Liza in hard suck with ads

Liza in hard suck with ads
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4'9 long curly brown hair to my ass 34 dd breast small waist you could span a hand with big hips eyes that change from emerald to blue to chocolate acording to mood long eye lashes pouty mouth and a cute nose I stretched and yawned, my nipples hardening in the winter morning air. Turning over I saw Master was still asleep, and a smile slid across my face. I pulled the covers down and saw the stiff member laying erect on his stomach.

I licked my lips. Turning around and sticking my ass in the air, I wrapped my lips around his beautiful cock and started to suck and bob, I felt him move under me and smiled at the pleasure I would bring him and the joy I would get in return. I loved swallowing his cum.

The hot sticky sweet wonderful fluid seemed to brighten my day and I found myself cranky unless I was able to make him happy in the mornings. I hearn him moan under me and felt his cock stiffen and slowed down, not wanting him to be asleep while I got the pleasure of him cuming in my mouth.

So I pulled his cock out of my mouth and slowly bobbed my head up and down his shaft, Licking around the rim, then down the shaft sucking on the balls.

As he begin to stir his hand reached up and grazed across my ass cheeks. I'm already wet for the need to have Master deep inside me and his touch just makes that need more propionate. I need him and I couldn't help but to bob over him with more enthusiasm. He squeezed my ass harder and slid down ,his fingers grazing my clit.

I jumped almost cumming without permission "Good morning my horny little slut, mmm" His fingers found my clit and I begin to franticly suck and bob, deep throating his cock and sucking greedily, I played with his ball. Master reached up and pulled at my clit. Worrying it between his fingers till I was soaking his hand with cum. "Cum with me my pet cum with me." His other hand wound in my hair and pulled me down as he shoved his fingers into my soaking wet pussy.

I jumped moaning and at the same time I felt my mouth filled with sweet cum. It shot to the back of my throat. I moaned as the pleasure shook through me and I came all over masters hand. I continued to suck long after my my body started to calm down, Masters cock hardening again in no time.

Pulling my head up he looks at me and says "Down." I turn and kneel before him, my ass sticking in the air. I curvy gf tries out anal sex on camera up and grab the bars of the bed, and spread my legs.

Master places his cock at the edge of my pussy and I try to hold still but the temptation is really hard to ignor. He pushed back and I threw my head back. He took my hair and wound it around his hand, making me moan with pleasure. He begin to drill me. My pussy milking his cock as he slid in and out. I wanted more.

He turned me over and spread my legs as wide as they could go and slid back in to the hilt and I couldn't help but squeal with pleasure. Master stopped and looked down at me, allowing me to calm myself so I wouldn't cum without permission. Once I calmed enough to handle him he started to slide into me.

slowly, easilyalmost teasingly. I squirmed wanting more quicker, harder. Master guessed and slowed down even slower and even leaned forward squeezing my nipples till they were hard and reaching in the drawer by the bed side and pulling out a vibrated clit clamp.

He pulled back my lips and I instinctly tightened around him. As soon as my clit was visible he snapped the clit vibrator on it, turning it to the lowest settings possible.

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I threw my head back in total exticy gasping for air that seemed to elude me. "Cum" master whispered fucking me so hard my breast jiggled to the pace as I shuttered with the orgasm. Master stiffened and as I milked him I felt him relax slightly as he leaned forward.

"Good morning my pet, Shall we shower?" He asks leaning forward tweaking my nipples and then turned up the clit stimulator. I couldn't help but shutter.

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and he smiled. Pulling the clit amazing virgin muff is ready for fuck off he put it away and pulled out the egg. Before sticking it in he turned it on ,letting it vibrate against my clit a little then sliding it down and in half a finger length. Today was going to be long, but really really good. "Don't cum pet." He smiled over at me.

My body was shaking from the last orgasm, just coming down from the pleasure of it all. My body shook from the pleasure and as a distraction, I got up and headed to the horny amateur fattie taking a bbc on cam with Master. Breakfast and lunch would be easy today. Supper would be a little more challenging. I thought on this while we walked into the bathroom. I stood over to the side while master turned on the large garden tub.

Filling it with oils and salts to help me with stiff muscles and to relax any soreness that either of us had. The water rounded over the jets just as he turned them on and then sticking his arms out he motioned me to him and I smiled, and ,with his help, I climbed into the tub and knelt before him.

The padded jelled floor felt good on my knees and as I settled between Masters legs, I found my need toonce again ,please him. I leaned forward and kissed his softening cock. I wrap lips around his simi hard cock and suck gently. The taste of us makes me want to cum again and I force my body to feel the water around me while my body calms a little better. Master pulls the hair out of my face allowing me to completely concentrate on his large cock and help me if I need it.

Just as he's hard and fully clean by my tongue he pulls me back and slides into the water, turning off the faucet on the now full large tub.

Pulling me onto his lap and still holding my hair he adjusts me the way he wants me, positioning me so I'm kneeling over the head of his cock, as he gently nudges the entrance. He reaches over and turns up something on a remote put to the side on a towel. My egg suddenly goes up one more speed as he leans forward kissing and pinching my nipples which are straining for attention.

Grabbing the sponge he starts to wash me taking extra notice and attention to my ass, pussy, and breast. He turned me around making sure every part of me is clean. He pulls the shampoo out and washes my long hair brushing out the tangles afterward. After he is done conditioning and combing my hair he pulls it to the side gentaly kissing my neck. "Your turn my pet." He said gently. I grabbed the bath sponge and lather it in some of the bars that we have in the tub.

I turned to wash him, and my breath catches as I restratle him and he pushes the head of his cock back into my pussy, still slick even with the warm water surrounding the water. A satisfied smile crossed masters face at my gasp and he reached over and turned up the egg up another notch. "Lets see how well you can concentrate." My legs shook slightly as my eyes glazed over and I bit my lip in concentration. Masters body sexy czech nympho spreads her narrowed muff to the extreme extremely sexy and that made it harder to hold back.

I heard master laugh a little, the sound rumbling though his large chest and bubbling happily out of his mouth. I concentrated on finishing his body as I squirmed uncontrollably. As I finished I couldn't help but lean in and kiss him. Master obliged me kissing me with aggressive fastened up tits with toy satisfying hardcore and bondage that shook me and made me breathless. I looked at him with half glazed eyes and I knew I wanted more.

"Please Master. Please fuck me." He smiled and then slid a finger over my lips and smiled contemplating my request. "Would you like to cum first my horny little pet?" "YES!" I screamed the word without thinking and Master laughed at my verbal expression of need. Pulling me close he held me around his waist.

My breast smashing against his chest. He kissed me passionately, holding my body to him, he he sat on the edge of the tub to make it easier to pull out the egg. While moving up to the edge his cock pushed deeper into me.

I sighed with pleasure and ran my tongue across his caressing and twisting it around. Just then he pulled out and I made a whining noise in protest still holding me he popped my ass. Not hard but not gentle either. "You'll not complain if you want pleasure my pet. Remember, it's only me that can give you that permission. " I blushed embarrassed by making master unhappy. "I'm sorry master. It felt so good." A loving attentive hand reached inside me and twisted the egg. He didn't pull it out right away.

Instread he pushed it against my g-spot and I shook. As I reached close to my climax master pulled the egg out all the way. I was about to whine again and managed to remember who I was with and instead sighed with the pleasure he had allowed me. Bending me over the bathtub, he ran the head up and down the slit of my pussy.

I wanted to push back in pleasure, but mastsers hands held me in place. He slid agonizingly slowly into me, making me moan.

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The I wanted all of him inside of me as far as he would go but he held backteasing me till I was panting with want and need. "Please" I begged "Please master, give it to me. Please fuck me." I could hear him laugh a little as he launched forward.

Bearing himself to his hilt in my pussy. He held still gripping my hips firmly. I knew that would burse in a little while but right now it was the only thing keeping me and him from cumming. When we had both calmed down enough to handle the frication and tightness he started rocking back and forth.

After a few moments he leaned forward and pinched my nipples even pulling me up right and against his chest. This drove him deeper and I felt master hit my cervix.

"You remember the question I asked earlier,"Master asked. I shuttered unable to think of anything at the moment.

"Cum for me now my pet. Orgasm for me."While stating this he continued to pound my cervix and my body began to shutter.

My muscles tightened and contracted needing chap fucks his awesome girlfriend homemade hardcore relic that my body so craved. Suddenly the world around me started to shake and my body found it's relies. I reached up and latched my nails into Masters shoulder screamingthe world around me busting into a combustion of lights like fireworks. It wasn't until I came down from my pleasure that I realised I wasn't the only one that had found relic.

Reaching up he removed my nails from his skin, and leaned forward and kissed and nibbled on my shoulder and neck. "Alright my pet,"He whispered,"It's breakfast time. Let's go see what you can make. " And as he dried me off I smiled and thought . today was going to be a long but good day. It was a waffle and bacon day.