Slutty skinny blonde lady gets her pussy and her tits sold

Slutty skinny blonde lady gets her pussy and her tits sold
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My Daughter's Phone This story is a work of fiction. Names were not changed to protect the innocent because this never happened. It is a work in progress. Let me know what you think. Kelly is my brunette daughter. She is 17. Cute in most peoples eyes. Of course perfect in my eyes. Didn't go the cheerleader 'route' Not tall enough 5'4" and 110 pounds. She has perky B cups, has a wonderful personality, and a partial attitude.

Her friends are alike in their thinking but not in their appearances. More alike in their thinking than I previously thought. Amy is my daughter's good friend. Also 17, brunette, hair halfway down her back.

Dresses like most 17 year olds that doesn't know what some men would like to do to her. I'd say 5'7" and 125. I've seen her bra when she is swimming with Kelly.

She's a 36B. In this story I am a 39 year old single father. We have contact with my ex wife but Kelly lives with me. I am athletic. Go to the gym 4x a week, have a good income. A nice house. Living the dream. I woke late after a typical night shift. At about 10AM I was waking up and clearing my head as I turned on CNN to ensure there was still unrest in the world.

It took about three minutes to verify that, and by then I was hit with that overwhelming urge called the morning piss. I got out of bed and walked naked into the bathroom. As I approached I heard the ring of my daughter's phone from the bathroom. I turn to walk back into my room when it rings for the third time.

"Kelly, grab your phone and get out of the bathroom. I've got to go" It rings a few more times and I can't wait. I walk into the bathroom and find her phone and nothing else. I stand in front of the toilet and add to the water level. Her phone starts to ring again as I finish.

As I let my cock lovely chick likes erected cocks a lot I see it is Julia calling. I think about answering it but decide to leave it where it is. I go back to my room and pull on a pair of shorts, and a t shirt.

Walking into the kitchen I make a coffee, and decide the grass needs cutting. Kelly's phone starts ringing again.

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This time I go into the bathroom as the last ring ends abruptly. Julia again. I pick up her iphone and walking back to the kitchen I wonder if she is using the same pass code 1-8-6-3. I type it in and her phone opens up. Now I have trusted my daughter as long as she has been old enough to be trusted. But is it spying if I give her the money for her phone bill monthly?

I wonder. NO, I decide as I sit at the table with my coffee and start to look through her phone. I am just looking through her text messages. I first look at the ones between her and her boyfriend.

I don't like him, but after reading some of their private texts I have some new respect for him. I am closing her text messages when she gets one from Amy saying that she had a great time last night and that she would love to see the video. I drop her phone as I rush to get her pictures files open.

There are 24 videos and 285 pictures on her phone. Thinking this is going to take awhile I make another coffee and open her video files. I see a bunch of stills of her movies and my mouth drops open. In the video from last night I see her in her gray Lulu Lemon pants on her hands and knees facing away from the camera. I open the video and watch as she starts to move her ass. I pause it and stare at her ass as she shakes 'what I gave her' I hear Amy moan as Kelly turns around biting her lower lip and grabbing her tit.

Amy reaches out and grabs the waist of my daughter's pants and pulls them down her ass. She is not wearing panties and her mound appears as her pants are yanked down. She yelps and grabs the front to keep them up.

"C'mon Kelly take your pants off." With a silly grin on her face she flips over on the bed and raises her legs. "OK Amy take them off." Adorable eurobabe assfucked after foreplay buttfucking and girlfriend watch as the video shakes and I can just make out Kelly's pants coming off.

She lays on the bed with her knees up against her chest. "Shirt too," I hear Amy say. "Only if you show the same. Which is everything. I want to see your cunt." Then I hear the maniacal laugh of a teen. "You dirty slut Kelly." "I only said what you were thinking bee-atch." With that the video ends. My coffee is cold and my cock is hard.

I know I am venturing into dangerous ground.BUT I switch to the next video. It is pointed at the comforter and then it rises and I see Amy sliding her thong down her legs.

Looking a little like Kelly but shaved. Kelly is impressed and asks, "if it hurt to shave?" "No I used my Mom's multi blade razor.

It feels really cool, and smooth." Amy takes off her top and stands in front of the camera. She lowers her hand and opens her pussy. "See Kelly it is easier for you to see my cunt." "Yumm it's cute Amy." "Ewww Kelly are you a lez?" "Fuck you Amy", I was just giving you a compliment. "Yes I know, but you are making me wet Kelly. Look." The camera shifts down to Amy's pussy and she opens her lips to show the camera how wet she is.

"You want to see if I am a lez? Come here." Kelly says, as the camera lowers and then stops. I look through all her videos. Took me the better part of the morning. There were no more videos like the last two but in the picture file there were some of Kelly in panties. Topless. And smiling. Her ass up in the air with her hands on each cheek opening herself. She has her Mom's cute little ass.

Along with a few of her at parties with her girlfriends. Getting drunk, being drunk, and super cute. Then I see pictures of my ex wife out of an upstairs window.

She is tanning on her back. One picture is from a distance but the others are close ups. Now my ex is still sexy. She just got bitchier than her beauty could overcome. We are still civil for our daughter's sake.

I would still bang her. As the pictures progress I see a picture of my ex waving up at the camera. She smiles as she opens her arms and legs. Showing all to my daughter.

I hear my home phone and answer to hear my daughter's voice. "Dad is my phone there? I can't find it anywhere." "Yes Kelly it was in the anya ivy gets fucked and gives a footjob. I realized it naughty and wild delights pornstar and hardcore here when Julia called this morning." "That was me I was calling my phone trying to find it. Why didn't you answer it Dad?" "I didn't know why she was calling Kelly and I sure didn't know it was you.

I see where Amy sent you a message." "Whats it say?", she pressed. "I don't know I can't access your phone sweety." "1,8,6,3" she tells me. I tell her to wait as I go back to the kitchen table and pick up her phone. I type in the password and go to her message folder. I look at Amy's message folder.

"OK I found it." "Alright, What does it say?" she asks impatiently into the phone. Amy says " she had a great time last night and that she would love to see the video" There is a long pause and I ask Kelly ".if the video is on her phone? Do you want me to forward the video to her. Can I access it right here?" "NO DAD.that's OK. My phone needs to be plugged in and charged and I've got my charger on me." "OK Kelly.

Well your phone is at home. Do you want me to text Amy and tell her you left your phone at home and will text her later?" "Ummnn no Dad I will just talk to her in person." She laughs at this and I join her. "I'll see you when you get home Kelly." "Go and put my phone in my room OK Dad?" "Sure no problem Kelly.

Have a great day." I watch those two videos about 17 more times each. Then her phone died. I put the phone in her room and finally went out to cut the grass. With visions of my daughter's ass on my mind my cock began expanding as I walked behind my lawnmower.

Fortunately most of my neighbors work days so there was no one out to see. Finishing the lawn I have time to relax in the back yard. It is such a beautiful day I decide to use a sick day and call into work and tell teen bffs wild pool party and nasty group pounding outdoors I will be away tonight.

As I hang up the phone I am walking into the kitchen to get a beer. I am on my third beer as Kelly comes home and runs into her room to get her phone. "Dad did my phone die?" "I'm not sure," I tell Kelly. I come in to ask her ".what she would like to have for dinner." "Your choice Daddy.

I don't choose as well as you do." I'd like to eat some of that pussy you had last night, I'm thinking to myself as I take some pork chops from the freezer. She comes to the kitchen and plugs her phone in. We are both standing there as her phone starts to charge.

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For some reason the video opens that I was watching of her and Amy. I hear Kelly saying "I want to see your cunt" I turn to Kelly with a shocked look and she says "This wasn't open when I left for school today was it Dad?" Her eyes tearing up. "I'm not sure Kelly," I stutter.

"I am Dad! Why did you have to look at my phone," she cried as she ran to her room. Slamming her door so I'd know where she is. I can't stop thinking about her sexy ass as I prepare supper on the bar b q. Being a few beers short of a dozen I am feeling no pain as I hear the sliding door open and expect to see my little girl as I should see her.

Instead I see her in a pair of yoga pants, blue this time, and a short white tshirt with no bra. My daughter does not have a big chest and at 17 her B cups don't HAVE TO have a bra on them but when she doesn't and her nipples are hard they poke through her shirt.

As she told me she was going out. I could see her nipples poking clearly through her shirt. She turned away quickly and skirt rose up. I didn't see any underwear.

I started to say something.but the sliding door being slammed was the only reply. I finish preparing dinner and after eating and having a few more beers I put the left overs into the fridge for Kelly when she gets home.

I wanted to talk to my little girl before bed but she was not home by the time I fell asleep. I was worried when I finally fell asleep. I had nightmares about my daughter getting in trouble that night. I heard a phone ringing in the morning and thinking it was the police calling from my dream I jumped clear out of bed and was running to the phone when I heard the ring coming from the bathroom.

I went into the bathroom with my piss cock leading the way. It was Kelly's phone ringing again. And it was Julia again. The ringing stopped and then started again almost immediately. I thought about it for a second and then answered her phone. "HI DAD". I heard in a 'matter-of-factly' voice as I answer the phone. "Your phone was in the bathroom again sweetheart." Wanting to get back to where we were this time yesterday I tried to sugar coat my voice.

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"Seeing as how you like to spy on me and look at my videos. I have made a new one for you. I left my phone at home so you can look at some new ones." With that she hung up in my ear!

I'm confused for a second and then looking at her phone I slowly start to type in her pass code. This time a video immediately opens. It is Kelly standing in front of her phone.

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Naked. "So you like to see videos Dad? Watch this one." With that the video ends and I open the next one. The phone is mounted on the foot board of a bed.

I see my girl on the bed with her big tits at school nicole aniston johnny sins career day lay brazzers spread as a man, not a boy, gets between her legs. I know he is a man because he has hair on his back and some on his ass too.

I see he is wearing a condom, and there is not much left to wrap at the base of his cock. "Turn sideways" she says "so my Daddy can see how big you are." That is Kelly' s voice and the man turns to show his cock. It is bigger than I thought. Kelly leans forward and kisses the head of his dick and smiles at the camera. She then lays on her back and takes his cock and puts it against her pussy.

I hear her cry out as this fucker jams his cock into her. I hear her grunt as his cock opens her pussy. Then she starts getting dirty. Telling this man to fuck her hard and deep. He is slamming his entire dick into her.

I hear crying out as he hurts my little girl. Then he starts to groan he pulls out of her and rips his condom off and jerks off on her face. The video ends. The next one starts with her face centered on the video. It has a few streams of cum on her face and in her hair. "Thanks for a great time sweety" he says. "Your money is on the dresser, and I've got the room rented for the full hour. I'd like to get together again. You are a prize. First!" With that I hear him spit and see a white line of spittle appear across her face.

She opens her mouth to complain and he grabs her hair and spits right into her mouth. "Bye sweety" he says and I hear the hotel room door shut.

She smiles and wipes his cum and spit into her mouth, blows the camera a kiss and the video ends. I am stunned. Is this my fault, what if her Mom finds out, what if someone's Dad finds out, or anyone at school. Then the thought that made me laugh out loud. How much did she get paid? Laughing some more I brushed my teeth, made my lunch for work, and sat down to check some email.

When I realized I could download my daughters movies to my computer. I went to the bathroom and got her phone. Walking back to the computer I found out that a 5S had a different connection than a 4 did. I grabbed my wallet and went to the mall to get a USB plug to fit a 5S. After wasting ½ hour tracking down a cord and getting back.

I blonde girl at female cam chatroom blonde webcam sluts the cord into my computer hook up her phone and watch as icloud copies the movies from her phone and adds them to my computer.