Womens basketball active athlete college av debut

Womens basketball active athlete college av debut
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This year we decided to go on vacation to Jamaica. We chose a resort in Negril that had a reputation for naughty behavior. The beaches were beautiful, bluewater with gentle waves washing on sparkling sands.

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The other couples on the beach were pursuing many covert sexual activities and didn't notice ours. We decided we had enough sun and headed back to our room. We walked back along the beach to our room. The room was spacious with a large Jacuzzi, wet bar and a balcony overlooking the ocean. Along the way we admired the beauty of the resort. The buildings were glistening white stucco. There were several restaurants and beach front bars and there was a general spirit of fun.

We took a shower and then had a glass of wine from our in room bar. We settled in to relax, still in the nude. I was admiring Joan.

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Her skin had a light tan and there were freckles on her nose from the sun. There was a knock on the door. It was the young Jamaican who had sold us the weed at the door. Joan modestly scrambled into the bath room.

I laughed at her and said "He's already seen you naked." Joan came out blushing. We let him in and negotiated a price for a half ounce. I mentioned to him that we didn't have any rolling papers.

He smiled and said "No problem I'll give you some for a starter kit" I said "That's very nice of you, would you like to have some pot and wine with us?" He said he'd be delighted.

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Joan stood up and asked if she could sit with him on the couch. She sat on the cushion next to his and put her hand on his thigh. He leaned back on the couch and Joan turned to him and gave him a few tentative kisses and touches.

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He looked at me and I nodded an OK. He pulled Joan up onto his lap and they swapped gentle kisses with entwined tongues. The man started caressing and sucking her breasts. Her nipples flared and got flush red with lust. They started making out more heatedly. After a few moments Joan said "You need to be nude too." Joan pulled his suit down revealing a big hard black cock.

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Soon they were rubbing against each others body, caressing intimately and making sounds like they were in heat. Joan started humping his legs and making more sex sounds. They were clinging to each other and obviously in lust.

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They climaxed noisily. I went over to Joan and held her tight while she came down from her powerful orgasm. I told her I loved her more than ever. The Jamaican man was all smiles as he got up and left.

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I was extremely horny from watching Joan fuck. I licked the cum from her cunt and then rose and put my prick in her sloppy wetness.

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