Christy mack amazing ass bang bootylicious and twerking

Christy mack amazing ass bang bootylicious and twerking
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Chapter 4 Training Days Just a note to readers; if you're going to give me a negative vote; how about leaving me a little criticism about how to improve my stories?

Thanks! I used the butcher's shower in the dungeon to clean up, and then headed upstairs. I was tired, emotionally, physically, and my back hurt terribly from the lashing Loreena had given me.

To tell the truth, I was glad she had come to help me train banshee. I was just too enamored with her to stick with the regimen. Julia was coming in the front door when I came out of the dungeon. I had trained her four years earlier, and she belonged to a State Senator.

He kept bombshell ella knox gets her pussy serviced here for use when he wasn't with his wife in Washington, where the wife preferred to live. This meant that Julia had a lot of free time on her hands. She did nude housekeeping on the side, and made a lot of money at it.

She put down her Louis Vuitton handbag and hung up her keys as she looked my naked body over. "You're training?" "Yeah" I muttered, halfway embarrassed as Julia slipped off her Parisian blouse and Victoria's Secret bra to reveal two perfect size c breasts.

"Who?" she enquired. Off came the crushed velvet skirt. She was wearing a black garter belt, crotchless panties, and very sexy patterned hose. Three inch black heels adorned her feet. She would clean my house thusly attired. "Tory's sixteen year old," I admitted. "Rachel? Oh, she's a looker." Julia commented as she carefully folded her designer clothes and put them on the table under her handbag. "Do you want help teaching her how to eat pussy?" "Loreena's taken over.

I couldn't control myself with banshee." I turned even redder, and my cock had sprung to attention at the sight of Julia's scrumptious body. "banshee? That reminds me of my old slave name. Remember?" I did. Her name came from the color of her hair.

I called her 'blaze' because of her incredible red hair. "I'm really tired, Julia, I think I'm heading upstairs. Can you save the vacuuming for later?" "Oh, sure. Want me to suck your cock before you go to bed?" Her immaculately manicured hands were suddenly around my throbbing dick. I couldn't help but respond as she afro redhead slit banged over the table lightly, then she kissed my cheek lightly. "You're a jealous minx, aren't you…" I observed.

She dropped to her knees and took my hard nine inches into her mouth, deep throating me. I could feel the head of my cock going down her talented throat as her tongue lovingly massaged the shaft. She sucked me just with her mouth, using her hands to squeeze her pink nipples and rub her breasts. The gagging noises she made only made me harder. As she felt me nearing climax, she let my cock fall out of her mouth and grabbed the shaft with her right hand. With her left hand, she held open her eye, and pointed my cock towards it.

"Come in my eyes, J." She knew this was one of my favorite places to deposit my load, and I shot a stream of come into her left eye. She quickly switched hands, and I shot the rest into her right eye. She licked the slit at the head of my cock and swallowed the last little bit. After wiping the cum out of her eyes, she licked it off her fingers.

"I'll start in the kitchen," she announced, and I could smell her pussy juices as she sauntered towards her goal. I was willing to bet she would finger herself to an orgasm before doing the dishes.

I didn't mind. On the second floor, in my bedroom, I found Loreena holding banshee, both in a deep slumber. Both completely nude. I found my camera and snapped a few pictures before lying so that banshee was between Loreena and me.

banshee mumbled in her sleep, rolled over, and I soon found my cock in her hand. Loreena had banshee's right breast in her left hand, and her right lovingly cupped the sixteen year old's shapely ass. I snaked my fingers into banshee's hair, and was soon fast asleep. Darkness. In my dreams, Loreena was teaching banshee how to take a proper fisting. Of course, we would be unable to do that part of the training until we had auctioned off her valuable virginity, but the dream was incredibly vivid.

"Feel how I add another finger, and another, until they are all at the gate?" Loreena crooned. "mmmmmh" banshee sighed. "Now this will hurt a little the first time", Loreena said to her.

And with a quick thrust, her hand was deep inside banshee. Loreena began fist fucking my slave, and banshee was loving it.

In my dreams, banshee started talking dirty. "Oh, yes, Lor, put that hand deep inside me. Fuck my little pussy! Harder! Harder! Fuck me, make me come, fuck me you bitch! I want to be your slut, your whore! Fist me deeper! Yes!" And then her eyes looked into mine, "Can you get your cock inside my ass while she fist fucks me, J?" I put the head of my cock against her rosebud, and then, without lube, thrust into her.

The scream that this action elicited was more pain than pleasure. But then we fell into a rhythm. I could feel Loreena's fist through the thin wall between her rectum and vagina. This made me even harder, feeling each of Loreena's knuckles deep inside banshee. She was still talking dirty. "Use me, both of you, use me, J, come deep in my ass, then I want Loreena to lick it out!" I shuddered in orgasm, suddenly awake.

Only, I really was coming into something. As I put my hand down to feel what it was, I touched the back of someone's head. My eyes flickered open. Both girls were moaning, My cock was in banshee's mouth. I shuddered again, and more cum went into her mouth. Loreena had been eating banshee's filthy aging blonde crack whore sucking dick point of view, but she stopped and grabbed banshee's chin.

"Now give it to me," she whispered. banshee let my cock slip from her mouth, and she stood up, while Loreena knelt before her and opened her mouth to receive my cum. Not having done this before, to my knowledge, banshee let the sperm ooze out of her mouth and into Loreena's waiting mouth. A few drops made it onto Loreena's lips. I was spent, but damn this was sexy. Loreena stood, still holding my cum in her mouth, and made banshee kneel.

banshee started to open her mouth, but Loreena stopped, and then began licking all over banshee's face, until the cum was evenly spread across her nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. Not knowing, banshee kept her eyes closed as Loreena bathed her face in sperm.

"Next time, keep your eyes open. It stings a little, but you must learn to get cum in your eyes," Loreena instructed. Loreena pointed towards the bathroom, "Go get in the bathtub," she told banshee, who immediately left the bedroom. Loreena kissed me and gave my balls a tug. 'Your empty, J" she observed. "Sure am," I told her. "Let's shower banshee," she said.

We both went in the bathroom. banshee was in the tub, waiting for us. Loreena stood on the edge of the tub, and braced one leg against the far wall.

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I got up on the other side of the tub. "Open," Loreena instructed. banshee opened her mouth and eyes.

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Loreena started first, pissing right in banshee's mouth. I followed suit. Before long, we had her drenched from her head to her toes. She swallowed some, but mostly we just baptized her in our piss.

"Do you need to pee?" Loreena asked. banshee nodded. Loreena quickly got one her knees and opened her mouth. "Quench my thirst, darling. Assuming the position Loreena had been in; banshee began to piss in Loreena's mouth. Loreena swallowed the first mouthful, but I was soon next to her, and she kissed me with the next mouthful. We swapped the golden nectar back and forth a few times, and then I swallowed it.

Next, banshee peed in my mouth. I swallowed. It was sweet, like peach juice, with just a hint of salt. Loreena let banshee finish by showering her long blond hair.

After a cleansing shower, I went back to bed. Loreena and banshee went downstairs. Julia was baking something, and they went down for a bite to eat. I set my alarm for two more hours of sleep, and then our first outing. We needed to buy banshee her wardrobe and accoutrement. But before that, I would schedule an evening horseback ride.

I was in the mood to see banshee ride as Lady Godiva. As I drifted off to sleep, I could hear giggling voices in the kitchen. I thought I heard banshee's girlish voice say one word that sent me off to dreamland. Had she said 'love'? To be continued