Sexy redhead minx alex tanner gets fucked cumshot and facial

Sexy redhead minx alex tanner gets fucked cumshot and facial
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This day was just after my sixteenth birthday I was visiting an art museum; I love to go and visit the galleries. My family has just moved here from overseas a few months before and I wanted to visit the new show going on. After six months of waiting I was able to go by myself. This place is converted from a long ago palace, bigger than the ones in france or russia. It took some time to find the new displays, and I got to talking with one of the young displayers.

It was so nice to make a new friend, especially one who was in the process of showing off the displays. He stated that he did "living artwork in process of continual action." By this I just assumed he meant growing plants in different ways of patterns and the like.

As the afternoon groups broke up, he asked if I would like a look-see at his displays. I jumped at the chance immediately. He led me through a back way to the middle of one great gallery. "I have to go for a bit, but take the tour and hang onto this," he handed me a badge marked VIP Participant, with his mark on it, "It will get you into some of the more interesting of places, and be sure to join in the action if you get invited." I agreed and thought nothing more of it.

The gallery covered many rooms on three floors. The highest floor was marked with a sign for "Adults or VIP badge holders only." The guard at the entryway shook his head at anal invasion ends with facial hardcore and blowjob my badge, and commented to his friend as I passed by about the "fresh meat winding up on the table." The rooms showed displays of nudity and of people engaged in various sexual acts.

Most of the acts were of a very explicit and frank nature of display.

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Even as embarrassed as I was, the sights got my curiosity up and I went deeper into the exhibit. One side room held a small series of futon like matts, covered in silky sheets and pillows, along with filming or broadcasting equipment for a live web production.

I went inside and looked around. Several people were there, and one man came over and opened a book "There you are, I am glad someone finally was sent to the shoot, now this is the standard action form, just sign here and you will be paid today after the show is done, You understand, 500.00 cash for your praticipation just as promised.

All you need to do is sign here." He handed me a pen, and I put my signature to the paper without thinking of it. That is a lot of money to be offered for a bit of work. A lady led me to be outfitted, or as I soon learned - lack of outfit - for the shoot.

It took some doing, and a hell of a lot of pressure of the boss, but I finally came out wearing only a large towel wrapped around me. I was now really wondering what the hell i have gotten myself into this time. One guy came over and asked several very direct questions. "Now then, just to make sure that we have the right information, have you ever had sex with a man before?

" i answered that i am still a virgin, and replied yes when asked if i wanted to lose it. I just assumed he meant later when I found the right guy. "now have you ever given head before?" No. I am getting nervous and tense with the activity around me, the director is running commands to others, saying to hurry it up as showtime is fast approaching. "Now have you ever done muff before?" At the look of confusion on my face he became exasperated, and his assistant, a young curvatious lady explained "what he wants to know is have you ever eaten/or been eaten out by another woman?" I asked as if she meant at lunch or at dinner.

"Man you are really an innocent one. No, what i mean by that is have you had sex with a woman before, you know, have you ever had pussy for a snack or main course?" Now I knew I was really in trouble, I explained to the lady I just wandered in from outside and the events happening from there. She talked quickly with the boss, who explained that in this country, at sixteen Sweet babe annika eve fucked by stepbro can legally make binding deals; and in this case the contract is clear, I have consented to be filmed in an sexually explicit blonde beauty layla price sucks three black cocks and dped for payment of service.

A minute later action was called, and two ordinary ladies came into the room, wearing only the skimpiest of bra and panties. They led me by the hand onto the matts, and took off my towel. The two of them, Julie and Lisa, commenced to rub my sides, back, stomach, and then moved up to my small breasts. Their hands moved and squeezed in rhythem, I got the feeling they have done this quite a lot.

Julie looked at me wickedly as she stepped back, and undid her bra.

Lisa did likewise with hers. Next off came their panties, and they started erotic dancing and touching of me between them. Soon enough, they started again on me, sucking and kissing me all over, putting stranded teen lea guerlin rides cock in the back of his car hands on their bodies, especially the breasts and butts.

Julie came up behind me and locked her arms about my chest, while Lisa slowly smooched my lips. There was a warm firey sensation building in my body, unlike anything i have felt before. Caught up in the heat of the moment, Lisa started her way down to my breasts, locking her lips upon them each, one at a time. Julie smiled at me, as she rubbed her hands over my stomach. "Its nearly showtime for you little one, soon no more innocence for your body." I asked her what she meant by that.Lisa had gone to her knees and set my legs slightly apart."Simple, she is going to eat out your pussy and make you into a properly bred woman." Lisa went in at me hard and fast, like there was no tommorow, I reached my first real climax in nothing flat, much to my disappointment.

I was told to leave soon afterward, as the movie shoot was called "Innocence denied" in which the virgin girl (myself) is made to cum, yet denied the right to do it with others. When I left the museum later, I felt totally ashamed, even though I had 500.00 for a short time of working. My real humiliation (to me at least) came when I got home early, and found my aunt watching the show on a web sight.

She looked at me, and I was waiting for the explosion to occur. "Come here my girl, I saw how they treated you, and want the full story of this hypocracy." I explained all down to the minutest details. Looking at me, deep in thought, it was as if she reached a decision. "Listen Imo, there is a way to do it right, and I can help you if you want me to." I looked at her, and she smiled, nodding her head yes.

She led me to the couch, and slipped out of her skirt and panties.

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Spreading her legs, she used her fingers to open herself up. Her eyes drew me in, and she declared "If you want it done right Imo, just put your face down there and start licking me. I'll guide you through it step by step." It took me only a moment to decide on this choice. She was as sweet tasting as i could have imagined (though i never thought of how a woman tasted before now).

She has turned out to be a great teacher. This day was the first of many such lessons of life for me.