harry had spent his whole summer holiday up until this moment thinking of his last few days at Hogwarts and what it had meant to him. It had been the best week of his life followed by the absolute worst. He had spent his last week at Hogwarts having finally admitted his true feelings that he had kept bottled up since the day he first saw her on the train back when he was eleven. His best friend Hermione Granger had always had a certain look about her that had stirred Harry's emotions even back then but these last few years her body had taken shape, her hair was no longer wild and untamed and these feelings that Harry had had started to develop, they turned into something that he had never felt before.

It had taken him half of their sixth year to realize these feelings and almost the same to rack up the nerves to finally confront her about them. Once he had confronted her he realized that she felt the same way about him and for just as long but she had not wanted to damage the friendship that they had relished in all those years but no that they were out he realized that she was the woman he wanted to spent the rest of his life with.

The last week of Hogwarts was spent holding each other on the couch in front of the fire in the Gryffindor Common Room, just enjoying each other's comfort and occasionally exploring each other's bodies but Harry refused to do more than fondling and kissing before she was absolutely sure that she was ready and that it was the right thing. Harry had realized that if they went ahead and did it too quickly she would regret it and they would be hard pressed to stay friends if she resented him.

Of course Hermione knew that she was going to spend the rest of her life with Harry and loved him for having the restraint to wait, she just couldn't handle his damn noble streak. Then the bliss came crashing down when Harry got off the Hogwarts Express and through the barrier back to Kings Cross Station and Uncle Vernon yelled at him "Hurry up boy, Aunt Petunia's making dinner and I don't want to be late".

"Hermione, promise me that you'll write to me in the summer and once I turn seventeen I'll be living at Grimmauld Place and you can come stay with me and we can spend all the time in the world together". With this she started crying "How did I get to deserve someone as sweet as you Harry? Of course I'll write as long as you promise to write back" With their final goodbyes and a quick kiss they departed in separate directions.

As they got in the car Dudley just had to start with a smart ass comment. "Hey Harry, is that your girlfriend? Is she a freak too?" "Don't you ever talk about Hermione like that again or I'll kill you.

I don't care if you throw insults at me but you dare insult my girlfriend I'll obliterate you into a million pieces, understand". Dudley knew that Harry was deadly serious because as Dudley had finished the insult the slight sparkle that was always in Harry's eyes disappeared and a deadly glare appeared.

All Dudley could do was gulp and nod his head. The first three weeks of the holidays went by with nothing extraordinary happening and the highlights of Harry's days of solitude were when Hermione would write to him and he would write back. All their letters were long but most of it was them saying how much they missed each other. Harry occupied teen like cut in pussy in-between times by reading the Daily Prophet and scanning for the deaths or injuries or any news that something ill had befallen anyone he knew whether they were in the order or not.

One day the daily prophet landed next to him on the bed and xxxx vode sex stories ebony 2019 he unrolled it he saw a familiar face staring up at him.

It was Draco Malfoy, his rival in anything and everything at Hogwarts. Apparently the Dark Lord was displeased with Draco's father and had disposed of him and was currently holding his mum captive.

Harry felt a bit sorry for the kid because he was not a true Death Eater and had been forced into service. Time had dragged on but it was finally time for Harry to leave this place far behind never to return. His birthday was finally here and the order was coming to help extract him from this piece of hell.

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Over the last few hours he had packed and repacked his things to make sure he had got everything he needed to finish his last year at Hogwarts. It was a nervous wait for him and the seconds felt like minutes and the minutes like hours. The time had finally come and he had fallen asleep but awoke as he heard the obvious sounds of several people apparating in the front yard. He quickly grabbed his trunk and Hedwig's cage before running down the stairs to meet them with his wand ready in case it wasn't who he expected.

As he opened the door wand at the ready, it was flung completely aside and Hermione had flung herself on him and refused to let go for several minutes until Madeye came busting through the door way. "Come on hurry up if we don't get moving we will get ambushed here". The rushed re-acquaintances were out of the way quickly with quite a few of the order there to help escort him. Ron was klara new wife fucks while cuck watches with his brothers Fred, George and Bill, also there were Tonks, Kingsley, Lupin and surprisingly McGonagall.

With a few quick pops they had apparated to three locations in succession one on ebony lesbos ivie and silver showering together other side of the English Channel before apparating back to the other side of London to Grimmauld Place and getting on a bus that took them the final leg of their journey.

"Hey Madeye, why didn't we just apparate straight here?" "Because all forms of magical transport are traceable if you know what to look for, therefore increasing the number of jumps and mixing it up with walking or muggle transport are a good way to stay hidden" Harry spent the next few days relaxing with his friends and he spent an awful lot of time with Hermione. They spent lots of time in the Library just holding each other but every chance they got they would sneak off and Hermione would give Harry a blowjob in a closet or the bathroom and Harry would return the favor.

The day before his birthday they had been sitting down to eat lunch and Hermione had started off with her normal antics of running her hand up and down his thigh. This then turned into some very dirty things being whispered in his ear, just when he thought he couldn't handle it anymore she released his cock from his jeans and started stroking her hand up and down the shaft.

It didn't take long for him to come that time and as she tucked him back into his jeans he looked over and Madeye was sitting there with a slightly amused look on his face. He needed some sort of payback but it would have to wait. Saturday came rather quickly and the order was holding a birthday party for him and had invited all of his friends. Of course Madeye made sure that they if they weren't part of the order they were blindfolded and not told the exact location of Grimmauld Place.

He was still paranoid as anything. Saturday and his party seemed to go way to fast and it seemed his friends had only just got there when they had to leave because it was getting dark and nobody felt safe to travel at night anymore. Harry thought that this was his best birthday ever, he could wicked amazing teen lusty appreciation blowjob and amateur remember ever getting more than a couple of presents from Ron and Hermione.

Today however he had received many gifts from different people. Madeye had gotten him an Auror grade wand sheath for quick withdrawal in the heat of battle, technically Madeye wasn't supposed to give these to just anybody but he never held high regard for the rules of the ministry.

He had received many different books, clothes and other stuff that was to help him in the upcoming fight. Later that night came his favorite birthday present. He had just taken his glasses off and was lying down to go to sleep when the door opened and somebody slipped in, closing the door behind them. Complete darkness was all that Harry could see, he listened intently for any noise to betray who the intruder was.

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