Xxx soniy liyon storys sex stories

Xxx soniy liyon storys sex stories
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It was the day after dude bangs ebony gf while she studying office incident, and I had been thinking about what had happened all night. Ryan was out already with a note "Went to David's house for a bit be home later tonight, See you then! XOXOX" I blushed a little after I read it. I wanted to talk asshole gets fucked big tits and cumshot him about what he said last night, and even though it got me really hot thinking about him cumming in me I just knew it couldn't happen.

I was afraid if I got pregnant what would happen to the baby. It still scared me and I had to talk to him about it. The day went by and was pretty much uneventful. I did some house work, and called back a few clients, and looked at some porn on the internet. Since Ryan and I got together I've been getting hornier than I was when I was in my late teens early twenties. I even masturbated more often now since Ryan first fucked me; it just seems my pussy gets wet at the drop of a hat now.

I haven't even told Ryan that I sometimes don't wear panties at work just so I can masturbate to the idea of his cock fucking me. He already had enough power of me; I didn't want to give him more. Later in the day around 6pm Ryan came home. I was in the kitchen making some dinner for myself "Hello mom you home?" He yelled.

"Yes, in the kitchen. I didn't know when you were coming home so I only made enough for me." I responded without turning around. I yelped when I felt his hands touch me on my hips and move their way to my crotch. "You can't just grab me like that Ryan." I said as I pushed my butt out so he would take his hands away. "Why? I know you love when I touch you mom." He said tapping me on my ass. "Well besides the fact you can't always do what you want to me honey." I told him trying to steady my voice.

The fact of it is that I melt now when he touches me; it gets me so hot I could feel my pussy getting wet. "Whoa, sorry mom didn't mean to offend you!" He said. I felt bad I didn't mean to be so mean with him, but I wasn't look forward to the conversation we were about to have.

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I turned to look at Ryan, he was in mesh shorts and a t shirt, I could see his boner coming through his shorts. I had to concentrate on what we needed to talk about; I couldn't let my horniness get the better of me.

"I'm sorry sweetie I didn't mean to be so crass with you, but we need to talk." I told him taking a seat at the dinner table, and continued "What happened yesterday at my office can't happen again. There's just too much we risk with you doing that in me." I blushed as I said it. I couldn't bring myself to say those words to my son, not while we weren't fucking anyway. Ryan picked up on my uneasiness and leaned down and whispered in my ear.

"You mean cum in your pussy mom?" I couldn't stand it anymore, I squealed "Ohhh!" as I wrapped my arms around his neck, and gave him a big kiss.

"You make me so hot when you say stuff like that." I told him as I pulled his shirt over his head. "I know! That's why I said it." He told me as he unbuttoned my jeans and started to pull them down. "Oh look what you do to me" as I was pointing down to a wet spot on my pink cotton panties.

"Mmmm that looks good enough to eat." He said as he got down on his knees and pulled my panties to the side.

He took a big breath and said "You smell so sweet mom, I can't believe how beautiful you and your pussy looks." He said and then he parted my pussy lips with his tongue. "Ohh my!!" sexy ladies get nailed in the nightclub all I could say and I started to shake a little. He did that a few more times. "Please Ryan! Stop playing with my pussy and stick your tongue and fingers in me." I begged him.

He didn't keep me waiting long. His two fingers started pumping my pussy hard. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck fuck!" I yelled. He pushed me up on the table, and put my one leg with their too so he had a good view of my pussy again, and pushed his fingers in harder and faster.

"I'm cumming!" I yelled and he kept finger fucking me for another moment or two until I stopped shaking. Then he pulled his fingers slowly out of my pussy; got off his knees and then put his fingers to my mouth. "Suck your pussy juice off my fingers mom." It got me so hot when he said that I obeyed without question. "Mmmmmm" I said as I had his fingers in my mouth.

Ryan pushed me closer to the edge of the table and dropped his shorts. "I'm going to fuck your brains out mother!" He said to me as he pushed me down on the table, and then pulled my legs up and apart. "Okay, but please don't cum in me like that time. I'll take it anywhere else, but we can't risk me getting pregnant." I told him pulling up my shirt to reveal my breasts and hard nipples.

"Now with that out of the way; fuck me baby. Take mommy any time you want, and take any hole you want. Just tell me when you want to stick in my ass okay?" I told him.

"Okay mom you got it." He said as he slowly pushed the head of his cock in my pussy, but stopped half way through, and pulled up pushing my pussy lips open. "I love seeing your pussy open like that mom." He said in amazement while he was looking at this. "Is that right?" I asked him and brought my hands down to my pussy and spread it open so he could see it while he fucked me. "Oh yeah that's it mom! Spread your pussy for me." He said spreading my legs wider and fucking me harder.

He fucked me hard and fast on the kitchen table. "Oh why should i cook when i fuck great Your cock feels so good.

You're so big you fill up mommy's pussy!" I yelled. "Fuck! Oh you're my little whore aren't you mom." He continued. "Tell me you you're my whore mom. Tell me you I can fuck you whenever I want to." He said pushing his cock in deeper and harder. I couldn't stand it anymore so I gave in. "Fuck! Fuck me! Yes baby I'm your little whore and I'm a slut and you can have me any time anywhere you want.

Fuck my ass, pussy, or mouth anytime, anyplace you want me. I'm cumming!!" I yelled, and started to shake even more than I did before. He kept pumping me, and didn't miss a beat even when I swung my legs a little while cumming.

"I'm about to cum mom where do you want it." He asked and seemed rushed. "Cum on my hairy pussy!" I screamed. He whipped his cock out of my pussy and came all over my hairy pussy and panties. "I love you!" I told him as I kissed him and he sucked on my tongue. "I love you to mom." I have a surprise for tonight mom. When you get out of the shower I'll lay out what I got you on your bed. I hope you like it. Don't pretty busty chick nailed by nasty man to earn money it's not as kinky as yesterday's stuff was." He said kissing me on the cheek.

"Okay baby; I didn't want to tell you last night, but the butt plug hurt very much when you took it out." I said sitting up and taking some napkins and wiping my pussy of his cum. "Don't worry mom it won't be that kinky. It will be fun and mysterious." He said winking at me. He pulled up his shorts, and walked upstairs. I just sat there with my jeans on one leg, and Ryans cum drying on my pubic hair and panties.

"I can't believe I did that again." I said to myself. "Oh well, I hope tonight goes well." I got up put my jeans back on both legs, and after I pulled them up I could feel the wetness of Ryan's cum on my panties and against my pussy.

It got me so wet I wanted to run upstairs and ride Ryan's cock again, but I still had that amount of will power left. I ate dinner and went upstairs to take my shower before bed. The warm water felt so good, and it regenerated my pussy to the point of me having to spend an extra 15 mins in the shower so I could finger fuck myself to orgasm. I got out of the shower and was drying myself off when I heard my bedroom door close. I opened up my bathroom door to see a nice purple teddy and some purple cotton panties on my bed.

I smiled as I walked over to the bed, and picked up the teddy; it was nice, and I thought it was odd he got me plain purple cotton brief panties and not his favorite style of thongs or at least silk or something. Maybe he just thought I'd be more comfortable in these. "How sweet of him." I thought to myself. I finished drying off and I put my makeup horny bride shares her husband with her mom, and I walked over back over to the bed.

I put on the teddy and then the panties, I walked to my closet and got a pair of dark purple high heels, they were a shade or two off from the clothes, but I'm sure Ryan wouldn't notice.

I walked over to the bed, and I saw something on the pillow I didn't see before a blindfold. "Oh this is new." I said aloud. I called out to Ryan after I put the blind fold on.

"Sweetie, I'm ready for you!" He answered "I'll be right there baby!" A moment or two passed and I heard my door open and close.

"Oh I'm so ready for you tonight baby. Give me your cock." I said. I waited for him to say something, but he didn't.

I could tell he turned the lights out, and I could hear him breathing heavy. "Oh you sound excited baby! So am Moist and hawt lesbian party college and amateur, now come over here and fuck me!" I said trying to figure out where he was. He still hadn't said anything, and I thought that was a little weird.

"Is everything okay Ryan? You usually talk more than." He cut me off and pushed me back on the bed. I could feel him going between my legs and spreading them apart. Still no talking, not a sound. I felt him rubbing my pussy through my panties, and getting me all wet.

"Come on baby stop teasing me." I told him curling my toes in pleasure. Still no talking. He pulled my panties to the side, and stuck his fingers in my pussy and rubbed my clit with the other hand. "Oh fuck yeah that's what I was waiting for!" I screamed, and he seemed to pause a little, but went right back at it.

I could feel his tongue start on my clit, and it made me squirm a little. "Oh baby enough of your tongue and hand fuck me with your cock. Fuck mommy with your cock!" I screamed. When I had said that he stopped everything and pulled my panties off and I heard him take a deep breath which I could only conclude from that was he was smelling my panties, and that turned me on so much. Then I heard him get close to my face, and he still hasn't said anything to me. I felt something touch my mouth, and I opened it and he stuffed my panties in there.

So I was there laying on bed in the dark with my son about to fuck him, and I had my panties stuffed in my mouth. In a million years I couldn't imagine this ever actually happened to me, but I was so turned on by it I couldn't stand it. "Fkkkk mhhhh" I said though the panties in my mouth. I felt him go between my legs spread them a little bit more and enter me. "Muthfffkkkrrrr" I said with my mouth full. He fucked me hard and fast; not like he usually does.

He wasn't as gentle with every thrust like he usually did, but it still felt good. "Oh fuck me baby. Fuck me good." I told him. He pumped hard and I heard him grunt, the only sound I heard him make all night. I was cumming hard now, and I knew he was close. I was screaming "I'm going to cum! Keep fucking me baby; fuck you mommy!" I heard him let out a sigh and another grunt.

I couldn't take it anymore I wanted his cum deep in me. I wanted astounding two on two action smalltits homemade have my son's baby, and whatever happened happened. "Cum in my pussy baby. Please you can cum in my pussy anytime you want. Please do it for me baby cum deep in my pussy." I yelled. "Yessssss" Was all he said, but it didn't sound like Ryan at all.

It was much more of a deeper raspy voice. I scream! "What the fuck?" I took off my blind fold, and saw a strange man on top of me. I screamed again and he ran for the door; I yelled again. "Help, Ryan! Help" I reached over and turned on the light. I sat up and I saw Ryan was already in the room and sitting on the chair in the corner of my room. "Ryan!? What the fuck is going on here who was that?" I asked, and I heard the front door close.

"Some guy I met a little bit ago at a football game, and we got to talking and I came up with a plan." He finished with a smile, but he also seemed like he wasn't happy about the situation either. "What plan are you talking about Ryan? Why did you just let me fuck that stranger?" I yelled at him. "I'm sorry mom but I figured it was the only way." He said as he got up and sat next to me on the bed.

"The only way for what?" "The only way we could safely raise a baby together.

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I knew you thought if we did it might come out deformed or something; so I thought if you got pregnant by someone else and we raised it. It would somehow be better, and I knew you wouldn't go for it, but I just had to try something mom. I love you so much!" He said and looked me in the eyes. I saw him start tearing up, and I just couldn't be mad.

Actually sitting here made me a little horny thinking about how I just fucked a strange man. "It's okay honey. I want it too, but you're right I would have never gone for this, and I don't ever want it happening again.

Now we can't have sex tonight, because that strangers cum is in my pussy." He finished sounded disappointed because I was. "There's always your asshole mom." He said reaching under my ass and sticking his middle finger in my butt crack.

It made me wet again just thinking about his cock in my ass and some strangers cum in my pussy. "Okay, but I want we have a lot to talk about when were done." I told him. He just kissed me and laid me done one my bed and turned me over.

I heard him spit, and felt his fingers go in my ass crack. "Ohh yeah, I was waiting for your hard cock in my asshole!" I told him while I spread my legs apart more and put a pillow under my arms for support. He fingered my asshole, and then stuck his hard cock in there and made me scream my head off.

"FUCK! Fuck your mom's asshole baby." I grabbed my sheets with my hands and pushed my ass hard back on his cock. "God damn it mom I'm going to cum!" He yelled. "Pull out and cum in my pussy!" I screamed back.

"What about the other guys cum and you getting pregnant?" He sounded confused. "I don't give a shit! If I'm going to get pregnant it's going to be your baby not some other assholes." I told him. "Now stick that hard fat cock in my pussy and blow your load. Try to get your mommy pregnant. Feel me up with you spunk." I screamed. He did what he was told and came deep in my pussy. He grunted then laid next me on the bed.

"I love you mom." He said "I love you to Ryan." I said back. We spent the rest of the night in each others arms. I dreamed about getting pregnant and I woke up with a wet pussy. This happened a lot in the next few days. We fucked almost every day the rest of the month, and then that time came and we waited. I got myself a pregnancy test, and with Ryan there next to me we took it. We waited for 2 minutes I got up to go check on the test when Ryan grabbed me.

"Wait mom. No matter fat mom and friends daughter the stepsis conversion that test says I love you and I always will." He said "And before we go in there and check I want to make sure you're happy." I was about to say something to him like I love you, but he pulled up my sun dress to my waist and fingered me to an orgasm again.

I love my son so much. We went to check the test and…&hellip. Find out what happened next time see you guys…Love Becky!