Dasha amp mia anal foursome nasty sluts dpedrs

Dasha amp mia anal foursome nasty sluts dpedrs
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"Fuck, I haven't cum that hard in a long time" Cindy said "Good, I glad. I know that you have been stressed out lately so I wanted to do something special for you" Tim said.

He had just finished fucking her from behind while using the anal plug up her ass. Cindy was playing with her bullet on her clit while he fucked her, he always loved when they used toys in the bedroom it was such a turn on. "Well your birthday is coming up and I want to do something special for you, so anything you want all you have to do is ask." Cindy said with a smile. "There is that one thing we have talked about before." Tim said.

"Which one? Come on you have to tell me so I know for sure what you are talking about. I said it could be anything" Cindy said "You know I have always wanted to watch you fuck another guy. Is that too weird? But there is just something about watching you get fucked that just turns me on" Tim told her.

"I wouldn't want it to be anyone you are friends with, you might get mad with them after wards. I might know someone who would be willing to do it." Cindy said "So you would really do it?" Tim asked "because before I didn't think you were to into it." "Well if that is your birthday wish then I will do it." Cindy said. "So who do you have in mind?" Tim asked. "Well there is this guy, Dan who works at the toy store I go to.

He always seems to be flirting with me and I would feel more comfortable if it was someone who isn't normally in our lives in case there are regrets later." Cindy said. Of course Tim didn't need to know that ever since that first trip to the toy store she and Dan had been meeting there and fucking a couple of times a week. Now she could fuck him right in front of him and the thought of that was really turning her on. "So I will stop by the store and talk to Dan, it that sounds good to you?" Cindy said "Sure I guess it would be better for it to be someone we don't really know" Tim said "You don't but I have licked every inch of him and know him very well." Cindy thought to herself, but then that is exactly why she was suggesting him.

So the next night Cindy went by the toy store to talk with Dan about the invitation. Dan was more than willing to help her out with the birthday present. "Any excuse to fuck you baby I will take." Dan told her. So they set up the time and place to meet. They were meeting at a hotel downtown first for dinner and drinks to break the ice, then Cindy had rented a room upstairs. She and Tim had been to the hotel before. The thing she liked about this hotel was that the wall between the living room and bedroom of the suite was a rotating one way mirror.

Depending on your mood you could either watch the living room or bedroom which was perfect for their situation tonight. Cindy dress carefully for the evening. She picked out Tim's favorite red dress that buttoned down the front. The underwear she wore was more for Dan, red lace demi bra that barely covered her nipples which was fine since she always pulled it down a little so her nipples were exposed.

Red lace crotchless panties because she wanted Dan to be able to touch her pussy during dinner under the table. Finishing off the outfit was a pair of black shiny pumps. They met at the hotel restaurant. "Tim this is Dan. Dan I want you to meet my boyfriend, Tim" Cindy said making the introductions. "Nice to meet you" Dan said thinking about all the times Cindy had told him about Tim going out of town on short notice never taking into account plans she had made or her feelings.

Which was fine with him because every time he went out of town Cindy would come by the store or a few times she had him over to her apartment. "Keep treating her wrong because my cock is always there to comfort her." Dan thought with a smile. "What are you smiling about?" Cindy asked. "Oh, I am just looking forward to making Tim's birthday a success." Dan said.

"I was a little surprised when Cindy said she would do it. I had asked several times before, but she never seemed very into the idea." Tim said. "Well I just want to make your birthday as special as possible and I believe in giving someone exactly what they want." Cindy said smiling at Dan.

They sat down at the table ordering dinner and drinks. About halfway through dinner Tim excused himself to take a phone call. Cindy grab Dan's hand sliding it up between her legs. "You are so wet already." Dan said as his fingers dipped into her hot juicy pussy.

"We haven't even started yet. "I know but I keep thinking about you fucking me or me sucking your cock and it is really driving me wild." Cindy said.

"I am going to suggest dessert in the room because I need your cock in me as soon as possible." Tim came back to the table and was eager to take Cindy's suggestion to go up to the room now. "So you guys go up first. I want it to seem as if I have walked in on you and just start watching. Dan do you mind if I record this on video? I want to be able to watch it later with Cindy." Tim asked.

"Sure no problem." Dan said thinking I want to watch it with her too the next time you go out of town leaving her alone. Dan and Cindy headed to the room. As soon as the elevator doors closed they were on each other. Their mouths melted together tongues twining around each other. Dan taking both of her breasts in his hands pinching her exposed nipples through the thin material of the dress. Cindy reaching down and stroking his already stiff cock through his pants causing Dan to let out a soft moan.

When they got to the room Cindy said, "Wait until he is here to undress me then face me to the mirror so I can watch you and he can see you take my clothes off." "He better hurry because I won't be able to wait too long to get you naked." Dan said "Here" Cindy said sitting on the edge of the bed and lifting her skirt "Lick my pussy until he gets here" Dan got down on his knee in front of her pussy.

Licking his lips busty milf tori karsin rubs hole with special ball while taking shower could see that her hot juices had already spilled out soaking the thin material of the panties. He leaned in taking a deep breath enjoying the sweet smell of her pussy.

Then taking his tongue he licked up the length of her slit. Not yet spreading apart her pussy lips just softly touching the outside. "Come on lick me already." Cindy said impatiently bucking her hips up to encourage him. "Relax, we have plenty of time." Dan said. I want to enjoy every moment, but just then he heard the door beginning to open so he pressed his face into her elsa jean fuck by twguys. He really wanted to make Tim regret he ever wanted to share her and teach him a lesson by fucking her better than he ever could.

"Fuck yes lick my cunt" Cindy screamed. Dan could see Tim's face just for a moment in the mirror by the bed and he did believe for a moment he was regretful that it was not his tongue giving Cindy such pleasure, but then he started to set up the tripod and camera and Dan thought "Asshole, if you want a show I am going to give you one" Standing up Dan rubateen tall skinny russian teen gets a juicy creampie Cindy to her feet.

He turned her facing the mirror wall, facing Tim sitting in a chair on the other side. Him seeing them, but they only saw their own reflections. He slowly lifted Cindy's skirt up over her hips exposing the wet crotchless panties. "Those are new." Tim thought.

Then Dan started to slowly unbutton her dress. One button at a time, kissing her neck, fondling her breasts once they were exposed, pinching her nipples. Cindy gave out soft moaning sounds with each touch. He pulled the dress from her shoulder and dropped it to the ground.

Then Cindy turned to face Dan, starting to unbutton his shirt striping it off him. Then she got down on her knees in front of him starting to undo his belt then pants sliding them down. Dan was not wearing underwear so as soon as she unzipped his fly his hard swollen cock burst out. So excited to see his cock Cindy immediately took it into his mouth.

With one hand around the shaft she guided the head of his cock to her lips. Sucking in just the head she slowly rubbed her tongue along the tender underside flicking her tongue back and forth across the head then pulling it from her mouth gently blew on the head of his cock. The sudden hot cold sensation made Dan's knees feel weak so he said "Let's go over to the bed. Moving to the bed Dan laid down on his back telling Cindy "Turn this way I want to finish licking your pussy" So Cindy climbed on him pressing her pussy into his face as he eagerly started to lick her clit.

Cindy went back to his cock, with one hand on his shaft and the other playing with his balls she took his cock all into her mouth. Dan could feel her lips at the base of his cock and let out a loud moan of approval.

Dan had been sure to jerk off earlier in the day because he wanted to make sure he could last. Right now he really wanted to make Cindy cum once before he fucked her. Sliding two fingers up into her pussy he continued to lick her clit. Cindy bucked and moaned while her pussy continued to get wetter and wetter he could feel her juices dripping down his face, but he didn't care because he remember how Cindy liked to clean him up after he finish with her pussy. He could feel Cindy's pussy start to clench around his fingers so he knew he was getting her close to cumming.

"Fuck, Dan I am going to cum!" Cindy cried out "Do it, cum on my face" Dan urged her and as he said that her body started to twitch with the waves of her orgasm. As her body stopped quivering Cindy turned around and started to kiss Dan. Long, deep kisses with her pussy juice still covering his lips turned Cindy on all over again.

"I want you to fuck me" Cindy said to Dan. Cindy got up on all fours so that Dan could fuck her from behind. Coming behind her looking as her firm round ass swaying in front of him, seeing her juicy pussy just waiting for him to shove his cock inside was almost more than Dan could take.

Dan came up grabbing her ass with both of his hands started to slide his cock inside her. They were positioned across the bed so he was sure Tim had the perfect view of his cock sliding into her pussy.

"Oh, god your cock feels so good, fuck me come on faster" Cindy pleaded pushing her hips against him trying to get him to fuck her faster. But Dan was doing a little teasing, he wanted to hear her beg for it in front of Tim. She had begged for it many times before asking him to fuck her harder and faster. Then Dan grabbed her by the hips and thrust deep inside her taking her breath away if only for a minute.

Then sliding out of her by pushing her hips forward. Then again pulling her hips hard back against her cock splitting her pussy wide. "Fuck yes" Cindy screamed. "Fuck me hard, treat me like your little slut" This was often a little game they played. But he couldn't hold out he want to fuck her so he started pumping her in quick steady strokes.

The sound of their sweaty body's coupled with her juicy pussy made such smacking, sucking and slapping sounds it was turning them both on even more. Dan pushed Cindy's head down towards the bed this allowed him to go even deeper inside her.

Dan reached his hand around and started to play with her clit, but really only wanted some of her juice on his finger for what he was going to do next. Bringing his hand back around he covered her asshole with the juice then slowly slid his finger inside. They had been playing around with anal, but had never gone all the way with it. He continued to finger fuck her in the ass as he pumped his cock in her pussy.

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Cindy was bucking and moaning telling him to fuck her harder and slide his finger farther up her ass. Dan could hear sounds coming from the other room it sounded like Tim was stroking his cock at the sight of his girlfriend getting fucked. Then Dan pulled his cock out and turned Cindy over. Climbing on top of her he put his cock back in her pussy. Putting her legs up on his shoulders and pressing his cock as deep as he could inside her. Pumping her faster and faster.

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Cindy was playing with her tits pinching her nipples telling him harder harder harder. Dan could feel that he was getting close so he said "I'm getting close baby, I want you to finish sucking me off" Dan laid down on his back and Cindy's mouth was on his cock before he was even all the way down. Sucking his entire cock into her mouth, stroking the shaft as she pulled back up off his cock.

Dan could feel the tightness in his balls and knew he was going to blow his load soon, Cindy must have sensed it too because just then she slid her finger up deep in Dan's ass bringing her mouth all the way down to the base of his cock. Dan felt his cock explode with rope after rope of thick white cum into the back of Cindy's throat with her sucking down and swallowing every drop.

They could also hear Tim orgasm in the other room. As they laid there spent on the bed Tim came around the corner. "That was so fucking hot the best birthday present ever" Tim said kissing Cindy on the lips remember too late as he tasted Dan's cum curvy maid michelle martinez bends over and gets fucked her tongue.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it" Cindy said. "Is that still rolling?" Dan asked pointing to the camera. "Yes, it is still recording." Tim said. "Well I could go again, how about you Cindy?" Dan asked. "I could." Cindy said "Why don't we make it a threesome?" Cindy asked smiling from Tim to Dan.

"That sounds like an even better way to finish of my birthday." Tim said as he started to undress. "Hey maybe for my birthday you can fuck my girlfriend " Dan said and they all smiled.